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Folly Field

Today I started with a new build on four floors at 118 Sandcastle Court. It is nice, bright, clean, and new. It has four bedrooms and four and a half baths. Everything is new. Tile floors that look like wood, and basic cabinetry. It has a view over the lagoon and the fountain that runs all day, quite a soothing sound. It’s a short view, because you have tall homes on the other side of the lagoon. Nevertheless, it’s priced at $624,900 and close to the beach. 

By the way, I have the lot right next to it, which is 116 Sandcastle Court for $175,000. So, there’s also great potential for a new build close to the beach. 

Condo wise, we have 6E Fiddler Cove Villa - two bedrooms and two baths for $149,500.

B143 Hilton Head Beach in Tennis Ocean Villa is a one bedroom one bath listed for $144,900. 

Port Royal.

36 Scarborough Head Road with four bedrooms and three and a half baths listed for $645,000. It has a funky curb appeal and it’s a very dated house. You drive right into it, because it’s at the 90-degree street part of Scarborough Head. It has a beautiful lagoon view and it’s light and bright inside with an open kitchen. Tile floors throughout. The driveway is a little cracked, and the roof has granule loss that is tremendous. So, it does need some monies put into it. It’s priced okay.

Next is 23 Scarborough Head Road. It’s another four bedroom three and a half bath listed for $679,000. For a little more you are getting pavers on the driveway. You are getting a lot of outdoor space. There are three or four different areas with chimneys, lanais, etc., but it doesn’t have a water view. The difference is that it has a wooded view. It also has a two-car garage. It’s better maintained with better curb appeal. It has much better landscaping. It has a few water features and lots of outdoor space. It has an open kitchen and it is the perfect place for a chef. 

Next was 44 Outpost Lane, a three bedroom four and a half bath for $748,000. Outpost is a different area. There are fewer trees than there are in Scarborough Head Road. It has newer buildings and very spacious lots. It has that open feel as you drive through. That’s the big difference. This one does have a three-car garage underneath and it is stucco built. It has a nice, newer look with oak floors and different floors in the master, which is on the first floor. It has an office. You’ve got coffered ceilings and trace ceilings. There is a lot of wainscoting. It has a pretty deck with green grass and a long, very pretty, lagoon view. The deck runs along the entire house. The master is large with a beautiful bathtub, marble flooring and a closet, but it stands all by itself. It’s kind of odd that it is off the kitchen, but there is not bedroom attached to it. It does have an exterior door that goes out to the decking. The decking, by the way, is hearty plank. So, it has a much better maintenance than with your typical wood. It’s an interesting price with nice curb appeal and a newer home.

There was one villa in the Port Royal area. Lyons Villa #1 has four bedrooms and four and a half baths for $589,900. You all know that I don’t go into those, but I just thought that I would give you that information.

Palmetto Dunes

The first home on our list in Palmetto Dune is 32 Mooring Buoy, a three bedroom two and a half bath house listed for $875,000. It’s a split level with a carport on the main road. There is an elderly couple currently here. It is very well maintained. It has a nice little screened porch. The wood decking needs a little bit of work. Your view is to other homes on the beach-ocean side. It’s clean as a whistle. It’s your basic house. The carpeting does need to be replaced. The cabinetry is older, but it could be cleaned up and be a nice little home for someone. The biggest challenge on this house will be to do a turnaround driveway. It’s very difficult to back out of, and it is on the main road. It’s kind of tight with the parking. The carport, you can get out of okay, but it’s on a little stilt. So, it’s a pretty basic house. 

9 Catboat is a five-bedroom five bath and three half bath house listed for $4,599,000. Obviously, this is ocean front. It’s a newer built home with a two-car garage with single doors. It’s a full stucco home and looks like it’s been maintained okay. Price seems a bit high.

29 Sea Lane has five bedrooms and five and a half baths for $1,299,000. Has a very contemporary door, but it has too many floorings in it. It’s kind of spread out on one level and from the outside feels bigger than it really is. The kitchen is black with wooden cabinets. It has a pretty view. It’s okay. It has been on the market before, and it’s just one of these houses that is just eh. 

Next, we have 12 Full Sweep with four bedrooms, four baths, and two half baths listed for $1,595,000. It has a beautiful pool and sitting area outside. The curb appeal is nice. It has the hearty plank siding, which is good. The house is kind of choppy. When you walk in you see the stairs and the dining room. Then, you come to the left to see the kitchen. It’s just a little on the choppy side, but it has a beautiful view and is probably a great family home. The only thing that I don’t care for – and it’s a person thing – is that the island has a tile top with the thick type of grout that catches food and oil. I would not want an island with tile and wide grout. Other than that, it has nice curb appeal for a family home and is well maintained. It does have a cat smell though. There are two cats in there. So, I’m having a hard time breathing. So, keep that in mind. 

Last on the list is 43 Offshore which is a four bedroom four and a half bath home listed for $775,000. It has a pool and a wooded view. You can tell it’s on the rental market. You come in and you have two steps down that are wood to get to a small family area and to the patio outside. The home looks okay. It just doesn’t have much appeal. It is very dark inside. 

There are a few villas behind Palmetto Dunes that I should mention.

6201 Hampton Place Villa has three bedrooms and three baths for $1,250,000. 

The Moorings Villa #5 is a two bedroom two and a half bath for $425,000.

279 Turnberry Village Villas has three bedrooms and two baths for $429,000.

81110 Windover Dunes Villa is a three-bedroom three bath listed for $769,300.

Lastly, 7535 Yacht Club Villa is a three-bedroom three bath for $466,900. That is in the Shelter Cove area of Palmetto Dunes. 

Off Plantation 

62 Jib Sail Court is a three bedroom two and a half bath house listed for $329,000. It has a one-car garage. These are built kind of basic, but they are in a great, entry-level neighborhood with small children. It’s very conveniently located in Yacht Cove. 

The other Off Plantation was a villa. 96 Woodlake Villa has two bedrooms and two and a half baths for $155,000. That is on Mathew’s Drive Central near the Port Royal Plaza. 

Long Cove

Long Cove is a gated community that has a very high initiation fee. You have to be a part of the golf club when you buy in there. POA is $12,021 a year, but if you are going to keep a house for ten years, you get a lot more house for your money.

So, our first one is 3 Grove Court. Three bedrooms and three baths for $519,000. It is a wood structure with wood steps with siding of a funky green color. Asphalt shingles. It’s an old-school home that has been well maintained and has been on the market before. Great view. Very old-school windows, and it looks over a lagoon and a far away golf course. You do have sliders, and it looks like they must have pulled the deck off, because the sliders are large. They all need to be redone, but it is priced properly. It has a deck on the side. It’s almost like being in a fishbowl. For someone that wants to have an entry level all on one floor, this would be nice. It does need a lot of updating, but for a couple hundred thousand you could certainly make this house extravagant. The curb appeal will still be of a house with high ceiling and small windows with a boxy look.

Our second showing in Long Cove is 287 Long Cove Drive. It’s a four bedroom three and a half bath home for $699,000 and has been on the market before. It has the half-rounded windows all over the place. The living room is dark and to the right. It has potential and it has a nice view over the lagoon. There isn’t a pool. It’s dated. My guess is that it’s about 20 years old. You have brick steps going up and some crushed oyster shells. It has a two-car garage tucked on the side. There’s an octagon in the bedroom. So, it’s priced appropriately. 

371 Long Cove Drive with four bedrooms, three baths, and two half baths listed for the same price, $699,000. This home has a wider, lighter and brighter kitchen compared to the 287 Long Cove Drive and has a pool and a lagoon view. It doesn’t have as good of a curb appeal. It is smaller with less square footage, and for the same price it has the same type of kitchen with the white GE appliances and oak wood floors. It does have the master on the first floor and a half bath. It’s dated but nice with nice trim. The dining room is raised. The formal dining room is kind of like an empty space. It has the rounded windows again. So, it’s priced properly.

Last in Long Cove, we have 9 Loomis Ferry Road, a four-bedroom, four bath, two half bath home for $799,000. This one has been staged. It also has the older cabinets, but they have been painted. The paint colors are very promising, and you pay a hundred thousand dollars more. It does have a nice curb appeal. New countertops with a marble look with a gorgeous but short marsh view, and until someone builds, you even have a water view from outside on the deck. Lots of outdoor entertaining space but not pool.  So, again, it’s another okay home in Long Cove.


We have one home in the Shipyard community, 18 Misty Cove. Two bedrooms and two baths for $435,000 for a patio lot with a one-car garage. They put vinyl wood floors in. It looks like it’s a flip. It’s cleaned up okay. Considering what the one down the street went for that was a three bedroom and had a lot more upgrades, this is just a basic house, but again, it’s a nice entry-level. 

We also have a villa in Shipyard. I’m not going to go see it, but just so you know, it’s 126 Evian Villas. It has two bedrooms and two and a half baths and is listed for $318,000. 


The first home in Wexford is 8 Berkshire Court. It has four bedrooms and four and a half baths for $595,000. It has a nice lagoon view and good curb appeal for a patio lot. You have to really love pillars, because there are about five of them over the garages. It has tongue and groove drawers. It’s all on one floor. You do have a sunken living room. The kitchen is a little dated, but you could paint the cabinets. It does have a stackable washer and dryer, which, for Wexford just doesn’t jive, but it is a good entry-level for Wexford. It has nice, very tall wooden entry doors. So, it would probably be well priced in the low fives. 

37 Bridgetown Road is a four bedroom four and a half bath listed for $1,249,000. This home is 3,500 square feet. It has a three-car garage and very steep brick steps leading up to the house. It has an antique door that, I guess, is kind of funky. There is a boat on the other side, and, of course, you see your neighbors. The sliders are old. The kitchen is dated. It is beautifully done, but it seems very high for what you are getting. You even have the gold bathroom fixtures in the master. So, it really seems a bit high for what you are getting, but, again, if you want to park your boat outside, there aren’t a lot of options right now in Wexford.

That concludes our Central Tour for October 24th, 2018. It’s really hard to pick a favorite this time. Nothing really wowed me. I would almost have to say 23 Scarborough with four bedrooms and three and a half baths at $679,000. It doesn’t have the view, but I like that it had so many outdoor spaces to entertain. Again, this one was a tough one, because none of them really stood out. 

18 Misty Cove is an entry-level at $435,000, and, I guess, 8 Berkshire Court in Wexford at $595,000 is a good entry-level if you want to be in Wexford. This one was tough, because nothing really stood out as a wow. 

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Susan Ochsner