Today is Wednesday, August 12th, 2020. And here on Hilton Head Island, we have the South Tour of homes for sale on Hilton Head Island. Sorry readers, but this time I am too busy to link the homes so please look them up if interested. Thank you for your understanding.

Sea Pines

In the Heron Point area of Sea Pines, we have 9 Willow Oak Road. It has three bedrooms and three and a half baths, and it's $1,190,000. These folks bought it. I remember this house. It was listed at $1,150,000 in 2018, and six weeks later, these folks bought for just shy of $1,000,999. And I guess they've enjoyed it for two years, and they're kind of listing at the same level. It's been a redone house. It has an office that could be used as a fourth bedroom. It's beautifully redone and has a nice big lot. It does not have a pool, but it's got a nice fire pit. It's centrally located. I would say the biggest difficulty is that from the garage, you've got to walk all the way through the mud room, through the laundry room, down the hall, take a left to, then, take a right to bring your groceries in. So, practically, it's just a little cumbersome. It's probably easier to go through the main door. But the colors of the walls are beautiful. You have a nice bedroom separation of the master suite wing to the other bedrooms, and it's tastefully done. With this market I doubt it will last long.

Harbor Town - in this neighborhood, we have 58 Stoney Creek Road with two bedrooms and two and a half baths listed for $775,000. This one's been on the market before. They've come down $24,000. They tried to sell it the last six months. It's got a very pretty view of Heron Point. It is close to Harbor Town, and it is towards the end. It's an elevated house, and the floors seem a little [00:02:53 coddlewompy?]. They're a little wobbly. It probably needs a little bit of support underneath. It still has its original oven, so it does need a lot of work. I love the natural light in it, but it hasn't been taken care of. And these poor people-- I was looking at the history. And whoever they bought it from in August of 2005 listed it for $1,175,00. And these folks bought it in December of 2006 right at the height of the market at $810,000. So, they're already losing money. But they really haven't done anything to it. There's a good opportunity there for someone. They're not really in the money. I'm more worried about the structural things than the cosmetic things. And it might just need a little bit of beans or something. You just want to be aware. But it has a great view and natural light. It does need updating. So, it will be interesting, because it is in a great location. 

Also, in Harbor Town, we had 12 Mizzenmast Court. This house has four bedrooms and four baths and is listed for $954,000. This was priced very well. It's a townhouse. You've got a one-door carport. It's kind of tight in there, but you have a nice deep-water view actually. All the bedrooms are upstairs. The steps are a little steep. It has a cute little kitchen and nice living space. The deck outside, like I said, gets a nice deep-water view. It's cute as a button. It's just the bedrooms are small. But what do you expect in a townhouse? I'm surprised this one is still on the market, to be quite frank. 

Near Harbor Town, we have 28 Plantation Drive with six bedrooms and four and a half baths for $925,000. I've talked about this one before. These folks bought it two years ago. It's a very modern house with the concrete floors. It's extremely modern. It's got a nice lap pool. He's extended the driveway so that you can actually turn around because it's very tight. You've got a long entryway into Plantation Drive and the house. And if you have two or three cars there, you almost have to back out onto Plantation Drive, which is a feat upon itself. So, if you have a buyer looking for a modern house, I think they're sort of listing it for what they bought for it a couple of years ago.

Near the Atlantic Dunes Course, we have 6 Jessamine Place. This house has four bedrooms and four baths. It's listed for $1,199,000. This one's about the same price as Willow Oak, but it's not been updated. The beige walls and ceiling didn't really appeal to me. The kitchen cabinetry was old but with new fronts. I liked that the garage was a little more convenient to the kitchen, but it needed a lot more updating. It did have a pool though. But they were sort of in the same price. It's just a whole other ballgame. This one is a lot closer to the beach, though, than Willow Oak. And you already have your pool. Pools have gotten expensive. So, you do have some updating to do, but that might be a potential on this one. It is an elevated home and has true four bedrooms - not just an office that can be used as a bedroom. 

Club Course

In Club Course, we had 152 Club Course Drive. It has three bedrooms and three and a half baths and is priced at $750,000. I love the long view of of the hole on this one. It had a nice flow. It needed some updating, but it had high ceilings. It is an elevated home. It's a newer home, but it still needs updating. And you just need to be aware that in the front of the house, you are facing Palmetto Bay Parkway. So, you do hear that white noise of traffic going through. But when you're in the back, you really can't hear it. I just want to point that out. So, this house is priced well even for updates, because it's a nice, big home. So, I like that one, and I think this one won't last long either.

79 Governors Road is a five-bedroom, three baths, and two half baths home for $829,000. The curb appeal doesn't really speak to this house, but when you go inside, it's surprisingly big and nicely done. They painted the kitchen a nice blue, which is a fun color. The floors look nice. You do look into another house in the backyard. So, you don't really have the privacy. But from the curb appeal, you expect a tiny, little house, and it really did go far. The asphalt driveway and the kitchen not having newer cabinets but just painted ones kind of were sort of-- and that you could see the house next door in your backyard, not giving you much privacy. You back up to some other houses. But it's a lovely, lovely redo and has lots of space for a bigger family. 

21 Oyster Landing Road has four bedrooms and three and a half baths for $1,045,000. This one has rocks. It has a tidal creek in the back. But I know folks that live on Bateau or Oyster Landing that use that tidal creek to go in and out with their kayaks. But the way this backyard was - and it's a large backyard with a pool - it's designed with all the rooms coming on the main floor to the area. But you could not put kayaks in there because of the rocks. It would be too dangerous. This is a newer home. It needs a lot of work. And for its location and size, you'd easily be at a lot because it's a very custom decorated home. But it has a nice flow to it, and it's very cute. I love the art in there. Of course, the art doesn't go with it. A lovely person lives in it now, so I hope she gets to sell it.

That covers it for Sea Pines. I would say my favorite in Sea Pines, it would have to be 9 Willow Oak Road. I like slab on grade. I like that it's new. It's close to the beach. It's close to the gate. It's centrally located. I love the colors. It doesn't need more bedrooms. It probably does have room for a pool, and it sits on a golf course. I'd say that would be my favorite. 

South Forest Beach

In the South Forest Beach area, we just had condos, so I'm going to run through these really quickly. But please feel free to call us for any more details. We'd love to show you any of these for someone looking for something beach oriented. 

6 Courtside Villa has two bedrooms and two and a half baths for $218,000. Those are, again, in a nice area near Coligny.

11 Hilton Head Beach Villas has three bedrooms and three baths for $715,000. It seems a little on the high side. 

Seaside Villas number 392 is a one-bedroom, one-bath condo listed for $209,900. That seems to be in the money. 

And 106 Shorewood Villa, those are ocean front. It has three bedrooms and three baths, and it's listed for $750,000. Those are also very close to Coligny. 

So, that wraps it up for our short tour of the South end for August. Again, we have low inventories, but there are still some great buys out there. Interest rates are low, so if any of us agents can help you, please feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to represent you as you navigate your way through purchasing on our lovely Hilton Head Island. 

Thank you for reading this. Have a blessed day.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner
(843) 816-6388