Today is March 11th, 2020 and it is an absolutely spectacular day on Hilton Head Island. This is the weather that we dream about. Actually, we have a lot of it but there is low humidity, a nice little breeze from the ocean, and a great temperature. It’s a very bright and fabulous day. 

Sea Pines

Today is the South End Tour and I’m kind of all over the map in Sea Pines, having to take breaks on negotiations and so forth, so forgive me. Let’s get started with 16 Audubon Pond Road, a five-bedroom four and a half bath home listed at $1,649,000. You’ve got a gorgeous marsh view. . It has a nice, cozy screened in porch among other wonderful spaces including an office. I really like it. It’s a lovely home. 

20 Audubon Pond Road is a five-bedroom four bath home listed for $949,500. This one has been on the market for quite a while. It started at $1,275,000 in 2018 and then they lowered it to $999,000 in November of 2019. Now there is a new broker with it. The house hasn’t changed but they have gone down $50,000. That helps a little bit, but the reality is, it’s very choppy. When you walk in, there are stairs, not an expansive entryway. It does have a gorgeous beautiful marsh view. The curb appeal isn’t that great. Audubon Pond is a beautiful street. It’s a very private residential area. 

44 Lands End Road is a four-bedroom four bath for $1,385,000. I sold 43 Lands End Road for $1,360,000 and it had been completely updated. What makes this one unique though is, it is the one that the developer used as a model home when Lands End was first developed in the 80’s. You have a view going into the South Beach Marina. You even see the water tower but then, when you sit out in the back, you have a marsh view. Then, when you look to the left you actually see Harbour Town lighthouse. It’s a spectacular view and it is a little wider than your typical Lands End home. There are two bedrooms downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs. The kitchen has been redone as far as cabinets go and not the original kitchen. They didn’t blow it out. 43 Lands End was a nicer layout and had nicer wooden floors, although these floors were nice. The bathrooms have not been updated and the kitchen, again, wasn’t updated to its need but, you cannot duplicate this view. It’s absolutely spectacular. 

36 South Beach Lane is a three-bedroom three bath for $1,479,000. They’ve lowered the price on this one. I remember when they were at $1.7 million back in June of 2018. Then they went down over time to $1,490,000 and then in February, they were down to $1,479,000. I did go into it again. It still has a beautiful lagoon view and a pool. You are walking distance from the beach since the beach path is right across the street. South Beach Lane is a beautiful street. You have a newer house across the lagoon. I think what makes this one tough is that it has three bedrooms but it’s a lovely home and they finally painted all the walls a neutral color. They had green in one room and blue in another.  Looks a lot better and cleaner. It’s nice proximity to the beach and all on one level with a two-car garage and nice curb appeal.

We have three streets that were added into Sea Pines after the heyday which are Gadwall, Red Cardinal, and Duck Hawk. So, this is almost on the sound side. 8 Gadwall Road is a seven-bedroom seven and a half bath listed at $5,495,00. It’s oceanfront and gorgeous! They bought this in 2013 for $2 million, tore the house down, and built a brand-new house. Close to South Beach. So, for someone who is looking for a newer home, a lot of the higher-end newer homes are in the eights now. So, I guess this is almost a bargain, right?

7 Gadwall is a five-bedroom four and a half bath priced at $3,399,000, say $3.4 million. This one has been on the market before. They have lowered it some, $600,000 to be exact. They started at $3.9 million. They have had this price since May of 2019. The condition is just kind of eh, and you are on Gadwall but it’s $3.4 million. So, they are getting closer to being in the money and will hopefully find a buyer soon. 

Let’s keep going oceanfront with 25 Duck Hawk Road. It’s a five-bedroom four and a half bath house for $4,200,000. Duck Hawk are smaller and tighter lots on the ocean because they stuck them in there after the master plan was made. It’s tight driving up. You go upstairs from the outside but when you walk in, even though it was built in the 80’s and you can tell, boy, it has a beautiful, open feel. A WOD upon entering. It’s contemporary now and the view is absolutely gorgeous. The pool is too close to the house and kind of small. The living space upstairs is awesome. Everything else is very dated. So, that needs to be updated. It has old cabinets in the kitchen, but it does have and open floorplan and is contemporary. I love the colors in it. It has a cool factor to it, but it has a high sticker price.

37 Ruddy Turnstone, I think this was my favorite of all the ocean-fronts on tour today, just because of the price and condition. It's a six-bedroom six and a half bath listed at $3,750,000, close to the ocean gate, which I think is important because people don’t want to just stay in Sea Pines. There is so much more to do on Hilton Head. This just gives you that allowance and this one, when you walk in, you don’t have that wow factor but when you go upstairs there is a beautiful view. You have some trees, but you’re set back. It has an open kitchen and is in great condition and it’s listed at a great price. I think this would have to be my favorite of all the oceanfront homes although I did like them all. :)

We have a second row at 10 Royal Tern Road. It’s an eight-bedroom seven bath house listed for $2,295,000. I don’t think people are as excited about McMansions anymore. This one has been on the market for at least a couple of years. I do know that they have ratcheted the price down. It’s probably a rental machine. It’s built okay, medium grade. Did not go this time since I've seen it twice before on tour.

109 North Sea Pines Drive is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed for $729,000 with pool in the front. It has a great view of the 18th of Atlantic Dunes. A fantastic location. You are almost as close as Beach Lagoon to get to the beach club and you can walk to the Plantation Club. It does need updating and when you walk in, there is kind of a space right when you walk in that is kind of weird, but it has tremendous potential and I get excited about houses with tremendous potential. 

12 Woodbine Place is a three-bedroom four and a half bath listed at $750,000. Not as close to the beach as 109 N. Sea Pines, but it’s a nice neighborhood area. My mom knew this woman. The house is empty and did have a smell in it. Lovely view of the golf course to the other side. It also needs to be updated. It’s probably a tougher renovation because of the way the kitchen is tucked in but again, it has tremendous potential.

I don’t usually go in villas but this is a fee simple one now, and they show up as residences even though it is a villa. So, sorry about the confusion. 557 Ocean Course Villa is a two-bedroom two bath listed for $639,000.  These are no garages but people love them and this one is done to the nines. It has a gorgeous view and is really nicely updated with nice finishes. 

30 Plantation Drive is a five-bedroom four bath for $789,000. This guy bought it in the sixes about six or seven months ago. I don’t know why it’s priced this high now. The homesite that sold down the street, number eight I believe, sold in the threes. 

28 Plantation Drive is a six-bedroom four and a half bath for $999,000, a very modern house. I remember this one. Current owners bought it in 2017 for $925,000. It looks like they are just wanting to get out of it. I don’t know why they are selling but it’s a large estate lot and open concept. 

18 Battery Road is a four-bedroom five bath listed at $749,000. It’s an old-school house which has a pool. It’s in a great location in Heritage Woods and nice proximity to the beach. Privacy with the pool area in the back. It’s neat as a pin and priced well. 

11 Pine Island Road in Club Course is a three-bedroom, three bath, and two half bath listed for $1,300,000. The curb appeal is a little tough because of its long metal roof. It doesn’t break up and I think people have trouble with that BUT when you go inside, they have painted all that dark wood. It has a beautiful kitchen and a beautiful outdoor space. This is a low country home and it’s worthwhile to see. It shows a lot nicer now. 

66 Governors Road is a three-bedroom three bath for $799,000. It’s a lovely home and it has been updated with a nice golf view. What I don’t like about the house is that the garage is on the wrong side. You have to go in the garage, out the door, in the steps, and across the house to get to the kitchen. So, buying your groceries could be a little tough. You almost don’t want to use the garage and then go and park your car instead. I think it was added on. It’s a lovely home though.

20 Evergreen Lane is a three-bedroom two bath listed for $399,900, a great price. It’s on a corner lot. You have to like wood since a lot of interior trim and walls are pine, but you can paint the wood. It has a little indoor courtyard and is cute as a button. 

Last, we have 23 Shell Ring Road, a four-bedroom four and a half bath priced at $775,000. Has a nice southern porch the entire length of the home and is elevated. I liked this home. That whole Carolina Place area is growing. 

Condo-wise we have 472 Plantation Club Villa, a two-bedroom two bath for $320,000. It’s in the money. 

111 Lawton Villa is a three-bedroom three bath for $427,500. It’s a little on the dark side but good location.

333 Greenwood Garden Villa is a three-bedroom three bath for $425,000. This one is the concept with the two bedrooms outside. They started back at $550,000. So, they’ve really come down in the price. 

395 Briarwood is a two-bedroom two bath for $495,000. It has a great golf view and no short-term rentals are allowed. 

1807 Bluff is an efficiency for $215,000. It’s a great entry-level but I have a one-bedroom for $289,000 if that is affordable for someone. 

1618 Port Villa is a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $649,000. You are very close to South Beach.

There is one lot which is 25 Deer Run Lane for $399,000.

In Forest Beach, 23 Bittern Street, a six-bedroom five bath for $2,495,000. Bittern is a great rental area and it’s very close to Coligny. 

11 Hickory Lane is a three-bedroom two bath for $689,000, a cute little cottage and it’s really in excellent condition with pavers and everything done. Has a cool pool and would be nice for someone that wants to live ocean oriented. 

290 Seaside is a one-bedroom one bath for $219,000. It’s a great price. 

For our retirement community, for over 55, there is 3509 the Seabrook, a one-bedroom one bath for $35,000. 

In Point Comfort we have two condos I’m going to mention which are 1 Shipwatch Point, a three-bedroom two bath for $245,000 and 27 Anchorage Point, a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $344,900. 

Then there was a home, 2 Row Boat Road that excited this Lowcountry girl. It’s a four-bedroom three bath for $1,190,000. If you want something spectacular, I became giddy in this house. Granted it’s a ranch and dated, but it has specimen live oaks, a marsh view to the front and a water view to the back, a dock and a pool. For simple low country living, this is what you want. I was mesmerized by it. Granted, it’s an old-school house but it’s so quiet, peaceful, and serene there. I loved everything about it. I would sell and move in there in a heartbeat if I could. That is what Hilton Head living is all about, especially if you’re a fisherman, kayaker or paddle boarder. Loved it.

So, all in all it was a great tour today. There are lots of fabulous properties, but the one I can’t get out of my mind is 2 Row Boat Road. I just think it’s a spectacular home because I love the unique, almost secret location. 

So, if you are ready for the island lifestyle, Hilton Head is the place to be. Contact us so that we can help you find your piece of paradise.

Respectfully Submitted,
Susan Ochsner
(843) 816-6388