Today we have the Hilton Head Tour for Central Homes. There are 23 total and seven neighborhoods covered with prices ranging from $121,000 for a two-bedroom two bath Hilton Head Resort all the way up to a $1,850,000 three-bedroom oceanfront condo in the Leamington area.

We started in Port Royal. We had two homes. 1 Fort Walker Drive is a three bedroom two and a half bath listed at $525,000. It’s clean as a whistle. It is dated. It’s in an excellent location. It has a golf view, but it is dated. It has large rooms, but it does have popcorn ceiling and the like. Again, it’s a great turn-key home. You only need to update. The roof seems kind of new. It has newer windows. But, again, cosmetically you would need to update it. 

5 Heyward Place is a four-bedroom four bath home listed at $1,075,000. It’s a second row on the sound side. Its been on the market before and one owner on this custom built home that has high ceilings and lots of trim work. It has a dated kitchen with dark appliances. It doesn’t have much of a view or backyard. It has a good floor plan. 

Folly Field has one home. 12 Oleander Street has three bedrooms and one and a half bath listed for $315,000. It is right on 278 however, it has a fenced in yard. The house must have been built in the 50’s. It’s a great price. I could see you putting it on the short-term rental market and just getting some income if you needed to park some money somewhere. Was quieter inside than I imagined.

Long Cove has a very interesting home, 20 Strawberry Hill Road. I have mentioned this one before. It has been on the market at a much higher price – in the high fours. It’s a three bedroom three and a half bath listed at, get this, $410,000. It has a pool in the front. It has a sunken living room and a great lagoon to golf view. Granted, Long Cove has the initiation fee of $20,000 and a POA of $12,000 plus some change but, you know, the quality of this house – it does need some updating but it is great quality and at an amazing price. So, if the POA doesn’t give you sticker shock, this is an extremely great buy. 

Wexford Plantation has four homes to see today. The first one is 12 Bridgetown Road with four bedrooms and four and a half baths priced at $650,000. It has a pool in the back and is very spacious with high ceilings. It does have that pink marble in the entry way. The kitchen does need updating but it’s an excellent price for entry-level Wexford. Really great price!

9 Plumbridge Lane is owned by a lovely couple. It is only a three bedroom but has four and a half bathrooms and listed for $1,298,000. What makes this house really unique is Plumbridge Lane is a very popular street. Additionally, it has a double view of the harbor. You do have a big large brown house across from you, but when you look left and right you have long canal views on Wexford.

3 Harrogate Drive has four bedrooms and five baths and is a very large home. It’s priced at $1,175,000. It didn’t have as great of curb appeal. Again, it’s a very large home with a very dramatic entryway. Once you’re inside it has an open kitchen and the master is on the first floor. It has a pool and a golf view. It needs some updating but not much. The curb appeal is okay.

5 Wexford Club Drive has five bedrooms and five and a half baths for $839,000. It has a nice view. It is a little dark inside. If I had to pick one in Wexford, I mean, the best buy is 12 Bridgetown Road at $650,000 but view-wise 9 Plumbridge Lane and I love the folks that are selling. I don’t have the listing by the way. Just an FYI. 

Palmetto Dunes has one home for sale, 41 Saint George Road. It has three bedrooms and three baths for $590,000. It’s priced okay  - needs work and is being sold as is. Tile floor, old cabinets, laminate counters.

There are a bunch of villas in Palmetto Dunes and the Shelter Cove area. 

210 Captain’s Quarter’s Villa is a one bedroom one bath listed for $310,000. This one has a long marsh view. It’s not on the side that looks into the Disney resort. 

2105 Newport Villa has two bedrooms and two baths for $355,000. It is on the ground floor, so you have a little garden. It has a killer marsh view. I went there during high tide and it was fantastic. Newport Villa does not allow short-term rentals and does have a gate and you can walk to the new Shelter Cove mall.

7101 Newport Villa is a two-bedroom three and a half bath for $394,5000. I did not go to that one.

204 Somerset Villa is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $1,850,000. It is ocean front in the Leamington area. So, you get double security gates.

3427 Villamare Villa has two bedrooms and two baths and is priced at $495,000. Those were the first high rises in Palmetto Dunes, five floors. This one is on the fourth floor. 

10 Water Oak Villa is a three bedroom three and a half bath listed for $420,000. It’s been updated. Again, those seem to do well in the second home or rental market. 

3505 Windsor Court has two bedrooms and two baths for $750,000.

3203 Windsor Court is a one-bedroom two bath listed at $475,000. 

Shipyard only had one condo, 146 Windward Village Villas. It has two bedrooms and two and a half baths and is priced at $309,000.

In Folly Field there are two Hilton Head beach and tennis villas. A309 is a one bedroom one bath for $229,000 and A137 is a one bedroom one bath for $203,000. Those are condotels. Please keep that in mind. 

Off Plantationhas 4331 Hilton Head Resort with two bedrooms and two baths for $134,000. That’s on building four closest to the security gate and the one in the middle is 3104 Hilton Head Resort with two bedrooms and two baths listed for $121,000.

The last villa is 215 Palmetto Bay Club Villas and it is a one bedroom one bath for $179,000. It’s in the Palmetto Bay area. So, you do have a boating station nearby and, of course, the marina is nearby also. So, it is a decent location, but you have bars and restaurants over there. So, do expect noise in the evening. 

That about wraps it up! I would say my favorite one would have to be Long Cove. I never have picked Long Cove Homes except one other time, but at $410,000 this house had everything. It just needed some updating and a house like that in Sea Pines would be a lot more. That’s 20 Strawberry Hill Road. It has three bedrooms and three and a half baths for $410,000 in the Long Cove Plantation.

That wraps up our 23 properties that were on tour. So, happy new year! May it be a blessing to you and your loved ones. I look forward to being with you all next week. Have a wonderful day.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner

Your Hilton Head Agent

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