Today is Wednesday, September 16th, 2020. And we have a rainy day here on Hilton Head Island. I think that's because of Hurricane Sally. September can sometimes be rainy, but hopefully, it will stop at some point soon. 

Today is the tour for the North part of the island. And we will start at Windmill Harbor. 

Windmill Harbor

75 Harbor Passage has five bedrooms, five baths, and two half baths. This home is listed for $2,495,000. This home is absolutely gorgeous. It has a Bulthaup kitchen, which is a German, very high-end kitchen and many great gadgets including a Miele coffee maker. It's just a top-of-the-line kitchen. It has an elevator that stops on every floor. It's absolutely green living and is contemporary with a gorgeous water view. It's perfection, it's modern, it's green, and has views. 

Hilton Head Plantation

The first one I went to was 15 Dolphin Point Lane. It had four bedrooms and three bathrooms and is listed for $695,000. I really liked this home. It was very nice and remodeled. You had peek-a-boo water views on this property. The master was upstairs. There was privacy to the back. It had a spacious master bath. I loved the circular driveway. It did not have a garage, but it was elevated with a crawl space. You did have a little bit of a hollow sound. But for its location and condition, I found it very well priced. 

In the Bear Creek neighborhood, we had 11 Tall Pines Road with three bedrooms and two and a half baths listed for $598,000. I like the location of this one. The curb appeal - I didn't like that the exterior paint was peeling. It looks like it needs a little bit of an exterior paint job. Again, this one's also elevated with a crawl space. It also had some hollow dips. But it has a new roof and smooth ceilings. I love the lawn living space that opened up to the beautiful lagoon. There are original cabinets, but they had a Dacor stove. I found that it has great value in a great location. So, both of these, I've liked so far.

Now, let's move to the Skull Creek neighborhood. 

261 Seabrook Drive is a four-bedroom, four-bath home listed for $715,000. I liked this house. It had high ceilings and new floors. It was really light and bright. It had a nice flow to it. I loved the green backyard. It was very spacious to play and run. It was on the road, on Seabrook Road, which is not that busy of a road. But you really couldn't hear anything from inside. I love the benches in the corner of the living space. So, considering what's been selling, this is a nice home. And I believe they have lowered the price.

The other one in the Skull Creek neighborhood is 22 Cristo Drive. It has four bedrooms, three baths, and two half baths, and it's listed for $795,000. This is a low-country home. It's elevated and darker than I like, but it's got fabulous views. It's a great family home. It was dark today, but again, with all the rain and no sunshine, maybe that's when you really notice it. But on a normal day, that shouldn't be an issue. I love the view. It's all about the view and the nice big backyard. 

In Spring Lake, we had 9 Broomsedge Court with three bedrooms and two baths listed for $281,500. These are duplexes. This one's done really nice inside. It flows well, and it's a decent price. I really don't care for the exterior of these. They're all just very poorly maintained. It needs a whole freshening up, and nobody seems to do that in there. But it's in a great location, and it has a great price. They're tweaking the interior, and it's working well. 

In Oyster Reef, we have 6 Oyster Bay Place. This home has three bedrooms and two baths and is listed for $499,000. There's a nice golf view, and it has smooth ceilings. This house is clean as a whistle. It's a basic home with a driveway and a garage that's attached, but you have to go outside and then back into the house. A good home.

In the Headlands neighborhood, we had 10 Winding Trail Lane with four bedrooms and three baths. This home is listed for $487,000. This is a nice, cozy home. I found the bathroom and master in that office area had a lot of doors. There was a lot going on there, and it was kind of confusing layout. But there was a lovely golf view. You can go right from the garage straight into the kitchen. They've opened up the breakfast area to the living space with a window.  It did have circular stairs that went up to upstairs bedrooms, which gives you good bedroom separation, so you can live on one floor. So, you've got a lot of house for the money, and I would say even though I like Oyster Bay, between these two, Winding Trail, I think, was cozier. But obviously, you buyers would have to look at both of them, and what you like is what matters. So, that's just my humble opinion and observation. 

Indigo Run

We had one home in Indigo Run. 3 Balmoral Place had four bedrooms and four and a half baths and is listed for $989,000. This was on the deeper part of Indigo Run where you've got that extra gated security. This was a custom-built home. It has a three-car garage. I love some of the antiques that were in it. The curb appeal was great. And like I said, in the kitchen, they had this farm-style antique that fit beautifully in the kitchen and really looked like a beautiful furniture piece. And apparently that will stay with the home. I loved that there was an office off the master area. It was very big and spacious. There was a circular driveway, and it had great curb appeal. It's just shy of $1,000,000, which for Indigo Run, you're starting to see the higher prices in these custom homes - even in Indigo Run. There's not a lot of inventory out there. I believe there are only 16 homes for sale. 

Spanish Wells

In Spanish Wells, we had 48 Brams Point Road. This home had five bedrooms and five and a half baths. It's listed for $3,695,000. I remember this home was on the market last year. I thought they had sold it, but they didn't. They just have a new broker. It has some really good features. It is an older home. They did lighten it up a little bit, but you have to go upstairs to get to the master even though it's on the main floor. So, it's a little bit dated and has a lot of those yellows that people aren't-- so, it's got a great water view, and it's a great address. I think the house just down the street two doors sold for $4,400,000. Granted, that one was all completely updated. But again, I'm sure there's a little bit of wiggle room. This is a great address and a fabulous and popular neighborhood. 

So, in Hilton Head General, we have three homes. 32 Gold Oak Drive has three bedrooms and two and a half baths and is listed for $347,000. Oakview is a great little neighborhood right off Spanish Wells. 

In Carolina Isles, we had 113 Ocracoke Lane listed for $385,000. This home has three bedrooms and two and a half baths. This one is a newer home, and it is in a small neighborhood called Carolina Isles. 

Another smaller neighborhood with an electrical gate is 46 Fuller Pointe Drive.  This home has four bedrooms and four and a half baths and is listed for $599,000. This one's also conveniently located and easy to get in and off the island. 

We had one condo off Beach City Road near the hospital. A5 Palmetto Commons has two bedrooms and two baths. This is listed for $169,900. 

That wraps up our North Tour of Hilton Head Island realtor tour. I saw a lot of great things. 75 Harbor Passage would be nice for that discerning buyer. For lifestyle, I would consider 48 Brams Point. For a custom home that is under $1,000,000 and well maintained and very masterful, I would suggest 3 Balmoral Place.

In Hilton Head Plantation, I have to say I like 261 Seabrook Drive and 10 Winding Trail Lane. Those are two different homes. But Dolphin Point Lane was also just a great location. So, there's a lot to like in Hilton Head Plantation. 

So, whether you're looking to buy or sell, we here, on, would love to represent you. We give you 100% of our attention. We are here for you completely and don't treat you as number but as a client that we want to please and help you attain your real estate goals. 

Thank you for reading my blog. Please let us show you any of these homes or any other homes that you might be interested in. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Susan Ochsner
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