Today is Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020, and we have the Central Tour of homes for sale on Hilton Head Island. Today, we don't have any villas or lots, and again, a very shrunk one since A, it's the end of the year and B, usually, between Thanksgiving and New Year's there's not tremendous activity. There are still buyers out there but not in the masses.

What we're starting to see is from two months ago, when it was really crazy, we're starting to see those closings. So, today, for example, we had four new listings on Hilton Head. We had seven under contract, and we had 27 that closed. So, now, we're starting to see that wave go through. Now, we just have trouble with our inventory. But off we go.

6 Terra Bella Trace has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and it's listed for $3,695,000. This was a new house built in 2018 on the ocean front. The listing agent happened to be there, who was also the rental agent. And he was saying that it made $300,000 in 2019, the first year it was there. It's in very good shape for being a six-bedroom home. The washer and dryer were on the third floor with the master bedroom. They had two laundry rooms. I found that awesome. The rooftop beyond the master bedroom, which is on the third floor-- that's the only thing, but there is an elevator-- the rooftop going up from there was amazing. There were gorgeous views. It is tight in there, but if ocean front is all you care about, and you don't care that you have to drive to everything and the tightness of it, getting to it, I think, is the biggest challenge. You have to drive through time shares and take a left. So, you kind of have to wind your way around, go through a bridge, and they're basically four homes in a very small piece of land. But once you're inside, it's really nirvana.

In Port Royal, we had 136 Fort Walker Drive. This home had four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. The listing price is $3,849,999. Let's just say $3,850,000. This home, I've been to before. It sits on an awesome lot and has very unique views. From having been here 50 years, there are not many unique views. This was one of them, having sound, a marsh. The house needs a little TLC. I found the kitchen very dated. So, all of a sudden, without being on the Atlantic Ocean, you're going to be up there. You're going to spend at least $500,000 to bring that up to snuff. But again, it's a very unique property. 

In Long Cove, we had 1 Turkey Hill Lane with four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. This home was listed for $829,000. This one was a little beat up. You would definitely need to replace the carpet. I found the kitchen was a little small. The laundry room was half upstairs, and coming from the master bedroom, you'd have to go through the kitchen every time and up some stairs just to do your laundry. And I guess I just think practically. Now, if you get your kids or your mother-in-law that could live in the bonus room over the garage, that might be interesting. So, again, it needs a little bit of TLC, but the way things are moving in Long Cove, who knows? I think they're trying to take advantage of this up market and I don't blame them at all!

And lastly, in Wexford, we had 50 Wexford on the Green with four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, and it's listed for $1,695,000. I think this was my favorite. I loved the curb appeal. It was a little tight. Even though you have a two-car garage, it's kind of a narrow driveway pulling in. But once you walk in, it really felt cozy and had a nice view. It is a townhome but a really nice view and great location within Wexford: on the cul-de-sac and close to the club house and all the amenities. Spacious and elegant. It had a lot of stuff, so I think it's more spacious than it makes the impression of. So, I would say that 50 Wexford on the Green was my favorite. 

There was not a lot of homes on the tour this time. We do have some that the agents are preparing to put on the market. So, if we can help you in any way and you have something specific you want to look for, we'll be happy to help narrow that search for you and be more aggressive and proactive for you. Otherwise, just keep looking on the website, and please feel free to call us or text us or email us with any questions you may have.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Ochsner
(843) 816-6388