Hilton Head Island, can I get there from here?

You can easily fly to Hilton Head Island these days, but ultimately you will be driving around.

The easiest thing about driving on Hilton Head Island is that there is one main road. US Highway 278 East is the road that brings travelers from I-95 or South Carolina 170 through Bluffton and to the bridges of Hilton Head Island. Once over the bridge, US 278 East runs through the North end of the island, around the middle, and on to the Sea Pines circle All other road, it seems, turn off of this major artery. For that reason, when directions are needed, it is helpful to determine if the destination is North, South, or mid-island. 

Hilton Head Island is shaped like a sneaker, with the toe pointing southwest. With this description, it is easy to give directions to various sections of the island. At the toe, or South end of the island, is Sea Pines, Palmetto Bay, the Coligny Beach area, Forrest Beach area, Shipyard Plantation, Long Cove, and Wexford Plantation. 

The instep, or mid-island areas, include Palmetto Dunes, Folly Field, Spanish Wells, and the Marshland Road area. Broad Creek looks like a shoelace dangling over the island’s midsection. Port Royal Plantation is also considered mid-island though it is actually the heel of the shoe. 

On the North end, or ankle, are Palmetto Hall Plantation, Hilton Head Plantation, Indigo Run, and the Squire Pope area. Skull Creek and the intracoastal waterway separate the island from Pinckney Island and the mainland. Mile markers are helpful too. The town of Hilton Head placed several of these to make giving directions easier. Many businesses use them as reference points in their advertising. They start with a zero on the island side of the bridge over the intracoastal waterway. The Cross Island Parkway begins just past mile marker two. The road to the hospital is at marker four. Roads to the beaches start at six. Keep in mind that Cross Island Parkway is also designated as Highway 278 and it also has mile markers. The toll road bisects the island connecting Spanish Wells Road to Palmetto Bay Road across Broad Creek. 

Later,  I would like to teach you all how to go around in circles. Driving our circles is not difficult if basic guidelines are followed. Traffic moves continually and to the right. Pay close attention before merging into the circle. Use turn signals before exiting the circle. DO NOT stop in the circle, and whatever you do, do not turn left.