Today we have the North Tour of Homes on Hilton Head Island.

Windmill Harbor.

126 Westwind Villa is a two-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $749,000. This one kind of looks like a man cave. It has a killer view. I love that it has a desk that faces the deep-water view. The little sailboats are sailing right back here. This has a fantastic water view. It seems a little high even though it has really high-end finishes. The living room kind of drops down two steps. It has a richly appointed kitchen but it’s really dark and the sink does face the water. It would be a great place to wash your dishes. Again, it’s a two-bedroom. The garage is outside. You have to walk across to it. So, if there is a torrential downpour, you’re going to get wet. So, it seems a bit high for what you’re getting but it is beautiful and for a bachelor, it’s definitely ready to go.

Hilton Head Plantation.

3 Bear Creek Drive has three bedrooms and three baths and is listed for $475,500. It’s a nice house and is very appealing as you walk up to it. You’ve got a nice private view in the back and a large yard with a long, big deck. It has been updated. It has charming colors. It has a lot of personality. The master bathroom is also very unique and different but there is only one master closet. It has large rooms. The kitchen is kind of open. You have both a living room and a family room. The kitchen has lots of storage and it’s priced well. 

3 Marsh Owl Court is a three-bedroom two and a half bath which is also listed at $475,000. It is also in the Bear Creek neighborhood. This one did not appeal to me as much. If I was choosing between the two, 3 Bear Creek Drive wins out. When you walk in you have the dining room, which is closed off, and then you’ve got the living room. The kitchen is kind of enclosed, but the worst thing is that you have no privacy because your backyard looks right into the next house. You’ve got a bathroom that is separate from the two bedrooms. So, it’s not even a Jack and Jill bathroom. The master also just has one closet. It doesn’t have as nice of finishes in the master bath. So, this one didn’t appeal to me as much for being on the same price point as 3 Bear Creek Drive. 

In the Dolphin Head area, we had 1 Fernwood Trail. It’s a four-bedroom two bath for $379,000. This one has been all redone. I love the little shutters on the outside. It’s turnkey. It just doesn’t have that love, but it is light and bright, and it is priced well. So, it is ready to go for buyers. 

6 Salt Wind Way is a four-bedroom three and a half bath for $689,000. This is a brand-new house. I remember that it has been on the market before. As they were building, I guess they were hoping to sell it before finishing it. It’s low country style with steps leading upstairs. There is a garage in the back. It’s a great family home. It’s medium construction. It has a nice little porch in the front and nice landscaping. So, it’s turnkey four-bedroom three and a half bath home for $689,000.

12 Virginia Rail Lane is a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $454,000. This one is priced well. It has a nice lagoon view and an open kitchen plan. It has higher ceilings and has potential. It needs a little bit of love, but it’s priced well. I’m not particularly a fan of black countertops but it is what it is. 

31 Oyster Shell Lane is a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $769,900. It is second row sound. It’s a stucco house with a two-car garage and a nice brick walkway. It has beautiful curb appeal. It has a pool. It’s an upside-down house. You’ve got two bedrooms downstairs that are right off the pool. As you walk in it has the nice 18x18 tile and then, you walk up the stairs that are done with metal wiring throughout that kind of gives it an open feel. And then, you come upstairs to a nice wide-open kitchen space, a half bath, a butler’s pantry/laundry, and a tiny study extension of the kitchen. It has nice windows in the bathroom. And then, it looks like they’ve done stained glass which is pretty cool. So, it has different living spaces because on the opposite side you have another sitting area. So, it has lots of space. It’s a cool house. It’s very different. It’s not your cookie cutter home. It has beautiful colors on the cabinets, but they are sort of original cabinets. I think washing the dishes and overlooking the sound and the magnificent houses on the other side make it interesting. It could be a bit on the high side. It has a very cool main entryway too. So, it’s a unique property with nice finishes. It’s sort of contemporary cool look. 

6 Clove Hitch Court is a three-bedroom three bath and two half bath home for $949,000. With all due respect, it seems extremely high. It is in the Crooked Pond neighborhood. I’ve never been back on this street. It’s a nice drive back here and it is really conveniently located right by the gate in the Crooked Pond neighborhood. It’s a nice corner lot on the end of a cul-de-sac. I see an arched foyer coming in. It is a dated house. It has that half moon window on the top. It has a two-car garage. Once I got inside, I felt that the home is a little pricey for what you’re getting. They are still in love with the house.  

6 Sawtooth Court is a three-bedroom two and a half bath house listed at $521,000. At first, I thought this was a little high considering we were at $475,000 on another one that was on Bear Creek. However, this one is in the Headlands. It’s has a really nice, friendly neighborhood feel and it is cute as a button. So, I really like this one. I don’t think it will make my short list, but it certainly is a nice listing. 

Indigo Run

80 Wedgefield Drive is a four-bedroom three and a half bath priced at $779,000. This is an elegant house. It didn’t really make an impression one way or another for me. At this price level, I did expect a better condition of the house. It’s an okay house. 

13 Belton Court is a three-bedroom three bath listed for $579,000. Belton Court is on the main drag and at first, I thought it was a little expensive. However, it is a three-bedroom three bath. It’s really cute inside. The backyard is extremely unique. The home has really nice curb appeal and plantings. So, the exterior is phenomenal. It’s a ten plus. It has a really good feel and there is a lot of love in the house. So, I did enjoy it. 

5 Balmoral Place is a four-bedroom five bath with one half bath listed for $845,000. This is quite a dramatic house. It is in the interior second side of Indigo Run. I do like it. It’s in better condition than the one listed for $779,000 and is in a better location. So, this would be my second favorite over Wedgefield Drive but 13 Belton Court is my favorite. 

Lastly, I went to Spanish Point. It’s a small gated subdivision with just 18 homes. 

38 Spanish Point Drive is a five-bedroom four bath and three half bath home priced at $2.2 million. It is designer decorated with gilded gold on the ceiling and in the dining room and everything you can imagine has been done to make it look old world. You have to like that look. It has a killer view. It’s priced okay considering it’s been done with a decorator and designer. So, again, it’s a very unique property. 

We did have some homes outside of the gated communities. They have started creeping up and no one that I knew had them. So, I’m just going to run through these.

32 Graham Lane is a four-bedroom five bath for $575,000. This is in the Jonesville area. It used to be an old-school area. It is right near 278 and it’s in a growing area. 

On Marshland Road we have 1 Crosswinds Drive. It has four bedrooms and four baths for $519,000. It is in the Crosswinds subdivision.

29 Creek Stone Drive is a three-bedroom two and a half bath home listed at $395,900. It’s in the Magnolia Place subdivision. We’ve seen these prices sneak up a little bit.

Muddy Creek had one. 24 Blue Bell Lane is a four-bedroom three and a half bath priced at $879,000. These kind of died during the recession but here we are ten years later, and they’re being resuscitated. 

Silver Moss has another newer one which is 26 Lavender Circle, a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $589,000. For the person who doesn’t mind not being in a gated community with all these amenities, you have a newer home here. 

21 Tansy Leaf Drive is a four-bedroom two bath and one-half bath home listed at $349,000. 

Off of Gum Tree Road we have 16 Monticello Drive in China Berry. It has three bedrooms and two baths and is listed for $279,000. It’s a great entry-level home for a young family. The schools are right nearby and it’s a cute little neighborhood for starter homes. 


I20 Marshside Villa is a one-bedroom one bath for $145,000. 

In the Preserve of Indigo Run, which is home to a lot of professionals with its own pool and gate in a convenient location, we have 322 The Preserve. It’s a two-bedroom two bath for $319,000. 

4211 The Preserve is a two-bedroom two bath for $239,900. 

That concludes our tour. I would have to say my favorite was 3 Bear Creek Drive, the three-bedroom three bath for $475,000. 

Thank you so much. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I appreciate all the readers that look through my comments. Sometimes they are a little scattered. Have a great day everyone!