Windmill Harbour

tMy first stop was 82 Crosstree North Townhouse, a four bedroom three and a half bath listed for $595,000. It overlooks the marsh. You come in and it’s kind of a tight entryway. You have to walk through. You have an office on your right and you come through a narrow path into the living room. To the back is the kitchen with cabinets that have been distressed. It has a nice marsh view with a little sitting area outside with a tire swing. You hear a lot of road noise. You do not see the bridge and it was low tide. So, it’s a very pretty view. It’s very beat up on the outside. It needs exterior paint and some sprucing up. The back deck looks like it leans a little bit into the master bedroom. I’m a little concerned about that, but other than being beat up and having road noise (white noise), it’s a nice location.

19 Crosstree Drive has three bedrooms and two and a half baths for $534,500. It is an interior townhouse. It has a nice courtyard entrance. Two of the bedrooms are upstairs and one is downstairs. It has a nice little garden with a lake view. It’s a little choppy but has nice colors. The situation is that the owners bought it six months ago and life changed. So, they are selling it even though they just bought it. It has nice trim work and is in better condition than the previous house. Very turnkey to every detail.

Hilton Head Plantation

My first stop in Hilton Head Plantation was 10 Lenora Drive. It is a four-bedroom four bath home listed for $549,980. This house has been on the market before. It is really priced well. You do have popcorn ceilings to deal with in this home. There is bull nose rounded granite in the kitchen. There is a lot of different flooring going on, and the cabinets are painted nicely, but they are original cabinets. It has a beautiful backyard that is extremely private and looks out into the conservancy which is perfect if privacy is important to you. It needs a lot of work and it is kind of choppy, but again, it’s a cozy house on a nice lot in a great location. 

25 Lenora Drive is a three bedroom two and a half bath for $649,900. I was surprised when I first saw that price, especially after going into 10 Lenora which is a four-bedroom four bath at a different price, but when you drive in the landscaping is beautiful. It has a long driveway going in with a brick entryway. It does have a sunken living room, but they have redone all of those windows complete with a big slider looking out over the golf course. They did update some of the bathrooms. It has bright colors and is tastefully done. It certainly doesn’t need anything done to it. It has smooth ceilings. It’s in move in condition.

15 Sam’s Point Lane in the Elliott Point subdivision of Hilton Head Plantation, is a four bedroom three and a half bath listed for $1,150,000. It is an elevated house with stucco and new, high-end landscaping. The entryway has pavers and beautiful new doors. I love that when you look out into the paver driveway, which is gorgeous, you also see marsh to the front on the other side of the home. When you come into the entryway, your living space is all open and you’ve got a killer marsh view with water down on the other end. It’s really spectacular. It’s well planned out. The garage comes right into the kitchen. It has two different color cabinets in the kitchen, tongue and groove, high ceilings that are smooth and an open floor plan. The home has ceramic tile throughout the living and kitchen area. It has a beautiful hearth. Again, it’s a spectacular view. There is wooden decking that looks like teak, which is gorgeous, and there is seating in the back. It has two beautifully updated fireplaces. It’s a spectacular home. The laundry is near the master which is always a plus. I love it when things have been thought out. Beyond the laundry room there is an office that gives you a whole master suite area. I love this house.

7 Charlesfort Place has six bedrooms and six and a half baths listed for $3,595,000. Of course, this house is on Ribaut Island with a deep-water view. It does have a three-car garage. It has a much tighter curb appeal. The previous home had a much more open feel. I loved having marsh on one side. The front of this house has a wooded view on a lot that is buildable. The home has a beautiful dock where you can park your boat. It’s got my old patio furniture which is made of outdoor material that is indestructible. It has a pool and a grassy area with a hot tub. It has an infinity pool and a nice outdoor dining area. The windows are okay. It’s a stone and marble stucco house. Again, it’s quite the price tag, but it’s beautifully appointed in a grand location. As you come in the house you have a living space with a bar area, then a dining room and an open kitchen that opens to the master. The stove has six gas burners. The kitchen cabinets are more contemporary tongue and groove cabinets with soft close. The home is gorgeous and so is the price tag. Again, if you can afford it, the architectural style with the trace ceilings and the trim work, the lighting in the family room area and dining room with rounded ceilings, it really is a beautiful home. 

32 Fernwood Court is a two-bedroom two bath home listed for $310,000. The home has a white kitchen.  It has a cute little Carolina room. It’s small and cozy with smooth ceilings and trace ceilings in the family room. Tile floors with big square white tiles. The kitchen is white. The drawers are your basic drawers. They are not tongue and groove. 

Near Fernwood we have 2 White Tail Deer Lane with three bedrooms and two baths for $379,000. It does have a two-car garage, bay windows, and lots of pine trees all around. It looks old school. It has an asphalt driveway with some settling and root damage. When you walk in you have shag carpet. It’s a small area, but there is an entryway. The third bedroom is used as an office. It has a wooded view. It has laminate counter tops. It’s priced appropriately. It has popcorn ceilings, but they are cathedral ceilings. There seems to be some settling off the roof line. The kitchen is that white laminate peeled stuff. It has old school drawers. It’s in its original state, but it is cozy for one or two people and could be very interesting. There is a kitty cat here and it does have a cat smell. It’s priced appropriately from what I can tell, but it does need updating. It does have gutters and the roof looks newer.

38 Oyster Shell Lane has three bedrooms and three and a half baths and is listed for $699,000. It has nice architecture. As you walk up, you have a pool with pavers around it, a nice barbecue area, and a fire pit. The home has very nice curb appeal. Of course, you have the walkway that can get you to the sound. So, it’s in a great location and is surrounded by million-dollar properties. It does have kind of a mountainy feel, and it does have a sunken living room. The kitchen opens to a breakfast nook and the family area and partial dining room. So, you’re not completely isolated. It has very nice appointments, but it is sort of darker. You would need to paint to lighten it up, but it’s wonderfully built. Apparently, a builder owner it before he sold it to these folks. 

54 Hickory Forest Drive is a four-bedroom three bath home for $479,000. I love to drive into Hickory Forrest. You come through and see sort of a golf view on your left and then the deep water. So, it’s just a nice little neighborhood. I suspect that it needs updating. The roof looks a little granuled. So, at some point you need a new roof. The windows look pretty nice and it has Cypress siding. Inside the home there is new carpeting. The owners put new tile down in the kitchen. It has a nice open feel. There are some popcorn ceilings, but I think it has potential. It’s clean. It’s spacious. It has a private wooded view. So, we’re okay with this one. I don’t mind it.

43 Hickory Forrest Drive is a three bedroom two and a half bath listed for $446,000. The roof on this home is in total disrepair. It needs absolute replacement. There is pink carpeting inside that needs to be redone at some point. It’s a basic home. It was probably a spec home. I don’t think it is attracting as 54 Hickory Forrest if that is the neighborhood that you want to be in.

4 Myrtle Warbler Road has three bedrooms and two and a half baths and is listed for $379,000. This one has a one-car garage. You can tell it’s Halloween because across the street they have ghoulish decorations. It’s incredible. I should almost take a picture of it for you. When you come into the home you sort of have a wall in front of you. The bottom line is that it’s a patio lot but having the entryway at the backside of the laundry room that is in the middle of the space – it’s a very funky floorplan. It’s kind of tight. It’s priced well. So, it’s a great entry level into Hilton Head plantation, but it needs some love. It definitely needs some love. 

20 Rookery Way is a three bedroom two and a half bath home listed for $460,000. It is a large lot. The bathroom looks okay. It has a two-car garage. It’s okay. For that kind of price, it’s just okay. 

Next, we have 32 Cypress Marsh Drive with three bedrooms and two baths for $369,000. Of all the patio lots, it also has a one-car garage. The roof will have to be replaced relatively soon, but it’s clean and ready to go with new appliances and new flooring. It just needs a lot of love, but again, it’s priced at $369,000 which is $10,000 less than the others that need a lot of work. The other one that is in the 300’s that I like is Fern Wood court, but that is a two-bedroom two bath. It’s in the Headlands division which is well likes. 

Last for Hilton Head Plantation, we have 8 Crooked Pond Drive. It has three bedrooms and two and a half baths for $439,000. 

There is one villa for Hilton Head Plantation. It’s 2001 Hilton Head Villas and has three bedrooms and three baths and is listed for $419,000. Good price and easy living in HHP. Great area.

Spanish Wells

62 Wide Water Road is a four-bedroom four bath home listed for $1,449,000. This home exudes southern charm. You walk up to a rocky driveway turnaround. It’s a large lot. It has white columns and a brick walkway with a porch. When you come in, it has the heart of pine flooring. The home has a deep-water view, a brand-new dock, and a large garden. The kitchen has been updated. It has a nice, cozy Carolina room. It’s not your boxy, cookie cutter home. It’s very charming. They bought some land. So, they are ready to sell. They are interested in any offer. I happened to run into the seller on the way in. 

Palmetto Hall

13 Wildbird Lane has four bedrooms and three and a half baths for $500,000.

13 Ellis court is a four bedroom three and a half bath home listed for $695,000.

Both homes are decent homes. People love Palmetto Hall because they its close to the school and hospitals. I know of a lot of doctors live in Palmetto Hall. It’s a nice, small, gated community. 

Indigo Run

42 Wiler’s Creek Way has been on the market before. It has four bedrooms, four baths and two and a half baths and is listed for $1,975,000. 

18 Wedgefield Drive is a four-bedroom three bath listed for $624,000.

15 Richfield Way has four bedrooms three and a half bath home listed for $559,000.

Indigo Run has mostly stucco homes or a small combination with cedar. They are nicely appointed newer homes that are landlocked. So, just keep that in mind. Indigo Run does have two smaller automatic gated communities that are on the water. 

We did have 44 total properties. I initially felt overwhelmed on tour. There were only seven homes off plantation. I’m going to run by these because I didn’t go to any of them.

Off Plantation

246 Caesar Place is a three bedroom three and a half bath home for $325,000.

29 Jarvis Creek Lane has three bedrooms and two and a half baths and is listed for $345,000. That is in a well-liked neighborhood.

26 Jonesville Road is off of Spanish Wells. It has three bedrooms and two and a half baths for $440,000. It has stables nearby. It’s a nice low country neighborhood. 

Oakview is another well liked community with an automatic gate. 20 Sterling Point Drive is on the water off of Spanish Wells Road with four bedrooms and three and a half baths for $759,900. 

52 Timber Crest Circle has a great price point with which to enter into Hilton Head. It’s a three-bedroom two bath home listed at $295,000. 

I won’t go into the nine villas off plantation. They range everywhere from the Oaks, to Marsh Side Villa, to Summerfield, to the Preserve at Indigo Run, which is a nice professional place, but it’s a one bedroom. The Spa on Point Royal Sound, people seem to think it’s great because it’s on the water. 

I did go into 2104 The Residences at Edgewater. I’m always intrigued by these because they are right by the Palmetto Pass gate on Cross Island. It’s a three-bedroom three bath for $359,500. It was built in 2005. It has a water view and is on the first floor. These are solidly built with underground parking. It’s large, spacious and has crown molding. It’s a newer condo. Like I said, you actually have a water view off of Broad Creek. It really is for a professional. I think it’s a better value now than what you can get at the Preserve at Indigo Run. Plus, you are quick at Cross Island. 

If I look at everything I saw today, I would have to say that 15 Sam’s Point Lane is just in a great neighborhood. It has a very high-end feel. It’s listed for $1,150,000. I also love 62 Widewater which is also a four-bedroom four bath listed at $1,449,000.

If you are trying to get entry-level, I would say 32 Cypress Marsh Drive which is a three-bedroom two bath home listed for $369,000. That is a low price. 

The most expensive one was not my favorite – 7 Charles Fort Place. It was listed at $3,595,000.

So, there are lots of good things on the market. We also had five land plots off of the Paddocks. I guess they are trying to go and sell again. They are all under $75,000. So, whether you want to build or buy something in a fantastic location, there is a lot on Hilton Head. It’s a great place to be. Thanks, and I’ll see you next week guys!

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner -

(843) 816-6388