It’s a hot and humid day on Hilton Head Island today!We have the South Tour and it is probably the shortest South Tour in quite a while. We actually only have 10 properties and only three of these are residences. So, surprise! Yours Truly is going to go in a couple of villas and condos just to kind of give you a feel of what’s out there.

Again, there are advantages to a home versus a condo. We have a  list of questions to ponder if condo or home is better for you. But for now, we’re going to go through our home tour for the South End. 

Sea Pines

We started in South Beach in Sea Pines. 1691 Bluff Villas is a one-bedroom one bath listed at $309,000. This is my listing and it is as cute as can be. Everything has been done. I’ve got a whole list under docs - the floorings, the electrical, smooth ceilings, the floorboards, paint. Really, they generate great rental income. It’s turn-key and a great entry-level condo in Sea Pines. 

In Harbour Town we had 918 Cutter Court Villa. Two bedrooms and two baths and is priced at $449,900. This one is also turn-key. The furniture I found to be very cookie cutter compared to Bluff Villa, but it has a very ocean feel and has nice colors. The back deck overlooks the parking lot but because you are up on the third floor you actually get to see the first fairway of Harbour Town. You’re also close to the club. So, it could be a very interesting one for someone wanting a second bedroom.

80 North Sea Pines Drive is a five-bedroom six bath listed at $1,995,000. I love this location and view. You are really close to the beach. You’re close to the Beach Club and you have an amazing view of the Plantation Club. It’s in a nicely situated spot. The only thing I didn’t like about this one is the windows and that the siding is wood siding and I would hope it to be hearty plank, especially being that close to the ocean. It has a three-car garage. The flooring is a little warped going into the master. So, I would hope that at this price that would be something that they would address at some point. It’s a nice house and ocean-oriented for sure.

61 Heritage Road is a six-bedroom seven bath priced at $2,300,000. Location-wise, it’s not as great. I would rather spend $400,000 less and have a better location. This does have a little higher-end trim work and kitchen appliances then Sea Pines Drive, but you are in the Heritage Woods area and it is seven years newer having been built in the heyday. It just seems a little high to me knowing what we have for sale just down the street on Harleston Green. In fact, it kind of faces that road and has a really nice green view. It just seemed a bit overpriced. 

That’s it for Sea Pines. I did go see one residence in Forest Beach.

Forest Beach

In Forest Beach we had 11 Oceanwood Villa, a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $899,000. It is a second row. I was extremely disappointed. Granted, you are second row, but these are kind of fee simple condos. You have to kind of go around to get to the beach because there is a house. You do have a peekaboo view of the ocean, but it smells in there. I don’t know if it was dog or just moisture, but it really hasn’t been kept up well. I would rather them not be second row and have something better or even just go for a ranch. I just think for $900,000, there are better ways to spend that money. 

Then in Forest Beach, I also went to 4D Cordillo Cabana. These are a nice secret treasure of Hilton Head. A lot of people don’t even know where they are. They are one-bedroom and one bath for $144,000. They did everything to this one-bedroom unit. You even have the little lights that you can plug in under the bottom of the cabinets. I know that in one of these other ones, someone pays $1,200 a month. You could long-term rent or short-term rent. I think you’d do really well on VRBO or Airbnb. Again, you don’t have the resort component, but at $144,000 you might not need it. That is half of what it costs to get into the resort of Sea Pines. So, it’s a good alternative for someone who wants to get their foot on the island. I would do this over the Spa at Port Royal Sound. I think, again, you have a secret because it’s low density and close to Forest Beach and Coligny Plaza. It’s a no-brainer as is the Bluff Villa.

Then, in the Broad Creek area, we had a few. It’s surprising how it all happens together. We have three different villas in that development. 

First, we have Broad Creek Landing and Anchorage Point. 1 Anchorage Point is a two-bedroom two and a half bath priced at $235,000. These are wooden fixtures down Point Comfort Road. It is a big community within a community. It’s a great entry-level on the South End of the island.

28 Compass Point is a three-bedroom two bath for $419,900. These have beautiful marsh views and are also wooden built. 

Then, 39 Three Mast Lane is a three-bedroom two bath priced at $205,000.

Lastly, we have 314 Palmetto Bay Club Villa, a one-bedroom one bath listed at $199,000. 

Again, I go back to that Cordillo Cabana. I think, for island living and to get your foot on Hilton Head, my favorite listing is 4D Cordillo Cabana. If you want to be inside the resort, the best entry-level is 1691 Bluff Villa at $309,000. 

If you really want something ocean-oriented with rental income and a golf view, that would probably be 80 North Sea Pines Drive but again, for the quality and condition that it was, it seems to be a little on the high side because you are across the street. For $1,650,000 you can buy 3 Sandhill Crane. So, it seems a little on the high side, but it does have a golf view and is closer to the Plantation Club. For the beach-oriented side, it’s a little on the expensive side. 

That about wraps it up. I think that one would make a better second home with just rental income until you can retire and then, you could clean it up and do it the way you want. That would be my guess for that. 

I know this was a short and sweet one. We are going to have a Summer storm, which is great because we have had such hot and humid weather the last few days and a little rain is greatly welcomed. 

There are lots of great opportunities out there and we are here to help you. We don’t like to bug people and don’t put you on drip emails or put you on any call etc. I’m just a big believer that you know how to find u, your time is valuable and you don't need us bugging you eery other day or every week. We’re going to let you be on your own. Just reach out when you are ready to buy or sell and we will get to work for you. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ochsner

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