We had 31 units to tour. Twelve of them are homes and the rest are condos located in seven different areas. 

Port Royal. 

48 Fairway Winds Place is a four-bedroom four and a half bath at $649,000. Fairway Winds are patio lots. It has a very pretty golf view and has been on the market before. It’s close to the Beach Club at Port Royal. You cannot short-term rent there. It needs some updating. It hasn’t been taken care of, but for four bedrooms, a pretty view, and a quick walk to the beach, it certainly is priced better. It was on the market last year. Might make the short list.

13 Sovereign Drive is a four-bedroom three bath home with two half baths. It’s listed for $1,345,000. It has that French Provincial look. It’s a very special property. It was sold to these folks back in 2017. So, they’ve only held it for a little over a year. They did update it some and it looks a little more modern inside. It has a beautiful long view, shows really nicely and is an elegant home in Port Royal.

6 Heyward Place with three bedrooms and three and a half baths priced at $800,000. I was really intrigued by this one. It is a second row on the sound side to the water, but it’s old school and reminds me of when I was a teenager. Oh my gosh, all the houses looked like this back then. You’ve got bedrooms downstairs where you enter. You go upstairs to the kitchen. It would be easy to blow out that kitchen. I don’t even think it would be a teardown. I mean, you could modernize the home pretty easily and be second row. So, you know, with $100,000 if you use it smartly and wisely, you could really create a killer beach cottage. It would still be a beach cottage but it has good bones. You could also just leave it as is until you decide on your dream home. I think this is great for someone that wants their foot in Hilton Head, and they don't need to rent it out to buy (no short term rentals in Port Royal - minimum is 6 months). I think it’s more interesting to update something yourself rather than pay a seller/investor, where you might be taking on other people’s issues. Of course, if you find something you love, well then nothing needs to be left to the imagination.

In Palmetto Dunesthere were two homes. 

107 Mooring Buoy is going to be built. It’s a ten bedroom nine and a half bath home for $2,950,000. It’s very close to the beach. Obviously, it’s going to be one of these massive McMansions that I’m not particularly keen on, since I live on this island full time, but it could be a very good investment property. As long as we don't flood our market with these. 

Then, 1 Lookout has five bedrooms and four baths and is priced at $845,000. There’s not much to say about it. It’s priced okay. It's hard for me right now because I am trying to sell my house which is close to beach and less. Ok, let me let it go. Forgive me. No view.

Shipyard Plantation

55 Gloucester Road is a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $450,000. It has really great bones. The fence was kind of cut. So, I couldn’t tell whether or not there was a pool in there because there are some pavers on top and it is sinking a little bit. So, you’d have to buy a little bit of dirt and, again, I think these projects sometimes have great potential. It’s got great bones. It seems to be mostly cosmetic, and at $450,000 to be on the south side of Hilton Head, I think that could be a great opportunity for someone that wants to update things. It is a big project.


16 Yorkshire Drive with four bedrooms and three and a half baths. It’s priced at $650,000. I really like this home. It is clean as a whistle and tastefully done. It’s nicely appointed but not ultra-elegant. It has a beautiful golf view and a pool. A really great family home for $650,000. I don’t think this one will last very long. It is priced extremely aggressively it seems to me and so, I would certainly keep that one on the short list. 

16 Bridgetown Road which has four bedrooms and four and a half baths. It’s priced at $1,240,000. This home is a beautiful, elegant home on the righthand side of Bridgetown. It has a beautiful golf view. The pictures don’t convey the richness that it has. It’s all in white and so, it just does not photograph well. So, if you go online and look at this one, you’re not going to think it’s that great. It has updated cabinets. These folks want to downsize. They happened to be at the property when I was previewing. It’s an elegant home.

29 Bridgetown Road has five bedrooms and six baths and is priced at $1,295,000. I have friends that live on Plumbridge Street which it faces. It’s a corner lot home and kind of a dark house and doesn’t really have much curb appeal. It almost looks like an L the way it’s angled and a bit dated. Two friends that live in Plumbridge have never seen anyone live in the house. I do happen to know that it was bank owned before. I don’t know if that’s still the case. I guess, if you are interested, I can do some research, but that one is at $1,295,000. Again, there’s a lot of work to do on it but is on the canal, FYI.

Long Cove Plantation. 

23 Long Brow Road is a five-bedroom four and half bath priced at $945,000. I think this one has been on the market before. It’s priced okay. It’s a little dated and has the rounded windows, but it is elegant and upscale. 

16 Loomis Ferry Road which is a three-bedroom three bath and two half bath home. It’s priced at $421,800 but it did have a smell when I went in it (renters with pets). This is a dated house, but it’s got great curb appeal. With a little bit of architecture and paint and changing out the cabinets, this one has tremendous potential. This one makes the short list for me. It’s priced very aggressively if you can afford to only have three bedrooms. 

That covers all of the houses. I would have to say that my two favorites are 16 Yorkshire Drive with four bedrooms and three and a half baths. Again, for someone that loves a project, I can’t let 16 Loomis Ferry Road in Long Cove go. Please keep in mind that in Long Cove and Wexford you are tied to the golf course property and so, the POAs are relatively high. However, depending on how long you want to stay and assuming that there is no recession, I think you’ve got great potential in those communities which is why I picked one of those. 

I guess if I had to pick one in a community that wasn’t high-end, it would be 48 Fairway Winds Place. I’m a big fan of location and views. It just needs a little bit of love. So, I think that would be the one I would pick. 

Now, here are the condos. I would be happy to give you any input on any of these condos. There isn’t much to say about them. So, just contact me if I can help. 

HH/Off Plantation
B147 Ocean Villa in Hilton Head Beach and Tennis is a one bedroom one bath priced at $199,000. 

10 Brittany Place is a three-bedroom two bath listed at $258,000. 

1104 Hilton Head Resort has two bedrooms and two baths for $199,000. This one is in Building One which is the closest to the beach. 

3317 Hilton Head Resort is a two-bedroom two bath also for $203,000 but everything has been done in this one. It’s done up to the nines. An agent in our group has this unit and I did see it a while back. It is just knockout gorgeous. So, keep that in mind. 

Palmetto Dunes 

983 Inverness Village Villa which is a two-bedroom two bath for $374,000.

621 Queen’s Grant Villa is a three-bedroom two and half bath for $389,000. I’m sure it needs updating, but Queen’s Grant is a great entry-level for Palmetto Dunes.

87 The Moorings Villas has two bedrooms and three baths for $425,000. These are very close to the beach. 

203 Windsor Place has four bedrooms and four baths and is listed for $1,100,000. 

7517 Yacht Club Villas is a three-bedroom three bath priced at $549,000. These are in the Shelter Cove area and are very well-liked because they are smaller, newer condos.


125 Beach Walk Villa with three bedrooms and three and a half baths. It’s priced at $435,000. It’s well priced. 

301 Golfmaster has three bedrooms and three and a half baths for $359,000. I have a soft heart for those because I used to live in those right after college. They are very spacious and on the golf course, but you are about as far from the beach as you can be in Shipyard. So, just keep that in mind if you look at the pictures and are interested. 

406 Harbormaster Villa is a three bedroom two and a half bath priced at $309,000.

1602 Shipmaster Villas has two bedrooms two and a half baths for $319,000. 

So, that about wraps it up. Again, I can show you anything here and represent you as an accredited Buyer’s Agent and would love nothing more than to show you our piece of paradise. Hilton Head is a great place to have a vacation home, or even a permanent home. It’s a family-oriented, retiree blended beautiful fishbowl. 

So, please consider coming to visit us, and if I can be of any assistance, please reach out to me. You can call or text me at (843) 816-6388 and don’t forget that my email is YourHiltonHeadAgent@mac.com. Thanks so much and I look forward to sharing the realtor tour with you next week. Thanks so much! 


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner