Today is January 22nd, 2020 and we have the Realtor Tour for the North part of Hilton Head Island. Boy, it’s a chilly day. These last couple of days we’ve had winter, especially after having warm balmy days. So, I did have my winter coat with me but I took it off by the afternoon.

Hilton Head Plantation

Let’s start in Hilton Head Plantation with 31 Persimmon Place. It’s a three-bedroom two bath for $459,000. This house has a lovely view and they did put in new floors. The curb appeal is nice because it’s in a cul-de-sac. The only issue I have is that I know the house next door at 33 is Under Contract at list price of  $465,000 and it has a beautiful back yard with pavers and a lot more trim work. The master was in better shape. The kitchen was as little more open and large. So, just because I intimately know this, I think the price should be more in the $435,000 to $439,000 range but it’s a cute home with great potential. 

35 Old Fort Drive is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $925,000. This is, obviously, a newer home with high ceilings. What makes it extra-special is that it is on the intracoastal waterway. The first floor has the master. The kitchen is okay. What I really like is that it has a covered patio in the back and then an uncovered deck Lots of outside spaces. I think the only thing I didn’t care for is that the master bath area seems a little inadequate for a master bath, but it’s priced well.

8 Manor Court Lane is a three-bedroom three bath for $547,500. This is also a newer stucco-style home. It doesn’t really have a view. It’s a wooded view and it faces the main road of the back gate. It is a nice, elegant, open house. It is close to the club and it does have three full bathrooms and good bedroom separation. It is priced well. It is just on that main road and I know you are close to Cypress retirement home. So, you’re going to hear a lot of ambulances and things, but it is a lovely home and it’s priced well. I like this one. 

14 Flying King Court is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed for $454,000. This one is $100,000 less than Manor Court, but you need about $100,000 in it. It is in a great location with nice curb appeal. It is also close to the club and on a nice horseshoe street. An older home that does need a bit of updating. 

11 Annabella Lane is a three-bedroom two and a half bath at $509,900. I love the airy feel that this house has. The back porch kind of blocks the view when you come in. I could see how that could bother some folks. The countertop isn’t Corian even though it looks like it. It’s a lovely home and is nice and airy and well-maintained. This one also made my short list. It sounds like I’m liking all of them so far. So far, I would have to say, since they are all in the fives except for Old Fort Drive, 11 Annabella is my favorite. 

Let’s go next to 41 Ribaut Drive. I tried to go in this one, but they didn’t have to gate code. It is a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $2,920,000. It’s in Ribaut. What else can I say?

29 Seabrook Landing Drive is a four-bedroom five and a half bath for $2,990,000. It has a beautiful view. It’s a nice house and is well-maintained. The owners go to my church and have been trying to sell since October of 2017. They are using the same brokerage. 

21 Teal Lane is a three-bedroom two bath listed at $419,000. This house is dark. The kitchen is cramped. Even though it has a skylight, it’s a very small hole. It should have been a lot larger. The opening is huge. I didn’t really care for it. It has a nice view and whoever the architect was back in the day certainly did the most for the setting. I did not really care for this at all. It needs a lot of work, but it is priced well but will be difficult to make light and bright. 

14 Fernwood Trail is a two-bedroom two bath for $315,000. These in Fernwood don’t have garages. They put new flooring in. What I don’t like about the vinyl floors they put in is it almost seems like they were cupping on every end which is kind of weird. I don’t know if they didn’t climatize them or if that’s just the way they were but that really bothered me. 

16 Field Sparrow Road is a three-bedroom three bath for $465,000. Here is another example of a flip. First of all, it is very dark. It does have a carport. The curb appeal isn’t that great. When you walk in, the view is nice. The kitchen was redone. There is something going on with the floors. I don’t know if they just refinished them, but on the back by the fireplace on the corner in the dining room area, they didn’t do any of the sliders but here is the part that gets to me ya’ll. They bought this in April of 2018. So, it has not even been two years. They bought it for $313,405. Now they want $150,000 more and believe me, they did not put $150,000 into the house and actually, I thought it had a little more charm back then. They did redo the kitchen and it did need to be redone but they didn’t even redo the floors. I get upset when I see that kind of stuff, but ya’ll know that by now. Again, it is not my cup of tea. For that kind of money I can find you better options.

65 Myrtle Bank Road is a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $619,000. It’s a lovely home owned by an older couple. I didn’t like the smell that was in there. The folks were there, and they were lovely as could be. It has a nice view and is a nice home, but I don’t know if $619,000 is the right price though. It is a two and a half bath and I think it needs to be under 6 and I didn’t care for the smell. It does need to be updated. So, onward and forward. 

5 Angel Wing Drive is a five-bedroom five and a half bath for $1,395,000. I like this house. What’s not to like? It is a little on the dated side, but it is a lot of house for the money and you’ve got that killer deep water view. If you compare that to Old Fort Drive, that’s a tough one because this one obviously has more bedrooms if you need them but if bedrooms aren’t an issue, I kind of like Old Fort Drive. You are quicker in and out of the Plantation. You are close to the Country Club. You’ve got a spectacular view and you are not that deep into it but you might need five bedrooms, this is the house. So, again, that is one of the higher-end ones. 

3 Centella Court is a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $579,500. You can tell it was a custom home. They kind of have angled walls and so on. So, I think that is very cool. It isn’t cookie cutter at all. The walls are a little on the dark side, but it is very well-maintained. It has nice flooring and a nice golf view. I like this one. It may be a little on the high side but not much. I thought I had been in this house before, but I was wrong. I like the way the master is. It’s just a very clean house. 

22 Oyster Reef Drive is a four-bedroom, three bath, and two half bath for $835,000. It is a nice house. They bought it, of course, at the same amount back in the heyday. It is a beautiful house and shows beautifully. It has a lot of nice trim work. They are right on the car path, but they have really done a great job of having that pool in there and fenced bushes. So, it is private, yet you are on the golf course. Priced well and is a nice and elegant home. 

26 Edgewood Drive is a three-bedroom two bath listed at $349,000. This house is okay. It didn’t make an impression one way or another. It does have a sort of a musty smell to it that one would have to inquire a little bit about. 

Windmill Harbour

It seems like everything in Windmill Harbor this time, other than one home, is a repeat. They have all been on the market before. 

51 Crosstree Drive is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $629,000. I like this house. It just seems a little high, but it is lovely. 

9 Sparwheel Lane is three-bedroom two and a half bath listed for $529,900. This one is a Charleston-style, which I love. You come in the one door and then you have this area that you walk through, a breezeway, until you get to the home, but this is a tighter house. I do like the other one more even though it was $100,000 more. I think the biggest negative with this one would be the road noise and it is kind of choppy. Oh and it is not that well maintained. Also, when you walk in, you have a set of stairs right there in your face. 

50 Harbour Passage is a four-bedroom, four bath, and two half bath for $1,695,000. This one has been on too. It’s very elegantly and nicely appointed. It is a beautiful home on the harbor. It just seems a bit on the high side for being on the harbor. 

39 Harbour Passage is the only new one to see this time and is on the marsh/deep water side. It has three bedrooms and three and a half baths and is priced at $849,000. It is beautifully maintained and is a nice home. It has steps going down and it does kind of feel a little cramped. Granted, the old-school townhouses do feel that way. It has a spectacular view though. 

Indigo Run

In the Golden Bear neighborhood we have 10 Legacy Court, a three-bedroom three bath listed at $684,900. It is a nice home and is priced okay. 

10 Chantilly Lane is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $569,000. It is a nice home.

27 Balmoral Place is a four-bedroom four bath listed for $719,000. This one had nicer trim work but you’re paying a lot more. It really depends on whether you need the extra bedroom or not. 

29 Cotesworth Place is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $650,000. It is priced okay. Those are builder-grade homes.

In the River Club we have 62 River Club Drive,  a four-bedroom and four and a half bath for $995,000. This home is elegant, and I love it and it seems to be priced very well. 

Palmetto Hall

We have two homes in Palmetto Hall. The first is 228 Fort Howell Drive, a five-bedroom five and a half bath for $799,000. I remember this home. They put new floors in it and it is on a large piece of property. They are not really wanting to sell is my guess. I think that it’s a situation where if they sell, they will move. That is the impression I get based on the pricing but it’s a lovely home nevertheless.

32 Lenox Lane is a four-bedroom three bath for $499,000. This is a nice, okay home and it is priced well. It’s great for someone wanting to be in the Palmetto Hall neighborhood.

Off Plantation

I did not go into these, but let me tell you about them nevertheless.

18 Victoria Square Crossing is a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $360,000. It seems to be priced okay. 

In the Squire Pope area, we had in Carolina Isles 4 Dewees Lane, a three-bedroom three bath for $329,000.

Now onto the condos.  


In Windmill Harbour we have 57 Spindle Lane Villas, a two-bedroom two bath for $289,000.

In Hilton Head Plantation we had 3B Courtyard Common #15, a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $449,000. 

201 Indian Springs Villa is a three-bedroom two bath for $750,000. 

In Beach City we have 3128 The Spa on Port Royal Sound, a two-bedroom two bath for $149,000. 

In Broad Creek we have 30 Forest Cove, a two-bedroom two bath for $169,000. Those have really gotten high. 

In Edgewater we have unit 2105 at The Residences at Edgewater. It’s a four-bedroom three bath for $364,900 and 2102 The Residences at Edgewater, a three-bedroom three bath for $389,000.

In the Fish Hall neighborhood we have 2121 Cotton Hope Villas, a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $115,000 and 2524 Cotton Hope Villas, a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $119,000. 

Marshland Road B27 Summer House is a two-bedroom two bath for $223,000. I love these. They are in the Squire Pope area. Marshside villas have always been popular with teachers because they are entry-level and close to the schools and it is really low density in there. 

C14 Marsh Side Villas is a one-bedroom one bath for $134,900.

Lastly, we have 406 Mariner’s Cove Villa, a three-bedroom two bath for $345,000 at the entrance tip of the island with killer marsh views. 

This was over 47 properties. So, I don’t know, we are starting the new year with a lot of properties. As I always say, if they are priced well and in good condition, they go pretty fast. If anyone wants to see any of these, we would be happy to show them to you. Feel free to call, text, or email me. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Susan Ochsner
(843) 816-6388