Its Wednesday! Another tour for homes on Hilton Head Real Estate to buy.

The tour today consists of 31 listed properties, one of them being land, 4 being villas (or condos) and 26 homes. Lets begin.

Windmill Harbor.

There are six properties in Windmill Harbor, and two of them are villas. So, I did not be going into 15 Spindle Lane which is a two bedroom two and a half bath listed for $319,900 and 26 Spindle Lane which is also a two bedroom two and a half bath listed for $464,500.

3 Leeward Passage has four bedrooms and four and a half baths for $569,000. It’s very close to the Yacht Club. When you come in, your have a sort of very small hallway. The home has an elevator and a teenager room to the right. Once you go up the steps it has a very pretty, open living space. It has a cozy living area with a dining room in the middle and then, a kitchen with a little breakfast nook. It has very nice high-end crown molding. The home has a nice wood balcony. It’s a very nice townhouse and is priced really well.

19 Crosstree Drive is a three bedroom two and a half bath home listed at $534,500. I have been in this home before. The home is all on one level. You don’t have an elevator or steps, but you have a very pretty garden outside with a lagoon view. Obviously, it’s smaller, but it is very cozy and has nice warm paint colors. The living space is all on one floor with a nice double courtyard to the front. We’ve been in this one recently. So, if you’ve been following my blog, you will have seen it already.

135 Harbor Passage has three bedrooms and three and a half baths and is priced at $615,000. When you first come into the home there is a very musty smell even though it does look lived in. When you come in, it has a spectacular water view. You almost feel like you’re living on the water when you see it. There is a storage in the front of the house on the way out. So, the curb appeal is a little funky. There isn’t a garage but has a parking for four, and I wonder what it is because it takes away from the curb appeal. What’s nice about the home, though, is that it is located on the corner leading to Old Ferry Point. So, it is the last one. It does have a very strange little house that is located in front of the house and it’s locked. So, I can’t quite tell you what is in it. 

The last home in Windmill Harbor is 2 Sparwheel Lane which has three bedrooms and two and a half baths for $499,900. It’s close to the Yacht Club. It has a pretty view. The home has an open kitchen with granite counter tops. It has tile floors and the master is on the main floor. So, you could just live on the first floor and have your guests go upstairs. It’s priced very well for the area. What I like about the home is that it looks like it’s in a cute little neighborhood. The home has a white picket fence with a nice little balcony in the front. So, of all the homes I’ve seen in Windmill Harbor today, 2 Sparwheel Lane has the cutest curb appeal. However, if you want a view, 135 Harbor Passage has a killer view. 

Hilton Head Plantation

4 Foxbriar Lane has four bedrooms and three baths and is listed for $554,900. It’s a raised house with a two-car garage. It’s a basic build. It looks like it has been flipped, because it’s got a new roof and they have redone the floors in the engineered dark wood flooring. The cabinets and countertops are new, but they just put new fronts on the cabinets, because the drawers are still the regular drawers and they are not the dovetail end drawers. So, again, it’s a flip. If that doesn’t bother you, it is in great condition and ready to be moved into. 

70 Deerfield Road is a four bedroom four and a half bath home listed at $835,000. The house is located on a corner lot on a horseshoe type of road. It already has a tremendous presence on curb appeal. The two-car garage is separate from the home. It has synthetic roofing and a ramp to the main house on the side from the garage. It has a brick walkway. The home has a very pretty title marsh view. It is a little on the high side. It has a modern kitchen that is very high-end. The home has a nice screened in porch and the decking and railings are new. The yard is beautiful and green. I like this one. The kitchen is contemporary with high-end Bosch appliances. I wonder if they are European. There is a lot of flooring going on, and the living room is sunken. It has a den and is, overall, a big house. 

100 High Bluff Road is a three bedroom three and a half bath priced at $585,000. It has a two-car garage. Today must be the day of beautiful views because this home is right on the tee. So, it’s got a nice golf course tee view. It’s dated and original, but it’s a nice, open space with high ceilings in the kitchen which is all white with an island. It has a cozy little den / family room. The home has nice crown molding and double ceilings in the main living room and it has a nice screened in porch. It has white tile when you come into your formal dining room to the right. This was one of the model places that they had in Hilton Head Plantation back in the day with the wet bar etc. It has very nice curb appeal and is priced aggressively. It has an office nook and a bonus room over the garage. So, it would be a nice little family home. Having filled out the form, I think – based on the amount of work that needs to be done – I would probably have this listed at $550,000 rather than $585,000 but it’s a nice home with great potential for personalization. 

117 High Bluff Road has three bedrooms and two baths for $439,000. The home is all on one level. There are a lot of different types of flooring. The kitchen is open to the breakfast room and it is an original oak kitchen. It has a little breakfast nook with a nice little lagoon view on the end. It has a wooden, private view. It is a little on the tight side as far as the layout is considered. It’s priced very well at $439,000.

15 Stonegate Drive is a three bedroom three and a half bath home listed for $585,000. It has a two-car garage and a traditional floor plan. It has a stone entryway and a pool in the back of the home. It has a nice curb appeal for being in Stone Gate which is a very well-liked little neighborhood. 

4 Maplewood Court has three bedrooms and two baths and is priced at $349,500. The house needs a new roof and there is no garage. It has a nice, private wood view but it needs a lot of work. It doesn’t look like it’s had any TLC at all. So, it could be a good project. This is the lowest priced one at $349,500. The next lowest priced house is 40 Cotton Wood Lane which is listed at $359,000 although I would tend to lean more toward that one. It’s well-priced for an entry level with three bedrooms and two baths. 

In the Rookery neighborhood, 4 Sanderling Lane has three bedrooms and two and a half baths and is listed for $368,000. It has as cute floor plan and view. It does need a lot of work but, cosmetically, it could become an interesting home. 

13 Misty Morning Drive is a three-bedroom two bath listed at $575,000. It’s an absolutely gorgeous home. It has a beautiful backyard with fabulous golf view and a nice wooden monkey bar on the side. It’s very contemporary, updated, and high-end. The garage is a gorgeous two-car garage with all the accoutrements. The Headlands is a beautiful neighborhood in Hilton Head Plantation.

8 Crooked Pond Drive is a three bedroom two and a half bath listed for $409,000. It has a one and a half car garage. It’s got a cute, cozy view and is move in ready with newer windows. It’s really cute. So, if one is price-sensitive, this has been on the market before, but it’s priced very well now and ready to go. So, when compared to the others, this one would be one to keep on the short list.

Indigo Run

In Indigo Run we have five residences on the tour today. The first one is 269 Berwick drive, which is a five-bedroom five bath home listed for $799,000. Berwick Drive is very well liked in Indigo Run. It seems a little on the higher end, but with the good finishes. 46 Wedgefield Drive is a three bedroom two and a half bath priced at $525,000. It seems a bit high. 56 Wedgefield Drive is a four-bedroom three bath home listed at $506,900. It was built in 1995. So, it’s a little bigger than the one at 46 Wedgefield Drive that was build in 1998. But, again, that’s Indigo Run. 11 Whitney Place has four bedrooms and four baths and is priced at $725,000.

61 River Club Drive has four bedrooms and four and half baths for $2,195,000. I’d like to explain that River Club is a private community. It has its own little gate off of Marshland Road. It is on the water and this one has a dock. It’s a large house. It’s a little on the darker side. You have the master on the first floor on one side and on the other side of the kitchen. By the kitchen you go up the stairs to reach an office and two bedrooms. It has a cool architectural design in that even though it’s got high ceilings in the living room, you still get a view from the bedroom upstairs of the water. So, architecturally it’s very nice, but it is on the darker side. So, either you like that or you’d want to lighten it up and it is a hefty price at the present list price. 

Palmetto Hall

In Palmetto Hall there are two homes on the tour. The first is 256 Fort Howell a four bedroom four and a half bath home listed for $747,900. It’s a new construction home built in 2018. It’s 3,000 square feet. What’s not to like? For someone who wants something new, there you go. 

The second home in Palmetto Hall is 356 Fort Howell Drive a four bedroom two and a half bath priced at $489,000. Obviously, this one was built in 1995. It has 400 square feet less than 256 Fort Howell. It has the same number of bedrooms but a few fewer bathrooms. It is a little on the older side but priced well at $489,000. It needs a little updating, but it has a pretty lagoon view. 

Spanish Wells

40 Brams Point Road is a four bedroom four and a half bath home listed at $3,200,000. It’s a lovely home and has a French country provincial style. It is on the deep water, older build having been built in 1988. The driveway leading up to the house is asphalt which isn’t very appealing. I think for $3,200,000 I would expect a better driveway. Over 4,000 square feet and lowcountry living. Nice kitchen. It does seem a little pricey, but at that level you have to look at everything in that category. So, again, if you like French provincial and a nice and cozy atmosphere it’s great. It is older though, and as far as the driveway goes, it needs a lot of updating in my view. The colors are gorgeous and it has a really cozy feel. 

For the unique buyer that wants something that is ultra-special and out of the ordinary, let me introduce you to 82 Brams Point Road. Like 40 Brams Point Road it’s a four bedroom and a four and a half bath, but it’s got a little bit higher of a ticket price. It’s listed at $6,500,000. However, it’s at the absolute peninsula end of Brams Point, and they are also selling the adjacent empty lot which is on the market for $5,900,000. This, again, is a unique property in that you have water on both sides of the house. The house has a sort of a southern genteel feel. It has a small and cozy kitchen and beautiful water views with nice outdoor spaces to live in. It is extremely private. It’s a very unique property. It’s a tight and narrow road leading to the house. So, you really need to be someone who is going to stay put for the duration and not drive in and out all day or you'll drive yourself batty. If you’re someone who wants to be in and out, it is a narrower road. Once you get past 45 or 50 Brams Point it’s not two lanes. It’s a one lane road and you have to kind of go to the side. So, you might keep that in mind but it’s an extremely unique property for the right buyer. 

That wraps up the gated communities and neighborhoods. 

Off Plantation

There are four residences and one villa. I’ll run through those really quickly. 

170 Dillon Road is a two bedroom two and a half bath priced at $2,250,000. It’s a huge piece of property, obviously, for that ticket price. I was not able to see it because I was on the other side of the island during its viewing times. You know, you have to price out Dillon Road and see what you’re up against. I think what makes this one unique is its marsh view. You’re off Beach City Road. I do want to let you know that because it’s listed at $2,250,000 that it includes four parcels of land. It’s in Mitchelville Place and just under five acres. It has a marsh front view. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. So, what’s cool about it is that it’s a home replica of the post commander’s home from the Civil War. There are lots of rich artifacts in the area and it’s next to Freedom Park. It also has a four-foot deeded easement to the beach, which makes it extremely unique. So, again, it is another unique property available on the North end of Hilton Head.

In the Carolina Isles community, 7 Sullivan’s Lane, a three bedroom two and a half bath listed for $354,900. I did not go see it. It’s priced ok. 

25 Crosswinds Drive has four bedrooms and three baths for $600,000. It’s a little on the higher side, but it does have a lagoon and marsh view. 21 Crosswinds Drive went under contract which is a three-bedroom three bath and it was listed at $539,000. So, it’s $60,000 less. 25 Crosswinds Drive has one more bedroom.

33 Sterling Point Drive in Oak Viewis a three bedroom three and a half bath home listed for $619,000. It does have a marsh view. Again, if you like the neighborhood it’s a decent house with decent curb appeal.

141 Palmetto Commons is a two-bedroom two bath villa listed at $143,500. These villas are great for nurses and people that work in the hospital because they are located right next to the hospital. So, they would make a great buyer for the condominium.

All in all, it was a great North Tour. I was on the tour for four and a half hours and couldn’t see everything because everything is so spread out and I had things scheduled today that I had to attend. I would say that a lot of the homes that I initially looked at in Hilton Head Plantation had fabulous views. 

I really like the condition of 13 Misty Morning Drive which is a three-bedroom two bath home listed at $575,000, but again, I like houses that are very understated but when you walk in, they are done up to the nines. There were a lot of others that were in great locations and had beautiful views that were a little on the higher side but if you want to update them. There were also several unique properties on the tour. 

Stay tuned as we head into December. I wish you the best and I will be back with you next week with our next tour!

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner