Today is Wednesday February 12th, 2020 and we have the tour on the North end of the island. It’s a balmy 62 degrees and a little on the foggy side but it’s a great day to look and see the Hilton Head homes that are for sale, also known as The Realtor Tour.

Windmill Harbour

58 Crosstree Drive is a three-bedroom three bath listed for $525,000. I like the curb appeal of this house. These are the original owners which I always like. They added the carport. They are going to a retirement home. It has a beautiful view and is kind of set back on Crosstree Drive. She enclosed the little porch to make a little paining room and that is a lovely area to sit in. One of the bedrooms even has a view of the marsh. When you sit outside in the terrace off the master, you do hear a little bit of the road noise from 278 but the setting is lovely. It is very cute and cozy for a couple. It’s not a large, spacious house but it is very quaint. I don’t care for all of the ivy when you walk up. I felt very compressed, but the house is in great shape and it is a fantastic price, I think, for having such a fabulous view.

There is also a villa which is 53 Spindle Lane Villa. It’s a two-bedroom two bath for $329,900. It is an end unit and it is beautifully remodeled. It’s very easy for folks to live in. I think being on the main floor, if you have a pup or something this one is great. This one won’t last long. It’s at that price point that people are looking for that want to downsize. I think the biggest difficulty is that a lot of people that want to downsize want to have a garage and you won’t have those in Spindle Lane, but you will be in Windmill Harbour and you’re covered. 

Hilton Head Plantation

The first two homes I went to in Hilton Head Plantation are in the very high-end district. Ribaut Island is the highest rent district in Hilton Head Plantation. The first home is 20 Ribaut Drive, a four-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $1,385,000. If you have been following my blog for a while (or maybe you haven’t, it can be hard to look at all the details) this home was on the market a couple of years ago at $1.2 million and it had some really odd things. These people did a beautiful job on the renovation. I love the bathrooms. I love what they did with the center island. I love the paint colors. Everything is just really, really nice. The did keep the original back countertops in the kitchen but everything else is beautifully done. I liked it. To be in Ribaut Island with a turnkey home at that price is great. There may be some things or small details that people can still change but it’s lovely and priced well. I liked it very much.

Seabrook Landing is the second largest area and here is the difference. Ribaut Island has water on both sides. The lots aren’t as big, but the homes are, and it is the gold coast of Hilton Head Plantation. Seabrook landing is the second most popular followed then bay Dolphin Head. Seabrook Landing has huge lots, and most are wooded but there are a select few that have water views. This particular home that I’m going to talk to you about now is 9 Seabrook Landing Drive, is a four-bedroom five and a half bath for $2,990,000. This one has been on the market before. I have also talked about it. The harder part about it is that it’s going to take a unique buyer because it is very custom done. It’s very old European style with lots of intricate details. It’s really lovely but it has to be for that particular buyer because most people don’t want to spend that kind of money and then have to make a lot of changes. I happen to know these folks too and they have had it on the market now for a couple of years. 

4 Lenora Drive is a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed for $539,000. It’s a decent price for the Skull Creek area. I don’t care for the curb appeal. I have to say, when I first drove up to it, there was the asphalt driveway. It’s a funny yellow color and it didn’t really appeal to me but as soon as you open the door and you see the pool and a really wide-open concept; I was actually pleasantly surprised. I had a wow moment when I entered 4 Lenora Drive and it’s in the money. 

2 Persimmon Place is a four-bedroom three bath listed at $528,900. I know our brokerage has a couple in Persimmon down a little further in number, and I like those homes better and they are a lower price. So, this one seems to be a little high. I don’t care for the inexpensive floor vinyl. It’s like the lowest grade of vinyl floors. It’s on a smaller lot with an older kitchen. It was okay. 

3 Stonegate Drive is a three-bedroom two and a half bath priced at $514,900. This is a really good price. You’ve got the high ceilings that people seem to like. This house didn’t do anything for me. I also don’t like that over the transept that there is a lot of cracks and stuff and they just need to fill those in a little bit I think but it is well-priced. I really like the high ceilings, but it just feels really tight. The main thing I don’t like is that you are right up on the lagoon. You really don’t have much of a back deck. It steeps down really low and when you sit inside, it’s not that great. I didn’t really care for that at all but again, it’s a decent price and maybe you can do something with some plantings. 

60 Hickory Forrest Drive is a four-bedroom four and a half bath home listed for $669,750. It has a beautiful lagoon view. Hickory Forrest is one of the other nice addresses in Hilton Head Plantation. This house does have a small master and it does need updating. It has only had a couple of owners. It’s a little choppy but it has great potential and I think the price is reflective of the neighborhood because you have some much higher-end houses in there in the 8’s and 9’s. So, there is a lot of wiggle room to upgrade the house.

6 Brown Thrasher Road is a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $328,900. This one had a distinct smell when I came in. Two-bedroom houses are tough, but it is priced very well. It is clean as a whistle, dated, and small but I think for a person wanting to downsize it could be great. It has great curb appeal. It’s kind of set back on a spacious lot in the Pineland area somewhat close to Dolphin Head. It’s in the money and priced very well. It has a sunken living room and den. That is, I think, it’s biggest opposition but it’s priced accordingly.

Lastly in the High Bluff area we have 23 China Cockle Way. It’s a four-bedroom four and a half bath listed for $1,300,000. It needs a little updating. It has a killer view and a nice garden in the back. I thought it was on before, but it was the one next door. I don’t really care for the curb appeal, but it has a really nice pool. The kitchen is in really decent shape. I like this house and again, it’s one of the better addresses. All the “shell streets” are very sought after addresses in Hilton Head Plantation.

Indigo Run

In Indigo Run there is a new build which is 6 Mead Lane. It’s a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $899,000. It was built by Tom Peeples. I don’t care for the area but it’s a nice build. 

113 Wedgefield Drive is a four-bedroom four bath for $829,000. It seems a bit high. I found the house to be a little dark. I do like that backyard lanai grill area. The pool is an older school pool. It has a nice golf view. It was okay but it seems a bit high. It’s a little on the dark side. It didn’t do anything for me.

19 Heather Lane is a four-bedroom three and a half bath priced at $819,000. This one has a distinct smell when you come in and there is a sunken living room. The master does have lots of drawers. It’s very ornate. It has flow and if it was empty it would probably show a little better. I do like the room right off of the kitchen that is like a family room and it is rounded, and you feel like you’re in a fishbowl. It’s kind of cool looking. I don’t know if I’d want to sit there at night in the dark. The people happened to be there. They were lovely. 

11 Pond Drive is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $839,000. This is also a newer home. I just found the finishings to be sort of average and the other thing is, the house faces Marshland Road. I’m always uneasy about being on the end of a gated community but those are the last lots. It is a new house. It has a nice view. It’s done okay. It’s okay. That’s all I can say about that.

21 Pond Drive is a four-bedroom four bath priced at $785,000. I think of all the ones in Indigo Run, this one, to me, seems the best even though you have the same issue being close to Marshland Road. It kind of had a bend on it so, it wasn’t as obvious, I think. It is large and spacious with a great lagoon view. I love the space even in the master. The only thing I didn’t care for in the master was the tiled shower. This one is under 800. It’s not new but of all of them, it’s the one I like the best, especially for the price.

Broad Point is kind of part of Indigo Run on the water side (the other side of Marshland Road). The houses there are usually in the million-dollar range. 52 Wilers Creek Way is a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $899,000. This is an Artisan home. I loved this home. If I’m going to spend $899,000, I’d take this one of the Mead Lane one. They are building next door and that is going to kind of effect that little peekaboo marsh view, but it is a beautiful home. You have a butler’s pantry. The tiles and other choices made were fabulous. The garage is huge and because it’s 13 feet you could actually raise two cars and put six cars in there it seems. There was also a mud room. What I also love is that you have two entrances to the master. So, if your wife is having all the girl’s over in the kitchen and having a good time, the husband can sneak in from the garage and not have to be seen but there is also an entry from the kitchen area. So, if it’s just the two of you, you can use that entrance. It’s a very well thought out home and plan. I like what Artisan home is doing. So, for someone that wants a newer home, I also have a townhouse lot and they would love to build for you. This one would be my first choice because I like the Broad Point area and 21 Pond Drive would be my second favorite in Indigo Run.

Palmetto Hall

We only have one house in Palmetto Hall, which is unusual, and it is 29 Timber Marsh Lane. It’s a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $905,000. I would have put this house under 900. I mean, why do $6,000 more and miss people that are searching a certain amount when people search under $900,000. Even before the internet, we as agents always put in over what people were saying but I think they might miss some people there. It is a beautiful home. I love the curb appeal and that it’s on a corner lot. It’s very detailed with a nice pool and nice view. It just seems a little pricey for Palmetto Hall and I would probably even go for the Indigo Run home over this one, but that’s just me. 

Spanish Wells

80 Brams Point Road is a six-bedroom six and a half bath for $3,850,000. This was on the market before. They started really high with another broker at $4.3 million around January of 2018. It is a very unique property on a unique piece of peninsula on Hilton Head. In the Spanish Wells area, Brams Point is very coveted street and quite an active market right now. That house in Spanish Pointe that my friends lived in went under contract in 7 days!

I didn’t go to see this one, but 32 Widewater Road is going to have a soiree from 4 to 7 tonight. I’m not going to make that one. It’s a six-bedroom seven and a half bath listed for $4,299,000. It seems a bit high. They have renovated this house and again, here is someone doing a flip. They bought it in February of 2019 for $1,500,000. It needed a lot of work and they did all the work. I bet they did put $500,000 in it but you’re at $2 million cost. You got it for a steal, and I think it will sit there for a while. That is just my gut feeling, but you never know. 

Off Plantation

These are homes that aren’t in gated communities although the Paddocks does have an automatic gate but no 24/7 human security. 

In the Jonesville neighborhood we have 18 Graham Lane, a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $450,000. It is priced well and a somewhat newer home. 

Also, in the Paddocks we have 29 Percheron Lane, a four-bedroom four bath listed at $650,000. 

In Victoria Square neighborhood we have 54 Victoria Square Drive, a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $335,000. It is priced okay. Newer homes, these are kind of up and down. So, lots of steps for these homes. There are a lot of young families and they are smaller homes in this area.

32 Hammock Oaks Circle is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $469,000. This is in the Spanish Wells area.

4 Sheer Water Court is a four-bedroom three bath for $599,000. Not necessarily in the money, but you get a newer home without having to break the bank. I think what makes these homes is having a view and a newer home. You have a garage. You have everything. You’re in the Spanish Wells area which puts you more on the North end of the island. 

We did have one villa, which is Marsh Side Villa unit G16. It’s a one-bedroom one bath for $147,000. These are very close to the high school and I know many of teachers and assistants that live in them. They are very spacious, low density, and at a great price point for someone wanting to enter the Hilton Head market. 

So, that wraps it up for our North End Tour. I mentioned some of my favorites. Hilton Head continues to be a great place to live, work, and play. I think that we have a very good selection of newer homes and older homes that can be renovated and even some lots that people are considering that you can build a nice custom home on. 

If you need any assistance, we’re here to help you. Just call us at (843) 816-6388.

Respectfully Submitted,
Susan Ochsner, YourHiltonHeadAgent.