Today we have a North Tour today and because it’s right before Christmas, we don’t have a lot to see. We have ten properties, nine are homes and one is a villa. So, let me tell you about the villa first since I will not go to it. 

Woodlake Villa #148B is a two-bedroom two bath listed for $135,000. It’s a good entry-level home with a good price. 

34 Spanish Point Drive has five bedrooms and six baths with two half baths. It’s listed for $1,274,900. It has nice curb appeal. It’s in a gated community right before you get to Spanish Wells. It has a fabulous marsh view and an updated kitchen. Nicely appointed and a two-car garage. High ceilings and is in good condition. This home is a winner. It has a turnaround driveway on a huge lot. It’s a very small and intimate neighborhood because I think there are only about 15 homes. I have a few friends that used to live in the neighborhood and a couple of them still do. Not that it matters, but this house was also the home of Greg Russell a few years ago. He is the gentleman that sings at the Live Oak in Harbour Town. So, I just thought I’d mention that. It has a pool and basic decking around the pool, which nothing to write home about, but the marsh view is one of a kind. So, if you don’t mind being Central or North, I think this is a good consideration and it’s priced very aggressively.

42 Bermuda Point Circle is a five-bedroom three bath home listed at $799,000. Bermuda Point is off Squire Pope Road right before you get to the back gate of Hilton Head Plantation. It’s a small little community that’s been planned out in a kind of a circle design. It has interior and exterior homes. This one has a master with a big deck and a beautiful view of the water as well as a little lagoon. This is a great, young neighborhood. There are lots of young families in this neighborhood and if somebody wants a five-bedroom house, this one has a beautiful marsh view from the master. The main space is on the second level and it has an elevator. The same view from the master you have in the living room. It has a big fireplace and is spacious. There is even a widow walk. It has nice trim work, colors and granite counter tops. The kitchen cabinetry is darker, and they are tongue and groove instead of soft-close. It’s got a nice layout, and it’s perfect for a large family wanting a marsh view. The widow’s walk upstairs with a room would be great for a teenager. This home could be really good for a larger family or someone who is wanting to be in a mixed neighborhood with a gate. It has its own pool. It also has a two-car garage. 

Hilton Head Plantation

I’m so excited, there were only six homes in Hilton Head Plantation which is quite a difference from your typical tour. So, I was able to spend a little more time on each of them.

30 Golden Hind Drive has three bedrooms and two and a half bath and is priced at $417,000. This one is right inside of the back gate where all the restaurants are along with The Boathouse, Hudson’s. It is a patio lot with a one-car garage. The exterior color is noticeable, and I’m surprised that this particular color was approved by Hilton Head Plantation because it’s almost like a seafoam green, which I’m surprised was an ARB color. The house has high ceilings. It smells of cigarette smoke. It has nice wood floors and original sliders with a pretty golf view. It does have new countertops and the cabinetry is contemporary with drawers with soft-close drawers. The kitchen opens up to a little breakfast room and a Carolina room to the side. It has a deck on the side and that pretty golf view, but the smoke smell is a little hard to take. The master is on the main floor. Upstairs there is a little half bath with good bedroom separation. There is a formal dining room. It could all be opened up, but it’s a cute little home and priced appropriately. The roof looks like it may need to be replaced within the next five years, but it is something that will eventually need to be dealt with.

2 Fernwood Trail is a three-bedroom two bath listed at $285,000. The homes in this area are on the way to Dolphin Head. They don’t have garages and are smaller units at good entry-level prices. This home smells of mold and mildew and I see a stain in the ceiling. It looks like the owners put new floors in. The kitchen is a basic kitchen. The home is priced well but it needs a lot of TLC and the problem with molds is – well, good luck trying to mitigate that. Its in poor condition. So, it’s a handyman special in my opinion, but how do you get rid of the mold? These weren’t built that great. So, I would rather see someone spend 10% to 20% more if possible or wait because, again, the care of these are kind of iffy. Every once in a while, there is one that is absolutely gorgeous like one that was on tour a couple of months ago, but on the other side of this complex. This home looks like it needs a lot of TLC.

The next home is in the Deerfield neighborhood of Hilton Head Plantation. 61 Deerfield Road is a three bedroom two and a half bath home priced at $474,999. So, let’s just say $475,000. It has a southern charm look with a wrap around porch in the front with two little rocking chairs. It’s in the Bear Creek neighborhood close to Dolphin Head. It seems to be priced pretty well. It has Savannah brick walking up to it and it’s a really cute home. It has Mexican tile, which can be a doozy to remove. I would just float some vinyl on it. It’s well priced. It has some small wooden issues that need to be taken care of. The driveway has cracks in certain places but it’s a great, great opportunity. 

There’s also a new construction that’s a four bedroom three and a half bath listed at $689,000 at 6 Salt Wind Way. It’s on the upper end but you do have a new house for that price. It’s not quite finished so I couldn’t go in and look. Construction will be complete in March. It’s a local builder who has moved back from Charleston. It’s a low country house with a porch to the front. Hopefully it has a little bit of playroom. 

40 Oyster Shell Lane has four bedrooms and three baths and is listed for $679,000. It’s an older home. It doesn’t have the really high elevation, but it’s got a Carolina room that looks out into a cute backyard. It has a very private wooded view. The home has pavers in the front. The kitchen is open to the family area. It has high, smooth ceilings. It has new stainless-steel appliances. The cabinetry in the kitchen is older and they have sealed stone countertops. The laundry is off of the kitchen and there is a bonus room and bathroom on the back of that. It seems to be priced a little high, but it is a cute little home. It has good bedroom separation. There is wainscoting throughout, and it does have a formal living room and dining room. It’s a more traditional home but has nice curb appeal. It just seems a little on the pricey side for the finishes that it has and the cabinetry and bathrooms. My guess is that they priced it this way because it’s in the Shell area of Hilton Head Plantation. So, I guess it can support that kind of pricing. 

3 Bowline Bay Court has three bedrooms and two and a half baths and is listed at $439,000. I think house number seven was on the market also. This home has a very pretty lagoon view in the back yard with a nice firepit. It’s carpet and has popcorn ceilings that are traced ceilings. The kitchen looks out to the front. It’s a good neighborhood. You are extremely quickly inside and outside of the gate. You do see the main Whooping Crane Way. It’s far away, but you do see the cars moving about. It’s priced well. It does need a little bit of updating. It has the pebbled entryway. It does have granite countertops and a beige, older looking dishwasher. You would definitely want to put a new dishwasher in. The home also has the old-style particle board, lower-end, basic cabinetry. The windows appear to be newer and the skylights look okay. The roof will need replacing at some point. So, it’s a great entry-level and the best things about this house are that you’re in and out of the gate very quickly and it’s priced accordingly. 

That wraps up the North Tour for December 19th. I did not go to 15 Avocet Street which is a four-bedroom three bath home. It’s probably a rental listed at $875,000 which seems a little steep especially for number 15 Avocet. It’s right near the Marriott Grand Ocean in Forest Beach and today is the North Tour. So, for that reason, I did not visit the property. 

Have a great Christmas everyone! I will be in touch soon. Feel free to call me any time if you have any questions regarding Hilton Head real estate. I am here to serve my clients as well as I possibly can.