Today is March 18th, 2020 and we have the Central Realtor Tour for homes that are new to the market for sale in Hilton Head. Because of this COVID virus, I think some of them have been deleted and are going to wait. Typically, around this time we have a lot more homes. I only have three homes this time. 

As we all sit and hope and pray that we don’t have a spike in too many of these viruses in our country, I notice that there are a lot of people coming down from New York, Canada, and other places that are coming here and leaving their highly congested areas. So, stay safe everybody and we will get through this. 

What does not change is that Hilton Head is still a lovely place that people are coming down, especially now that the kids are out of school. People just feel like riding bikes and being on the beach in the fresh air. We too now have restaurants that now only offer curb service. So, we too are trying to battle this invisible enemy and keep everyone healthy. 

This will be a very short blog. Let’s start with Port Royal.

Port Royal

In Port Royal I went and saw 15 Audubon Place, a three-bedroom two bath listed at $535,000. This home is in a great location. Many of you already know that Port Royal is a private gated ocean-oriented community with no commercial entities and no short-term rentals allowed. This home sits on a huge lot. I would say it’s almost close to an acre and it has a nice golf view. It’s clean as a whistle and obviously a dated home. It is really almost at lot value. I always see the potential in these older homes. You know, you can clean the popcorn ceilings. It has lots of great natural light. Tile countertops in the kitchen, which isn’t my favorite. The biggest negative I have is that the two-car garage, although it looks like it’s attached to the house, has an awkward access into the house. I would say that’s my biggest objection to this very attractively priced ranch in Port Royal Plantation. 

I did go to a condo to support a friend of mine. In Shelter Cove, we have 7526 Yacht Club Villa. It’s a three-bedroom three bath listed at $495,000. It really has a nice view of the pool and the harbor. It’s somewhat dated but clean and beautifully decorated and under $500,000 for three bedrooms. The furnishings are really pretty which really makes it turnkey and ready to go. 

7142 Harbourside II Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $359,000.  I thought it was absolutely beautiful in its decor. I love that you can sit right in the balcony and stare at the people coming in, in droves at the Neptune statue.  It’s nice and spacious also. 

257 Captains Quarters Villa is a two-bedroom two bath priced at $385,000. It just needs to be updated but boy, what a view. 

In Leamington we have 6108 Hampton Place Villa, a three-bedroom three bath listed for $1,174,000. For someone that wants an ocean-oriented lock and leave, this might be the perfect one for you. 

Lastly, we have Villamare, which was the first high rises in Palmetto Dunes at five stories. 1102 Villamare is a two-bedroom two bath for $669,900. This one is on the first floor and the it’s the furthest from the ocean. So, those seem kind of pricey.

In Folly Field we have 4B Sandcastle Plaza. This is a condo that is a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $449,000. It’s newer and was built in 2007. These are spacious with high ceilings and they are very good for professionals looking for a condo. Very centrally located in the Folly Field area. Carraraba's Italian Restaurant is right there too.


In Shipyard today’s products include 224 Evian Villa. It’s a three-bedroom three bath for $419,900. Evian is very well-liked as it is bike to beach and close to Coligny Beach. This one was naturally light and bright and had more privacy than some of the other ones. I felt like I was in Key West though with the bright colors but again, it’s reasonably priced for an Evian. The last two that recently sold in there were $390,000 and $395,000.

1304 Golfmaster Villa is a three-bedroom three bath for $319,000. These also are part of phase two of Golfmaster. They are the furthest away from the beach but it’s a great entry-level price condo because these are very spacious and even have fireplaces. They were intended to be full-time residences and not vacation rentals. That was the development for those. Have not had a sale in there recently.

53 Forest Cove in Broad Creek Landing is a two-bedroom two bath for $159,700. I remember after the 2008 recession; you could get those in the $80,000 to $90,000’s. So, they definitely had an increase in price in those. I did not see that one. 

Wexford Plantation

In Wexford we had two homes this time. 28 Wexford Drive is as five-bedroom five and a half bath for $1,275,000. I love the circular driveway. It’s a southern low country-style home with an extended front porch. I can just imagine two rocking chairs in the front and just watching the world go by. I kind of took a break today since there wasn’t a lot and really could imagine that. It was nice and peaceful there despite being on the main road coming into Wexford. Nicely decorated inside. They had surround sound playing but there was a distinct smell inside. Again, it’s probably nothing to worry about. I’m just noting my observations. The wooden service yard did not look like it was well tended too, not like the inside of the house. One of the unique things I saw was that there was a shoe closet on the master side of the bathroom. The closet had the clothes and then when you went past the toilet, there was a place where they had all their shoes and they were all neat and tidy in there. That was an interesting little feature. It could have been designed better to not be in front of the toilet, but nevertheless, to get a five-bedroom house in the $1.2 million range is pretty good. Don’t forget that Wexford has the $20,000 initiation fee and the POAs that are around $18,000. So, the carrying costs in there, require deep pockets. 

9 Cambridge Circle is a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $1,399,000. This one doesn’t have a turnaround driveway. It’s a similar house. It does have stone going up instead of wood like the first one that I saw. It has a lot more square footage it seemed. I like that you can put your boat to the back because it’s right on the harbor. The thing that bothers me, personally, is that the bedroom and the living space, the house across the harbor is maybe 200 to 300 yards away, if that. Maybe not even that. I might even say 100 yards away and so, you really don’t have much privacy. I guess at night you really have to make sure your window shades are down so that they can’t just look inside but it’s a very beautiful home. I love the kitchen. The pool as a bit more dated that the other home but nicer finishes and place for the boat in the back yard. Less privacy. 

Like I said, there really wasn’t a lot on the market today to look at. I wish there was something else I was prepared to talk about. There are some really great deals out there. I have noticed that the small one and two bedrooms are going under contract quickly. So, our inventory on the condos are very, very low. 

If you need some guidance as to which direction to go to when purchasing on Hilton Head, please have one of our advisors sit with you and we’ll be glad to talk about the different areas and the pros and cons of each area, the amenities offered, the types of homes/condos and so forth,  to help you find out what is important to you so that we can put you in the right place. Thank you so much for your consideration!

Respectfully Submitted, 
Susan Ochsner
(843) 816-6388

Have a blessed day!