Today I present the Central Tour of Hilton Head Island. We’ve had a ton of rain this last week and have had some torrential downpours that are taking place intermittently. So, even though I need to do this quickly, I know that I’ll be dodging a lot of downpours going in and out of these homes today! Glad I wore flip flops!

We’re going to start in Port Royal

In Port Royal we have 87 South Port Royal Drive. It’s a three-bedroom three and a half bath priced at $1,125,000. This one has been on tour recently and I do believe they reduced the price. It’s a great address and second row but between two houses you have a gorgeous view of the ocean. It needs some updating but it’s solidly built with brick stairs going up. Elevated house with a two-car garage. You can paint the cabinets because they are in decent shape. It has an open floorplan with rounded windows. That is dated but again, with transept windows you can really do something awesome without having to spend a lot of money. This one will make my short list because of its price. It is a three-bedroom, but the office could easily be converted to a fourth. I like this one. It’s making my short list.

18 Sovereign Drive is a four-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $934,800. This one is on the sound side down the street. This house is ok. The kitchen has been updated and looks nice, but I honestly think this is a three-bedroom because when you come into the right, there is a double door that is an office and that is the fourth bedroom. There is a door on the other side to use the bathroom. So, two bedrooms use that one bathroom and you have to cross the hall to get to it. There is a bedroom over the bonus room, which is large, and I like that the master has a screened in porch overlooking the golf course. So, it’s a nice setting but I would rather scrap and go for a little more and have a better location. 

4 Tabby Road is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $549,900. This sits on a nice corner lot. It is closer to the gate. I think it’s cute little ranch. It’s priced well, especially if you could get it for $499,000 or close to the low fives, which may be possible. It has good potential and you’re in Port Royal where you have the fabulous beach club. 

10 Outpost Lane is a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed for $629,000. I didn’t like the curb appeal of this one at all. I didn’t like the smell that was inside. They put some kind of infuser in plus the trim work and the rounded windows. It is a stucco house, but I didn’t care for it. It had a lot of wallpaper and popcorn ceilings. In the end, you would spend a lot and the flow is a traditional flow. I don’t think I would have gone up in price there. I’d have to say I like 4 Tabby Road a little better.

I missed 7 Sally Port Road. I forgot to go to this one. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $485,900. It’s priced aggressively and a colleague said its clean as a whistle with new carpet. I wish I could have seen it because I love houses that you have tremendous potential cosmetically with and the opportunity to make it your own. Great entry level and location within Port Royal. Would make my short list for that price range buyer.

Palmetto Dunes

10 Armada Street is a five-bedroom five and a half bath listed for $1,695,000. This is a second-row house and it has a cool curb appeal. All the way along the side you have the garage, the pool which has stone around it, a gazebo where you can cook out and a sitting area. It’s kind of shaped like an L. It’s a dated house inside but it has a cool potential. It is wood and again, I think second row and having five bedrooms is what makes the price what it is for that type of buyer.

1 Midstream is a four-bedroom three bath home for $699,000. It is probably priced that way because it has a dock. They have high cathedral ceilings. They are all popcorn ceilings and it is dated but it has a cool flow around it and tremendous potential. I think it may make my short list also. 

2 Down Wind is a five-bedroom five bath priced at $995,000. This one has been on the market before. I know the builder. I mentioned this to you, but they were over a million dollars. Now it’s looking interesting at $995,000. It has a nice lagoon view and a newer pool. The cabinets in the kitchen have been upgraded. It’s an updated house and has lots of space. Would be great for a family or even a rental. I think the projections were $80,000. Great home on nice setting and priced better.

10 Hunt Club Court is a four-bedroom four bath listed at $830,000. This one is on the Inverness side which is on the side where you have a lot of villas. This house is being sold furnished. It needs some love. I didn’t care for it at all. There’s not much to say on it. It was dated and had a lagoon view, but it just missed the je ne sais quoi. Don't let me keep you from it, though. I'll gladly show it but just not my choice today.

There was one house in Shipyard which was 22 Gloucester Road. It is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $599,900. I didn’t like the driveway because it was a very long windy asphalt driveway but the flow inside is nice. It’s a traditional home. It has a nice golf view and high ceilings. It has very good potential. So, I liked this one too. 

In Wexford we had 27 Yorkshire Drive, a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $575,000. This one has been on the market before. It’s a funky house. I’ve mentioned it before to you all and the curb appeal is kind of weird. They did lower the price and it may go because they have lowered it from $599,000 to $575,000. You walk in and you have five steps to go up. You have the rounded staircase staring you in the face and then, you don’t know whether you go left or right. Again, it has potential, but the countertops are ceramic tile. It needs some major updating too.

I really wanted to like 5 Berkshire Court because it’s a four-bedroom four and a half bath. These are patio lots and they are closer to the club. It’s priced at $495,000. I was a little disappointed. The condition on the outside is a little scary and I never like that. It looks like they added a third-car garage. The inside is nicer than I expected but it is a little on the dark side. It’s priced under $500,000 and priced accordingly but I always get a little antsy when things have been added and then not maintained. It has great potential though. So, there’s nothing wrong to say about it.

In Yacht Cove we had a cute little place which was 5 Mulberry Court. It’s a three-bedroom three and a half bath house for $349,000. It’s cute as a button. You have a green space behind you. I don’t know if it’s a buildable lot. One would have to verify that first. When you’re out on the patio, you do see the patios next door. So, you’d better like your neighbors. Cute house. It has a two-car garage and is priced in a nice entry-level neighborhood. 

In Singleton Beach we have 91 Singleton Beach Road. It’s a four-bedroom four and a half bath townhouse listed at $1,150,000. It’s a rental machine and has potential. 

Let’s now go into the villas

We have two in Fiddlers Cove. 10A Fiddlers Cove Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $169,000 and 3K Fiddlers Cove Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $190,000. These have started sneaking up in price, but they rent. There are a lot of rentals in there. There are a lot of tennis courts and two pools. So, it’s a great entry-level into Hilton Head for investments. 

In Leamington we have 2 Abbington Villas. Number 104 Abbington Villa is a three-bedroom three bath for $649,900 and 122 Abbington Villa is a three-bedroom three bath for $729,500. You’d have to check them both out and see which one you like best. They are both being sold furnished. 

407 Barrington Arms Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $590,000. 

495 Captains Cove Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $654,900.

443 Captains Walk Villa, which is right across the street, is a two-bedroom two bath priced at $697,777. Both have rental potential. 

In the Shelter Cover area there was 7158 harbor side villa, a two-bedroom two bath for $324,900. These are right on the harbor and it’s very hard to get mortgages for them, but they have good potential for a two-bedroom right there. 

38 Hickory Cove Villas on the Mariner's side is a 3 bedroom 4 bath selling for $467,000.

7638 Huntington Villas is a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $685,000. These are in the Leamington area. They are nicer and they are newer. 

806 Ocean Cove Villa is also on the mariner’s side of Palmetto Dunes. It’s a three-bedroom three bath listed at $529,999. You are really close to the beach, but they are wooded and not built in the same quality as Barrington, Abbington, and Huntington. 

Lastly in the Palmetto Dunes and Shelter Cover area we have 3103 Peninsula at Newport. It’s a three-bedroom three bath for $589,000. These are in the upgraded part of Newport Villas. They have garages, killer marsh views, and you can’t short-term rent in there and you are close to Belk’s, Kroger, and the entire Shelter Cove community area. So, it is becoming a very coveted location.

In Shipyard we had another villa, 165 Beach Walk Villa. These are very close to the beach. It’s a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $309,900. They are priced really well. 

All in all, we had some cool houses. I would have to say 87 South Port Royal Drive with the three bedrooms and three and a half baths priced at $1,125,000. You can’t short-term rent in there but for someone who is like, “I’m going to move to Hilton Head eventually and make it my forever home.” just leave it as it is and put a long-term renter in it and don’t worry about what you’re going to do with it. 
I’ll be glad to do any kind of market analysis in any area for you. I can go back as far as 20 years. I think it shows you patterns and helps you decide where you want to be. So, please reach out to myself or any of my agents. We would love to help you make Hilton Head your home, your vacation home away from home, or to help you build your investment property portfolio here. 

Respectfully Submitted, 
Susan Ochsner

(843) 816-6388