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Thank you for visiting my blog! This weekly blog is not intended to promote my listings or those of my Firm, Sea Pines Real Estate Beach Club. We market those very well. Instead, the purpose of this blog is to give you insight to my one pick of what I think is the “favorite” from the choice of homes on the weekly home tour. I will try and guide you through my process and thoughts to my pick.

The home tour is designed to introduce the real estate agents of the new homes on the market. The tours are broken down to North, Mid-Island and South Island. My “favorite" is not based on any particular criteria. It is simply and usually, my professional choice of the “favorite” in this week’s offerings. However, as I am human, sometimes emotions take over and I just like a house.  I take the community, location, price, size, view, condition and other variables into each evaluation. 

Feel free to contact me, Your Hilton Head Agent, or your own agent for information on any homes or villas on the weekly tour or on the island. I look forward to hearing from you!

See you at the beach, bike path, ocean or golf course! :) 


Oct. 2, 2019

Hilton Head Homes Tour Central/North - Oct. 2,2019

Today is October 2nd, 2019 and we have a Central and North Tour. Boy, I don’t know about you guys, but it certainly doesn’t feel like Fall yet, even though we’re in October. It’s still warm and balmy in Hilton Head with sunshine every day. I’m still taking my walks on the beach and taking my sunrise photos and sharing them with the Facebook world. So, feel free to friend me on Facebook. 

Because we have a symposium next week, we are not going to have a tour. So, this week they combined the North Tour and the Central tour but there is not a lot on the North Tour to speak about. I

Palmetto Dunes

I started at 15 Heath Drive, a five-bedroom five bath home for $799,000. It has high ceilings and nice curb appeal and a quite spacious home. It has a big back yard and is only eight minutes from the beach. I believe it’s priced well. A really nice listing. I enjoyed it very much.

21 Saint George Road is also on the Inverness side of Palmetto Dunes. It’s a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $750,000. This one is okay. It’s cute but I don’t like it when houses have the old cabinets even when they faux paint them. It has a choppy and small kitchen that was kind of put on the side. It has a nice pool area and is priced well. The large wooden deck by the pool will require maintenance.

5 Saint George Road is also on the market. It has five bedrooms and five baths and is listed for $899,000. I kind of feel like this one seems a little high however, especially having a circular stairway which totally dates the place and is not liked by many buyers. Maybe the price is high because it is close to the gate and tennis. 

I would say of those three on the Inverness side, I seem to like 15 Heath Drive and 21 Saint George better. I just didn’t like the condition I saw as I approached 5 Saint George. I found it to be in poor condition. 

On the Mariner’s side we have 5 East Wind, a six-bedroom six and a half bath for $2,995,000. I went to East Wind two or three weeks ago and there was one that was ALSO second row for one something. So, I felt like this is a stretch. However, when I got there, boy it’s a new car smell house. Upstairs you get peekaboo from two rooms where you get to see the ocean and they are not teardowns to later block that view. It’s a beautiful new home. I also love that the garage isn’t to the front of the house. It has an alcove and then comes the garage door. So, if you wanted to just run in the house and it’s pouring down rain, you could just put your car in there without opening the garage door. I kind of liked that because, you know, a lot of times people are in and out and I love that you don’t see the garage door staring at you and that you see mostly brick. So, it’s a beautiful new build and it has that new car smell. So, I was very excited about this one. 

181 Mooring Buoy is a five-bedroom four bath listed for $1,185,000. It smells very musty. It didn’t really do it for me, I hate to say. Granted it has five bedrooms but then I’d rathe go to Heath Drive instead, but that’s just me. This side is getting very, very expensive. 

41 Off Shore is a three-bedroom three bath home listed at $565,000. It has a sunken living room. It’s priced well and being sold 'as-is'. Just be sure to have a great inspector. My office keeps a list of those.

36 Haul Away is a three-bedroom two bath for $739,000. This one is in a great location and the curb appeal is kind of odd. You have the asphalt driveway. It’s an old-school home and was built in 1969 but they did a really cute remodel but, in the end, you are still a 3/2. It has a nice pool in the back and is really low country simple living. It even has a backyard dock. Seems to be priced well but it is less than 2,000 square feet. I like it. I don’t dislike it. The curb appeal isn’t that great but when you walk inside it is very, very surprising. I really liked the inside of it. 

24 Haul Away I liked that it’s an elevated house and I see potential on this one. You can just tell it’s an old-school house. The turf green and the porch, I mean, you can tell it was someone’s home for many, many years and most likely well maintained. It’s very easy to fix up but again, you have to find someone that wants to. What I like about it is that it’s $789,000 but has a lot more square footage and has three bedrooms and three and a half baths. So, I think it has more curb appeal and is closer to the beach than 36 Haul Away. It has a smell but as a redo and a gut job and obviously the smell will go away, but just be prepared upon seeing it. What I like about it is that you are on the lagoon. So, that is a really cool factor. 

Those were the Palmetto Dunes homes. Let’s just fly through the villas.

256 Captains Quarters Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $499,900. Again, people want to get all the rental income and then the Fall comes in and they put it on the market. This one is in Shelter Cove.

54 Fazio Villa is a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $389,000. That’s a good price. 

7617 Huntington Villas is a two-bedroom two bath listed at $589,000. Across the street from beach with lovely lagoon view.

212 Main Sail Villas is a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $629,900. 

785 Queens Grant Villas has three bedrooms and two and a half baths and is listed at $425,000.

Lastly, 1764 Saint Andrews Common is a two-bedroom two bath for $262,500. These are right there off 278 on the right as you turn and pass the welcome center. They have a very good low density, funky, but if you don’t mind steps, some of them have great golf views. They are great entry level as are Queen's Grant.

135 Evian Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $349,500. It’s okay. 

604 Harbor Master Villa is a two-bedroom and two and a half bath for $269,000. I’ve seen this one. It faces New Orleans Road. So, even though it is really cute inside, you are facing a fence and a parking lot. So, the location is not that great. 

Then, 206 Harbor Master Villa is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $219,000. This one is okay. For a three-bedroom it’s a great price.

Windmill Harbour

Here we have 95 Harbour Passage, a three-bedroom three bath for $925,000. Boy, it’s a million-dollar view. The house is a little dated, but it has really good bones. It even has an old-school elevator. The master is upstairs overlooks the deep water. One bedroom downstairs that shares the guest bath. It has a garage underneath and a killer view. The kitchen is a little off to the side, but it has really high ceilings and is a very dramatic space that just needs to be updated and at $950,000 I think it’s really priced well and someone could just put a new canvas on it and really make it cool. It’s a Charleston-style home with a door that you come into that leads you into a breezeway. Really cool home. I enjoyed it and I’m not always a fan of those. It felt airy and light and again, I loved the really high ceilings. 

Hilton Head Plantation 

We started at 41 Deerfield Road. It’s a four-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $559,000. I really thought it was cute. It has high ceilings. I really liked it and I like the price. It is good to go and it’s close to Dolphin Head.

In the Headlands area we have 17 Winding Trail Lane, a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $549,900. I don’t like the flow of this one as much as I do Deerfield. It is kind of a choppy house. I wasn’t excited about this house, especially only being $10,000 less than the other one but, it is in the Headlands area which is very popular, and it has privacy. This one didn’t really do it for me but I will show it if you are interested.  :-)

In the Crooked Pond neighborhood of Hilton Head Plantation, we have 1 Stillwater Lane. It’s on the edge of Hilton Head Plantation but it is so cute. Four-bedroom two and a half bath for $449,000. It is cute as a button. You come into an open floorplan. It’s only 1,700 square feet but has two different areas of outdoor spaces with three bedrooms upstairs and they share a bath. The master is downstairs and cute as a button. I surprisingly liked this house. 

 Long Cove -  another gated community with one of the best (and renowned) private golf courses. 

8 Strawberry Hill – first of all, I love the name of that street. Who doesn’t want to live on 8 Strawberry Hill Road? It makes me hungry thinking about it. It has four bedrooms and four baths and is listed at $750,000. Has a really good flow, a newer home. It just was a bit sterile, no furnishings either.

3 Gracefield Road is a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $819,000. It’s neat as a pin. This person bought it three years ago at $785,000. I think they paid a little too much. There is nothing not to like about this house. I think it had more love than the other house at $750,000. I would take it because it has a lot more appointments and finishes. The other one just looked builder-grade at 8 Strawberry Hill Road. So, I really, really like, 3 Gracefield Road. 

8 Gracefield Road was also on the market, but I have seen it before. It’s a four-bedroom, five bath, one half bath for $1,995,000. It has a killer view and is gorgeous. The flow didn’t really do it for me back in the day. I did not go see it this time, but I take it that it’s the same house and I think it’s priced a little high for Long Cove, but it is newer and nicer. 

38 Combahee Road is three-bedroom, four bath, and two half bath for $1,500,000. It has a killer view. I could not get the lock to open. So, I did not go see this house. It looks like it needs a little bit of updating but is gorgeous in every way. It has a million-dollar view. That key just would not open the lock up so I’m sorry I couldn’t get in. 

12 Rice Mill Lane is four-bedroom four and a half bath for $739,000. It’s a new house and looks like it’s a spec. Again, not a lot of love in it. It’s facing the highway, but it is new. I just didn’t care for it because you can just see it’s all investor related. It needs a lot of love but someone that has imagination and heart could really make it something special. 

I would have to say that if I had someone go to Long Cove, I would show them all of these obviously, but the one that I personally like is 3 Gracefield Road.  


16 Yorkshire Drive is a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $629,000. I love this house. Another broker had it six months ago at $650,000. I thought it would sell by then, but it didn’t. I’m surprised it’s still on the market. It’s cute as a button and at a great price point. It has a gorgeous view. What’s not to like? I’m surprised it’s still on but now it’s at $629,000. Great buy in Wexford.

31 Yorkshire Drive is also on the market. It’s a four-bedroom four and a half bath at $895,000. It has a nice view and is a nice redo. They did the kitchen and they did the bathrooms, but it just isn’t as cozy as 16. It has a lovely view. 

I then went to 10 Bridgetown Road which is a five-bedroom five and a half bath for $1,350,000. I wonder what the situation is on this house because I thought I recognized this house. They bought it in May of 2018 so, barely over a year ago – a year and three months – at $975,000 and they did do a very nice job on the inside. It has great furniture. They are not selling it furnished. I would think they should sell it furnished. They really didn’t do anything with the curb appeal outside. Someone is going to see the beauty and pay, because they won’t have to do anything. I would include the furniture in the price. It looks good. 

Lastly in Wexford I have 9 Wicklow Drive, a four-bedroom five bath for $895,000. This one didn’t do anything for me. It’s on a great lot. I did go see it before when the price was at $929,000 and now they are at $895,000. So, six months later they did lower it and I feel for them because they bought it for $1,250,000 in 2005.  The market was that way in 2005 and it just hasn’t recovered yet.  I feel bad for people that need to sell. It just didn’t do it for me, but I’d be happy to show it to anybody that would like to see it. 

Then in Folly Field we have three homes.

In the Burkes Beach area we have 3 Sandy Beach Trail with six bedrooms and five and a half baths for $1,199,000. 

1 Sandy Beach Trail is a six-bedroom five and a half bath for $1,500,000. Again, that whole area is very touristy for me. So, I don’t really do it because I work with people also that want to downsize, upsize, have a second home, rent it with eventually wanting to live here. These are purely beach houses to rent. So, I apologize but I’ll be glad to show those to you.

Then we had two condos. One was in the Folly Field area. 16F Fiddlers Cove is a two-bedroom two bath for $179,000. It’s priced aggressively but again; those seem to be going. 

Then one that also has low density, which I love, and I know a lot of nurses and teachers that live in these, D18 Marshside Villa. It has two-bedroom and two and a half baths for $169,000. 

That covers everything that we’ve seen for Central and North Tour. There are great listings out there and something for everybody. The other thing I want to mention is, the Chamber of Commerce had the State of the Region Luncheon yesterday where over 500 business leaders and community leaders come together and talk about our region. There are great things going on, both in Hilton Head Island and beyond. Bluffton is growing and Ridgeland is growing, and we even had the Hardeeville Mayor speak. There is a port expansion in Savannah that will greatly impact our region.

I have to say that the Chamber and marketers are not presenting the uniqueness of Hilton Head. It is part of the region, but Hilton Head has everything because of the planning that was done 50, 40, 30 years ago. This place is now in a refurbishing season and I think it’s a great time to come in where you get lifestyle, vacation, and there is just no better place than living on the beach and living a lifestyle where your children can ride their bikes to school and everything is within a short drive. 

That’s what my children did, and people will sometimes see that there is value in that. You are not living in your car as you do when you are living in Bluffton or somewhere else on the mainland. There is a special uniqueness of lifestyle on Hilton Head Island and it’s something to consider. Yes, you do pay a premium but once you come over that bridge, you just feel like, “Welcome Home.” Your blood pressure goes down another 20 points. 

So, please consider Hilton Head Island as your destination. We would love to help you. Please reach out to us any time. 

Respectfully Submitted, 
Susan Ochsner
(843) 816-6388

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Sept. 28, 2019

Hilton Head Homes Tour South - Sept. 25, 2019

Good Morning,

Today is September 25th, 2019. It’s hard to believe we’re in the last Wednesday of the month and we’re off to October in the Fall. We still have very good weather on Hilton Head. I went to Colorado this past weekend to visit my sons and flew into Hilton Head. It was a Delta jet bigger than what you used to have – the little puddle jumpers – and the flight was absolutely booked. It has been a game changer. All the flights that we have coming into Hilton Head has certainly made the higher end market more attractive as people can conveniently come to Hilton Head without the hassles of our interstate highway system that gets bottlenecked very easily as does the bridge. 

So, let’s go forth. We have 33 properties including villas on the market today. A lot of them are in Sea Pines. We have four in Forest Beach and two Off Plantation. I may not get to those but we have great listings in Sea Pines that I want to talk about and I actually even went into some villas if you can believe it. So, let’s get started.

Sea Pines

The first one is a condo in Harbour Town in the heart of it. 959 Cutter Court is one of the townhouses. It’s not on the high rise building but it’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $499,000. It is updated with smooth ceilings and a nice kitchen. It’s very cozy in there. So, if you are looking for a three-bedroom, I think we can say that it’s a decent one. It really is. I like it very much. 

2295 Heritage Villa is also in the Harbour Town area. It’s a two-bedroom two and a half bath listed for $369,000. It faces the tennis court but it’s light and bright and it’s in that affordable 300 range that a lot of the buyers seem to like.

6990 Muirfield is a four-bedroom three bath listed at $739,000. This one is on the Harbour Town Golf Course. It’s really nicely done. I love the stairs. It is four bedrooms so, you know, I’m not surprised it’s $739,000. In Muirfield I would almost expect the sixes, but it is nice and turnkey and very tasteful and clean.

726 Schooner Court Villas is a four-bedroom four and a half bath listed at $737,000. At that price, I would take it over Muirfield. You just have a killer water view. It has some potential. It has a smaller kitchen than Muirfield but again, it’s a whole different animal. You are right in the heart of Harbour Town in that instance and it’s priced well. 

There is also a Residence Club that I have already seen, 2864 Residence Club. It’s a two-bedroom two bath for $425,000. It has a pool view. It is nicely done. It has an outdoor seating deck in the front. The kitchen has been beautifully redone. There is one that is an end unit on the other side of Residence Club that is at $469,000 and the kitchen is not as nice, but it does have a golf view. So, this is priced very aggressively and is a nice unit. I think the palms should be chopped down because they have overpowered the little terrace int hat back and that is what kind of blocks the entire view, but they might have liked that privacy away from the pool.

So, those are all the condos in Sea Pines. Now, let’s go look at some homes.

The first is 1 Belted Kingfisher. I remember when this one was on the market. These folks didn’t own it but a couple of years – two to three years. It is a five-bedroom five and a half bath priced at $2,050,000. It is on the main road, but it has the little pool bar in the back. It doesn’t really have a view and privacy, but it is done to the nines. I love that in the master closet they have a his and hers. They put bunk beds in there that really look cute. It was a great idea if you have grandkids to kind of have them live in there. So, it’s priced well. 

8 Baynard Cove Road, I was intrigued by this one. I really like it. It’s that low country understated elegance. It’s clean and neat as a pin and a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $1,190,000. It has a garage. It is really priced well and is really close to the beach with a little more privacy. It is kind of tucked off Baynard Cove. I like this one very much. 

1 Deer Run Lane is a four-bedroom four bath for $769,000. It is a nice rental and needs a little love if you’re going to make it your own. It has great potential and is really close to the beach. It might be a little on the high side but let’s see what happens in the market. 

In Harbour Town we have 18 Spinnaker Court, a three-bedroom three bath for $699,000. I like this one. It’s clean and tidy. It has a little water view right there in Harbour Town. I think it is priced to sell. I like this one also and this is going to be a hard one this time to pick a favorite. 

39 North Calibogue Cay Road is a five-bedroom, seven bath, and one half bath for $4,995,000. Don’t forget that at the end of Calibogue, that one that was slab on grade went on the market in the five millions. So, this one is priced aggressively. This house was built in 2007. I absolutely fell in love with this house. I don’t know if it was just the time of day or me. I love everything about this house. I hope that it is being sold furnished because the carpets are a part of that house so to speak. Well, it’s not being sold furnished. I would certainly want the carpets because you could tell that they were custom made carpets. It’s very understated. The curb appeal is elegant but not too much and you go inside and it’s just open and lovely in every aspect. I truly, truly enjoyed seeing this house. It’s very warm and there was attention to detail but it’s a high-priced ticket item.

Speaking of high-priced ticket items, let’s go oceanfront to 25 Sandhill Crane Road. It’s a seven-bedroom, eight bath, one half bath home for $8,495,000. This is a guy that is building spec homes. He obviously has a ton of money. It’s beautiful and impeccable. I know this is being sold furnished. The outdoor space is lovely. Seven bedrooms, we really don’t want to see too many rentals. We think it’s a nice balance. Sea Pines is such a great place to rent but it is also a wonderful place to live. Many agents, whether they work for Sea Pines or another broker, live in Sea Pines because it’s just wonderful. So, we don’t want to lose that by having it becoming just McMansions with rental machines. However, having said that, this 25 Sandhill Crane for a large family or multigenerational family, is gorgeous. 

Right next door is a listing I had. It has five bedrooms and five and a half baths for $4,850,000. It’s 26 Sandhill Crane. It has a state-of-the-art media room. You are on three floors. It does have some up and down but again, people don’t understand that the footprint of the house is grandfathered into the front. So, you have a much bigger back yard in square footage than a lot of the other places. So, you have to keep that in mind. Again, it is a beautiful, beautiful home.

17 South Live Oak. Oh, my gosh, this is my favorite street. I just love South Live Oak. It’s a six-bedroom, five bath, two half bath for $1,995,000. It is a little on the old-school side. You have this gate with birds on it that is really cool. You come in and it’s all stone. It has the pool in the front, and it has a clear garage style door in the garage where you can play ping pong, but you can open it up and be part of the pool area. If you go to the back you’ve got the golf view. It’s not brand spanking new, but it’s very tastefully done. I love Live Oak. So, this one will probably make my short list too. It’s going to be a tough one this time. There are really great, great listings out there this time. 

I did go to a third row which is 17 Wood Ibis Road. It has seven bedrooms and eight baths and is listed at $2,795,000. It is a lovely home. It’s more of a rental and very big. You do have a peekaboo view of the ocean and, you know, that was lovely and a nice surprise. I’m glad they didn’t put it in the listing notes. So, I really like this one but again, if I’m going to spend $2.8 million, do I need seven bedrooms? There are other ones out there but again, it’s a good listing. It’s nice as can be. 

12 Red Maple Road is a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $1,350,000. This is gorgeous. The attention to detail is impeccable. The furniture is great, and it has great cabinetry and a beautiful view of the 17th fairway of Herron Point. I can just imagine sitting out there and having coffee in the morning and watching the golfers go by. It has great sunsets I’m sure and a lot of people don’t know this but, Red Maple has an easement on the back that can walk you to Plantation Club and the Beach Club. So, it’s a nice residential street. It has some short-term rentals but not really many. This house is set so far back. It’s very private but a beautiful view. It really is remarkable. 

There is one more I have not yet seen which is 25 Willow Oak Road, a four-bedroom, five bath, one half bath priced at $1,799,000. I definitely want to go see this one to see how it compares to 12 Red Maple because they share a fairway. So, I will get back to you on that one in just a little bit. 
That covers everything except the Club Course area of Sea Pines which I will begin now and continue during the second part. 

31 Oyster Landing Lane is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $929,000. Again, being a 3/2 and a half, it is dated. It needs upgrading. It’s a pretty basic house. I’d rather see it with an eight in front of it. It seems priced a little high if you don’t mind my saying, but it has a spectacular view and tremendous potential and is in a nice little neighborhood.

On Oyster Landing Road we have 26 Oyster Landing Road. These ladies were friends of my mom’s – this couple. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $1,395,000. The bathrooms, kitchens, everything needs to be redone. It is a 3/2 and a half. So, again, it has a marsh view and you see Calibogue and the Calibogue sound. It’s a spectacular lot for someone that money is not object for, but I think it does need to be reconfigured at that price level. It seems a little high. 

Afterward I went to see 2 Pine Island Road which is a listing of mine. It has four bedrooms and three and a half baths. It is listed for $1,495,000 and it has a sound view and a golf view, and it has been done to the nines. It’s absolutely gorgeous. They really have taken great advantage of the space. It is light and bright and just beautiful. You really can’t beat it. I really like it.  

39 Wood Duck Road is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $719,000. It is under that 800 sweet spot and it has a pretty golf view. The bathroom in the master has been redone. It is a basic house though and to be at $700,000, you know, it needs some updating but again, it’s in that price point that people are looking for. 

44 Water Oak Drive is a four-bedroom three bath for $535,000. The smell in there just hit me. I have a headache from coming out of that house still. It is on the end of a cul-de-sac. It does have a two-car garage and a nice view. It’s a pretty basic house with no updating being done. Again, I don’t know if there was a smoker in there and they are trying to fake the smell, but the smell of the Lampe Berger made it worse, I think. I had a headache in there. That one will not make my short list, but it will probably sell because it is aggressively priced at $535,000. So, keep that in mind that it is a great price. 

In Carolina Place we had two. 14 Shell Ring Road is a three-bedroom three bath for $584,500. It is beautifully decorated. This lady is a designer and it has a pretty lagoon view. The setting is phenomenal. The decorating is top notch. Again, the quality, you know, when you’re coming up the steps in there you just need to be aware of that. Some people don’t care about that and that’s fine. It’s just a very pretty house. The construction is what it is but again, it is priced well. 

We also had 46 Shell Ring Road that is on the other side of the circle. It’s a five-bedroom five bath newer home for $899,000. It has sort of a wooded view. It’s private and newer. It’s kind of tucked in. It didn’t do it for me but again, for somebody I’m sure it will, especially if they could get it under eight but I doubt that will happen because it is a newer house.

Alright, I have a few more to show you. Comin up in Part 2.

Part 2

Okay. So, outside in the Forest Beach area we have 40 North Forest Beach Drive with seven bedrooms and six baths and two half baths for $1,750,000. This one was designed as a rental house. It is a Buckeye property. So, a lot of Ohioans must rent this house out. It is a newer house and a rental. So, again, if you can make the numbers work that could be an interesting property. It’s newer on the main drag and close enough to Coligny.

18 Sand Piper Street is a three-bedroom two bath for $695,000. This one has been on the market before and it’s a cottage. It is tucked away. Right in front of it is a gorgeous new house which is number 20. This house has a nice back yard and it could be cleaned up and really become something really cute for the right buyer. I think having only two bathrooms doesn’t really help but they did get it under 700 and that didn’t sell it. They have been trying to sell now since 2016. They were at $699,000 and then they came down to $675,000. They kept it out for six months and got a new guy at $700,000. It expired and went back on and now the third agent has it at $695,000. Again, it’s priced okay but it is an older cottage and people just need to realize that it does need some updating but if you want the Hilton Head lifestyle and you don’t have a million bucks in your pocket, this is a great way to get in there. But there are lots of great ones. This is if you are wanting to become beach oriented. I always like to talk to my buyers to see really where they are really at so that we can find the place that you will be happy with and not that you will sell it in two to three years because we sold you the wrong thing. 

5 Bayberry Lane is a five-bedroom four and a half bath listed at $1,449,000. This one is in the South Forest Beach area. So, it’s close to where I went to elementary school right across the street which is now the First Baptist Church. This home also was done as a rental. It’s a little old-school but in decent condition. It’s closer to the beach but not as new. I like this one. They are repairing some doors and I think it is a good house and at a decent price. So, for something beach oriented, elevated, and with good open and bright spaces with a nice little pool area you can’t complain. 

I might as well mention Sea Crest Villa. There is one on the market which is 2213 Sea Crest Villa. It is a two-bedroom two bath for $529,000. It’s on the second floor. These are rental machines. People love to be at the Sea Crest because they are solidly built. They have two pools. You are on the ocean. You are right across from Coligny Plaza. These do very well as rentals. People actually used to live in them and some still do although I don’t know anyone right now. These seem to do very, very well. 

Let me go back to Sea Pines because I did miss some houses in Club Course that I went to after lunch. 

The first is 23 Club Course Drive, a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $640,000. This is on the corner of Club Course Drive and Isla Pines. My parent’s friends, the Kennedys, used to own it way back in the day. It is a great cottage-type house. It has a pool and a great layout. I think these folks had it as a rental and Club Course just does not do well with rentals. It’s a residential area. So, hopefully this would be someone that will buy to just have the Sea Pines resort lifestyle. Maybe they will just rent it to friends. It’s really that type of home. It’s priced reasonably. 

8 Evergreen Lane is three-bedroom two bath for $469,900. I cannot remember this house so I can’t say much about it. I’m sorry. I waited a couple of days to comment on the tour and I might have missed this house.

12 Otter Road is a three-bedroom two bath for $469,000. This was a family home. It is not as in great condition as it is shown to be in the photos. It seems a little high for a 3/2. If it was a 3/3 or a 4/3, I think we’d be more in the money but again, the inventories are low in stuff under $600,000. So, they are probably going to let it sit at that for a while and see what happens. It’s an okay family home. You have the upstairs. I don’t like you walk through and the stairs are very closed. So, you feel like you’re going up to be in time out. The stairs need to be opened a little bit to make it a little friendlier but it’s reasonably priced. 

Lastly, we have 25 Willow Oak Road, a four-bedroom, five bath, and one half bath for $1,799,000. I’ve been in this house before. It’s a nice home. It sort of has a southern Charleston-style. It has good living space with a family bonus room over the garage. So, it’s spacious. I don’t think it’s as cozy as 12 Red Maple which is $400,000 less in price. So, I thin one would have to look at that seriously also. 

That about wraps it up. As I told you, there are so many beautiful houses that I have a hard time just picking one in Sea Pines. 2 Pine Island Road was phenomenal. 12 Red Maple Road was Cozy. 1 Belted Kingfisher was a newer ocean-oriented house. 17 South Live Oak was just a cool house. I wish it didn’t have six bedrooms. I’d love for someone to go and live in that house. It’s a very cool low country-style house. 

There are a lot of great homes on the market and again, there is something for everyone in Hilton Head and I would love to be your Hilton Head agent and help you zone in on the perfect property for you. So, give me a call and I would love to help you find your dream home on Hilton Head. 

Thanks for reading this. Have a wonderful rest of your week. 

Respectfully Submitted, 
Susan Ochsner

(843) 816-6388

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Sept. 19, 2019

Hilton Head Homes Tour North - Sept. 18, 2019

Today is September 18th, 2019 and we are back to a North Tour of Hilton Head Island. It’s a rainy day today so there aren’t many golfers out. So, a lot of people on the streets. It looks like it will clear up and again, on the southern part of the island things are looking pretty well. 

We were having a conversation today at our sales meeting about how the Chamber of Commerce is doing such a tremendous job of marketing tourism for our island and we would wish that the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce and the town of Hilton Head Island would spend some effort into sending the message out there of what a wonderful place Hilton Head is to live, work, and play. There are so many things to do for retired, semi-retired and working people to do and experience, such as volunteerism and, of course, the outdoors. We have bike paths, walking paths, tons of beaches, many golf courses, boating, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, tennis, pickleball, bridge, you name it. 

And there are so many volunteer opportunities to help local grassroots organizations like Volunteers in Medicine and The Hilton Head Humane Association to name just two. You’ve got hundreds of volunteer opportunities and with all of the consignment shops that we have on the island. So, Hilton Head Island really IS a great place to live, work, and play. So, don’t let the tourism aspect of it shy you away from considering Hilton Head for a lifestyle community which is really what it was designed to be and still continues to be. 

Okay. So, now to our tour. We did not do all of the houses because of the rain and some of these we know anyway. So, let’s start at Hilton Head Plantation.

Hilton Head Plantation

In Hilton Head Plantation the first neighborhood we hit was Crooked Pond.  

10 Crooked Pond Drive is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $479,000. It’s a cute little home. It is an artist. It has a nice view in the back. It’s light and bright. The flooring is really nice, and it has granite throughout. It has a little tile. It really is a nice and cozy house. I think it has a lot of competition, however. 

In Crooked Pond we also have 9 Sweetwater Lane. It is a three-bedroom two bath priced at $450,000. This one too was nice. It wasn’t a wow factor, but it has great curb appeal, is on a large lot, and is well kept. I love the brick around it. Nice floors and really is a cute, cute home. You almost have a master suite over there because they are using the third bedroom as an office suite. That office is a Jack and Jill so the second bedroom could be closed off to the master bath and have its own privacy. I really like it. It is a good little home.

In the Rookery we have 52 Rookery Way, a three-bedroom three bath at $452,500. I liked this one of all the ones we saw the best so far. I love the curb appeal. It has a cute little view over the gardens. You know, it’s nicely done. I love that there is a fireplace in the master. You could exercise in the master bath. It’s huge as is the bedroom. So, there is a lot of space and it is well-priced at $452,000 again, being in the Rookery and with that extra bathroom. 

24 Redstart Path is a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $449,800. This is the one that feels like a spaceship when you come in. It has a really nice view and again, I tell folks, you know, don’t let this sway you because it has an interesting architecture. It’s that round one. It has been on the market with three other brokers and they lowered the price somewhat. They bought it 2014 for $318,000. I think it’s as flip and they just have a new broker that they changed to and brought it down another $10,000. Again, it has potential. The view is amazing. You can’t change that, and it’s priced at $449,800. It’s getting competitive. You just need to have some imagination over there. 

Then we have 37 Deerfield Road, a three-bedroom two bath listed for $475,000. This one has really nice curb appeal. I think the pictures were nicer than the house. It was one of the model homes in Hilton Head Plantation and it is priced okay. 

In the Oyster Reef neighborhood, we have 27 Pearl Reef Lane. This house has security. It’s a larger home at almost 3,000 square feet. It is a low country-type home. It is really nicely landscaped. It has high ceilings. It was built in 2002 and I think Bryan Homes built it. The home is in a neighborhood where you have a lot of social events and they have their own little HOA of $250 a year. It is a nice, newer home in a decent neighborhood, and it is sort of a newer house that people seem to like. It will probably be in the fives, but we are seeing Hilton Head Plantation be quite attractive and it is a newer home. So, we’ll see what it brings. 

11 Stonegate Court is a three-bedroom three bath for $549,000. Stonegate is one of the last developed neighborhoods in Hilton Head Planation and most are stucco and newer looking homes. This one has a two-car garage and is the type of newer that people like with the high ceilings. It kind of has all of it’s original features and is tastefully decorated. It is being sold as is but it is a decent house and priced okay, especially for a newer home in the Stonegate area. 

17 Country Club Court is a three-bedroom three bath priced at $536,000. I like this house. It’s very light and bright with no trees around. It’s stucco and in great shape. I love the view and the openness of it. Again, it is a three-bedroom and three bath for $536,000. It’s in the area of the Country Club of Hilton Head. 

Additionally, in Seabrook Landing we had 42 Seabrook Landing Drive, a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $1,049,000. Charleston style sitting on a large tract of land. It found it to be a little dark but it’s an interesting nice home. It needs a little bit of updating. It’s very big for Hilton Head Plantation and if you like that style, it really has a nice view. 

What is impressive to me is how the prices in Hilton Head Plantation have really crept up. If I have the time, I may wind up doing a price analysis of the annual average change in certain price points comparing Sea Pines to Hilton Head Plantation. 

I did go see the one villa in Hilton Head Plantation. We have 303C Indian Springs Villa. It is a three-bedroom two bath for $565,000. It has the luxury vinyl and nice bedroom separation and what a gorgeous water view on the third floor. It’s a lovely condo and those seem to be going fast because people are starting to downside and this type fits the bill. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one goes soon. 

That is all I got to see in the tour but I do want to let you know what else is available out there and again, any of our buyers agents are accredited buyer agents for Hilton Head and we know the areas very well and if you give us an idea of which type of house you like, we can also find other ones that you might have missed or that the photos aren’t good of, or have been on the market for a long time but have value because ultimately, we know that new is nice but they are not always on the best lots and you can change everything except for the view and location. So, we do tend to help and educate people in the aspect of it. 

Off Plantation

So, Off Plantation we have 6 Terra Belle Trace. It’s a six-bedroom eight bath home priced at $3,950,000. That is just a rental machine. It’s the rental company that is listing it. There is not much to say about that. 

In the Crosswinds neighborhood we have 8 Mossy Oaks Lane. It is a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $499,000. It seems a little on the high side but again, I did not see the house. 

In Singleton Beach, we have 14 Collier Beach Road, a six-bedroom six bath for $2,395,000. The Singleton Beach area is a total summer area and after the summer they start coming on the market. 

In Indigo Run we only had one - that is surprising. In the Golden Bear neighborhood of Indigo Run we have 3 Shaftsbury Lane, a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $849,900. I’ll have to see a little bit about that house. It is a four-bedroom and four and a half bath home with over 4,000 square feet. It is a newer home. I’m just surprised. It’s an elegantly done home. They did try and sell it. These poor folks bought it in 2006 for $1,240,000 as a new house and they tried to sell it for $1,095,000 back in 2009 and ten years later they now seem to be in the money. So, again, if somebody wants a more landlocked nicer home, this might be something for you to consider. 

Leamington has really gone up in price since they put in the traffic light in the intersection of 278 with its entrance. It used to be you could only go right and had to do a U-Turn or go through Palmetto Dunes if you wanted to go the South End. The light has been a game changer for this private community. We have two in there. 

86 South Shore Drive is a four-bedroom four and a half bath house for $1,295,000. It is a beautiful home and is deep in there close to the beach. Leamington is a very private community with no short-term rentals allowed. It’s a beautiful home.

11 Brassie Court is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $929,000. On Arthur Hills golf course with 2,000 square feet. So, it seems very pricey for what you are getting but again, I did not see these houses. So, forgive me. They now only allow you to see them from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and I always go in the morning. So, I apologize that I missed those. 

In Palmetto Hall there were four. 

370 Fort Howell Drive is a three-bedroom two and a half bath at $699,000. 

2 Caladium Court is a four-bedroom three and a half bath home for $629,000.

5 Oglethorpe Lane has three bedrooms and three and a half baths for $695,000.

18 Tucker Ridge Court is a three-bedroom three bath priced at $529,000. 

I did not get to see this one in Spanish Wells, but I have to tell ya’ll that in Spanish Wells we had 32 Widewater Road. It is a six-bedroom seven and a half bath for $4,350,000. Here is my problem, these folks bought it in February of 2019. It was a bank-owned property. They paid $1,500,000 and now at $4,350,000 it just seems that in six months what could you have done in that house in six months to make it worth another nearly three million dollars? I’m a little baffled. So, I may actually go out there and comment on this one again later but I do want to let you know what was on our Realtor Tour today.

Lastly, I did not go to Windmill Harbor. I usually do but it was a villa. 63 Spindle Lane Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $284,000 which is in the money. Again, I didn’t see it but it looks clean and probably fine. We find that sellers are becoming more savvy as far as smells and presentation and so on. So, it is a good thing. Going through Spindle Lane Villas is a great way to get into Windmill Harbor.

That about wraps it up. Again, because I only went and saw the ones on Hilton Head Plantation, I think I would have to pick 52 Rookery Way. I like that it is a three-bedroom three bath. I love the spaciousness of it. The little view was unique. So, that would be my favorite as the realtor this time. 

Don’t forget that you can’t tell everything online. We agents can help you find value and find what you’re looking for with small changes that can be quite price effective and have value going forward. Sometimes it is worthwhile to redo a bath or do some renovations because remember, we’re a fifty-year-old community and some of the older homes are on the better lots. So, never forget that. However, newer homes are selling. 

Thank you for reading my blog. There are a lot of great things in Hilton Head. Lifestyle is our main added value. We love it when September rolls around because you only see locals or repeat visitors and all the restaurants are glad to see you back and they are not overrun. The roads are clearer, and our beaches are emptier. So, Hilton Head continues to be a popular and great place to live. If we can ever help you in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help you.

Thank you. Have a great day.

Respectfully Submitted,
Susan Ochsner

(843) 816-6388

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Sept. 12, 2019

Hilton Head Homes Tour South & Central - September 12, 2019

Today is September 11th, 2019. 9/11 will always be a day that we will never forget. I love the quote that I used this morning on my Facebook page where I take my sunrise every morning and the quote was anonymously written by someone. It says, “A day to remember that extraordinary heroes are often disguised as ordinary people and spirit and soul are unbreakable.” It just gives to the resiliency of the human spirit. I also heard today that 13 new police cadets are the children of police that served at ground zero.

Now to the South and Central Tour. Some of you may be aware that we had hurricane Dorian creep up through the Bahamas. God Bless those people in the Bahamas, as they start their recovery process. It slowly made its way up the Atlantic and up the eastern seaboard. We were spared. We had a lot of debris and a couple of trees down but no property damage that I could see. 

Anyway, because we did not have the tour last week, the South Tour was combined with today’s Central Tour. We had 40 properties to see, 17 homes and 22 villas and one lot. I will mention all of those throughout but again, I won’t give you much detail. 

I do want to remind you that we have several buyer’s agents working under that would gladly help you find your perfect piece of property. Whatever your goals may be, we’re here to help you achieve those goals. 

Let’s begin on the south end with Sea Pines Plantation. 

Sea Pines Plantation

405 Baynard Cove Club is a three-bedroom three bath priced at $795,000. This is a nice exclusive area. It has a little water view but what makes it special is, you’ve got a tidal creek back there and you can take your canoe or your paddleboard straight out from there. It is very cozy in there. It is dated and the kitchens are small but again, you are in Baynard Park where you have access to tennis courts, the pool, there are no short-term rentals, and it is in the top five addresses of Sea Pines on Baynard Park. It is nice for the right buyer. This is a great little property. 

13 Gull Point Road is a four-bedroom four bath listed for $975,000. Gull Point is closer toward the South Beach area. This house was built in the 80’s. It’s light and bright. It needs some updating. There is as new house that is going up for $1.7 on Audubon Pond and so, this one might be a little on the high side but there is nothing that is going to be built in front of you. So, when you come out of your main door, it’s all marsh on that side and I know that 50 Marsh Side, the Kings are trying to sell their compound. I think it’s in the seven millions. So, you are in a great neighborhood on the marsh. It has great privacy. It just needs updating. It has good bedroom separation. So, I like this one, but it is old school, but I always like to remind people that the better lots have the older homes on them, and the inferior lots have the new homes. So, at some point, what will you compromise for? Unless you want to pay top-dollar, which there are some properties that we can help with on that too. So, 13 Gull Point Road for $975,000, I liked it. It’s light and bright with a good flow. From the kitchen you see green space on both sides. It’s an A plus on this one. 

Just because we were close to it, we went to 1672 Bluff Villas. It has two bedrooms and two baths and is priced at $389,000. This one faces the parking lot of Sound Villas. It does need updating. You kind of come into a wall. You have sort of empty space, but you’ve got the high ceilings. It’s spacious. It needs some updating but it’s light and bright with great potential. 

1085 Lighthouse One Villa is a three-bedroom three bath for $1,125,000. Our brokerage has this listing, so I went and looked at it again. It is priced a little lower now. I don’t like the dark walls, but it is a killer view. It has a million-dollar view. It has an elevator. Parking is reserved but again, you’re right in the heart of Harbour Town and the layout is kind of small and it is a little choppy but it’s very cozy and beautifully appointed. 

28 Willow Oak Road West is a four-bedroom four and a half bath priced at $1,350,000. Okay guys, this is where you are going to get my two cents. This has been redone. It was bought December 2018 for $535,000. I remember this house because our brokerage had this listing and I was curious what they did. They left the outside. They did a little bit of work but to now come in at $800,000 more for the same curb appeal, with not love inside … When you open the oven, which is on the island, you can’t at the same time open the dishwasher. It’s cookie cutter with the same things you see everywhere. I was not impressed, and I’m certainly not impressed still. I don’t usually say these things, but that thing is easily $400,000 beyond what it should be but again, I’m just speaking my observations as a 48-year Sea Pines resident/realtor. 

2 North Live Oak Road is on one of my favorite streets. It’s also on the top five addresses in Sea Pines. It has four bedrooms and three and a half baths and is listed at $1,350,000. It has a separate building that you can use as a mother-in-law suite. It has a gorgeous live oak in the center of it and a pool. It is low country living and very understated elegance. I don’t know the elevation. That would be my concern because, you know, one is spending a lot and I don’t think the dirt is worth over a million. So, that would be my only concern but it’s gorgeous. It shows beautifully but it’s for that unique, special buyer that likes sort of that 60’s look. I personally love it. It’s a very unique property. These folks bought it not even two years ago. So, I’m saddened to see them leave. They have made some changes. They actually took one bedroom and made it into a closet/master suite part. It’s a little on the choppy side but I think it’s really cool. So, again, you’d have to come see it but it’s also priced at $1,350,000. Between this and Willow Oak West, I would take North Live Oak in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t even breathe twice about it. 

26 Spartina Crescent is a three-bedroom four bath for $825,000. This is in Lawton Oaks which is the last part of development in Sea Pines. So, it has newer homes up there. It is near Calabogie Cay. I like this house. You come into the entryway and you’ve got a garage. It has a nice flow to it and it is priced really well being only at the low eight hundreds. 

To finish up, I did not go to 1118 Harbor South Villa. I wanted to but I ran out of time. It has four bedrooms and four baths and is listed for $1,600,000. I do know that they bought it not too long ago for $1,850,000. So, I think it is a great purchase. They are, obviously, pricing it quite aggressively and it might be worth a look. Maybe one of you blog readers could contact me and we could go look at it together. 

So, just to finish off Sea Pines we have 2381 Lighthouse Tennis Villa, a one-bedroom one bath for $244,000 and 1586 Lagoon Villa, a three-bedroom two bath listed at $625,000. There isn’t much to say on those. 

Port Royal

Port Royal had one home which is 52 Barony Lane. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath home priced at $679,000. It’s not as crass as Willow Oak but here is another one. They bought the house in June of 2017, that’s two years ago, for $400,000, okay? Now here we are two years later, and they did upgrade it but again, it’s minimal. They took a lot of short cuts in other areas. It does not have new cabinetry and they are commanding another $279,000 on top of it. The curb appeal hasn’t changed. The roof didn’t look new. I just get upset when people just think the market just keeps going up and up and up and that’s not true. I think we need to see, not a correction, but a leveling off and just sit and think that something bought two years ago at $400,000 is not worth $250,000 more. That’s incomprehensible to me. Nevertheless, they did buy it extremely cheap. I certainly think that, knowing Port Royal, it could be in the mid-fives and low sixes if they ever get there. And maybe someone will buy it but you do have a three bedroom and two and a half bath here. 

Palmetto Dunes

In Palmetto Dunes we have 5 Burns Court, a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $1,195,000. This was redone in 2017. I like the spaciousness of it, and it seemed like it was higher end and almost a custom-built home. It has a long golf view. It’s close enough to the beach and elevated. They do need to do some touch up painting because it looked a little spotty, but I like this one. It’s a very nice Palmetto Dunes home. 

26 Heath Drive is a five-bedroom six bath priced at $1,039,000. I guess having one more bedroom – I didn’t find the condition and quality to be the same as it was in 5 Burns Court, but it does have one more bedroom and does have the nice golf view. Again, maybe they are both a little high. Maybe that is the market. I haven’t done anything in Palmetto Dunes in the last few months. So, I don’t want to comment on the pricing there. I assume both of these realtors are both people I respect and veterans. They are not new at this. They are not the new kids on the block. So, I would think they are priced appropriately or, you know, close enough within that 5% of list price. 

45 Full Sweep is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $749,000. Considering the area and considering the price at $749,000 and a square footage of 2,166, I find these prices even higher than Sea Pines Resort. So, it does have a pool but it’s very cluttered and didn’t show as well as I saw in the photos. 

9 Highrigger is a five-bedroom six bath for $3,995,000. This one has been on the market before. Upstairs you have a beautiful large master suite. The views are unbelievable. It is going to go under concierge auctions the first week in October with no reserve. So, again, if you are interested in oceanfront property you may want to contact me so that we can get our bids in there. It’s something to consider. It is a little dated, but the floorplan is nice, and it has that very elegant feel. 

4 Highrigger is a six-bedroom, five bath, and two half bath home listed for $1,795,000. This was a second row on the mariner’s side of Palmetto Dunes, and I love the curb appeal of this house. I think it is beautiful driving up. It’s a corner lot, second row. I found it a little choppy inside and I wasn’t as impressed. Again, I assume that the pricing is done properly. I don’t know it that well. 

Of all of these that I saw in Palmetto Dunes, I would say that 5 Burns Court would be my favorite. It’s not as close to the beach as Highrigger. It’s closer than Full Sweep by far but it just has, you know, kind of the best compromise of price, location, quality, and newness. So, 5 Burns Court would make my short list. 

Let’s go through all the condos in Palmetto Dunes. 

47 Fazio Villa is as three-bedroom three bath for $429,000. 

In Inverness Village we have two. Number 926 is a two-bedroom two bath for $389,000 and #979 is a two-bedroom two bath for $425,000.

In the Leamington area we have 3209 Windsor Court South. It’s a one-bedroom two bath priced at $510,000.

In Queens Grant, which is sort of the entry-level of Palmetto Dunes, we have 593 Queens Grant. It’s a two-bedroom two bath for $274,999. 

Folly Field

In the Folly Field area, I went to a very unique house. I had never heard of this street. It’s called 12 Sparkleberry Lane. It has seven bedrooms and five and a half baths and is priced at $4,999,000. It is between Islander’s Beach and Island Club. It has a long almost half-mile driveway that is part of their easement and then you come to this low country updated house. It has very cool finishes inside. It’s oceanfront. It is the only house on Sparkleberry. So, it’s a very unique property if you don’t mind driving between all the condo complexes. It is quite the oasis over there. I was pleasantly surprised. Again, for an ocean-oriented buyer that wants their own privacy, it has automatic gates. So, it’s very private nice little family compound or for a person who just wants privacy. 

Forest Beach

I did not have time in Forest Beach to go look at 26 Mallard Road. It is a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $825,000. Fortunately, I do know the Forest Beach area. That used to be my old stomping grounds because I had friends that lived in there. It’s a small house. It maybe should be in the sevens but again, it’s a good start at $825,000 and it’s a nicely beach-oriented house.

We also had some condos. 222 Breakers Villa is a one-bedroom one bath priced at $279,900. 

Then we have 205 Breakers Villa. It’s a one-bedroom one bath for $212,500. 

415 Forest Beach Villa is a one-bedroom two bath for $275,000. 

205 Sea Cabin is a one-bedroom one bath priced at $189,000. Boy, it makes that other one at D3 Cordillo look pretty good now.

Finally, 38 Springwood Villa is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $299,000. 

Off Plantation

Off Plantation, there we a house in Ashton Cove, which is in the Point Comfort area right when you come through Cross Island. It’s 72 Ashton Cove Drive, a three-bedroom two bath for $379,000. It’s priced well and a low country home. I think I told you all in an earlier blog post that it’s where a lot of people go trick or treating. So, that is the place to be on Halloween and my guess is that it may be sold by then. 

There are two condos Off Plantation. 1216 The Spa on Port Royal Sound is a two-bedroom two bath for $209,000 and 904 Brighton Bay Villa is a three-bedroom three bath for $279,000. 

Long Cove

Long Cove had two homes. 2 Twickenham Lane is a five-bedroom five bath for $995,000. This one has all been redone. It’s gorgeous. It’s a great address with a nice view and is totally updated. I liked it and I think buyers will like this one too.

3 Lavington Road is a four-bedroom four and half bath for $519,000. It’s priced well. This one needs to be updated. I like the flow better on the other one but for someone that is wanting to look for value and then update it themselves, go to Twickenham and see what they have done and kind of copy it. They are both good, but they are just different animals. One is turnkey ready to go and the other one does need updating but you’d save some money.


In Shipyard we had four condos. I did not do any of these. 270 Evian Villas is a two-bedroom two bath for $339,000. It seems to be priced well.

159 Evian Villas, those are even closer to the Beach Club, is a two-bedroom two bath for $409,000. It is also priced okay.

802 Tennis Master Villa is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed for $449,000. 

Just next door is 801 Tennis Master, a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $459,000. I would bet these would be investor properties and probably have great rental income. I think Tennis Masters are great and something to consider. 


Both of these in Wexford Plantation have been on the market before, one of them with the same broker. The other has a new broker trying new, fresh ideas. It has been staged, simplified, and has a beautiful view. I’m talking about 3 Harrogate Drive. It’s a four-bedroom five bath right under a million, $999,999. I like this one. It is one a great street. The curb appeal is average but it’s the type of house that you kind of think is nothing and you have a wow factor when you come in. It has as beautiful lagoon golf view. Again, it’s not as stately as the other ones but it is inside, and I like it. 

11 Bridgetown Road is on the main road. It is a very different house from last time it was on the market with same seller. Three bedrooms, three baths, and two half baths. It’s priced at $1,699,000. This one is on the lock key system. So, you can park your boat in the back yard. Boaters really seem to love that and that’s what gives it its appeal. It is kind of like a French Provincial Italian type of villa. I remember when it was on the market before with the same agency. It had reds and golds and now they have neutralized it inside. They have taken down all the busyness of all the artwork. It seems to have been decluttered and seems to be staged where it shows better. So, both of these have had remarkable improvements to them. So, it’s something to keep in mind.

Believe it or not we just flew through the South and Central Tour for September 2019. I didn’t have one that really stood out to me. There is something for every type of buyer and this is when you get two open houses combined and you really get a nice cross section of properties on Hilton Head. 

Hilton Head is all about lifestyle. You can’t compare it to anywhere else in America because you live on an island that people play golf and tennis on and go to the beach on. Everything is within 15 minutes of each other. You have some people whining about the traffic but when you compare it to other places, with the number of amenities and activities it is second to none. 

So, no matter what you want for Hilton Head, there are a lot of great properties out there of different builder qualities and different types. Views are important. Location is important. The gated communities that you choose also all make a difference in where you’d like to live depending on your lifestyle. It’s all about lifestyle on Hilton Head. 

So, please do contact us if you have any questions and anything that we can help you with. Thank you for glancing at my blog. Have a blessed day.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Susan Ochsner
(843) 816-6388

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Aug. 28, 2019

Hilton Head Homes Tour North - Aug 28, 2019

The North Tour of Hilton Head Island for August 28th, 2019 brings a hot humid day. This is a very short list of homes, only 9 in Hilton Head Plantation. You can tell in August people are kind of getting ready for Labor Day and then hopefully buyers will be here September, October and going into November as is historically the case. Dorian is hopefully going to stay away also. 

Let’s get started!

Hilton Head Plantation

The first home is 19 Crooked Pond Drive. It’s a four-bedroom four bath listed at $498,500. I like the curb appeal on this one. The composite siding is nice. Newer cabinets and high ceilings with nice trim. I think the furniture and the original appliances kind of detract from the good bones on this house. I think it’s a good buy. It has a nice screened in porch. The only negative is that it borders on the end of the plantation.

5 Bent Hook Court is a three-bedroom two bath listed for $419,000. It has a nice setting and is very quiet and kind of tucked away. There was a little musty odor, but it has a cute breakfast room and a nice porch. I like the house and it’s well-priced for what it is.

55 Rookery Way is a five-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $549,900. This one has a really nice porch. Lots of bedrooms and a lot less square footage than 19 Crooked Pond that I saw that had 3,000 square feet. It certainly felt a lot smaller, but it is a low country style house, so it’s going to be choppy and darker. I really like the nice wood floors and the counter tops they have and the nice porch. So, it’s great if you like that kind of living. It does not have a garage. 

15 Eagle Claw Lane is a four-bedroom three and a half bath home priced at $449,000. This is in the popular area of Oyster Reef. When I drove up to this home, I noticed that there was some green mold on the garage door. When you come in, it really has some good bones, but it has very dated window treatments, but those things can be taken down. It has a great floorplan. It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms and a nice golf view. Oyster Reef is very popular and in a great location. If you can just overlook the window treatments and the seller can’t power wash it (in his 90’s). I’m going to see if my church will do it for him. It’s being sold as is but I think it is a worthwhile and great house. I think I’ll put it on my short list of great buys.

6 Grey Fox Lane is a four-bedroom four bath priced at $650,000. This is in the Bear Creek that, just like Oyster Reef, is very attractive. I really like the Oyster Reef neighborhood and really found that the other house at $449,000 was very well-priced. I hope that goes very soon. This home with four bedrooms and four bathrooms at $650,000 seems a bit on the high side. It is over 3,000 square feet and is a little newer. It’s elevated. They do have the composite siding. It has lots of trees and a nice big bonus room. It has lots of different flooring everywhere, like blue carpet in back in the office space. Nice lagoon view. I’d like to see it under $600,000 to be honest, but it’s a newer house for somebody in Hilton Head Plantation. 

I then went to 11 Charlesfort Place which has five bedrooms, five baths, and two half baths and is listed for $3,795,000. All I can say is, wow! It is on Ribaut Island, which is the most exclusive area of Hilton Head Plantation. There was a house in this neighborhood that sold about a month ago for over $3.1 million. That’s the new record over there. So, the house was originally built in 1991. It has a beautiful sound view and these folks in 2002 and 2003 gutted it and added a lot of new space with very high-grade materials. Of course, I got distracted with the spectacular art everywhere. Two round circular stairways. It’s just very, very unique. It even has a media room and a game room - anything that your heart would desire. The dock even has a lift kit on it. It’s an extremely custom and decorated home. If they would leave the artwork, I would grab it in a minute if I had the funds to buy it. Again, for the discerning buyer that wants something truly unique, this is a very special house. It has a wow factor in many instances. 

Now we go to the entry level of Spring Lake. Spring Lake is centrally located within the Hilton Head Plantation community and has detached and attached homes. The first one is 1 Foxglove Court. It’s a three-bedroom two bath priced at $297,500. This is a fourplex area in Spring Lake.  Looks like it’s a flip and a cute redo. You know, the entryway is a little bumpy due to the overgrown root system, but it has a nice private space to the end and it’s a great way to be in Hilton Head Plantation in the center of everything. It’s walking distance to the pool and recreational area. 

In Spring Lake, we also have 34 Sweet Bay Lane, a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $434,900. This one has a one-car garage and is cute as all can be. You can tell that these are organizers. It’s very sweet and nice home. I love the cute deck that they have outside and it’s very adorable even though it does feel a little choppy. A lot of these do not have a one-car garage. They must have added that and it’s a definite plus and very rare for that Spring Lake area. 

Lastly, in the Skull Creek area near the Country Club of Hilton Head, we have 3 Cadogan Road. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed for $549,000. This is in a great area. I love that you have this long driveway and it’s kind of tucked really far back. It’s across from where the gardens are, and it looks like a nice redo, but they need to clean the vents. I like the flow of the home. They painted the bathroom cabinets instead of replacing them. I wonder what the story is with the house. The garage is attached. It seems like a low elevation home, but it has a decent curb appeal and a nice garden in the front and back even though the house seems like it’s kind of low. For a gardener and someone who wants to be near the gardens, I think this is an interesting purchase. 

There was one more thing in Hilton Head Plantation I did not drive by, but I know the area quite well. 5 Annabella Lane is a lot for sale for $179,000. It’s a really good value. It supposedly has high elevation and is a great place to build your dream house. 

Windmill Harbor

9 Sparwheel Lane is a three-bedroom three bath for $529,900. This is one of these little townhouses. It’s a really cute neighborhood in Windmill Harbor. You kind of have a door within a breezeway as you get into the main door. It seeps Charleston style. It’s cute as a button and it really looks like a nice redo. You do have a living room that is a bit dark and the backyard kind of looks into other homes and there is a privacy wall right by where you wash the dishes looking out over the living area. Again, it’s priced well and in a cute as a button neighborhood. 

3 Leeward Passage is a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $579,000. White, light, and bright, with an elevator and a two-car garage. The laundry and the half bath and the kitchen are on the main floor. You come into a large foyer with stairs to the front and then, you’ve got your garage to the left and one bedroom and one bathroom to the right. Then, you get to the main floor where all your living space is and the other bedrooms are upstairs. It’s close to the South Carolina Yacht Club and priced well. 

Off Plantation

Off Plantation we had 9 Ansley Court, a four-bedroom three bath priced at $439,000. It’s a cute little neighborhood off of the Spanish Wells area. These hardly ever come on the market. The biggest competitors for these are the newer homes. I told the listing agent that, but it is in Old House Creek and that is a neighborhood with lots of children. It’s a really cute house and a cute setting. You just have to like yellow walls or be able to bring a paint brush. It’s builder grade quality and a little dated but a good cute home in the neighborhood.

In the Paddocks, which is down Jonesville Road, we have 43 Percheron Lane, a newer four-bedroom four bath home listed at $699,900. It said it had a deep-water view but I can assure you that it does not. So, hopefully they will correct that if you all look at it. Horse barn nearby. Driving to this listing reminds me of how old Hilton Head used to be when you drove down 278 that was a two lane as you got into Sea Pines. As I went down Jonesville Road it reminded me of those times and then you get to the iron gates of the Paddocks. 
Palmetto Hall

In Palmetto Hall we have 1 Wildbird Lane. It’s a four-bedroom three bath listed for $675,000. Knowing that 4 Wildbird just went under contract, this one seems to be in the money. It’s builder grade quality and a little dated. It has a nice lanai and they have and AC workout room over the garage. Looks like the garage was added because you had to go through three doors to get from the garage to the kitchen. Cute wrap around porch and a little under 3,000 square feet. I love that Palmetto Hall now has a new gate and that is really lovely. I like this one. 

That about wraps it up. Let me tell you about the one villa. The Preserve at Indigo Run #2411 is a one-bedroom one bath for $187,000. 

I’m not going to pick a favorite because really none of them stood out to me as being wow. Charleston Fort Place stands out, but it’s not my style although it does have a wow factor. I think I like the Palmetto Hall house. I did like the four-bedroom on Leeward Passage in Windmill Harbor and in the Hilton Head Plantation I think I would pick 19 Crooked Pond Drive. 

Now let's hope that Labor Day Weekend will bring lots of visitors and buyers to our lovely lifestyle island. 
Respectfully Submitted, 
Susan Ochsner 
(843) 816-6388

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Aug. 25, 2019

Hilton Head Homes Tour Central - Aug 21, 2019

Today we have the Central Home Tour on Hilton Head.
Port Royal Plantation

We started in Port Royal Plantation at 2 Ordinance Place. It’s a three-bedroom three bath home listed at 695,000. Because this is on the Barony Course of Port Royal, when I saw “three-bedroom and three bath at $695,000” I thought that to be a little high. However, this house is very convenient and very low country. I love the pool. There is a big library. It has blue tiles throughout and very good bedroom separation. It’s kind of like you use one side of the house for you. The master is huge, and it has a sitting area that could be an office or whatever. I was pleasantly surprised with this listing and think this will make my short list.

33 Outpost Lane is a four-bedroom four and a half bath listed at $599,000. This home is low country style. When you walk in, the stairs are right there to your right as soon as you open the door. I like the rounded entryway and I really like that it has a gas stove. I mean, obviously, they are cooks. The flow of the house was not that great. It wasn’t really the type of house that I would choose. So, I think my choice in Port Royal is definitely 2 Ordinance Place.

Palmetto Dunes

20 Heath Drive is a five-bedroom four and a half bath listed for $1,190,000. This one is kind of close to the beach. The curb appeal needs some updating, but I love the architecture inside. It’s light and bright. You don’t need to turn on any lights. It my be very modern for some folks but again, for an ocean-oriented house, it is spacious. One just needs to figure out what to do with the curb appeal. It seems a bit on the high side, especially being as unique as it is.

9 Queens Way is a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $1,200,000. This is in the very coveted area of Leamington right by the gate. Apparently, they are going to include a golf cart in the sale. It’s a decent home. I know that they have been very popular in the Leamington area. It seems to be a bit on the high side. I don’t know, $1.2 million just seems a little high. That is almost like the same prices we were at during the heyday. The house is older. In fact, I think it even sold back then, but it is in the Leamington area. It’s a nice home. 

62 Full Sweep is as three-bedroom two bath listed at $625,000. It has that siding that works. It just didn’t do anything for me. It has the good engineered floors but somehow it just didn’t really appeal. It has an original kitchen, but it is priced aggressively and that might be the best buy right now in Palmetto Dunes. It is ocean oriented. It is on the high side. So, you do hear the traffic in the back. So, it’s not my favorite spot. I found the pool to be small and you do hear the road noise coming from 278. The biggest negative is that it only has two baths. So, in that sense, it too needs to be under six in my humble opinion. 

I’ll come back to all of the condos in Palmetto Dunes. Let’s go to Wexford now.


30 Yorkshire Drive is a four-bedroom, four bath, two half bath home listed at $2,565,000. It seems a bit on the high side. It’s a typical house. The view is okay. It is elegant. I think for that kind of money we can find better homes in Wexford in my humble opinion, but it’s an okay listing.

5 Harrogate Drive is a four-bedroom, five bath, one half bath listed at $1,275,000. This looks like it was a really nice family home. I love the gas burners. It has a big master area and a golf view. It is priced aggressively but there is a lot to choose from in Wexford. It is a little basic with the trim and so on which is why it is priced where it is. You have a golf view and not harbor. 

20 Castlebridge Court is a stunning home. They bought it in 2015 for $2,195,000. They have now lowered the price to $1,899,000 from $1,995,000. So, they are more in the money. It is a very pretty home with a pool. It has a nice entryway. I love the feel of it. What’s not to like? It’s a five-bedroom, four bath, two half bath home.

38 Castlebridge Lane is four-bedroom, five bath, one half bath priced at $1,900,000. This is a lot of house. It has all the stones. It’s very ornate. It’s on the cul-de-sac and I think they are half the price that they were. A lot of the stuff is absolutely unique, and you couldn’t rebuild it. It does sit on two lots. It was twice the money before, but it is a big renovation. You have some really unique pieces. I think you’re going to spend a lot of money redoing it. You can tell that during the day the house was just absolutely fantastic. It’s just a lot of house. It’s dated on two different sides. It is a builder’s dream is how I would put it but again, they started at $3,800,000 and they are now at $1,900,000. They are in the money because you are on two lots, you are on the harbor, and it is a spectacular lot. 

30 Wexford on the Green is a five-bedroom, six bath, three half bath priced at $2,299,000. When I saw this price, I thought it was a little too expensive. I still think it is somewhat expensive for Wexford on the Green. However, it is the type of house that you need to go in. You could even have a wedding in the front entryway. One thing where I think I can be of benefit to a lot of people is, there are a lot of these that have absolutely fantastic looking pictures and I’m going to start talking about this on my blog because some have pictures that absolutely fantastic and you get there and you are highly disappointed. Then, there are others where the photos don’t look that great for whatever reason, but you just need to see it and I think Wexford on the Green is one of those. There was a lot of attention to detail and a lot of high-end things. It has a beautiful water view and again, I am a sucker for a water view. I love the kitchen even though the sliders are kind of old. The fronts must be newer or something. It is a custom kitchen. It has the whole mother-in-law suite to the side and a pool room. So, it’s a cool house and it looks better than the pictures. You have to almost go in it because you can’t see this much house from the front. It has a beautiful view. I think this would be my favorite in Wexford. However, I would almost think it needs to be under $2,000,000. It really should be under two, but that is my favorite. 

That about covers all of the houses. Again, you can tell it is summertime because we have a very short list. Now to the villas.


In Folly Field, we have 21H Fiddlers Cove Villa, a two-bedroom two bath for $179,000. Boy, those have gone up in price. I remember when you could get those under $100,000 five years ago. So, they have almost doubled in price. 

Also, in the Folly Field area we have 241 Hilton Head Beach and Tennis. This is the Admiral’s Row. So, they are the ones closest to the beach. It has two bedrooms and two baths and is listed for $329,000. At that price, you do need to upgrade it but it is probably a great rental machine.

Palmetto Dunes

15 Fazio Villa, a three-bedroom three bath priced at $510,000. 

1881 Saint Andrews Common Villa is as two-bedroom two bath listed for $369,000.

In the Shelter Cove area of Palmetto Dunes we have 7447 Anchorage Villas. It is a two-bedroom two bath listed for $274,500.

7152 Harborside Villa is a one-bedroom one bath for $249,000.

193 Evian Villas is a two-bedroom two bath priced at $362,900, which is a good price.

305 Golfmaster is a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $359,900. It’s very spacious. It has been updated somewhat and again, for someone that just wants a lot of space, you are not going to believe this, but I rented 305 Golfmaster when they were first built back in the early 80’s. It’s priced well and is great for someone that is just looking to work and live in the South End. I think that it’s a great price. 

That about covers it for this week. I would say that 2 Ordinance Place in Port Royal just exuded affordable low country living. It’s a three-bedroom three bath for $695,000. 

30 Wexford on the Green, I think, would be my favorite for someone that wants a little more luxury. So, that about covers it. We hope that we will have more inventory on the next tour. There are pockets of areas where things are moving quite significantly and then there are other areas where they are sitting. 

Please keep in mind that you do need a buyer’s agent or someone that knows the area because Zillow is sometimes quite misinformed. We also have over 800 agents that know the market less than five years. So, that means that if you get one of those agents, and they are probably very good sales folks, they really don’t know the ins and outs and what is valuable and what is important. So, if you just tell them to look at these houses, you might miss on something that might be perfect for you. 

So, please consider Your Hilton Head Agent to help you zero in on the perfect property for you. Thanks for reading my blog and have a great week. 

Respectfully Submitted, 
Susan Ochsner

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Aug. 14, 2019

hilton Head Homes Tour South - Aug 14, 2019

It’s a hot and humid day on Hilton Head Island today!We have the South Tour and it is probably the shortest South Tour in quite a while. We actually only have 10 properties and only three of these are residences. So, surprise! Yours Truly is going to go in a couple of villas and condos just to kind of give you a feel of what’s out there.

Again, there are advantages to a home versus a condo. We have a  list of questions to ponder if condo or home is better for you. But for now, we’re going to go through our home tour for the South End. 

Sea Pines

We started in South Beach in Sea Pines. 1691 Bluff Villas is a one-bedroom one bath listed at $309,000. This is my listing and it is as cute as can be. Everything has been done. I’ve got a whole list under docs - the floorings, the electrical, smooth ceilings, the floorboards, paint. Really, they generate great rental income. It’s turn-key and a great entry-level condo in Sea Pines. 

In Harbour Town we had 918 Cutter Court Villa. Two bedrooms and two baths and is priced at $449,900. This one is also turn-key. The furniture I found to be very cookie cutter compared to Bluff Villa, but it has a very ocean feel and has nice colors. The back deck overlooks the parking lot but because you are up on the third floor you actually get to see the first fairway of Harbour Town. You’re also close to the club. So, it could be a very interesting one for someone wanting a second bedroom.

80 North Sea Pines Drive is a five-bedroom six bath listed at $1,995,000. I love this location and view. You are really close to the beach. You’re close to the Beach Club and you have an amazing view of the Plantation Club. It’s in a nicely situated spot. The only thing I didn’t like about this one is the windows and that the siding is wood siding and I would hope it to be hearty plank, especially being that close to the ocean. It has a three-car garage. The flooring is a little warped going into the master. So, I would hope that at this price that would be something that they would address at some point. It’s a nice house and ocean-oriented for sure.

61 Heritage Road is a six-bedroom seven bath priced at $2,300,000. Location-wise, it’s not as great. I would rather spend $400,000 less and have a better location. This does have a little higher-end trim work and kitchen appliances then Sea Pines Drive, but you are in the Heritage Woods area and it is seven years newer having been built in the heyday. It just seems a little high to me knowing what we have for sale just down the street on Harleston Green. In fact, it kind of faces that road and has a really nice green view. It just seemed a bit overpriced. 

That’s it for Sea Pines. I did go see one residence in Forest Beach.

Forest Beach

In Forest Beach we had 11 Oceanwood Villa, a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $899,000. It is a second row. I was extremely disappointed. Granted, you are second row, but these are kind of fee simple condos. You have to kind of go around to get to the beach because there is a house. You do have a peekaboo view of the ocean, but it smells in there. I don’t know if it was dog or just moisture, but it really hasn’t been kept up well. I would rather them not be second row and have something better or even just go for a ranch. I just think for $900,000, there are better ways to spend that money. 

Then in Forest Beach, I also went to 4D Cordillo Cabana. These are a nice secret treasure of Hilton Head. A lot of people don’t even know where they are. They are one-bedroom and one bath for $144,000. They did everything to this one-bedroom unit. You even have the little lights that you can plug in under the bottom of the cabinets. I know that in one of these other ones, someone pays $1,200 a month. You could long-term rent or short-term rent. I think you’d do really well on VRBO or Airbnb. Again, you don’t have the resort component, but at $144,000 you might not need it. That is half of what it costs to get into the resort of Sea Pines. So, it’s a good alternative for someone who wants to get their foot on the island. I would do this over the Spa at Port Royal Sound. I think, again, you have a secret because it’s low density and close to Forest Beach and Coligny Plaza. It’s a no-brainer as is the Bluff Villa.

Then, in the Broad Creek area, we had a few. It’s surprising how it all happens together. We have three different villas in that development. 

First, we have Broad Creek Landing and Anchorage Point. 1 Anchorage Point is a two-bedroom two and a half bath priced at $235,000. These are wooden fixtures down Point Comfort Road. It is a big community within a community. It’s a great entry-level on the South End of the island.

28 Compass Point is a three-bedroom two bath for $419,900. These have beautiful marsh views and are also wooden built. 

Then, 39 Three Mast Lane is a three-bedroom two bath priced at $205,000.

Lastly, we have 314 Palmetto Bay Club Villa, a one-bedroom one bath listed at $199,000. 

Again, I go back to that Cordillo Cabana. I think, for island living and to get your foot on Hilton Head, my favorite listing is 4D Cordillo Cabana. If you want to be inside the resort, the best entry-level is 1691 Bluff Villa at $309,000. 

If you really want something ocean-oriented with rental income and a golf view, that would probably be 80 North Sea Pines Drive but again, for the quality and condition that it was, it seems to be a little on the high side because you are across the street. For $1,650,000 you can buy 3 Sandhill Crane. So, it seems a little on the high side, but it does have a golf view and is closer to the Plantation Club. For the beach-oriented side, it’s a little on the expensive side. 

That about wraps it up. I think that one would make a better second home with just rental income until you can retire and then, you could clean it up and do it the way you want. That would be my guess for that. 

I know this was a short and sweet one. We are going to have a Summer storm, which is great because we have had such hot and humid weather the last few days and a little rain is greatly welcomed. 

There are lots of great opportunities out there and we are here to help you. We don’t like to bug people and don’t put you on drip emails or put you on any call etc. I’m just a big believer that you know how to find u, your time is valuable and you don't need us bugging you eery other day or every week. We’re going to let you be on your own. Just reach out when you are ready to buy or sell and we will get to work for you. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ochsner

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Aug. 10, 2019

Hilton Head Homes Tour North - Aug 7, 2019

Today we have the North End Tour of Homes on Hilton Head Island. This is the Broker Realtor Tour event we have every Wednesday. We have Hilton Head Plantation and some other neighborhoods, Indigo Run, Palmetto Hall and a gorgeous house on Spanish Wells.

Hilton Head Plantation

The first house on Hilton Head Plantation that I saw was 35 Golden Hind Drive, a three-bedroom two bath for $595,000. Knowing this market, I felt that it was extremely high of for being a 3/2, especially on Golden Hind. However, when I did go in the house, I saw that it is brand new. It was a builder’s home. It’s only four years old and done to the nines. It has high ceilings and had everything just the way that folks like it today. I would say the biggest drawback was there wasn't a view. It was kind of a wooded view green space, but it was like right at your eyelevel. So, that one any kind of green space but there were the woods And I think the biggest drawback was that of the two bedrooms, you had to come out of the bedrooms to get to the bathroom and they were right as you come in the main door to the left. So, you’re kind of very exposed and I don’t remember seeing a door there we you could at least give it some privacy. I guess you can put a door in. I just final high but, you know, it was newer house. So, I know that will go, especially once you know what else I looked at.

10 Carma Court is four-bedroom five bath priced at $735,000. This was at a more formal house. It and it does have a golf view and has a swimming pool. Actually, the other one also had a swimming pool. It had a nice curb appeal. In the back they had a nice area where you could kind of hang and again, with a view. So, its nice island living. It has nice wood floors with open high ceilings. It has a nice kitchen. It was okay. These are now the prices that you’re seeming to get at Hilton Head Plantation 

11 Fiddlers way was next one. It’s a five-bedroom four bath listed at $739,900. This one is in the Bear Creek neighborhood of from Hilton Head Plantation. Someone that was riding with me with me thought that this was a new house, but you can tell from the driveway that it is not. However, everything inside was done to the nines. They really transformed the space. I thought it was a flip, but I went back in the records and looked, and it was not a flip. It has decent curb appeal. It’s on the cul-de-sac. They just put in new gardening. I didn't care for the feel of a it. I do like the nice lagoon view. It’s kind of open. It’s nicely done but it is, you know, kind of builder-grade and just at $700,000 in Hilton Head Plantation, although the market seems to be picking up on that pretty easily, it just didn't make it for me. But, you know, it's all been redone. So, you have to consider that.

30 Bear Creek Drive is also in the Bear Creek neighborhood. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $549,000. It has a nice view and is kind of cozy and kind of an old-school, everything on one level, light and bright home. But I found the cabinets were kind of the original and they painted them. So, it has some cozy spaces. Again, it did not wow me. 

In the Pinelandarea we went to 32 Brown Thrasher Road, a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $549,900. This one here, I beg your pardon, has some kind of smell. I couldn't tell if it was a dead rat. Excuse me but, you know, it is what it is. Whether it was a dead rat or mold or maybe even the glue from putting the floors down, but that did kind of bother me. I love the floors and everything that they did to it. It’s priced well and has a nice outdoor space on the golf course but again, I couldn’t get over that smell. So, if you have a sensitive nose, just keep that in mind. However, of course I would never refrain anyone from looking at a house because everyone has to make their own conclusions for a home and we can't do that at all the times.

In the Hickory Forest area, which is a very of coveted neighborhood because half of it looks over the sound, we were presented with 33 Hickory Forest Drive. It’s a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $949,000. This one here, the gutters and stuff need to be cleaned out. I just think if you’re going to have a house close to $1,000,000, I just think when you walk up it needs to look immaculate. That one did not but again, one can overlook that. I’m just pointing it out. I’m not saying that one has to stay away from but that is the one thing I noticed. It's got a spectacular view. It has carpet when you come in the main door. The kitchen was okay. I couldn’t tell if it was staged or if someone lives in it. Even though I love the kitchen cabinets colors and the grips that they used, those are the original cabinets and when you roll the drawers they are cheap drawers and I don’t like when someone's asking for that kind of money and the cabinets are old-school last rate. But again, you know you're getting a water view and something unique because there's green space to the other side. So, again, I can't tell if its price properly because there's not a lot that comes in on that market. So, it's a tough one to say from the inventory. 

Next was 29 Stone Gate. Stone Gate is one the newer little neighborhoods in the Hilton Head Plantation. So, they are all stucco homes. This is a five-bedroom four and a half bath for $775,000. It didn’t have a view. You really get a residence feeland there are the high ceilings and it’s is a more formal home. There's really nothing about the low country in it but a lot of people do want to bring their neighborhoods there. It's priced well and well-maintained To me, it’s just kind of like a cookie cutter kind of home but more on that high-end grade that you see in Florida that people kind of like.

In the Oyster Reefneighborhood we have 21 Oyster Bay Place, a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $575,000. The curb appeal is kind old-school, and the house is kind of on an angle. So, when you came in all the places, instead of having a straight line it was kind of angled and you had to go back. It’s hard to explain but it’s a cleaned-up house. It’s still one of the original ones but it's priced well for four-bedroom house that spanned “redone”. It has a nice pretty golf view and I always remind people that again, back in the day people had the choice of the better superior lots and so, you are going to find a lot of the older homes in these superior lots. 

37 Pearl Reef Lane is a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $580,900. It’s very comparable in the same Oyster Reef Neighborhood. This is more of a low country house. I find it extremely rustic. So, it did not speak to me at all. It was different and kind of cool. It just did not speak to me and all. I find it to be kind of choppy. I know that it was nicely done and nicely appointed. So, again, someone that's looking would have to look at both houses and see which one speaks to them more. It’s priced well.

In the Crooked Pondneighborhood we did have a house which is 34 Edgewood Drive. It’s a three-bedroom two bath for $479,000. Again, they are demanding these kinds of prices now in Hilton Head Plantation even for a 3/2. I like this house. It is a nice house. I liked it. There’s nothing else I need to say about it other than, “What’s not to like about it?” I know it has been on the market before because it looked familiar. It’s been totally redone. I thought it was under contract and everything has been done on the house and, you know, some purchaser fell through but I think that’s a great opportunity because this is a nice little home.

In the Headlandsneighborhood, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods, we have a new build. 2 Oyster Rake Lane is a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $649,000. This is a brand-new house. They bought the lot for $100,000. So, I guess they must be builders, or it must be a spec home. Again, I just want to remind folks that you are now getting into the inferior lots. This one is right off Headlands on the corner there and you are facing another house on a little cul-de-sac. Again, there is greenery in between and it is a newer home. So, what else can I say about that? The nice thing is that it’s in the Headlands neighborhood which folks like and the price seems to be somewhat competitive. 

In the Rookerywe have 24 Redstart Path. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath home listed at $459,000. This one has been on the market before, but I think it had furnishings in it if I remember it correctly. When I went by, it looked familiar but yet it wasn’t because it was that funky. Yeah, I just looked it up. So, they listed it again. They started in April and brought this one to the market. Then they withdrew it and came back one day later and two weeks later decided to bring it down $10,000. But now, there is no furniture in it and I remember it looked like a spaceship. But, you know, what? I t could be a really cool house. I personally think funky houses that are 3/2 need to be in the lower fours. At least this has a half bath. I think it is worthwhile to look at and people like to have a little wiggle room. You know, this isn’t tight markets like you have in Charlotte and other places. So, I think people just need to make offers and things usually go 5% of list and if you think about that being the average, that means that you could get it in the low fours. So, it’s something to think about. This is an entry-level neighborhood in Hilton Head Plantation called the Rookery and it’s right near the main gate.

Also, we have 6 Purple Martin Lane, a three-bedroom two bath priced at $375,000. Like I said, these are entry-level homes in Hilton Head Plantation. The curb appeal is okay. It’s priced well. It’s cozy. I kind of like it. I wasn’t able to see this tour, but I did see it a while back because these folks have only owned it for four years and I just remember them. They did a few new little things to it but there wasn’t much change other than, you know, before it was old-school looking. Now it shows better, I believe, but the house before was a little more dated and had funky furnishings. It’s a good price. I think it’s priced at market.

We had two villasin Hilton Head Plantation. The first is in the Grand View high rise condominium in Skull Creek near the Country Club. Actually, all the villas are near the Country Club. This is 232 Grand View Court. It’s a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $925,000. I just showed in Grand View recently and it just seems to be a little on the higher side considering that that at this price level you can get a three-bedroom. One of the bedrooms is really, really small.

Village of Skull Creek West Unit 129 is a three-bedroom two bath priced at $429,000. It’s priced at market. People like to have condos. That is a great place to be.

Then, there are two pieces of land. 2 Misty Morning Drive in the Headlands subdivision is priced at $175,000. 

3 Margarita Court in the Skull Creek neighborhood near the County Club is listed for $179,900.

Palmetto Hall

Palmetto Hall is a landlocked community with newer homes and it’s close to the hospital. The airport, unfortunately, takes off and lands from there but it is also close to the library and the catholic school St. Francis Catholic School and Church.

262 Fort Howell Drive is a five-bedroom six bath listed at $824,000. It’s a really nice setting and a large family home. It’s oversized. It has nice wrought iron and nice wood. I like the house, but I just feel like it needs to be at $799,000 but what do I know? I don’t do a lot in Palmetto Hall. I have sold in there, but I don’t list in there. So, it’s very hard to say. I kind of think of Indigo Run and Palmetto Hall as sort of similar neighborhoods and that’s why it seems a bit high to me but it does have five bedrooms. 

Then, just down the street a little way, we have 383 Fort Howell Drive, a four-bedroom four and a half bath listed at $665,000. I actually like this one better than the other house. You’re closet to the golf view. The curb appeal is a little cozier. It’s not as ornate, but I love the outdoor space and again, down here we don’t live in the houses as much as we do outside. It has a nice pool and a nice cooking area. It has a nice Carolina room. I like this house. It might make my short list.

Indigo Run

It’s funny how this happens. This time we have two houses with the number two. 

The first is 2 Primrose Lane, a four-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $649,000. I like this house okay. Again, I’d rather spend and go to $665,000 at Fort Howell, but this is a comparable house. It’s a nice home. It’s on a pretty street. It has nice landscaping. There is nothing not to like about this house, especially if you want to be in Indigo Run. 

The next one I went to was 2 Chantilly Lane. This one, to me, just didn’t have the same curb appeal. It just looks like a big box and you’ve got the driveway facing the front. It always looks kind of cheesy. The garden wasn’t much to look at. It was kind of all just an afterthought. It does have a nice golf view but again, if I’m at $629,000, I’d rather try and make an offer on the other house on 2 Primrose Lane. I didn’t really care for this one as much. 

Again, as I mentioned, these are just my thought and opinions. I will take you all through any houses you want to see. What I try and do is get a smell factor. That has been much better than in the years past because in the years past, people did have a lot more smelly houses. I don’t know why. That wraps up Indigo Run.

Spanish Wells

Then we went to Spanish Wells. It had a very unique property which is 48 Brams Point Road. It’s a five-bedroom five and a half bath for $3,695,000. This is Mediterranean style. You have a nice long and rocky gravel drive. Spanish Wells is known for their huge estate sized lots. This one is on the deep water and has two docks for the boats. One boat lift could carry 16,000 pounds and the other 8,000. I don’t care for the kitchen colors personally but I love the layout and the way when you were upstairs you could still talk to the downstairs but there is enough privacy. It has a nice office that keeps you from going straight into the master. The master area is very private and over looks the pool. The access it, people couldn’t just walk right by it which I kind of like privacy in masters, especially in larger homes which you don’t always see. The price was at market. It’s a beautiful home. 

Off Plantation

Now to the things I have not seen which are Off Plantation residences. Again, these are also creeping up in price, but they are great entry-level homes for someone just wanting to have a foot in Hilton Head. It just doesn’t have the lifestyle that these resort places or Spanish Wells affords. 

The first one is in the Beach Cityarea. 38 Circlewood Drive is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $392,000. The main thing I want to talk about is, Beach City is the last area where there is development. You do have the airport noise and it is off the airport drive. So, just keep that in mind.

The Jonesville area, which is closer toward Spanish Wells, is a nice hidden treasure. We’ve got 19 Shear Water Drive is a four-bedroom four bath for $649,999. It’s a newer home. You can tell that it’s one of the ones that in 2007 when the market tanked, the development was just getting started. So, it’s just gearing itself back up. 

On Marshland Road we have two homes. One is in Magnolia Place, 37 Creekstone Drive. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $375,000. 
Then, in Victoria Square we have 80 Victoria Square Drive, a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $385,000. 

In Oak View we have a house I’ve seen many times, 18 Sterling Point Drive. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $579,500.

In Carolina Isles, which is off Squire Pope Road, we have 31 Dewees Lane. It’s as four-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $365,000. 

That about wraps it up for our North Tour for August 7th, 2019. 

I would have to say, and I’m shocking myself here because the prices are inching up $50,000 to $70,000 in Hilton Head Plantation and none of them really appeal to me (even the newer one because it didn’t have a view), 383 Fort Howell Drive in Palmetto Hall. How about that? See, I’m not as predictable as people think I am. 383 Fort Howell Drive would have to be my tour favorite. It has four-bedrooms and four and a half baths for $665,000. 

We’ll see what sells first. Although there are some great buys out there, inventories are still tight, but people still like to negotiate. Just keep that in mind. If you see something, please call us. We’d love to help you find your perfect place. That’s what we’re here for, to represent and help you. 

Thank so much! I really appreciate everything and have a great day!
Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner


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July 31, 2019

Hilton Head Homes Tour Central - Jul 31, 2019

Today is the last day of July 2019 and we have the Central Tour of Hilton Head Homes. The Realtor Tour of Homes has a very small list today. 

There are two condos in Folly Field. Seems to me that condos that were under $100K right after the recession have almost doubled in price. It’s incredible. The lower-end stuff really seems to have gone through the roof. 

17G Fiddlers Cove Villa is a two-bedroom two bath listed at $174,900. 

C339 Hilton Head Beach and Tennis Ocean Villas is a one-bedroom one bath for $189,900.

Off Plantation

Off Plantation we have one house in SingletonBeach. 26 Corrine Lane is a five-bedroom five bath home listed for $719,900. The house has a nice curb appeal. It’s a townhouse. I knew that there were stucco issues with these houses but apparently this one was all done in 2018. It’s probably a great rental machine and it’s priced well. It has 2,400 square feet. There is a $1,600 POA but there are no other fees involved and no transfer fees. 

Just so we can get the other central condo, there is one in the Yacht Cove subdivision. We have condo 12 Brittany Place. It has three bedrooms and two baths and is listed at $269,000. 

Port Royal

In Port Royal we have 12 Scarborough Head Road. It’s a three-bedroom four bath priced at $695,000. It’s an older-school home but looks like it has been updated in a few places. It needs some cosmetic stuff. I don’t like that the floors and the rooms off the side seem to step down when you come through the entryway. I wasn’t that excited about it. The roof looks like it’s in decent condition and it has nice curb appeal. It also has a nice pool and is on the golf course. 

3 Hartford Place is a three-bedroom four bath listed at $750,000 price. The deck needs some work on this one, but it has a gorgeous marsh view. You know how I feel about that. It has tray ceilings that are all smooth. The home has sort of a contemporary look. It’s on a huge lot with grass and enough room to add a pool. The only thing I didn’t like was that the back deck area had a lot of wood rot. This just looks like the type of house that was never really cared for. It is a crying shame because the house is elevated, and it has a spectacular view. It’s got good curb appeal. I don’t know what the story is with the house because it has so much going for it that it’s really a shame, but if some builder/buyer isn’t scared of it, it’s an absolutely gorgeous lot with great potential. It’s worth looking at but again, the back deck and the siding on the back are a concern. 

Wexford Plantation

In the Wexford Plantation we have 60 Bridgetown Road. It’s a four-bedroom, four bath, and two half bath priced at $1,761,5000. That's a really odd number. I happen to know the Seller for years and he is a commercial developer and commercial realtor here on the island. It is gorgeous. It’s just beautifully built. He built this back in the day when you had the pick of the litter of lots. It is sort of the last lot as you turn into a little cul-de-sac with views of the 18th, another hole and marsh. You are close to the Golf Club without being in that whole area. What a beautiful setting. Nice curb appeal but it has very dark furniture. You almost need to get the window treatments and the furnishings out of there to see it but it’s a very high-quality built house. 

8 Wexford Club Drive is a three-bedroom, three bath, two half bath listed at $995,000. It is also well built. Obviously, it’s not as well-built as the previous one. It’s very close to the gate. It’s a little dated but it has nice certernian floors. If you are looking at the pictures, the steps go up into the master. So, you don’t even have the master on the main level. That’s the part that gets to me. Yet, you have to go down those steps to go to use the laundry room. I’m a very practical person. I think it was built in 2000. It’s richly appointed. You can tell that 20 years ago this was the cat’s meow. It is on the harbor and has room for a boat. It’s priced pretty aggressively I believe. 

Palmetto Dunes

45 Sea Lane is a four-bedroom four and a half bath priced at $1,675,000. It is a beautiful richly appointed house. You can tell that it’s somebody’s main home. It’s close to the beach. Not much else to say for this home. 

The next three homes are located in the Leamington neighborhood which is a private area within the Palmetto Dunes development. It is gated and has its own light and in and out of William Hilton Parkway or 278 as we call it. 

2 Interlochen Drive is a six-bedroom four and a half bath listed at $899,000. It has a small kitchen and is a little on the choppy side. I like that it is right near the gate. It’s a little old-school and a little dark has just as tiny kitchen but for somebody that needs a lot of rooms, this one could be a cool semi-beach house. 

8 Merion Court is a four-bedroom three bath priced at $829,000. I looked at the pictures for this home before because I had a client asking about it. It looks better in the pictures than it is. It does have a new metal roof. I like the turnaround driveway with oyster shells. It’s really nicely decorated but it has tile floors and is a basic build. It just seems a little high. It should have a seven in front of it possibly, but it is aggressively priced, and it is tough to get into Leamington these days. 

2 Leamington Place is a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $1,249,000. This home has a newer kitchen. The cabinets weren’t done but they did put new handles and countertops on it. The saving grace for this one is A) that you are still in Leamington and B) that it really has a nice lagoon view. So, you can take your kayaks and go back and forth. It is nicely appointed with high ceilings. I guess the market in Leamington has really just gone off the roof. I like this one. I really do. It’s a good all-around house.

29 South Shore Court is a six-bedroom five and a half bath listed for $1,445,000. This one sits on the corner lot of a cul-de-sac. I think it was added on for the garage and bonus room. I love the curb appeal coming up with the brick pavers. When I got in the house, I was extremely disappointed. They are using the dining room sort of as a sitting area and then, you look straight ahead, and you see the pool but to the left you stare straight into the master bedroom. So, you’re going to have to keep your door shut. I don’t know how many people like to be able to look straight into their master from the entryway. That was the only negative but also that the dining area sitting room and living space seemed dark. I love the infinity pool and once I made the right and got into the living space area where the family congregated, I saw the very cool bar and open kitchen with a family area. You can see out to the infinity pool and gardens. It is really nice. Then, you can go down the long hallway and there is a great mother-in-law suite/sixth bedroom. Upstairs there are four bedrooms. So, for a large family it’s priced well. It sure is a lot of bedrooms though.

Let me close off with the condos in Palmetto Dunes

296 Turnberry Village Villa is a two-bedroom two bath priced at $450,000. 

3229 Villamare Villa is a two-bedroom two bath listed at $469,900. 

Then, in the Shelter Cove area we have 7475 Anchorage Villa which is a two-bedroom two bath listed for $319,000. I think I sold it one year.

Lastly, we have 7121 Harbourside One Villas. It has one bedroom, one bath, and one half bath and is priced at $277,000.

It’s a tough call but I would say that of all my houses, if I had a builder, I would say 3 Hartford Place in Port Royal. If you got that somewhere in the sixes, you could really make something nice of it, but you just don’t know what is behind it. Again, if someone isn’t scared, I think it’s a very good one. 

If somebody wants something over the top, 60 Bridgetown Road certainly fits the bill to a lot of things that are out there. The décor is just a little on the dark side. 

So, those would be my favorites. 

That wraps up the very short Summer Central Tour. We will see you in August. Don’t forget that we have a lot of information on our site. We also have wonderful agents available to help and answer all your questions and point you in the right direction. We are not here to sell. We are here to represent you and we hope that you will consider us for your future purchases on Hilton Head Island.

Thanks so much and have a great day! Bye Bye July!

Respectfully Submitted,
Susan Ochsner

(843) 816-6388

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July 24, 2019

Hilton Head Homes Tour South - July 24,2019

Today we have the Hilton Head Realtor Tour for the South End. Despite it being the middle of the summer, we still have some great homes adn villas to see. We have 13 homes in Sea Pines, six villas in the Harbour Town area and at the Ocean Course and one house outside of the gates in Ashton Cove. So, let’s get started.

Sea Pines 

Because we had our meeting at a Harbourwood villa that is coming on the market very soon, I first went to 213 Twin Oak Villas. The price is $675,000 for a three-bedroom three bath Twin Oaks. I found it to be very enticing since the other one on the market is at $795,000. Of course, once I got there, I saw that it is beautifully done. They did a new renovation with high-end everything. It looks gorgeous. It really does. I love every appointment that they’ve done. The problem is, you don’t really have a view of the golf course at all and you are sitting right on Plantation Drive. However, some people trade off location for quality and the price is very fair. 

Next is 76 Baynard Cove Road. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $895,000. Baynard Cove can take an 895,000-dollar house. So, I went in with no preconceived notions. It has beautiful curb appeal. It sits really far back. Everything is on one lane. It’s really, really nicely done. However, it seems very expensive for what you have. It really is perfect with the Savannah brick. I just find the third bedroom to not really be a third bedroom. You have a step down when you come in. You almost can’t see it because the floors are so dark that you almost miss the transition. So, you’ve got the sunken living room. Everything is beautifully appointed but again, for its size, which is less than 2,000 sq. ft., I find it to be a little on the high side to be quite frank. But again, it’s a nice turnkey and ready to go unit. 

5 Wren Drive is a four-bedroom five bath priced at $1,199,000. This one was a nice surprise. What’s nice about Wren Drive is that it is right across the street from Tower Beach which is the local beach. This was a very cool house. Please don’t look at the furnishings but it has tabby walls, which is fabulous, and great lighting and architecture. It has a garage. The open space is wonderful. Every bedroom had great separation and was the furthest apart from each other. My only concern about this house is the elevation and that the rooms downstairs are nonconforming. Granted, we’re going to have new flood maps coming soon. It has a new roof. If you just imagine it without the furniture in it, this is a very cool house and I love its custom work and its uniqueness and its tremendous potential. It sits on the lagoon. It does not have a pool but that would be an easy addition. It’s right near South Beach. So, you might as well just ride your bike and go to the South Beach pool. That was my take. 

9 Scaup Court is a three-bedroom three bath listed at $899,000. This has a really good location. It needs to be updated and is over 2,000 sq. ft. It’s priced okay. It could be an interesting one for someone. 

3 Fern Court is a two-bedroom three bath for $599,000. This home is in Greenwood Forest and it’s a rarity with its two-car garage. The one thing I noticed is that when I drove up to it, you’re kind of squeezed in on the cul-de-sac but the garage goes straight into the house. It has high ceilings. I love the wood floors. I don’t like the transition of the large foyer and the large master. I mean, the rooms are huge. You could repurpose that thing. It has a really nice view and is priced well. This one might make the short list just because of its price point. 

10 Willow Oak Road West has three bedrooms and two baths and is listed at $595,000. I got a little excited about this one. I think the grandchildren were at the house. So, it was a little hard to see. Everything needs to be done. It’s very choppy and very old school. It sits beautifully on the green but again, it is a bigger redo than Fern Court would be to be frank. Fern Court, I think, is just in a better location for more activities and things to do. 

We really went high-end after that. I went to Turtle Lane Club #24. It’s the townhomes that are fee simple. A lot of people think Turtle Lane Club is only villas, which are the ones that surround the pool. These are fee simple ones and there were only a handful of them and all oceanfront. This one is a four-bedroom five bath for $3,425,000. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s contemporary and it is on three floors. It has a beautiful view from the master looking toward the ocean. Richly appointed, and everything is really of the highest quality as far as the remodel goes. I go to a lot of remodels where it is nicely done but it is very medium rate. While it’s a townhome it’s worth considering that a normal piece of oceanfront property is at $3,000,000. This one is very high-end quality and for $3,425,000 you have a turn-key gorgeous home. These folks moved to Windmill Harbor and they are boaters and they loved living on the ocean. This is just an aside but the gentleman that owns it, every morning by sunrise he would raise the American flag. He was a marine and I walk my dog every day on the beach, some of you may know that and even follow me on Facebook, and I take a sunrise photo everyday and it was just so wonderful to see the American flag that he put up every day rain or shine. I really miss that, and I wish I could write something in a contract that says whoever buys that has to keep doing that because it really was a beautiful thing that gentlemen did. But now this home is up for the taking. These are very rarely on market. Ron Howard used to own one of these. There are only six of them and again, it’s 24 Turtle Lane Club, a four-bedroom five bath for $3.4 million. 

Today I went to more condos than I typically visit. There was one at Ocean Course Villa, 552 Ocean Course Villa. I remember when this one was on the market. I don’t know if this is a flip or whatnot. It’s light and bright and nice inside. There is not much to say. It has two bedrooms and two baths. They lowered the price, I think, and the more I talk about it the more it comes to mind. This one was on the market in February at $549,000. They just dropped the price by $10,000 and decided to put it back on tour. It did look familiar. People seem to like these because it’s a lower regime and they are fee simple ownership. You can rent these out and it is turn-key ready. It’s nice to see that they’ve lowered the price. 

I went into 819 Ketch Court Villa. It’s a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $384,000. This one faces the golf club and is a townhome. It’s not in the high rise. It has a lot of stuff in it, but the layout is good. It’s a good turn-key and you’re in Harbour Town. It’s priced well. You would need to imagine it without all the stuff in there. 

I did not go into 955 Cutter Court. It’s a two-bedroom, one bath, and one half bath listed for $499,000. It seems a little on the high side but again, there is not a lot available. It’s demand and supply as everyone seems to know. Cutter Court is well liked. There is a full-size unit in there. They have been dropping the price consistently. It is direct harbor front. They started in November at $589,000. They are now at $499,000. They are getting realistic for a two-bedroom but it’s still a two-bedroom. So, just keep that in mind. It could be an interesting one for a villa buyer. 

To complete the villas, we have 673 Mariner’s Way Villa. I didn’t go in this one. It’s a two-bedroom two bath listed at $479,000. A friend of mine sold a couple in there and those seem to now be having some activity. It is that apartment style. You either like it or you don’t. 

2346 Racquet Club Villa is a one-bedroom one bath listed at $299,000. I did not go see it. 

Next was 41 Lawton Road, a four-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $949,000. This home is new. I remember when this one was finished. They must have bought it not too long ago. $949,000 seems high to me, especially for Lawton Woods. However, it is turn-key and beautiful. Twelve Oaks did the construction. Everything in there is sort of medium grade. I hope it just stays that way for ten more years. It seems a little high, but it is gorgeous. 

It was very hard to go into this next one in the same neighborhood after leaving that gorgeous new home. 60 Lawton Road is a three-bedroom three bath priced at $549,000. It’s priced well and has a lot of potential. It sits on the lagoon and has a cute little view. It’s a small, cute little cottage that needs a little bit of TLC, but it’s priced well. I don’t think it will make my short list though. 

166 Club Course Drive is a three-bedroom three bath for $785,000. I thought this was a little high. However, when I went in, it was absolutely turn-key. It’s raised and has a beautiful golf view. It’s an open concept. They really have done everything in the house including all the bathrooms. So, from that aspect it was really nice and it’s a 3/3 that people seem to really, really like. I know they bought it for $550,000 four years ago in 2015 and they did everything new. It is a good view. I think that maybe it just needs to be more in the mid-sevens. One can always make an offer. It’s really turn-key with a nice golf view if you don’t mind being in Club Course. 

I’d like to point out that a lot of agents don’t explain that the Club Course area of Sea Pines does not have bike paths and walking paths. So, if you live an active lifestyle, you just need to be aware that there are not bike paths and no walking paths, but a lot of people live there full-time and are aware of that. I just wouldn’t want to fight it all the time because it is what it is. So, I just want to be sure to point that out. 

45 Oak Court is a three-bedroom three bath for $445,000. I now may have a new one for my short list. This one is absolutely adorable. It’s priced well and is turn-key. It does not have a garage. So, you should note that if that is important to you. It has a wooded view that could be a little loved on. It’s cute inside and is priced well. It has nice curb appeal with pavers going up to the house. So, this one will make my short list. 

23 Governors Lane is a five-bedroom five and a half bath listed for $795,000. This one has a cute little cubby breakfast nook like we used to have in Europe. I happen to know the seller. I’m disappointed that I didn’t have a chance to bid for the listing. Nevertheless, it’s a five-bedroom five and a half bath for $795,000. It has wood floors. It’s big with a golf view. It’s on the side of Governor’s Lane that does not back up to Greenwood Drive. 

16 Governors Lane is a four-bedroom three bath home priced at $749,000. I think they lowered their price because they have been on the market a while. It has been totally redone. He is a builder with Twelve Oaks. You’d better like the shiplap. I feel that the house is kind of small and there is a lot of shiplap there. I like smooth walls. I don’t mind a little bit of shiplap in certain areas. So, I think that really makes it too rustic. It’s not something I would expect in Sea Pines. So, I think the design is maybe just what is not catching with folks. 

98 Shell Ring Road is a three-bedroom two bath for $449,000. This is in Carolina Place. It’s priced well. What can I say? I’ve never heard of this agent before. I think these folks have been trying to sell it for quite some time. Now they have raised the price and I know the person that had it before and was a very good friend of mine. So, I don’t understand why they went up on the price but maybe they just think the market is better. It’s still a 3/2 no matter how you slice it. So, why would you make competition tougher? Everybody has to figure that out on their own. That’s not for me to say but again, Carolina Place is well-liked because you have your own little contained pool and tennis courts. 

66 Ashton Cove Drive is outside of the gates of Sea Pines and off in the Broad Creek area right past Tide Pointe and down Point Comfort Road. It’s a gated community in that it's an electronic gate that closes every evening at 7pm. I used to bring my boys here when they were young to go Trick or Treating. So, we always joked that they must have something in the covenants that say you have to spend $300 in candy on Halloween to live in Ashton Cove. This one is a three-bedroom two bath for $369,000. It’s priced in the money. It’s cute and is great for someone that wants to be in the South End in an affordable home. It has lots of storage space underneath and it’s a great neighborhood. 

Now for the Villas outside of the Plantation

We have 31A Ship Watch Point. It’s a two-bedroom two bath listed for $159,000. It does not have a water view.

817 Brighton Bay Villa is a two-bedroom two bath listed at $268,000. 

Near the hospital is G3 Palmetto Commons. It’s a two-bedroom two bath for $154,900. It’s the same price as another one that just went on the market. So, it’s in the money.

Lastly, we have villa #44 Forest Gardens. It’s a two-bedroom one bath for $189,000. They are very low density. People like them. You do only have one bath in this unit. Most of them do but some people have converted and added a second bathroom. Again, they are in the Forest Beach area with a low density. 

That about wraps it up. I would have to say that my two favorites were 3 Fern Court and 45 Oak Court. 3 Fern Court was great for something that could be rented. It’s in Greenwood Forest. My cute favorite that stands out was 45 Oak Court. It’s just really cute. 

If I really wanted a project and something really cool, I would say 5 Wren Drive. That just has very cool architecture and has tremendous potential. Just check on the flood for the area and the bedrooms on the bottom level. That would be my only concern for anyone considering that. 

It was a great little tour. The weather was iffy, but the rain stayed away and I didn’t get soaked at all. If there is anything that we can help you with regarding Hilton Head Real Estate, please do not hesitate to call us. We are very passionate about helping folks find the perfect place. We have buyer’s guides. We can do all kinds of analysis and we can do videos to help narrow them down for you if you can’t get here for a while. 

So, please don’t hesitate to call us any time. We would love to be of service to you.

Thank you so much! Have a great day!

Respectfully Submitted,
Susan Ochsner 

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