Today the Realtor Tour for homes on Hilton Head Island is taking us on the south end. We have about 37 properties to look at, primarily in Sea Pines. There are some villas of course and I’ll just run through those quickly. We also have homes in the Palmetto Bay, Forest Beach, and Point Comfort area. 

South Beach in Sea Pines

The first home that I visited was 2 Marsh Wren Road, a four-bedroom three and a half bath priced at $1,499,000. It’s a new home and was built in 2010 on Marsh Wren. It has a two-car garage and some driveway space. Facing South Beach Lane there is a turnaround driveway which I love. So, you can put lots of cars in there. It’s small for being ocean-oriented but it could be very cozy. It is nicely built. The crown molding is immaculate. It has a pool. The master is on the top floor and when you come in there is an office space that showed that it was certainly not a rental but a second home for some folks. So, that is the ideal purchase. The rental market would be a little tougher but is certainly doable. 

18 Cedar Waxwing Road is a five-bedroom five bath OCEANFRONT for $3,395,000. I think this guy bought it a year ago. It is priced aggressively. He was going to knock it down and build new. It is a very funky décor and the entryway is unique/different. You have wrought iron going up the stairs to the kitchen. It’s obviously oceanfront. It is priced to sell but it is a funky home and there is EFIS issues for the stucco because he was going to tear it down and that wasn’t a concern for him. So, just keep that in mind.

5 Jessamine Place is a four-bedroom four bath home for $849,000. Knowing the houses on Jessamine, I was excited about this price. It’s that corner house. I actually looked at it when I first moved back in 2000. It is old-school, does have a pool. You are surrounded by huge homes and are close to the beach without having to cross Greenwood Drive as folks in Heritage Woods have to. So, if you could get that in the 700’s it’s cute as a button and would rent out really well and then, you could either use it as a beach cottage or knock it down because the dirt on the area will certainly justify the price. It has a pool. So, this one made my short list.

Next is 15 Battery Road. It’s a three-bedroom three bath house for $845,000. This one frustrates me a bit because the agent said it was going to come on the market a while back and I had seen it and it was going to be listed for $725,000. In the meantime, they did put a new roof and new floors and some new cabinets. They painted it but it was all very cosmetic because it was in very poor shape, beaten up by long term renters. The kitchen cabinets are below builder-grade and they kept them. They painted it and took out a couple of bushes and now it’s priced at $120,000 more. I’m scratching my head over that. The bathrooms and master have been done. It’s a cute house and they have redone the deck but somehow $120,000 more seems to be a little on the high side and it’s very frustrating, but it is turnkey. It doesn’t have a pool either. So, even though it has a killer golf view and is on Harbour Town, you still need to keep that in mind. 

Next is 2 Heritage Road. I was excited about this one. It has four bedrooms and four baths and is listed for $730,000. It has a pool. It is near Plantation Drive. It needs a little work and a little TLC. I think it has been on the rental market and is a little beat up, but I think it has great potential. It doesn’t have a view though. 

So, it depends on what is important to you, but 2 Heritage is $730,000 and Jessamine Place at $849,000 are on the short list more than Battery for me, although the view at Battery is great. 

Staying in the Harbour Town area, 8 Muirfield Road has three bedrooms and three baths and is listed for $695,000. These are on patio lots. It has a really great Harbour Town golf view. It is turnkey, cute, and small but cozy. It doesn’t have a garage. The others have carports and garages. It might make the short list.

Next I went to Greenwood Forest and saw 4 Pine Court. It’s a three-bedroom three bath for $530,900. It’s very small. The curb appeal was just okay. It’s done cutely but again, the quality and the condition, to me, just don’t merit that price when you’ve got a five-bedroom three and a half bath down the street and closer to the Sea Pines Center for $10,000 more. So, it’s cute but won’t make my short list. 

Club Course

In Club Course we had 72 Governor’s Road, a four-bedroom four and a bath home for $950,000. It has a beautiful golf view. It is situated high. It’s meticulous. It is really turnkey. It’s on the upper end for Club Course on Governor’s Road. It is nicely and tastefully done and in great condition with that long golf view. You can see the Sea Pines Country Club on the end to the right. It’s a little on the high side but has excellent curb appeal. The one thing about this one is that the garage is not connected to the house. So, keep that in mind but I love the house. I don’t think it will make my short list though. 

10 Water Oak Drive is a three-bedroom two bath house listed for $589,000. This one definitely won’t make my short list. The curb appeal is awful. It’s on the corner lot. It is very tight. The condition is poor. It has a golf view and a pool, but it is funky, funky, funky and $589,000 is a lot of money. For that amount I can find you a lot of better things for a three bed two bath. Did I tell you it had a funky smell?

34 Wood Duck Court is a two-bedroom two bath priced at $424,900. It is cute. It has a nice golf view. You are facing Club Course and you are close to the gate. It is a two-bedroom two bath though so, the fireplace being in one of the bedrooms in sort of an odd place makes it odd. This one won’t make my short list either. 

147 Otter Road has three bedrooms and two baths and is priced at $425,000. It has been cutely done. You have green, open space behind it. It’s nicely done and a flip, but a nice flip done by a cute family. You have room for a pool or a fire pit and green space. So, it’s very private. Again, for an entry-level home it is cute. So, it can be kept in mind.

Three doors to the left of the one I just mentioned is a four-bedroom three bath home. 151 Otter Road is listed at $530,000. I like it a lot too. It’s a little larger but it’s a big justification in price. So, I’m not sure what I can plan there. 

I didn’t go into 7 Pender Lane in Lawton Woods. It is a two-bedroom two bath for $545,000. At least it’s a little lower than the other one on 10 Water Oak. An agent and friend of mine had this one before. They just switched realtors. It has a pool. It’s somewhat close to the beach but it has a sunken down living room. It’s not as funky as the other one. So, I guess it could have a buyer but won’t make my short list. 

11 Pine Island Road is a three-bedroom three and three bath and two half baths for $1,449,000. It has a killer marsh view and has a great outdoor space with a pool. It has a gourmet kitchen. I think it would be a great house for entertaining. It is, however, a three-bedroom three bath with two half baths. I know I sold 2 Pine Island at $1.4 million. That one was brand new. The curb appeal is a little funky on this one, but it does have a metal roof. So, it is pretty maintenance-free. I don’t know why they are selling. They didn’t buy it that long ago. 

34 Planter’s Wood Drive is a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $919,000. It has a new agent. They took the wallpaper down. It’s a low country home right as you drive into Planter’s Wood. I don’t like the location. It’s dark. The new agent brought the price down some and got them to get rid of the wallpaper but there are plenty of houses that are more ocean-oriented and all on one floor in the high 700’s. So, 919,000 is a little on the pricey side. 

That about covers it for the homes in Sea Pines. I think I would say that 5 Jessamine Place is my favorite just because it has four bedrooms, four baths and a pool and is a cute cottage. It’s on the right side of Greenwood Drive, which I liked. 

If you like a golf view, 15 Battery or 8 Muirfield would be great. I actually think 8 Muirfield with three bedrooms and three baths at $695,000 would speak best for that. 

I did go to Point Comfort to see 27 Sea Olive Road, a three-bedroom two bath home for $650,000. It has a great water view to the river marsh with a dock. It’s a cottage and is really old-school. I’d almost say it’s a two-bedroom two bath. It’s pushing it as a three. It is almost land price, but it is a special and unique house. It’s kind of cool and old-school low country home. 

In Forest Beachwe had two homes. 17 North Forrest Beach Drive is a three-bedroom two bath for $599,000 and 13 Pelican Street is a three-bedroom two bath for $619,000. These are both pretty much bungalows but 13 Pelican is a better location and looks cute. The don’t have views but they are in a great rental market. So, you could buy and then build your dream house later on.  

Now that we have visited the homes let’s run through the condos or, what we call down here, villas. We’ll start with Sea Pines, where we had 11 villas. 

53 Woodbine Villa is a three-bedroom three bath for $432,900. These are really old-school. They were built in the 1960’s but they are really nicely located. They are close to the beach club. This one in particular did $41,000 in gross rentals. We have winter birds in there. It is really well-liked because it is a traditional and great vacation place. So, that is a good price for a three-bedroom three bath. 

Next is 412 Baynard Cove Club. I cannot get the link so email me for more details.  These are very well-liked. This one is a little on the pricey side but gorgeous. It’s a three-bedroom three bath for $1,635,000. Hopefully they will bring the price down a bit.

Next, we have 2637 Calibogue Club. It is furnished and the only one that is on the market. It’s a two-bedroom three bath priced at $563,000. It has a garage and I believe this one has a marsh view but please confirm that. 

923 Cutter Court is a one-bedroom one bath listed at $259,000.

2225 Heritage Villa is a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $465,000. It is well-priced.

2453 Inland Harbor is a two-bedroom two bath for $479,000. It must be a really nice one because those are starting to top out a little bit. 

On Ketch Court in the heart of Harbour Town, we have #828 Ketch. It is a three-bedroom two and a half for $485,000. 

Then, for Lighthouse One there is unit #1087 which is on the top floor. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $1,180,000. Right when you come in there is a nice, rich bar. It has deep water views and a view of the 18th. They still had the bleachers up from the golf tournament and you can see between the bleachers. There is a corner view where you could actually see the green even during the golf tournament. 

Stoney Creek has two condos. The first is unit 281 Stoney, which is a one-bedroom one bath for $309,000. It is really a loft and not a bedroom but is spacious and has a marsh view. Unit 251 Stoney is a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $419,000. It is nicely done. The kitchen is kind of enclosed. It’s tasteful but there is just no privacy in the back yard as you are facing the next deck.  

I didn’t go see 600 Wildwood Spa Villas. It is a two-bedroom two bath for $359,000. 

Off-Plantation we had three villas. 

809 Brighton Bay Villas is a one-bedroom one bath for $150,000. 

303 Brighton Bay Villa is a three-bedroom three bath priced at $250,000. 

Palmetto Bay Club Villa #110 is a two-bedroom two bath for $299,000. 

In the North Forest Beach area, we have 13 Ocean Wood Villas. It says it has three bedrooms and two baths for $750,000.

14 Hilton Head Beach Villa is a two-bedroom three bath for $649,500. 

133 Shorewood Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $489,000. This would probably be the most attractive one.

5802 Treetop Villas is off Cordillo Parkway. It’s a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $232,000. These are now on the rental market, but you are kind of far from the beach. They are a little run down. It is a great entry-level and a lot of food and beverage people that I used to know back in the day used to live there. 

I think overall my favorites are still 5 Jessamine and 8 Muirfield. I did like the location and condition of 72 Governor’s but for $950,000 with a detached garage … things are just getting up there folks. So, you may want to consider buying something before prices creep up more unless you are willing to wait years more. 

It’s a great time to buy and be on Hilton Head whether it is to rent, live, or just play in a second home. I look forward to next week’s Tour. Thank you and have a great day!

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ochsner