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Thank you for visiting my new blog! This weekly blog is not intended to promote my listings or those of my Firm, Sea Pines Real Estate Beach Club. We market those very well. Instead, the purpose of this blog is to give you insight to my one pick of what I think is the “favorite” from the choice of homes on the weekly home tour. I will try and guide you through my process and thoughts to my pick.

The home tour is designed to introduce the real estate agents of the new homes on the market. The tours are broken down to North, Mid-Island and South Island. My “favorite" is not based on any particular criteria. It is simply and usually, my professional choice of the “favorite” in this week’s offerings. However, as I am human, sometimes emotions take over and I just like a house.  I take the community, location, price, size, view, condition and other variables into each evaluation. 

Feel free to contact me, Your Hilton Head Agent or your own agent for information on any homes or villas on the weekly tour.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner

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March 21, 2018

Realtor Tour North - March 21, 2018

Today's tour was a whirlwind because we had a long sales meeting and a long lunch. More on that later.

We had 36 homes and villas on the market. I threw out the lots because honestly, the BEST lot out there is 8 Indian Hill Lane. Anyways, Six homes not in gated communities, were in Jonesville Road, Jarvis Creek Club, Oakview, Paddocks and Avalon Villas. The Avalon Villa was cute and well priced. End unit with a large garden and gazebo. Tastefully redone and a great home away from home. We had thirteen properties in Hilton Head Plantation, of which two were villas in the popular Village of Skull Creek, near the Country Club of Hilton Head, Marina and Old Fort Pub! Those won't count as my favorites but they are well liked by all that know them. Close to back gate also. We had a cute redo at 5 Nut Hatch, which might be the winner at HHP, a cute well priced 33 Parkwood Drive, a WOW large home on 15 Parkwood Drive too. 28 Winding Trail Lane was a 3/b at $380,000 but I missed the tour time since it was only until 2pm and I had that fashion show.... Anyways, we had three homes in Hickory Forest, numbers 29, 41 and 47 ranging in condition and price from $474,900 to $725,000. 29 Hickory Forest was the five bedroom, which, compared to Palmetto Hall, is in a decent price range. Then 2 White Tail Deer Lane, 14 Old Fort Lane (too late and was unable to see), 3 Old Fort Lane (a wow) and the two units in Village North Drive, units 105 and 137.

Indigo Run also had some great homes this week, eight in total: 49 Wilers Creek Way (4/5) at $925,000, 11 Hummock Place, 566 Colonial Drive, 30 Balmoral Place, 101 Wedgefield Drive, 574 Colonial Drive, 55 Lancaster Place and 21 Primrose Lane. I missed 21 Primrose Lane but I would have to say that 49 Wilers Creek Way was my favorite. It had a wonderful outdoor entertaining area which made it less cookie cutter than others. The wall colors needed some help but there is nothing a can of paint can't fix - that is an easy one!

Palmetto Hall had six homes in 7 Rutledge Court, 29 Oglethorpe Lane, 314 Fort Howell Drive, 333 Fort Howell Drive, 4 Musgrove Circle and 25 Madison Lane. Loved the country look of 29 Oglethorpe Lane and its come down in price. The erst were also pretty good but if I had to pick on in here, it would be 25 Madison Lane. Close to the gate, great curb appeal and cute beyond words. Popular too having four bedrooms. It was listed at $619,000.

I started the day with Windmill Harbour, at 140 Harbour Passage, a 3/3 at $539,000 and 1 Yacht Club Drive, 3/3 at $525,000. I would take 140 Harbour Passage in a heartbeat. It had an amazing view!!! Yes, you could tell an elderly couple lived there and yes, they were charter members of the SC Yacht Club. The house was in great shape and was just dated. I prefer one owner homes, meticulously maintained. Couple that with a great view on a superior lot and that one wins. 

Spanish Wells had one on 6 Mcintosh Road. Looks like a spec home, all new and pool etc. overlooking the woods. Four bedrooms at $1,399,000. 

I would say my pick this week is either 140 Harbour Passage ($539,000) in Windmill Harbour, 25 Madison Lane (619,000) in Palmetto Hall or 49  Wilers Creek Way in Broad Pointe $925,000 (Indigo Run). I can't say any at Hilton Head Plantation unless it was the cute redo at 5 Nut Hatch, 3/3 for $479,000. I also liked 15 Parkwood ($719,000), that had a lot more features. SO these above were my favorites and since I always can only pick ONE, it would be 5 NUT HATCH, assuming someone wanted a conforming loan, a yard in the back that they can design (it had none) and a nice screen porch. A larger way to have that living would be park wood and then 49 Wilers Creek Way. That is, if the checkbook allowed it. 

After zooming all those, I also had a fun long lunch by invitation to a fundraiser for The Hilton Head Symphony. Susan Goodridge from BB&T was my hostess and the Fashion Show presented by Oh So Sandra. Lovely luncheon! I hope they raised a lot of money.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner

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March 14, 2018

Realtor Tour Mid-Island March 14, 2018

Today's Tour had twenty properties to see, 12 homes and 8 villas. I don't go into the villas unless I have a buyer in that range and preference but I will not mention them as a favorite. :) Hope you understand.

Anyways, the two off-plantation were villas and one was HH Resort and another Summerfield. I can give you information on these if you are interested. Long Cove had three homes in a broad price range, 9 Foot Pint Road, 2 Dalton Court and 20 Strawberry Hill Road. Foot Point was gorgeous and a builders personal residence. Wow. Priced at $965,000 its yours. 2 Dalton Court was lovely appointed and at $575,000 with 3111 sq. ft., it was move in ready. 20 Strawberry Hill was at $489,000 but needed a LOT of work. Beautiful view though and priced well for Long Cove, one of the most exclusive and golf paradises on the island. So then we had Palmetto Dunes/Leamington. Four homes and three Villas. I just went to the homes. 15 S. Shore Place at $1,995,000 I thought was pricey driving up to the home. Once I got there and saw the quality, view, location. I was wowed. This one will be a contender. Contemporary open feel and just plain gorgeous and unique and tucked away in cut-del-sac. The saw what looked like a flip on 5 Downwind. 44 Full Sweep had a great floor plan and view, if 278 and cars going by is not an issue, this one is priced well and good floor plan. 9 East Wind was a very beautiful Ocean Front that I loved the layout and appointments. The door handles were the same I have in a home I own. Contemporary, solid and so the attention to detail on this home, despite being a rental property makes it also a contender. Hmmmm, getting tougher.

Port Royal had two homes today that both were great: 5 Heyward Place at $1,350,000 as second row ocean and 16 Yardley Lane at $699,000 - easy maintenance home with also small view down the road to beach. Obviously Heyward had more sq. footage, higher ceilings, open floor plan and 4 bedrooms versus a 3 bedroom patio lot easy care home. Hmmm again, both can be great - depends on pocket book and willingness to update/paint etc.

Saw some great villas in Shipyard but they cannot make the pick: 188 Beachwalk Villas, 3B Hamilton (completely gutted and kitchen in new area), and 1904 Shipmaster (cute). Finally, Wexford had three homes on tour ranging from $675,000 to $1,929,000 for 20  Wexford on the Green (water view and small but very good), 8 Bridgetown Road ($899,000 with choppy floor plan but beautifully appointed and infinity pool and nice golf view) to a great family home that has been added and renovated to a "T" for $1,929,000.

So mulling them all over in my head, I would say 15 S. Shore wins out. Dramatic, great contemporary feel, close to ocean in a quite community that is quite popular now. Port Royal ones were a close second. I guess I am getting antsy for beach weather! 

Please call your Realtor to see these and any other homes on Hilton Head Island. If you don't have a favorite Realtor, I would love to be Your Hilton Head Agent - contact me today!

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ochsner



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March 8, 2018

Realtor Tour South March 7, 2018

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Yesterday's Realtor Tour for the South end of Hilton Head showcased 30 homes and villas. Six were in Forest Beach, two in Broad Creek Landing and the rest in Sea Pines. Five of the Sea Pines properties were villas in Greenwood Gardens, Harborwood, Twin Oaks and Sound Villas.

We noted a higher than average number of OCEANFRONT listings this tour. Seventeen homes on tour within Sea Pines yesterday and EIGHT of them were oceanfront! Pretty amazing. There were also two oceanside homes on the tour, both which have been on the market for quite some time but are now priced quite well. There was a brand new oceanfront that is on 15 Grey Widgeon that was architecturally quite a masterpiece with dramatic entry with stacked floors towards the beach. If you are ready to spend $7,8 million dollars, I have the perfect home for you. ;-) 

So now to my favorite Tour property. I sadly did not have time to see the two broad creek landing villas but this BLOG is limited to favorite home not condo, unless its just a home run type of home.

For someone looking for a killer marsh view, 59 Oyster Landing Lane was amazing! The floor plan is a bit different and the 3 story home is better geared for either a huge family or parents living with you at home. The view kept getting better each floor you went up, it had an elevator AND a two car garage! It needed a lot of changes. I spoke to the owner who told me they once had a party with 220 people IN the house. Thank goodness they had large balconies.

9 Wood Duck Road is a perfect home for someone that wants elegant, one floor living and large rooms. Its a beautiful home, convenient to main gate and shopping, in a residential area and gorgeous curb appeal. 

79 Plantation Drive is a friend's house that has a spectacular view of Harbor Town's beautiful greens. Its a big house and great for parties. There was also one on 4 Red Maple with four bedrooms. Pretty setting but needs updating. 

I think I have to go with one of the oceanfront ones because we had so many of them. 26 Duck Hawk has a nice view for a paddle lot. Loni can help you with that one. Another friend has 15 Marsh Wren on the market. its an amazing updated contemporary oceanfront home. 

Despite all of the above, I would have to choose 15 Grey Widgeon. It was absolutely perfect in every way. $7,795,000 for a 6 bedroom, 7 and a half bath masterpiece. 

respectfully submitted. 

Susan Ochsner

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Feb. 28, 2018

Realtor Tour North on February 28, 2018

Today's Realtor Tour had 28 homes, 1 homesite and 7 villas. 

Before I get into that, today we had on our island an oceanfront home go under contract in 20 days. The list price? $9.9 million. New home on 14 Whistling Swan. What does that mean? Well, that the Hilton Head Island Real Estate Market is alive and well. Furthermore, there are actually 25 (TWENTY FIVE) homes under contract with a list price of over $1 million. 30 Widewater Road is under contract for $3,999,999 and 121 Dune Lane for $3,850,000. 13 Piping Plover was on the market for a mere 3 (THREE) days with a list price of $3,850,000.

The common thread is that newer or new homes and GREAT locations. If a home needs too much updating and changes, even though it is cheaper to renovate now than building new (permitting, approvals, time, materials and cost), the buyer right now does not want to be bothered with this. Furthermore, two of the properties that were on the Tour were cancelled because they went under contract. So keeping these things in mind, about the tour today, which, I was unable to go see them all. Forgive me. I will still do my best to give you my favorite and why. 

Prices ranged from $299,000 for 34 Gold Oak Drive to $2,545,000 for 12 Brams Point Road. Grandview Court is a high end villa in Hilton Head Plantation and on the top floor and I could see myself living there. Entertaining a lot with a lock and leave and gorgeous water views. The only downside is the cemetery beside it that hinders a clean clear view. Then again, you will get used to not seeing that. The rest of the 12 (TWELVE) homes in Hilton Head Plantation were "ok". Having seen the high end pendings, I am a bit like a princess today. I also saw a cute cute home in Windmill Harbor. 19 Crosstree Drive. It has the most amazing and cozy garden with two seating areas, a nice courtyard in the front. It would have been my pick but it did not have a garage. Also, you could hear 278 in the front (not in the back though, were it counts). This one is worth looking at as many that were on tour today.

Today I picked 45 Wilers Creek Way at $939,000 because it does not need any work, is in a automatic gated community and I like Broad Pointe for its nice quiet neighborhood feel. This particular home is a 5 bedroom and 5 bath home with 4,627 square feet and built in 2005. If you would like to see it, please call me or your Realtor. This one needs an appointment.


So for any home on Hilton Head Island that is for sale, please call me or your Realtor for anything you would like to see.

Many thanks and until next week!

My best,

Susan Ochsner - Your Hilton Head Agent

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Feb. 15, 2018

Realtor Tour South on February 14, 2018

Realtor Tour - Hilton Head Island - South - February 14, 2018

My favorite Property on Tour


We had thirty-two Villas and Homes to view within Forest Beach, South End Off Plantation and of course, Sea Pines. My sales meeting was in a fabulous new home with a long lagoon view over Sprunt Pond and just a short stroll to the beach via the beach walk. That home is under contract with contingency so I will not pick that one. :-)

The properties' price range was from $199,900 to $6,998,888. Yes, the high one was beach front and quite unique Tennessee style with lots of wood including the ceiling. It was quite unique and for the right buyer an interesting property. There were some that needed updating and some that had been put on the market again as new properties with small price reductions. I do not usually pick one that has been put back on the market as a new property, but with improvements made and lowered price through same agent, I had two and will narrow down as I write this. The first was 14 West Willow Oak Road. This one has a double fairway view, centrally located in Sea Pines and has huge potential with the price of $649,000. My Favorite property on tour this week was 47 Oyster Landing Road. This 4 bedroom townhome with two separate garages that lead into a courtyard was priced high, needed work and is now priced under $900,000 at $899,000. The view on this townhome is TOTAL Lowcountry. Long marsh and dee water views as far as the eye can see. With a great architect and some $$$, this home can be transformed.Head Island, SC 29928

Willow Oak Rd W

Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

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