Today we have the North Tour of Homes on Hilton Head Island. This is the Broker Realtor Tour where we get to see the homes showcased. You get my unfiltered views and thoughts and objectivity.

Hilton Head Plantation 

Started with our meeting at 27 Pheasant Run. It’s a five-bedroom four and a half bath home priced at $619,000. It’s a great family home. It’s dated but it’s very large and would make a great family home. These folks bought it about 15 years ago and five years ago the husband (a physician) passed away. It was supposed to become their forever home. Has a beautiful golf view and has smooth ceilings. It needs a little bit of updating but knowing what’s out there, it’s priced very well for Hilton Head Plantation.

Next was 3 Oyster Bateau Court, a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $719,000. This is in the Oyster Reef neighborhood which has newer homes. It’s nice. For someone who wants a newer home, this would be a good one.

6 Golden Hind Drive is in the Skull Creek area. It’s a three-bedroom three bath listed for $682,500. I love the feel of it. The curb appeal is average but inside it has beautiful floors and is very charming with smooth ceilings. It’s a very cozy home. It does smell of animals in there but again, it’s a very faint smell that will obviously part. The gutters are in great condition. I love the fireplace. It’s sort of the oyster shell style. It’s priced a little high for the neighborhood however, because it is a patio lot. But again, knowing the low inventory of Hilton Head Plantation, I think that’s a really nice turn-key home. It’s smaller than the other two that I’ve seen so far.

9 Sara Court, a three-bedroom two and a half bath in the Spring Lake Village. It’s priced at $409,000, turnkey and priced really well. It has saturnian floors and high smooth ceilings. It’s small but cozy. You’re close to Spring Lake and Pool, a great location. It is obviously smaller than the other things I’ve seen so far, but ready to go. I really liked it.

2 Anna Court, a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $449,000. It’s in a nice area and it’s intriguingly priced. The driveway is a huge turnaround driveway which is, unfortunately, cracking and needs repair. But it’s priced very well. The inside smells. It has popcorn ceilings. I see a lot of wood rot. The roof looks okay but there is broken glass. It sits on a really good lot. It’s vacant. It could be an interesting flip because of the price. Again, being that it’s priced at $449,000, if you could get this in the $300,000’s and really tweak it and stage it, I think you could do very well because of its location. Paint the cabinets and add new grips. This would be a great investor property to flip. The only tough part here on a flip is the sunken living room. It really dates the place. Obviously, the popcorn ceilings date it also. You might have to reconfigure the screened in porch. The view is okay because you kind of look at traffic going by. So, again, it could be an interesting one. You’d have to be careful not to spend more than $100,000. The carpets look kind of new and the slider is okay. The bathroom really needs updating but it’s big, spacious, light and bright. Fortunately, they do have a privacy fence for the bathroom because of the street but it’s all rotted away. It could be interesting. It needs some plantings to block the street, but it has great potential.

44 Seabrook Landing Drive which has three bedrooms and four baths and is priced at $1, 398,000. It’s at the end of the street going toward Ribaut Island. It has been on the market before. It’s a funky house and priced very high. It has been done with quality however, I think there are much better options unless you really want something extremely unique and sort of off the beaten path. It is just a three-bedroom also. It doesn’t speak much to me. You just have to forgive me. I’m a little leery of homes asking for top dollar even though it is a stucco home, but the maintenance always gives me concern. On a positive note, it is on a cul-de-sac and it is sort of a newer stucco build with rounded windows which is not my favorite. Like I said, this one has been on the market a while and there is a reason it hasn’t sold. 

10 Carma Court is 4BR/5 bath at $825,000. They've tried to sell it before. What they have going for them is a lower inventory. It has a nice golf view, but at $825,000 I think there are other homes more appealing for buyers. It has smooth coffered ceilings but the curb appeal and the condition is a little lower. It’s not my favorite and it’s not going to make my short list. 

Next, we go to Fernwood Court. We have two there, 26 and 27 Fernwood Court. One is a two-bedroom two bath at $312,000 and the other is a three-bedroom two bath at $329,000. Between the three and two-bedroom, the two bedroom one has a cute little barn door. There is no sitting when you come in the front of it but, you know, who is going to sit in the front of it anyway. It has smooth ceilings and is really cute and in great condition. The master bath is a little more spacious. The other one was kind of tight. It shows better. So, if someone doesn’t want a third bedroom, then I would say the two-bedroom is really cute. There is a lot of potential in the three-bedroom one though and it’s priced very well. So, it really depends. The roof on 27 is done. You don’t have smooth ceilings. So, its condition is inferior to number 26. So, of the two, I think 26 is a better buy for someone who doesn’t want to mess with having to change things. However, I do know that they are going to give a roof credit because they realize that the roof is in extremely poor condition. Again, it really depends. If you just want something turn-key, 26 Fernwood is cute as could be. Number 27 has potential even though the master bath is not as spacious. 

In the Rookery, we have 6 Bank Swallow Lagoon. I was excited about the price. It’s a three-bedroom two bath at $399,000, but this thing is absolutely rotted out. When you come in, it’s a tough one. At first, I thought it would be a good flip, but I just see a lot of water damage in corners. Again, I think the roofline has been done improperly in the back corner. So, that needs to be fixed. I saw window casings that need to be fixed. It does have a little breakfast nook and an open floor plan. The floor plan looks kind of cool. Again, it could be an interesting flip. I would have to run the numbers on this one minus Anna Court to see which one would benefit the most. These do have brown cabinets. They are all old-school but could need a paint. I like the countertops in the other flip a little better. So, again, definitely a redo. It also has a tar driveway and a two-car garage with single doors. So, it has cute potential in the Rookery. It’s a lagoon view. I think the view and location is probably better for resale although the Seabrook Landing area is very attractive because of the back gate to Hilton Head Plantation.

For someone that wants a turn-key house we’ve got 24 Red Star Path, a three-bedroom two and a half bath priced at $469,000. You do have to go through one bedroom to get to the third bedroom. That’s a negative. They really like blue. It’s in great condition and the view is spectacular. You can tell it’s custom built. You only have a one-car garage and there is a sunken living room but very rounded. It kind of feels like a spaceship when you come in. It has a very dramatic entry. So, if a sunken living room doesn’t bother you, it really is turn-key. I guess the biggest concern would be whether or not you like blue, and whether you would do okay with a sunken living room. It has a phenomenal view and a newer roof. The Rookery also has its own tennis court and pool for the neighborhood

In the Headlands subdivision, we have 73 Cypress Marsh, three-bedroom two bath. It has been redone and is really cute. It has smooth cathedral ceilings. A good one to consider thanks to location and condition and priced at $375,000. Its the last one in a row of patio homes.

That wraps it up for Hilton Head Plantation. On the short list we have 9 Sara Court and 27 Pheasant Run for a family and Fernwood Court also. So, again, there are lots of great opportunities in Hilton Head Plantation. People love all of the amenities and we would be glad to ascertain and help you target and find the proper property for you in this lovely community. 

Windmill Harbor 

Originally, there are four properties on the tour. One went under contract yesterday and it was 15 Sparwheel Lane, a three-bedroom three and a half bath priced very aggressively at $399,000. So, I’m not surprised about that one.

4 Sparwheel Lane has three bedrooms and three and a half baths and is listed for $750,000. This one has been on the market before. It’s a little high for what it is, but nevertheless that is an option.

3 Post Mill Lane is a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $899,000. This one has a nice view hence it is a little pricier. It’s right on the harbor and has nice decking and is right on the walkway. It has a nice white kitchen but with inexpensive cabinetry. It’s priced a little high but has a much better address. Again, it’s a unique house. The condition is that it needs a little bit of work. They did lighten it up, but they did a horrible paint job. It’s like, why even bother? There are some parts that just weren’t done properly. 

The last one is 153 Harbor Passage, a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $799,000. It has a spectacular deep-water view, but the house is in absolute horrid condition. The window casings are rotten. It has smooth ceilings. I’m sure it photographs well, but it’s scary in the condition that it’s in. It’s kind of up and down in the back also. It’s a shame. They let this one go. The price is good but beware. I would almost tear it down and start new to be honest and if you’re going to do that, you might as well buy on Indian Hill Lane and build a townhouse over there to your liking because you have two water views on both sides and it’s on a little peninsula. My throat will hurt because I entered this one and stayed too long. 

Spanish Wells had four homes, all with views of broad creek. 53 Brams Point Road, 5 bedroom 4.5 baths for $2,695,000. Gorgeous and best view from two sides the way its angled. Tasteful and lots of nooks and crannies. Loved the TV room and balcony on the second floor. Noticed the stairs were quite high and steep and no elevator. Nevertheless, a fabulous home! 37 Brams Point is a 5 bedroom 5 bath and two half bath home with pool and interior view in Spanish Wells priced at $1,75,000. Corner lot on the turn and nice curb appeal. Cool home and price is OK, however, I know they bought this in 2013 for $700,000 so I would want to see a 9 in front of any offer..... 16 Widewater is a very large home on the water, 5 bedroom, 6.5 baths with 5 car garage (three attached to home and 2 detached). Although the present owner did some upgrades, I was disappointed that kitchen cabinets were original. This home was purchased at the height of the market in 2005 and they've been trying to sell since August 2017 and have reduced price more than 5 times. At some time they may take reasonable offers. Has a large turnaround driveway and pickle ball court.  Lastly and most unique, we had 60 Widewater Road, 5 bedroom 5 bath and 2 half baths at $1,450,000. Its on the dead end part of Widewater (more quiet), but does have view of the bridge. Its a very cool ranch style Lowcountry home and tastefully done. The cabinets are painted and although I think its a very cool house and awesome view and spaces, they purchased in 2013 for $699,000 and doubling the money seems a bit high, however, its a unique and cool home that used to be a hunting lodge back in the day (1950s). 

I missed one in Indigo Run - 56 Sussex Lane a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home for $639,000. Great alternative to Hilton Head Plantation.

Thanks for reading my blog and thoughts to the homes on tour for Hilton Head Island on the North side of Hilton Head. Next week is our RBC Heritage Golf tournament and there will be no tour. I will try and list the homes and villas off-plantation for this North Tour at a later time. Right now we have many buyers and we are quite busy. Please let us know if we can be of assistance in the procuring of real estate on Hilton Head. We are long time islanders, professional, knowledgeable with utmost integrity. Have a great day!