Today we had the Realtor Home Tour for the North End of Hilton Head Island. 

Windmill Harbor

102 Crosstree North is a five-bedroom four and a half bath listed for $1,495,000. This one has been on the market for a while. It has a very pretty view. It’s large and spacious. I don’t care for the green marble in the master and the thing that also gets to me is there is a large tree that, when you back out of the driveway or the garage, makes it a very narrow driveway to back out of. These folks have been trying to sell this for quite some time.

39 Crosstree Drive has three bedrooms and three and a half baths for $599,000. Really, I like this one. It overlooks the lagoon. It is tasteful and has new appliances. I like that there is a fireplace in the master. It’s in great condition. It’s at a good price point for Windmill Harbor. L

6 Sailwing Lane is a four-bedroom four and a half bath priced at $1,639,000. This one is directly on the harbor and even though it is a couple hundred thousand more, it is absolutely gorgeous in every way. It’s solid, solid construction. Overbuilt never broke. I’m a big believer that you can have mediocre build but this one was absolutely phenomenal. I really have a great appreciation for homes that have only had one owner. It was custom built. It’s got covered porches, an elevator, and just elegance in every way. What’s really cool is there is a 40-foot boat slip also available for purchase and it’s right behind the home. So, for boaters, this one is one that’s going to make the short list for sure.

143 Harbor Passage has been on the market a few times. They have lowered the price. I remember this one being over a million dollars. It’s a four-bedroom four and a half bath priced now to sell at $899,000. You do have a deep-water view; however, it is limited. You do have a green space in the back. I cannot tell whether it’s going to be built on or not, but this is a large, large home with an elevator and lots of bedrooms. You know, it has detailed ceilings. It’s well-built. So, I don’t think at this price it’s going to last very long. 

Hilton Head Plantation

3 King William Court has four bedrooms and four and a half baths and is listed at $600,000. Everything has been done. It’s completely new on this home. It’s got a side view of the golf course. It’s kind of a wooded view. It’s nicely done inside. I would say the biggest negative to this one is the dark outside. It looks really nice on the inside and has nice bedroom separation, coffered ceilings and so on, and is priced well. It really is nice to see it. I just don’t care for the curb appeal. It is on a cul-de-sac. So, this one might make my short list.

25 Lenora Drive is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $649,900. This one is also off of Royal James Drive. I love the garden as you walk in. I love the back where you have a great panoramic golf view. You do have sunken living room and kind of a smaller kitchen with a lot. It’s very busy in there but it’s nicely done. It’s a little on the funky side. It’s got a hot tub. Again, the sunken living room really doesn’t cut it and it just doesn’t seem like clean lines. It has been updated though and they’ve lowered the price. So, that’s a plus.

272 Seabrook Drive has four bedrooms and three and a half baths for $674,900. This home is elevated and has a really killer golf view and a swimming pool in the back. I like that it has pavers, but the steps going up – they were kind of, you know, not the best and when you go inside, it smells awful and every cabinet has childproof locks. It’s like childproofed to the nines even though it’s been tastefully done. I do not think that it shows that well. It’s not necessarily going to make my short list today.

6 Anna Court has three bedrooms and two and a half baths for $459,000. This one we couldn’t get in to. Apparently, the tour was cancelled. So, that one is not going to make the short list either. Looks like its well priced.

5 Ribaut Drive is on Ribaut Island. It has six bedrooms and six baths with three half baths. It’s priced at $3,595,000. It is a beautiful Charlestonian home. It has a long sweeping driveway with deep water. I could so see this as a bed and breakfast. It just is so warm and cozy. Don’t let the Asian décor detract you. It really takes away from that natural Charleston décor but it’s just lovely in every way.  

44 Seabrook Landing Drive has three bedrooms and four baths and is priced at $1,498,000. I don’t care of the curb appeal. It’s toward the end of Seabrook Landing. You do have a view, but the curb appeal isn’t that interesting. There really isn’t a foyer there and there’s a long hallway that you go down. It’s contemporary but the kitchen has very inexpensive cabinets. The yellow Bahama shutters don’t cut it and it feels like they’re out of place. Again, this one will not make my short list. 

5 Whispering Pines Court has four bedrooms and four baths for $650,000. I wanted to like this house. It’s got a pretty view and it’s very simply built. I think this was a spec house and it is all original. You walk down the hallway and it’s clickety clackety almost like it’s hollow. I really wanted to like this one, but it seems priced high for what you are getting. So, this one too won’t make the short list.

16 Sawtooth Court is a four-bedroom three and a half bath home for $529,000. I also wanted to like this one. The curb appeal is a little odd and empty. When you look at the photos it looks like it has things in it. Needs work. There’s really not much love in this house and I know that they’ve been trying to sell since September and have come down on the price a little bit. I doubt this one will make my short list.

The last two homes were in the popular Headlands area that do captivate a few more dollars. However, I’ve found that both of them for the condition were not that desirable. I would rather, if you needed a four-bedroom, you go to King William Court in the Skull Creek near the back gate. 

There were two in the Deerfield neighborhood. 

22 Deerfield Road has three bedrooms and two baths for $489,000. This one is on a large lot. It’s priced okay. I’m not keen on the Mexican tile when you come in. It has the traced ceilings and the new open kitchen. This one could make the short list. So, we’ll keep this one in mind, but it is just a three bedroom.

77 Deerfield Road is a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $719,000. I know these folks. It has a beautiful marsh view and pavers. It doesn’t have the greatest curb appeal, but it is sort of a low country home. Everything has been done beautifully. It’s very tasteful. You really get good low country living with over 3,000 square feet. I’d like to see this at $699,000 but this one will make the short list. You are in the Deerfield neighborhood and you do have some good space.

In Big Woods we have 31 Big Woods Drive which has three bedrooms and two and a half baths for $409,000. It’s priced aggressively. It’s just a basic house with a sunken living room and carpet. It has original windows. It is light and bright and probably a good one for someone who wants to downsize. 

Lastly for Hilton Head Plantation, we have 11 Arrow Wood Road which has three bedrooms and two baths. It’s priced at $379,000. I would almost do this one over the Big Woods one just because that one needs more work. This home is very clean. What I like about the Spring Lake Village sometimes is that you can walk to all the amenities at Hilton Head Plantation. So, I think that one makes it a little bit more desirable and it’s clean. It has a nice view and a little back yard that needs a little TLC, but nevertheless, it is at a great price point for Hilton Head Plantation. 

Indigo Run

There was only one in Indigo Run today and it was 576 Colonial Drive with three bedrooms and five bathrooms for $749,000. These folks have been trying to sell since 2016. They did go under contract in 2017, but nevertheless, it’s available again. It’s got a kidney-type pool and nice curb appeal. You are in Indigo Run with brick and so on. You’ve got a three-car garage and, you know, it’s okay for Indigo Run.

In Palmetto Hall we have two properties. 

13 Stevens Court is a five-bedroom five and a half bath listed at $749,000. The folks that own this one have lived in it for a while. I know they have new paint colors. You’ve got the columns and an open floorplan. There is a lot of square footage and a nice one for Palmetto Hall.

2 Clyde Lane has three bedrooms and three and a half baths for $693,900. They are a coming a little bit down on the price. It’s a little under 3,000 square feet. They have been trying to sell it for six months. It is new construction. Folks seem to like that. It’s nice and airy inside with a three-car garage and a low country style with dark colors. Again, if you want to be in Palmetto Hall, this might be a great option. 

That covers the gated community homes. I would have to say that 3 King William Court with four bedrooms and four and a half baths for $600,000 is my favorite. If you don’t mind painting the exterior, I think you’re going to get a really good house with it. 

So, now, to the Off Plantation homes. I did not go in any of these. They are not as popular but, you know, some folks don’t want to live in a gated community. So, these are terrific options for folks who don’t want to live in gated communities. 

In Victoria Square we had two homes. This one does have an automatic gate.

12 Victoria Square Drive off of Marshland Road is a four-bedroom four bath home priced at $384,000.

99 Victoria Square Drive has three bedrooms and three and a half baths for $389,000. 

In the Paddocks, we have 29 Percheron Lane with four bedrooms and four baths listed at $740,000.

In Oak View near Spanish Wells we have 77 Gold Oak Drive, a three-bedroom three bath priced at $349,000.

In the Jonesville Road area we have 38 Blue Crab Manor. It is in a subdivision that is trying to be relived after the recession. It has three bedrooms and two and a half baths and is priced at $679,000. Again, these are just developer prices. Don’t shoot the messenger. 

And in Jarvis Creek, we have 12 Jarvis Creek Lane, a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $450,777. 

These are great entry-levels. Some of these you just need to watch on the build.

67 China Berry Drive went under contract, so we didn’t even get to see that one. It has three bedrooms and two baths and is priced at $269,000. It’s really close to the high schools. 

Carolina Isles is a newer community and the houses are close together but it’s a great entry-level close to the high school. They are newer built. 104 Ocracoke Lane is a four-bedroom three and a half bath priced at $385,000.

So, now to the villas which are all Off-Plantation
The Spa on Port Royal Sound, people that have never been to Hilton Head always seem to like these, but they’ve gone up in price quite a bit. They are pre-fab built. Unit 2204 is a two-bedroom two bath for $155,000. You are on the sound. You are not on the beach and you are away from everything. You’re going to need a car to get anywhere. So, just keep that in mind if you are a first-time looker on Hilton Head.

The Preserve at Indigo Run is a gated community close to all the shopping and across from the Hilton Head Plantation gates. People seem to like it. It’s a gated community with professional condos where professionals live and retirees. Unit 4023 has three bedrooms and two baths and is priced at $314,000 and unit 4221 has three bedrooms and two baths for $349,000. There’s also an older one, which is unit 620, has two bedrooms and two baths for $339,000. 

Summer House F32 is a two-bedroom two bath for $200,000. It’s off Marshland Road. They are not built that great but people like them because they have the garages. You have a lot of retail and food and beverage folks that live there or rent there. It’s a great entry-level price. 

E6 Marsh Side Villas is a two-bedroom two and a half bath priced at $164,500. Even though these don’t have garages, I personally prefer them because it’s a lower density than Summer House. It’s much more convenient to everything in Hilton Head. You don’t have to drive on the car as much. So, I think that’s a very good one for professionals or folks working somewhere. 

That about wraps it up for our North Tour of Hilton Head for February 27th. Again, we would love to show you any that you would like to see and give you our thoughts and opinions, do smell tests, give you condition reports and so on. We are very passionate about marketing and showing you Hilton Head Island. So, please give us a call, email, or text and let us get to work for you. 

As buyer’s agents we are at no cost to you as long as you sign and let us work for you. So, thank you for your consideration and for reading this blog about the Realtor’s Tours and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a fantastic end of your week.