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Thank you for visiting my blog! This weekly blog is not intended to promote my listings or those of my Firm, Sea Pines Real Estate Beach Club. We market those very well. Instead, the purpose of this blog is to give you insight to my one pick of what I think is the “favorite” from the choice of homes on the weekly home tour. I will try and guide you through my process and thoughts to my pick.

The home tour is designed to introduce the real estate agents of the new homes on the market. The tours are broken down to North, Mid-Island and South Island. My “favorite" is not based on any particular criteria. It is simply and usually, my professional choice of the “favorite” in this week’s offerings. However, as I am human, sometimes emotions take over and I just like a house.  I take the community, location, price, size, view, condition and other variables into each evaluation. 

Feel free to contact me, Your Hilton Head Agent, or your own agent for information on any homes or villas on the weekly tour or on the island. I look forward to hearing from you!

See you at the beach, bike path, ocean or golf course! :) 


Sept. 13, 2018

Realtor Tour Central Hilton Head Island - September 12, 2018

This Central Tour will be quite memorable thanks to Hurricane Florence. This Cat 4 storm looks like it will be hitting the Willmington/Wrightsville Beach area of our neighbor state, North Carolina. our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in harms way of this massive storm. We are not out of the woods yet in Hilton Head Island, but we are all breathing a sigh of relief. I have not evacuated as I am a last minute evacuee. :) Needless to say, yesterday's tour shrunk quite a bit. I only printed it out around 10am and at that time, we had one Hilton Head Beach and Tennis Ocean villa #C305, a 1BR/1BA $178,000, 30 Corrine Lane, a 5/5.5 in Singleton Beach for $719,000. I did not see either of those.

Palmetto Dunes

Palmetto Dunes had 4 homes on the market and 5 villas. One home was supposed to serve lunch but no one was there. That's ok because I was not very hungry. That was 40 Haul Away - 3/3.5 for $825,000. I loved the traditional Lowcountry architecture as you approached the home. It did have a two car garage also. The colors of the home were 'eh' but the wood inside and large windows made it very nice. Stone chimney, golf view and pool made it a great price. All appliances were white and needed updating but master on main, nice stairs and great architecture. With this short list it may win! LOL. From there went to 49 Haul Away - 4/3.5 for $895,000. It too had great bedroom separation and more updated kitchen and an extra closet in master. The 4th bedroom means 40 could have also been called 4BR. The entryway and dining space in front was wierd so I did not care for it as much as #40. Could not find 14 Port Tack and I suspect the lockbox was taken inside. Its a 3/3.5 for $1,150,000. If its the one to the right of #16, it had new paver driveway but curb appeal did not merit the price BUT I did not see the inside. Lastly, 8 Night Harbour - 5/5.5 for $3,390,000 for Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront. That one also did not have the lockbox out but I did see the pretty ocean view. Priced ok.


There were two condos in Shipyard and usually I do not do those as some of you readers know but with the slow day, I ventured into 252 Evian. A townhome type villa 2/2.5 for $350,000. Updated master and high ceilings and private golf view. Cute. Did not go to 1005 Harbour Master Villas. Those are deep into Shipyard and right by the fence of New Orleans Road. Not my favorites. I know what they look like and this one is priced at $240,000.


Lastly we had one home in Wexford Plantation, 11 Harrogate 5/6.5 for $1,549,000. Garage for 4 cars and large open feel. Three fireplaces within kitchen, outdoor space and family area. Master on first floor had exercise room and office. The one garage was nearby and the other garage closer to the kitchen area. Pool area was nice as was the golf view. Upstairs we had a pool table game area, movie theatre without chairs but room for 8 and more bedrooms. The green dark walls downstairs were not that great. Lots of nooks for cool sculptures throughout. Nice home.

To pick a favorite is almost not fair. I know a couple of homes from  Port Royal were cancelled but IF I had to pick one, 40 Haul Away had a small pool but amazing view and light - would need to put some money into it but the area could easily handle it. Nice flow. The second would be 11 Harrogate - great family home for large family wanting golf carts and room for cars and entertainment space.

Stay safe everyone and thank you for reading.


Susan Ochsner

Your Hilton Head Agent

(843) 816-6388

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Sept. 6, 2018

Realtor Tour South September 5th, 2018 for Hilton Head Island

Today we have 22 homes to see, starting in the South Beach area.


Sea Pines


We have 20 Audubon Pond Road. 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, $1,275,000. Has a spectacular marsh view, decking, but it is old school. Step down into the living room. Formal dining room. The kitchen is updated, it’s got the granite, beautiful granite, nice little family area. Master is upstairs. And it’s a little chopped up, but very cozy. Nice colorings, and small kitchen, but it’s not the open concept plan. Smaller kitchen, it’s elevated 14 feet, does have a 2 car garage, however it’s disconnected to the house. So I always think of downpours and taking your groceries when everything is wet. It’s a nice homey-home.


Next we went to 84 South Sea Pines Drive. 3 bedroom, 3 ½ bath, $875,000. And has a two car carport. It’s a dated house in okay condition. No finishes, but you have to come up some steps and zigzag your way to the kitchen. It’s got an enclosed pool. You can tell it’s on the rental market. Darker kitchen. It’s great as a rental. And at least you have an entry right to the carport when it’s raining. Large laundry room, master on the main floor. I was excited when I saw the price, but there’s a lot next door that was actually burned down and you have to cross the street to get to the walkway, you’re kind of close, but someone is going to build a big house over there and then this one is really going to lose, so $874,000, you’re buying a lot but I would say it will probably go for $828,000 maybe, but old school, but great location if you like to be on the main street.


Next we’re at the penthouse of 1934 South Beach Club Villa. Four bedroom, 4 ½ bath, $1,950,000. So I’ve been in the penthouses on the other side, this one overlooks the beach and the Sound. It’s in the building that’s closest to the water, so the view is superior. So if somebody wants easy living, or just wants a place at the beach, it is a spectacular view. It’s dated but nice and bright, I like it! 1934 South Beach Club Villa might make the short list! Next was 19 Beachside Villa. 4 bedroom, 4 bath, $949,000. Those are the ones that are across from the tennis, they don’t have a view but they are close to everything. South Beach Club Villas are a little more private and off the beaten path. If you want to be in the thick of things, this one is cute and redone. Its actually right next to and overlooks some of the tennis courts on the side. When you come in the front door, you actually see the pool and the South Beach Village. It’s got a nice circular driveway, always very convenient, and this one has been very tastefully updated. They painted everything kind of white. They did put some boards going up to make it a little more trendy. So it’s a beautiful, beautiful upgrade. With the floors etc. Nice and bright. Got a nice little porch, and again, you do look to the tennis courts. This one is ready to go for someone that wants to be in the South Beach area, you have your master downstairs, and another small bathroom all tastefully done. So, it’s just enough to have 4 bedrooms but not a lot to clean and do. Just the casual island living. 7 Painted Bunting. 4 bedroom, 4 ½ bath at $2,200,000, would be on the tour today, it was a new listing yesterday but I think they are pushing it and didn’t want to have it on the tour. So look for 7 Painted Bunting in 3 weeks! 7 Green Wing Teal Road, 4 bedroom 4 ½ bath at $1,850,000 (eighteen fifty) was really beat up, and too expensive.  Next came 20 Black Skimmer Road, 4 bedroom 4 ½ bath, it’s been on the market before. They’ve lowered the price under $3 million, it’s $2,999,999. It’s a newer build, 2 car garage, second row. You walk in to an open floor plan, where the kitchen, living and eating area are all interconnected right when you come in and then you have the porch and sort of a mudroom. And then you have the steps going up to the second floor.


Sea Pines Villas


The first one is centrally located, 554 Ocean Course Villa, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, $649,000. Then we have 436 Plantation Club Villa, that’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bath for $375,000. 436 Plantation Club Villas, I remember it, it’s on the 4thfloor, the building closest to the beach. And right now the view, because of the palm trees, when you sit out on the little, it’s a little, little terrace, you really look into the palm tree, but in a couple of years, it will grow higher and then you will have spectacular views. Again, I think if you can get this one, it could be interesting. So, 436 Plantation Club Villas. 


Central Sea Pines

The first central house is 10 West Beach Lagoon Road. 6 bedroom, 5 ½ bath, $3,300,000. Beautiful rounded garage doors in the Gold Coast Beach Lagoon area. Great curb appeal. Master on the first floor, European style kitchen, open floor plan, coffered ceilings, gorgeous golf view, Fairview. 


Next I came to the Lawton Woods Neighborhood. It’s a great starter home area for Sea Pines Plantation, it’s right next to Hilton Head Preparatory School. You have the nature preserve and you can walk to the beach. 2 Rice Lane is the first one in Lawton Woods. It’s a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, $635,900. It’s got a pool, it’s got 2 car garage, it gets all the checks but it’s a corner lot but I’ve never cared for this house. Someone in our Sea Pines Real Estate had this listing before, it’s now with another broker. And it’s a rental. Too big for the lot.


Next we have 3 Pender Lane, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, $529,000, nicely appointed, very updated, it’s got new sliders, it’s got the high ceilings with the wood. Master suite is off the kitchen. You step down into the living room and you have a little pool. The second bedroom they put as sort of a workout facility, so for a couple it’s absolutely adorable. It’s perfect for a couple that just wants simple living, it’s turnkey. It’s a little country architecture, but you are close to a lagoon, you are close the beach, all new windows, the curb appeal is a little to be desired, but too cute inside.


Last one in Lawton Woods is 47 Lawton Road, 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath, $699,000. This one you have some steps coming up, and a two car garage. Totally redone inside for 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath, cute. Looks like it’s a flip, new appliances even, it’s got a breakfast nook, a dining room area. And has, you look at 2 other houses, but again but for Sea Pines its ready to go. Deck is a bit older. They worked a lot on the inside. A backyard, nice little deck. Smooth ceilings, they’ve done the whole inside part. 


Club Course Area


To stay in the theme of starter homes, I decided might as well got to the Club Course area before I do Central. So I am starting at 24 Water Oak Drive, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, $469,900, absolutely cute. Got a great view of the lagoon and the golf. No garage, but nice wooden floors, engineered floors. Nice little inside curb appeal when you come in the house. Redone kitchen, little outside shower. Very, very cute. 


Next I came to 83 Governors Road. That is listed at $499,000, and it is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath $499,000. It’s a larger lot so you have a little more upkeep, but nice wooden floors, a little more spacious. $30,000 more. I think the potential here is better. My hesitation is the bay windows, the design is a little lacking. But, very spacious and again, you are on a full sized lot, so you have a lot of potential to add on etc. So, this one will be a best buy for me. 


So 3rdin the Club Course area is 28 Governors Lane. 4 bedroom, 4 ½ bath at $659,900. That compares to 20 Wood Duck Court which is a newer house, 4 bedroom 4 ½ bath at $650,000. This is a full sized lot, so I think the curb appeal is better and I think you have more room to do things with the house. I know these people, it’s a meticulous maintained house, it’s a 2 car garage and everything you need. The interior of 28 Governors Lane is pretty basic, but it’s got a good flow. After 28 Governors Lane, I went to 20 Wood Duck Court. Similar property, 4 bedroom, 4 ½ bath. It $650,000, $9000 less. It’s a newer house but it’s on a patio lot and it’s kind of tight. So it is newer than 28 Governors Lane, but I did not care—it’s nice. It’s nice. And newer. I prefer more land and so therefore of those two, 28 Governors Lane is my preference, however, newer is better than 20 Wood Duck Court is the best one.


After that I went deep into Club Course. Started at 20 Newhall Road. 4 bedroom, 4 bath, $875,000. Excellent curb appeal, beautifully landscaped, nice appointments inside, finished beautifully. Looks like it was added on a 2 garage car and their little sitting area and bedroom and has like a little study and butler’s pantry. Nice flow, beautiful backyard. Overlooking the golf course, very serene, richly updated. 


And lastly, we have 42 Sand Fiddler Road, 4 bedroom, 4 bath, $675,000. It’s a family home. 2 story. Lots of steps going up, about 18. It’s been on the market before, I do believe they reduced the price. It’s got a killer marsh view. Basic house, but again you are in a great neighborhood and you have a nice huge backyard with a marsh view. Needs a lot of updating though.


Central Sea Pines


We’re starting at 14 Harleston Green, 4 bedroom 3 ½ bath, $1,175,000. It’s on the fifth fairway of Harbor Town, hence the price. I can’t wait to go in it, reminds me of traditional Sea Pines. Custom made home. It is on the Harbor Town Course, it’s got a spectacular view, however everything needs to be updated. It’s an original kitchen, an original house. Nothing’s been done to it. So, to me, it seems a little overpriced. If it’s a double lot, then possibly I see the value.


Next we have 33 Red Oak Road, 4 bedroom, 4 bath, $849,000. Very curious about this one. Price seems right. So it’s an elegant house. Has nice trim work. Basic doors, don’t like the handles. Open kitchen to the family area, 2 car garage, elevated, crown molding. Nice finishes. The biggest drawback to this house is being able to, all the windows stare at a house right across the street in the back. So you don’t really have privacy, but, if you put up some bamboo, again be careful with bamboo. The potential is pretty good in this house. This also makes the top 3. 


Greenwood Forest


32 Forest Drive. 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath. They started over $600,000, they are now listing it at $585,000. The house has very little charm and empty. They should stage it. You can tell it’s a flip. 


1 Wildwood Court. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, $525,000. Okay, I’m in the house. It’s a basic house. They’ve put new countertops on, it’s a beautiful granite, the ones they are using now that look like waves. Drawers are basic. Windows are still basic. It has a smell in here. I don’t know if it’s mold or moisture. But it’s got sort of an open floor plan. It backs up to the cul de sac of another street here in Greenwood Forest. It is on a corner lot. Wooded view. The deck looked like it could be really fun. But it’s your basic original house and they kind of redid the kitchen. It needs more updating though. 


32 Stoney Creek. 3 bedroom, 3 ½ bath, $799,000. It’s on a patio lot. Cute, cute house. Nice curb appeal, 1 car garage, you are close to Harbor Town. Pretty trees. 


The last house in Sea Pines is 5 Calibogue Cay Road. 2 story house, brick entryway, 2 car garage. It’s a huge lot. ThesePlantation drive lots are what they used to call an estate lot. You overlook a lagoon, have a pool, extremely private. I know the people that live on the one side, and on the other side, you ‘ve got the back of Briarwood Villas. And then on the one side you have other estate lot sizes. So, priced okay. It’s got a really long driveway and it’s asphalt. That in itself is part of the maintenance and so it’s like a road but when you get to it, the house, it also has the asphalt. 


Forest Beach


1 Curlew Road. 4 bedroom, 4 ½ bath, $1,450,000. It’s a rental. Very Old school but cool. 3 Dogwood Lane, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, $929,000. That’s across the street from where I went to school. Old school house, cute inside. I like it better than Curlew Road. 


Now for favorites. That’s a tough one. Move in condition we have 3 Pender Lane, 2 bedroom. 32 Stoney Creek road, 3 bedroom. 10 Newhall, 3 bedroom, and then 10 West Beach Lagoon, 6 bedroom. And they range from $529,000, to $3,300,000, so call your realtor today! Talk to you soon. Hope to see you on the island. 



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Sept. 4, 2018

Realtor Property Tour North End Hilton Head-August 29, 2018

Hi, and welcome to the August 29, 2018 realtor tour of the north end of Hilton Head. This time we had 26 properties. Good number of them being condos.




We had a few Off-Plantation ones, namely 46 Circlewood Drive. 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, at $449,000. Really cute house. Newly built in 2017 and it’s in the Mitchellville area. Very new area, one of the last developing parts to be. Then we had in Carolina Isles, we had 115 Okra Coke Lane, love that name, 4 bedroom, 3 ½ bath at $399,000. Next we were at the popular Fuller Point Development, 38 Fuller Point Drive, 4 bedroom, 3 ½ bath, $649,000. Does have an elevator, waterfront views on every floor and just a nice place off Wildhorse/Squire Pope Road.

The Marshland Road area, we had number 13 Marshland Road , 3 bedroom, 2 bath, $319,000. And then we had one in Spanish Wells, 49 Widewater Road, 4 bedroom, 4 ½ bath, $700,000. Lastly, a newer one on Timber Crest, 42 Timber Crest Circle, 4 bedroom 3 ½ bath, $419,000. Of all the ones listed above, the Spanish Wells Low country house I think really spoke to me, because you have almost 1 ½ acres, a small little fishing pond, a lagoon, a hot tub, everything that you could imagine plus 4 bedroom 4 ½ bath. So again, it’s $700,000, there’s a lot of room for an oversized garage and all the toys. So very interesting one there.


Condos Off Plantation


I’ll briefly mention all the villas Off-Plantation. We had 1 Avalon, 3 bedroom, 3 bath, $439,000. We had Caye 5 Marsh Side Villa. A 1 Bedroom, 1 bath, at $109,000. Summerhouse E22, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, $195,000.

The Preserve in Indigo Run, number 1820, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, $299,500. The Spa on Port Royale Sound, number 2222, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, $169,999. Woodlake Villa, 121B, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, $120,000 and 330C Woodlake Villa, 2 bedroom, 2 ½ bath at $134,900. As you know I don’t really go into the villas. Those are all on the lower end. If I look at this list of villas, 1 Avalon Villa, those are interesting because they are all on one floor, it’s right in the entrance to Indigo Run so they are centrally located and you get 3 bedroom and 3 bath, so those become a very good downsize or turnkey to get your feet into Hilton Head.


Windmill Harbor


2 villas in Windmill Harbor, so again, no luck there, but just to mention them. 48 Spindle Lane, 2 bedroom 2 ½ bath at $299,000. And 70 Spindle Lane, 2 bedroom, 2 ½ bath at $319,000, that was all we had in Windmill Harbor.


Indigo Run


We had 4 homes in Indigo Run. I would start with 64 Wedgefield Drive, 4 bedroom, 4 ½ bath, $849,000. Large house on Golden Bear, it was built in 2001, over 4000 square feet, has a pretty golf view. 50 Ridgefield Way is a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, $639,000 in Indigo Run. Over 3000 square feet, has a pretty lagoon view. What I liked about it is that it was in a culdesac and has good informal and formal spaces. 23 Ridgefield Way, 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath, $509,000. This one was kind of dark, also had a golf landscape view, but didn’t do it. Lastly in Indigo Run, 14 Balsams Court, 4 bedroom, 3 ½ bath for the price of $729,000. Gorgeous home, newer build, over 3000 square feet and nice also for Indigo Run.


Hilton Head Plantation

We had one villa in Hilton Head Planation, it was Village of Skullcreek North, #41, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, $420,000. Obviously it has a water view over the Marina. And then we had 6 homes. Let’s start with Sam’s Point Lane, 4 Sam’s Point Lane. 4 bedroom 3 ½ bath, $735,000. This one has been on the market before. The listing expired in May 2018. I do love the marsh view, there’s no doubt and the people might consider selling the furniture and having a leaseback and they expired at $749,900, not they are at $735,000. The market is better, great marsh view. Next in the Headlands, we had 68 Cypress Marsh Drive, 3 bedroom, 3 bath, $534,900. Nice home, I love the Headlands area. Oyster Reef had one, 17 Oyster Bay Place. 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath, $649,000. 28 Flagship Lane, 3 bedroom, 3 ½ bath. $643,440. Odd number there. And in Spring Lake we had 9 Sundew Court, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, $384,000 and lastly 40 Old Fort Drive, 3 bedroom, 3 bath, $479,000.


I have to admit that this time I sent an assistant and not much was said on the comments of the homes. Some of them I knew. I would say my favorite because of marsh view would have to be Sam’s Point Lane. But again, there are a lot of entry level villas and anything we can do to assist you in your procurement of properties on Hilton Head, we’d be happy to help you. Please contact us today!


Thank you, and have a great day!

 Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ochsner

(843) 816-6388

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Aug. 23, 2018

Realtor Tour Central - August 22, 2018 for Hilton Head Island

Realtor tour central, for August 22, 2018.


There are 3 in Fiddlers Cove, I don’t usually do villas, but I do want to comment on them. We have 8K Fiddler’s Cove. That’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, $137,900. We have 12L Fiddler’s Cove, $165,000. And 17K Fiddler’s Cove, $177,000. So obviously they are all within $12,000 of each other. Different sets. What is equal for all of them, even though they are in 3 different buildings, building 8, 12 and 17 is that all three are on the 3rdfloor. 


First stop for homes is 18 Donax Road. 4 bedrooms, 4 bath. Came in, it had kind of a funky smell, but it does have a 2-car garage and cart path. You come up the wooden steps. Nice iron rod railing detail. Small kitchen, but it’s got an office, cozy little family living room. The Master bedroom is right off the kitchen though. There’s a cute little terrace and it actually has a view of the ocean from the corner, so that’s kind of neat. I can’t figure out the smell and then I go downstairs, so we have a bedroom and a bathroom downstairs, with its own little living space area, and then 3 bedrooms. They’re kind of small. The biggest disadvantage is the master is right off the kitchen. It’s got the ocean view though, and it’s got a little terrace that you can sit right outside. Nice curb appeal, iron rod with brick with two entry-ways. $1,295,000 for 4 bedrooms, 4 bath, second row Port Royal.


Palmetto Dunes


Palmetto Dunes has only one house, 14 Heath Drive. 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ bath, for $748,500. It’s beach oriented and looks like they’ve cleaned it up and polished it. It’s got a quickset keypad. So, if somebody wants something turnkey, it’s got tongue and groove drawers. They don’t slide, well this one doesn’t anyway. You know, you want to check all the drawers, but it’s cleaned up and tasteful and everything that buyers wish for in today’s market. Does not have a pool, but has a nice long golf view. They painted the beams. They basically painted it, gutted it, the kitchen is very open, it’s got that open floor plan, 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ bath. Probably does have room for a pool. $748,500, looks pretty good.Cute little addition to 14 Heath Drive, they have a little bicycle rack for 3 bikes. Roof looks new, don’t like the way it’s been installed. It’s kind of like wavy a little bit. Turn key 


The other listings in Palmetto Dunes include 7127 Harbor Side Villa. 2 bedrooms 2 ½ bath, $359,000. We have 1981 St. Andrews Common, they are right when you come in on the right, 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, $450,000 and a 14 Water Oak Villa, 2 bedroom, 2 ½ bath, $379,000.


Wexford Planation


 Started at 21 Plumbridge Lane. 4 bedrooms, actually, 4 bath, but it also has 2 little baths and a little kid area. $1,889,000. It’s got 2 docks. It’s on the harbor side view, the end of the Cul-de sac. Tastefully appointed, nice layout, smaller kitchen but cozy and fun.


Next with another Harbor View, is 10 Castlebridge Court, 3 bedrooms, 3 ½ bath. $1,579,000. You have to drop down into sunken living room, you have a few more steps than you do in the other house. It’s a little more elegant, has a nice fireplace and nice open kitchen. It seems a little higher end, and also has nicer appliances. A huge mud room, laundry room area. Same thing, Harbor View, I think you only have one dock on this one, and you do have less bathrooms. I think the biggest thing is the sunken living room and there is a nice study off of that. Coffered ceilings, nice, very chic. This property like Plumbridge is a little deceiving in that it does have a lot of extra rooms etc. So, just has a different feel, it’s more elegant, the other one is more casual. Of course, you can change that with the décor.


Right next door we have 12 Castlebridge Court, 5 bedroom, 5 ½ bath for $1,550,000. $29,000 less than #10 with a few extra bedrooms. They did put a conceptual for a pool. It’s a little darker. It’s got some cool stone on the countertop that they must have loved cause it’s everywhere. Sort of a mauve color, grey walls. I love when you come in the door though you have a long view of the street into the Castlebridge Lane. Same thing, you’ve got a dock in front. It’s a little more private. Across the street you have a nice big yacht. Little desk area. Also over the garage some more space. Has a nice circular driveway.


11 Fairfax Lane, 6 bedroom, 6 bath, $1,350,000. Coffered ceilings, it is a townhouse. I was a little like, “why is it that much for Fairfax Lane”, but it has a small little pool and bar outside. It’s got a killer marsh view. You know me, I love killer marsh views. Kitchen is a little dated, basic and the colors are very blah, but huge potential. Master suite on the main floor. Little bed space through the hallway, but I think that allows you to go to the bathroom which is sort of a his and hers and you meet on the other side, u-shaped bathroom with two separate showers, two separate vanities and two separate closets. The other three had harbor views. This one has a killer marsh view. Less expensive, needs some cosmetic. Is my favorite so far in Wexford. 


Last on in Wexford is 33 Wexford Club Drive, 4 bedrooms, 4 ½ bath. Under a million, $979,500. Priced well. You have a golf view. It’s kind of dark. It’s the travertine of the 80s, the curb appeal is kind of like southern home or not. Plantation shutters, they are a little dark. But it’s got cool ceilings, kind of a small kitchen. Reminds me of a bachelor pad. Does have subzero refrigerator and Dacor appliance which I just enjoy. Very dark, but very unique, priced under a million, so a great entry level for Wexford.


Shipyard Plantation


86 Gloucester, 4 bedroom, 3 ½ bath. $589,000. Good price for Shipyard. Kitchen is kind of small, they cleaned it up, basic cabinets. They are those laminate type, very basic and inexpensive. Looks like it even might have been a spec house for some builder. Medium quality, it’s clean and ready to go. You have a lagoon on one side and a nice big yard, private area. Has room for a pool. Screened in porch. Again, price point to be in a gated community like Shipy is good. Nice and clean, basic. It does have a lot of steps coming up, 14 to be exact. What speaks for this house is the privacy. Lagoon on one front and back, and it also had the hardy plank siding, which is stress free. Of course, the deck floor is another material, but priced okay.


26 Misty Cove, 3 bedrooms, 3 bath, $499,000. Has a one car garage on a patio lot. Cute, cute, cute as a button. I think it would be great for someone who wants to downsize or entry level or a couple. It’s got a golf view, one car garage, clean as a whistle, tastefully remodeled. Nice floors, clean carpet. Again, a very simple living so that concludes our realtor tour central for August 22.


I would have to say Wexford had the most selection of 5 houses, Shipyard had two. One in Palmetto Dunes and one in Port Royal. I’d have to pick out of Wexford and I’m not big on a harbor view where I’m looking at a neighbor’s yacht all day. I tend to prefer that Fairfax Lane, 11 Fairfax Lane with the killer marsh view, needs a little bit of upgrades, but at  $1,350,000, not the lowest, but the second lowest, that would be my pick. That’s all for today, have a wonderful day and hope to see you next week. Bye!


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner

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Aug. 20, 2018

Realtor Property Tour South Hilton Head - August 15, 2018

Hi and happy Wednesday to you. Today is Wednesday, August 15, 2018. And the realtor tour is focused on the south end today.


As you can expect for summer in August, there were only 7 homes in Sea Pines, one Off-Planation and the rest were villas for a total of 19 plus one piece of land off 25 Sand Fiddler Road for $241,500. 


I actually did not follow my rule and I did go into villas, so I will focus on those later. First let’s start with the 7 homes in Sea Pines. 


Greenwood Forest had two listings. 12 Columbine Lane is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, $519,000. It had a garage, some bedroom separation. You could see the house next door. It was empty and somewhat lackluster. 


The next one is a listing of mine, 43 Forest Drive, 5 bedrooms, 3 ½ bath, with a loft. Right across the street from the amenities of Greenwood Forest. Also, you can walk to Truffles and the Sea Pines Center. It’s got a loft area where the 5thbedroom is, you can do one of the bedrooms as an office downstairs. Great bedroom separation, it’s like a C, it has green on three sides. It’s really a unique property. It’s listed at $585,000.


From there I went to 11 Red Oak. 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ bath, beautiful home. Has a pool. 1 bedroom, the master was downstairs, and then upstairs you had Jack and Jill and two equal bedrooms. Lots of natural light upstairs, so you typically wouldn’t even have to go upstairs. Listed at $849,900, I actually liked that one. 


I forgot, before that I went to see 19 Gunnery Lane in Heritage Woods. 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, for $839,000. That one, it had a 2-car garage instead of a 1, but the condition was, I mean, it’s a beat up house. It had been in the rental market, you can tell, so right there and then, I would say for Greenwood Forest, 43 Forest Drive stays as a favorite and of the two I mentioned above, 11 Red Oak Road would make a lovely home.


Next was 8 Twin Pines Road. Brand new construction, 5 bedrooms, 5 ½ bath for $1,920,000. The pool was a little small and disappointing, but the house was fabulous. It really was spaced out well. Beautiful, beautiful light fixtures. It’s being sold unfurnished, but loved the staging furniture. Lots of space, and again, brand new.


15 Willow Oak Road West, 4 bedrooms, 4 bath, $889,000. Very spacious lot, centrally located. Has a pool with a cover. Very cozy and priced well for what you are getting.


Lastly with homes was 25 Pine Island Court, the only club course home. It’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, $639,000. But it has a killer marsh view. Totally updated with a lot of interior trim. Has room for 3 cars down below, lots of storage. And even has an air-conditioned workshop space.



Villas in Sea Pines.  


So today I did the villas. Let’s start with Club Course. We had a Residence Club, 2859 Residence Club, 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, really cute. $389,900. Overlooks the pool, but it’s right there off Governor’s. Cute and sweet and great for someone that really wants to downsize.


South Beach. 3 Villas at South Beach. We had 1620 Port Villas. 4 bedrooms, 3 ½ bath. $695,000. Killer view, beautifully updated. Kind of small living space, but the idea is that everyone is outside. Priced well.


And then 1601 Port Villas, that was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, also been redone. But not as cozy and nice. $545,000.


1620 is a favorite to that one. 


And lastly, South Beach Villa number 1418. 4 bedrooms, 4 bath, $1,379,000. This one has a view of the Sound. Those had fire and so this one has been completely redone from the cement floor up. Tastefully and beautifully done.


Next was a 2530 Fairway Oaks Villas. 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, $399,000. At first it looked really well priced and it is, but it doesn’t have a garage like the others do. No short -erm rentals allowed in these, but again, the kitchen has been redone, the rest is pretty much original. Great location, people like that they don’t have short term rentals in there.


Lastly, 202 Twin Oak Villas. 3 bedrooms, 3 bath, $599,900. Priced well. This one overlooks the driving range, so really doesn’t have the view but people love the location of Twin Oaks. It’s tastefully updated. 


Off-Plantation, we had one listing in Yacht Cove, 38 Bellhaven Way. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath for $335,000. Nice starter home and a great community. Cute, cute, cute and corner home. 


Forest Beach


Four villas, or condos on the market. All are 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. 


The first one is 114 Forest Beach Villas, $359,500. Then the second floor, 205 Forest Beach Villas, $375,000. 412 A Shorewood Villa, that’s $435,000. Those are ocean front and lastly 3302 The Sea Crest Villas, again, 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, $899,000.




Even though I do have two listings in today’s very small realtor tour south, I have 43 Forest Drive, and 25 Pine Island Court, when I look at everything available, I still would have to say 43 Forest Drive, 5 bedrooms, 3 ½ bath for $585,000. It has privacy. It is quiet. It’s got great bedroom separation. It’s not on the beach, but close to the beach. You’re quick at Harbor Town. It has so many different layers, you could rent it out and then redo it for you when you decide to move down here. It just has so much flexibility that 43 Forest Drive, and its location, I’m not a great Forest fan all the time, but because of the way this one sits that has to be my favorite.


I would say my second favorite would be 202 Twin Oak Villas. And my third would have to be 15 Willow Oak Road west. That one was a pool at $889,000.


That’s it, have a great week and thank you for reading!


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Aug. 8, 2018

Tour North Hilton Head Island -August 8, 2018

Today is 8/8/18 - don't you love numbers? Today's tour is the North End - 

One in Windmill Harbour, one Spanish Wells, two Palmetto Hall, 11 in Hilton Head Plantation plus 2 condos in Village of Skull Creek, one villa in Indigo Run's Berwick Green, three Off-Plantation homes and two Off-Plantation villas. Stay tuned for details on the tour.

Good morning! We had a North Realtor Tour today and there were a lot of different properties. I’ve just gotten started. I started in Windmill Harbor, I like to start in the tippy top of Hilton Head and work my way down. 


Windmill Harbour


Windmill Harbour we had 21 Cross Tree North. It’s a patio lot, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath at $539,900. This one has been on the market before so it’s been on the realtor tour recently. I think 6 months ago, or maybe a year. The biggest drawback to this one, it’s got a 1 car garage and it faces 278 even though it’s inside Windmill Harbour. It’s a cute townhouse, has good curb appeal, but you have a courtyard solid door that takes you into the courtyard that takes down a terrace into the main door of the house. You’ve got a cute little lagoon view. You have 2 houses across the small lagoon that you see, so it’s not really private, but it’s adorable inside. And the 1 car garage though, you have to come through the courtyard entrance to then get into the terrace part. $539,900 for this one.



Then I went to 19 Seagrass Landing Court. It’s a townhouse, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bath. $436,499. That one is again very cute, it’s got a killer marsh view. I would say the biggest drawback to that one is they need some plantings to cover, right next door you have a privacy wall and there’s a trailer on the other side. That whole area is one of the last developments on Hilton Head and that’s where a lot of the native islanders used to live. Well priced and turnkey, if you want a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with killer marsh view.


Hilton Head Plantation

Hilton Head Planation, one of the larger Plantations that mirrors Sea Pines. There were two condos, a 4 bedroom, 4 bath on Village of Skull Creek for $795,000. Did not go in, but it has a water view. And then there was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath at Village of Skull Creek for $379,000. 9 Santa Maria Drive. It’s a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath at $500,000. It’s been updated, it has the floors, it’s got a cute little patio on the outside. It’s on the golf view, but it’s raised up. It’s got a newer kitchen and some fun features, they can be funky or not. But it’s an open space to the garage. Beautiful wood doors. Really priced well, farm sink, walk-in pantry, great livable house, it looks like it’s being re-done. It’s got a beautiful surround on the fireplace. Definitely interesting if you need a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath. Well priced. Like this one a lot.


330 Seabrook Landing Road in prestigious Elliot Point, it’s the last house before you get to Ribaut Island, it’s— has a walk-in master that’s quite large, it’s got a sunken tub overlooking the marsh. Best views actually from the tub in the master bath with two sinks and overlooking the marsh. Nice little Carolina room too off the master. It’s a wow on marsh view in the bathroom for $839,000, 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath.


23 Pineland Road is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, $475,000 in the central part of Hilton Head Plantation. New decking outside, golf view. Yes this house impressed me. All new windows, trim work and paint job phenomenal. Has a new deck. Golf course view. Owner is a general  contractor, it’s his personal residence and you can see that you really have no deferred maintenance on it. It’s ready to go and priced at $475,000, this one is a marked as my second favorite. Nice paint job inside and move in condition.


Next was the  Dolphin Head area which is also a prominent area in Hilton Head Plantation. 33 Cottonwood Lane is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath. It’s at $479,900. It’s got the older sliders. It’s got the cart path in front. It’s got a very small yard and it’s got an open style kitchen, but it’s basic. So again, if you’re just looking for a basic home in the $470,000’s in the Dolphin Head area. 


So right down the street is 29 Cottonwood Lane. It’s being marketed as a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house for $495,000, so you have an extra bedroom, but it’s got a whole different feel. It’s a little more enclosed. It’s got the golf view, but it’s still a patio lot. And probably needs a little more updating. The other one is the same floor plan, or basically the same floor plan, but it’s ready to go. 29 Cottonwood had a cute outdoor patio on the front and nice garden. Both of them had 2 car garages.

6 Sugar Pine Lane, I love the name Sugar Pine Lane. It’s also a patio lot, it’s got a very pretty golf view. It’s a little more private because you don’t have a cart path in front of you, and a nice little lagoon view, a long lagoon view. You have a little terrace outside. It’s a little on the dark side, but it has smooth ceilings and a nice family room area that opens up. Kitchen has, it’s original kitchen. Your white metal laminates. Next was 120 High Bluff. On a main road, the roof needs work, there’s dents in it, or looks like there’s—forget it, it’s a tear down. It’s also very dark inside.

I love driving into the Hickory Forest neighborhood in Hilton Head Plantation. Next was 33 Hickory Forest Drive, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bath $849,900. Spectacular view, has a nice little pool. There’s green space to the left, so you’re very private, big yard to run and lots of green space. Great views but choppy house. 

Next stop was 7 Raintree Lane, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bath for $489,000. It’s in the Headlands section. Nice lot, beautiful curb appeal. But it is somewhat dated. It’s got asphalt driveway. And its kitchen is not updated, but it’s open space and high ceilings. Two different ‘feels’ in different areas.

Next was 1 Sea Trout Court in the Crooked Pond neighborhood. I got really excited because it’s a huge lot when you come in and it’s got screened in over the garage, I think they have small children and they like blue and yellow. But when you walk in, it’s kind of enclosed in the back and you have to go around the house. It’s very, very choppy and very, very unique. It’s a shame though, because for someone that wants a unique house, I also don’t like that the windows are original windows, so for 1 Trout Court, you are at the higher end at $475,000. 4thbedroom was next to garage.

Next was Bowline Bay Court, also in Crooked Pond, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bath. $663,000. OK. White kitchen.


Palmetto Hall Plantation.

Last stop was Tucker Ridge Neighborhood in Palmetto Hall Planation. Palmetto Hall is landlocked but it’s a wonderful planation with a lot of physicians, etc. 6 Tucker Ridge is really cute at $499,000. 4 bedrooms, it’s got 1stfloor master, second floor upstairs has an open loft area. Nice open kitchen. Big green grass area in the back, a Carolina room. Lot of nice fresh upbeat trim. Nice big laundry room and nice half bath. Well priced and maintained. Third to go on favorites list.

3 Tucker Ridge is on the market again. It’s at $429,000. It’s very dark, it’s got a nice lagoon view. It does not have the same curb appeal as 6 Tucker Ridge.


Spanish Wells

So, to finish off our tour this week, we have 6 Cusabo Place in Spanish Wells. 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bath, $899,000. I’ll get to look at it another day and then of course Carolina Isle’s 25 Dewees Lane, 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bath at $445,000. 


That’s it for the tour on August 8. Have a great day. Please call me if I can help you with anything related to Hilton Head real estate, have a great day.


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner

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Aug. 1, 2018

Tour Central Hilton Head Island - August 1, 2018

Today is Switzerland's Independence Day! 727 years.

The Open House Realtor Tour for Hilton Head Central was very small. There were only 8 residences in total and one of them  was incorrectly placed: 44 Seabrook Landing Drive for $1,745,000 is supposed to be on the North Tour next week so I did not go to it. Was the most expensive one but must be quite a doozie.

Folly Field

We only had a Fiddlers Cove Villa ($181,900 for 3L) and a piece of land on 1 Azalea Street ($179,000) in Folly Field. Obviously I did not go. Not much to say - Fiddlers Cove have appreciated quite nicely the last year or two. The land is also priced ok. Sandcastle Court across the street also has lots in that price range.

Palmetto Dunes/Leamington

There were only two homes in PD today and four villas. 252 Captains Quarters in Shelter Cove area 2/2 for $429,000. 28 Fazio Villas 3/3 for $459,000, 6 Hickory Cove Villa 2/2.5 for $429,000 and 985 Inverness, a 2/2 for $379,000. I went to the Hickory Villa as it was a friend's listing. On the home front, I first went to 27 S. Shore Drive. Its a 4BR/4.5 BA home with long lagoon view and 3 car garage. Very elegant but choppy and the decor was a bit 'different' to overlook. Nice lagoon view but hmmmm. Onward to 43 Sea Lane a 3BR 3Bath for $679,000. It was very dated and had a pretty lagoon view but Sea Lane is a main road, not as mooring buoy but I can see this house being gutted and cosmetically changed and put on the rental market. Onward to other communities. No favorites here.

Long Cove

Three homes in Long Cove today. The first I saw was 13 Loomis Ferry. 4 bedroom, 4.5 baths for $1,250,000. New home, elegant yet comfortable and a very pretty marsh view. I am a sucker for a great marsh view. Might be my favorite. I then went to 357 Long Cove Drive. A 5 bedroom, 5 bath home for $899,000. Dated but spacious and had potential. Pretty view. 378 Long Cove Drive was just up the street on the interior side of the drive for a 4 BR 3.5 bath for $860,000. It had a pool but nothing to write home about. Nice and OK. 


Lastly I went to 28 Yorkshire, a 4 bedroom and 4.5 bath that was completely redone and walls taken out, views opened up and new kitchen etc. for $1,195,000. This one and 13 Loomis Ferry are in contention here but lets go to 38 Castlebridge Lane - fabulous address, which I hope for a 4 bedroom, 5.5 bath home listed at $3,800,000. This one you could tell on its build 30 years it was the magnificence of the day. Today, not so much. Will need lots of deep pocket to make it BUT oh boy, what a great marina view! Great lot but reminds me too much of Florida with the homes so close and grandiose. Have lots of friends living in the delightful community but I doubt I can get any of them to take on this herculean task to renovate. But oh, what a project to a very dramatic home!

So ultimately this simple tour was down to 13 Loomis Ferry in Long Cove or 28 Yorkshire. I don't usually like to pick from gated communities with high POA fees but today, I will because of the slim pickings on tour. Because of the amazing renovation on 28 Yorkshire and that the community has boating and other amenities (long cove does too, but with other priorities), I pick 28 Yorkshire with a close second to 13 Loomis Ferry. Sorry both  are over a million but prices are starting to sneak up in turkey properties these days so 43 Sea Lane becomes my third pick for a great redo and rental market potential. 

Good night and happy dreams!

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochner

Your Hilton Head

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July 26, 2018

Tour South End Hilton Head-July 25, 2018

Boy today was reliving the past as I went to many homes near where I grew up when I was 10 years old and now I’m a lot older than 50. Haha


The first place that I went to was 41 Night Heron. 41 Night Heron is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath listing at $314,000. It’s a unique one because it has a fireplace, it is all the way on the end, so it’s the furthest away from the beach, however the 2 bedroom, 2 bath place has a lot of privacy, has a new roof in 2016 and because there was a fire and they elevated it to 14 feet when this one was rebuilt. So, it is, in my opinion one of the better ones there in Night Heron. And priced at $314,000, it’s a great, great way to have your foot into Sea Pines, at this day and age.


From there, I went to 1 Fawn Lane, boy that’s cuteness all around! Cute cute cute! It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house listed for $439,000. The person who updated it put in a lot of curb appeal. The driveway has some nice pavers trimmed out around it. There were even lights, up-lighting from the floor as you come in the door. New flooring, just cuteness all around. Again, decent price and turnkey for the Otter Road/Club Course area.


From there I went outside of Sea Pines to 3 Phoebe Lane. 3 bedroom, 3 bath, $449,000. Also really cute, and  it’s got a killer marsh view if you sit out on the deck. And you can see all the way out to the sound. So for marsh view at this price, in this condition, if you don’t have to be in the Sea Pines Resort, this is a great home to be on Hilton Head. 3 Phoebe Lane.


Then I went to 13 Jacana Street. It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath listed at $949,900. The house smelled of cigarette smoke, very old school. Has not been kept up. What makes this one interesting is it’s sitting on 2 lots and the house is right in the middle. So, you could subdivide that. So it could be interesting, but you better have some money to rebuild because I don’t think you can really save this house. And that’s a lot of land to be in an almost million and you still have to update it all. So could be quite costly. Don’t know if that’s the track an average consumer wants to be. But two lots, right across the street from the T street of Forest Beach. That could be a plus. Very interesting for an investor/builder type.


Then we had a lot of villas. I didn’t go into 21 Tangle Wood. $249,000. I didn’t go into 67 Surf Court. $279,500. And 7017 Treetop Villas. $275,000.  Those were all in the Forest Beach area and again, make very good rental condos.


So, back to Sea Pines I went. And I think after that one I wound up going to Turtle Lane Club. Number 37 Turtle Lane Club is a 4 bedroom, 3 ½ bath, listed at $1,249,000. This one was completely updated. Really, really nice. You’re just steps from the ocean. You have your own pool. It’s got a gate code to get in. So if someone wants turnkey to be able to just stroll to the beach, have your own pool without it being a liability, please, please consider 37 Turtle Lane Club. Really like that one. That one might make my best buy this one time. We'll see. I also happen to know the owner/agent and they did a great job in renovation. Their family is growing so they want/need more space and found something else.


Then I went to Harbor Town and saw 867 Ketch Court. Cute 2 bedroom, 2 ½ bath. It is an end unit listed at $438,000. What I like about that one is it is an end unit. Kind of tight on the parking, but very cute coastal feel. Kitchen is kind of tucked away, but you’re in the heart of Harbor Town, so you can’t beat that. 


Then there was 2237 Heritage Villas. 3 bedroom, 3 bath at $449,000. Needs updating, and it’s really kind of facing the parking lot, even though from the living space you have a nice little fountain lagoon view. It’s okay. I think it needs updating. It still has the metal louver doors, which I do not care for those at all. So you do have to put some money in it. But it’s light and bright with high cathedral ceilings in living space and again, entry-wise could be okay. I’d like to see a 3 in front of that number though, cause it does need updating.


Harbor South there were two units there, 1102 and 1105. One was $595,000, the other one was $743,000. That one was, the higher one was on the top floor. There is an elevator. And it did have a water view. But again, those just don’t thrill me, because you have a carport, but if it rains you have to go through it. They just don’t do it for me. I will show to you in case it does do something for you. :-)


From there I almost forgot, I went to 11 South Beach Lagoon Drive. Old school house, oceanfront. 5 bedrooms, 6 ½ baths, $5.95 million. Really cool, I mean you feel like you are in the ocean, so you don’t really have much privacy there and people come gawking. I don’t know if I had that kind of money if I would want to be that close to the beach club. But it is a cool house. But it does need updating, etc. Again, having 26 Sand Hill Crane listed, which is down closer to the ocean gate. Please consider 26 Sand Hill Crane if you are an ocean front buyer.


I then went to South Beach and that’s where, oh boy, that’s my old neck of the woods when I was 9-10 years old, that’s where we used to ride our bikes when I was a kid.  50 Marsh Island is on the market. That is a very unique property. You have a 6 bedroom house, you’ve got 9 acres, it’s an island called Gull Island. You have a guesthouse with 2 bedrooms in it. You have a 3 car garage. And for $8.45 million you’re getting something that is extremely unique. I mentioned 50 Gull Point on a prior tour many years ago, this is kind of similar to that but more updated and move in ready. It really is a one of kind property and if you want privacy and want to be on Hilton Head and be left alone, but still have something very cool, please, please this would be the one to consider. Be sure to call me, though. :-)


I actually grew up just to the left as you drive to this property when it was just vacant land. It was just dead land before these folks built on it and they really thought of everything and quite thought through with everything including tree fort. Great, great home. 


89 Baynard Cove. That’s kind of a tear down. It needs a lot of work, but if you like classic Sea Pines, 3 bedroom, 3 bath, great location near Harbor Town Golf Links. The back looks into the cul-de-sac of Turnberry and may have room for a pool. Anyway, you back up into a cul-de-sac. It’s listed at $639,990. You better have some vision and some pockets for that one. 


Then 2 Gull Point. Another blast from the past for me. Ms. Betty used to live on that one. It’s right on the corner. It’s a big lot. 3 bedroom, 3 ½ bath. Listed at $924,900. Same thing. You are closer to the beach with this traditional Sea Pines home but also $300,000 more than Baynard. I don’t know if the house is in better shape than Baynard Cove because my lockbox access key did not work here,  so again, a little optimistic, but there’s not much for sale in the South Beach area right now. So I guess that one is okay.


So, that’s about it. And you know, just because it’s so unique, I think I will have to say that Gull Island is my favorite for this tour. It’s a small tour with just 21 properties, of which 7 were homes and one townhome. So for the big pocketbooks, 50 Marsh Island Road for $8.45 mil is my favorite. That’s my call.


Thank you so much, it was visiting a blast from the past and I look forward to seeing you next week!


Thanks so much.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner

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July 18, 2018

Tour North End Hilton Head-July 18, 2018

Happy Wednesday and here we are again! Its hot and muggy and I am sure glad I had my sundress on today! There were 41 properties of ALL types to tour today as realtors. Thirteen were actually off-plantation ones, two of them were land at The Paddocks for $87,000 and $180,000. Land is reasonably priced but its getting the plans, builder, permits and time to have the house ready. Many great homes out there! I don't typically do the off-plantation listings because you guys can see these and besides some were villas. Just to go through them quickly: Two were in Carolina Isles. 103 Carolina Isles Drive a 3/2.5 for $350,000 and 31 Dewees Lane a 4/3.5 for $370,000. Great starter homes. 8, Kent court 3/2 at Chinaberry Ridge is for sale at $269,900. Its close to Hilton Head High and Middle and the Elementary School off Gumtree Road. :) 104 Crosswinds is a doozie. 7/7.5 in a peninsula for $1,125,000. I never suggest my buyers purchase the most expensive home in a neighborhood. This one is such. A popular Marshside Villa is on the market, J-1 for $189,000. Also close to the school and bridge. Two homes on Creekstone Drive for $312,000 and    $319,990 respectively. Honestly, I have never heard of them and am not really sure where they are. I do know Marshland Road is Looooong and treacherous. 16 Hackney Poney Lane is on again for $644,000 a 4/4.5 newer home. 46 Peregrine Drive in Peregrine Pointe is a 4/4.5 for $698,000 and a good alternative for affordable single family home water view. 2402 The residences at Edgewater is for sale, 3/3 for $389,000. Frankly, never been in these either. 3317 The Spa at Port Royal Sound closes the off-plantation list for a mere $82,000 for a 2/2. These are pre-fab and on the sound, all the way down with a security gate on 239 Beach City Road. A lot of internet inquiries on these - usually people who are just browsing and curious about Hilton Head. A good foot into the island at this price! Rent and use to start the investment journey, right?

OK, so now the nitty gritty. Went straight to Hilton Head Plantation, the cousin gated community to Sea Pines, off Skull Creek and Sound. Sixteen properties there. Started at 16 Palm View Drive, 3/3.5 for $624,000. Seemed a bit high. Built in 2004 with a landscape, wooded view and 3,041 sq. ft, its a great family home. 3 Royal Fortune Court (gotta love the name!) is a 3/3 at 2,877 ft2 for $575,000 and built in 1994. Same thing. Eh. ok. 5 Prestwick Court had 3,207 few and 3/3.5 baths with pool and golf course view. At $579,000 that one became the favorite of the three so far. Patio lot thought and kinda squeezed in but nice with stucco and all. Did NOT make it to 9 Sundew Court, 3/2 in Spring Lake Village for $383,999 and my friends the Lacoe's say its been completely renovated - priced well then. A lot of those in the Village have not been cared for and this one is newer from 1997. A great price to be in HHP. 15 Stonegate Drive is a 4/3.5 of stucco and a small pool. Again, a bit tight without much privacy but nice curb appeal and priced at $597,000 still prefer other but Stonegate is a community and popular so price ok. Oh, forgot, 3 Old Fort Lane is on again with another broker. Still 4/4.5 with pool and dramatic water view for $1,255,000. It does need updating and is ok for family. Someone also listed a boat slip to preview,  for $20,000 but I did not go look, hahaha. 2 Brown Thrasher was a cute home on corner but I could not get any of the two keys in the lockbox to work! So no go on that one 3/2 for $419,000. Seemed priced ok but did not get inside. 1 Country Club Court a 4/3.5 for $499,000 was priced well, but had a beat up garage door and formica countertops and such. No go for me. Built in 2000 and lots of square footage though. Oyster Reef neighborhood had 10 Wild Azalea Lane, 3/3 for $449,000, which was cleaned up and had a covered pool. Priced based on 2,278 square feet and seemed like a flip with details missing. 12 Oyster Reef Drive listed at $747,000 was a home that looked like it belonged in Indigo Run. Stucco, a cart garage, high ceilings and lovingly cared for and lots of space in 3,740 ft2 and 4/4.5 and built in 1999. 23 Virginia Rail Lane was in the end of a cup-de-sac and I always like those. No garage and southern style with dormers and porch up front in a funky color and asphalt driveway. Entire inside was redone in gray and modern and bright but it bothered me that inside and outside did not 'mesh' together. $439,000 was interesting price with what is out there but a bit high like others too. 31 Dolphin Point Lane in Dolphin Head had an amazing view. Kinda tight in the curb appeal and a one-car garage. Needed updating on every nook and cranny. The problem is expansion is limited at 1,907 square feet so seemed like a lot of money for me for small space and view. Prefer more space and go to the Boathouse or Hudsons or even Dolphin Head playground to enjoy the water view. 17 China Cockle Way had a nice curb appeal and close to sound at $574,000 and 3/3.5. What bothered me with this house is all the arches inside! Arches, arches, arches - dated, dated, dated! If you love arches, I found the house for you! :-) Priced ok. Finally I headed to The Headlands. 3 Fallen Arrow Drive is a 3/3 for $596,000 and did not like curb appeal and its proximity to main road BUT when I went inside, loved the updated kitchen, nice view, garage, etc. OK, new favorite! 127 Headlands Drive at $519,000 was no go for me. No curb appeal, asphalt driveway and needed updating as a 3/3.5. 19 Rusty Rail Lane was  a 3/2.5 for $449,000 and was also a favorite for a lower price point. Turn around driveway, newer windows and nice view. Liked it. 

Then off to Indigo Run. My Sea Pines Academy school mate Drew was in sales as this last large development on Hilton Head was created. Its for golfers but landlocked like Palmetto Hall, make this one not one of my favorites, unless in Broad Pointe. Anyways, Today I trudged through them. 4 Richfield Way was a redo one of Drew. A small patio lot 3/2 home at $459,000 and renovated but rails still ugly color AND no appliances. 41 Richfield Way was much larger at 3,694 square feet and high ceilings and 3/3.5 and built in 2000 for $598,888. 734 Colonial Drive I did not go but can imagine it well. 4/4.5  and 3,356 ft2 for $799,000 and in the back gated part of Indigo Run. Reminds me of Florida and many like it. 216 Berwick Drive Townhouse at 3/3.5 and no elevator for $599,900 was ok and empty with blue walls but had potential. 225 Berwick Green Villas had an elevator and entryway where you had to go upstairs and it had a nice golf view with cart path right there. $600,000 on a 4/4. 4 Chantilly Lane as also close by and 4/3.5 with a cute curb appeal. What I did not like with this one is that green was UP from backyard and a bit disconcerting for me. Prices ok at $520,000. Finally I went to the water side and saw 42 Broad Pointe $1,845,000. Dramatic and water view it had a lot of builder features and lovely kitchen view and cool granite. The master bath colors are a personal choice and I found the flooring not of my taste. Gorgeous for the right buyer at 5,477 square feet, pool, great water view and 5 bedrooms and 5 baths. 

I then went into Spanish Wells, a large older non-gated community with a peninsula that became popular when the cross-island appeared. My mom had a friend that lived out there and would not visit her at night. Now many Realtor colleagues live out there since many water lots, larger lots, etc. This home at 54 Brams Point Road is a 4/4.5 list price of $4,244,999 for 6,671 square feet. Garage separate which today with the thunderstorms was an issue. A Tuscan inspired home with lots of stone features. It will be in auction without reserve with bidding opening July 27, 2018 and lasting 72 hours. Contact me if you wish to bid and good luck!

So then the skies opened HARD and I did not make it to Palmetto Hall. We had 2 Tucker Ridge Court at $439,000 for a 4/3.5bath home and 50 Sedge Fern Drive was also a 4BR/3.5BA home for $569,900. It rained SO hard that driving became a problem so I came back to the office and started writing this instead.

That completes my Realtor Tour BLOG for today. So I think 3 Fallen Arrow Drive and 19 Rusty Rail Lane were my favorites this week but lots were quite similar in price point and features.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner

(843) 816-6388

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July 12, 2018

Tour Central Hilton Head Island - July 11, 2018

What a beautiful day for a Realtor Tour! Today we had 3 in Folly Field, 19D Fiddlers Cove, A208 Hilton Head Beach and Tennis Ocean Villa, a one bedroom for $208,000. The Fiddlers Cove is high at $187,870 for 2/2 but has been completely redone. Those prices have been creeping up in there! 101 Island Club Villa for $325,000 for 2/2 was the third. I did not go to 29 Bradley Beach Road, a 3/2 beach oriented home for $489,000. My next stop was Port Royal Planation. 114 Coggins Point Road was a redone 4/3.5 but fourth bedroom was a loft area with two twin beds. Nicely redone living space but bathrooms still original. Also cabinets were painted but not new. Pool was small and many cracks in Driveway and did have a circular stairwell and priced at $659,000. 70 Planters Row was a funky but back in the day cool architectural oceanfront home for $3,399,995 or 3.4 mio. Dramatic staircase coming in but needs a lot of updating or limited buyers for that style. Gorgeous view front and back. 1 Ensis Road is listed as a 4/2 for $549,000 and looks like it was cleaned up. Did not move me. 4 Barnacle Road at $599,000 intrigued me. Nice curb appeal. Located right at the edge of all PR timeshare outside gate so view and layout was to the side and they are splitting the lots which means at some point a new home will be built there and this home will be claustrophobic with no view but curb appeal. Dated but clean clean Clean with an artist room. Priced ok but location questionable for future. 26 Outpost Lane was intriguing at $519,000 for a 3/2.5. Nicely updated and clean as a whistle and great starter home in great area and view. I was sad that not a tree on the property but its a great turnkey home at great price, iF trees are not your friend. :) I then went to see 6100 Newport Villas although I usually don't do villas, many of my clients like these and I have sold a few in there. Close to Shelter Cove Mall area. 3/3 for $535,000 on ground floor. Layout ok and pretty view of lagoon right there. Corner lot but found it high and not a wow. Would rather then be in Penninsula area for a bit more. In Palmetto Dunes we had one other villa, 203 Captains Quarters for $285,000 1/1. The homes were five:41 Saint George 3/3 for $714,000 - intrigued by price, it was dark, wooded view and had small kitchen and sunken living space. Very odd layout but potential. 7 Saint George was larger newer home, 4/4 $1,099,000 - good as rental but eh. 3 Strath Court 3/2 for $649,000 was great. Had a cute pool, end of cut de sac, two car garage and showed nicely! Favorite so far!! 39 Port Tack had awesome views of lagoon and a little dock. Dramatic wide open spaces 4/4 for $1,400,000 a bit pricey. 37 Haul Away was also newer home with lots of draperies (remove if you buy) and nice pool and priced well at $989,000 for 4/4. Runner up to 3 Strath. Wexford had 65 Bridgetown 4/6.5 for $1,999,000, 20 Wexford on the Green 4/4.5 for $675,000 with nice view, 22 Castlebridge Court 4/4.5 for $1,949,999 and 31 Oxford Drive for $759,000 for 5/5.5. All ok. I had time for one more before my appointment so I skipped Shipyard villas 240 Evian $449,000 3/3, 301 Golfmaster $375,000 3/3 and 113 Windward Village Villa 2/2.5 for $274,900 and went to Long Cove. 8 Rosebank Lane, a 3/3.5 home for $499,000. Light and bright. Pool with lovely view.Priced well. A lot of house for someone wanting to live there a few years ,remembering that the annual POA is $12,021. If you are a golf afficionado and the POA does not scare you, then 8 Rosebud was my favorite. Great home. Any area with lower fees that home would be at least $100,000 more. So there you have it. Have a great day and thanks for reading.

Respectfully submitted, 

Susan Ochsner

(843) 816-6388

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