Welcome to the Hilton Head South End Tour!

Sea Pines has 16 homes and 12 condos, the Forrest Beach area has five condos and two homes, and the Broad Creek area has three condos for a total of 36. 

Forest Beach

First, we went to 18 Sandpiper Street which has three bedrooms and two baths and is listed for $700,000. It’s a cute little cottage that is tucked away on the other side of the main street so, you cross to get to the beach. It’s nicely beach-oriented and ready for someone to use as an entry-level beach home. Old school.

10 Cassina Lane is a four-bedroom three bath Oceanfront home listed for $2,000,000. Cassina Lane is in the part closer to the Sea Pines gates. It does have a funky smell and seems to be on the rental market. It has a pool. So, for ocean-front entry-level, it could be quite interesting, but it needs a little bit of TLC. However, it’s cozy and funky and ocean-oriented for sure. 

Sea Pines

11 Whistling Swan road is a six bedroom five and a half bath house listed at $2,895,000. It’s a lovely second row home. It’s used as a primary residence. The current owners are wanting to downsize. When you are in the kitchen you do have an ocean view. It had a nice, pretty water view glistening today. The house it big. It needs a little bit of updating, but it is totally turn-key. Again, it’s a second row in Sea Pines on a very prominent street. I think that’s the street that we had an ocean-front go for $8,800,000 on last year. So, it’s a very prominent street.

148 North Sea Pines Drive has six bedrooms and four baths and is priced at $1,499,000. This home is a country type home. When you walk up the stairs, it kind of looks like a low country home. It has a lagoon in the back. It’s kind of beach-oriented. It does have popcorn ceilings. It looks like it’s on the rental market. It has a pool and a nice covered porch. The kitchen is kind of enclosed and tucked away. So, it’s not an open floor plan. It has the floor plan of a traditional southern home. It’s priced well and, again, it’s in Sea Pines central.

38 Woodbine Road is a three-bedroom three bath home listed for $659,000. It has a pool and a golf view with a little covered terrace. It’s really cute and has a cozy feel. This home is priced very aggressively. You’re really getting a house for lotvalue and you can put it on the rental market without any problem because it has on suite bathrooms. I love this one. 

70 South Sea Pines Drive has six bedrooms and six baths for $1,100,000. This is a best buy for me. It’s an absolute rental machine and has a killer marsh view. You can cross the street and be at Bald Eagle to get to the beach. It puts you close to South Beach, which people love because it has the Salty Dog. It’s priced well. It is an older home, but it would make a great rental with its great bedroom separations and the pool downstairs. Again, you can’t purchase this view. So, this is one of my favorites. 

8 Deer Run Lane has three bedrooms and two baths and is listed for $730,000. It has a tiny little pool and is fenced in. You can get to the bike path from the home. It is cute as a button. I do see some signs of settling on the walls, but it does have the crushed oyster shell siding and it has an open kitchen. For a couple, it’s a cute little home. I would rather see it priced a bit lower, but it’s very cute.

17 Old Military Road is a four-bedroom three bath home priced at $819,000. It also has a pool but is a lot closer to the beach. It’s a little more spacious and open than 8 Deer Run. It has a nice, updated kitchen. It has the brick wall type of look. It has nice colors. Again, for being a beach-oriented home it would probably make a great rental also. It has a two-car garage. I almost like this one better than Deer Run. It has a white kitchen, but the fronts have been refaced and it’s still the old drawer system. It has smooth ceilings and crown molding. 

259 Greenwood Drive has three bedrooms and two baths and is listed for $579,900. This home has been on the market for a long time. It has a very pretty golf view. It’s priced at lot value. At least you get something under $600,000. It has original windows and a bit of a funky floor plan. It just has a carport. Hopefully this time it will fly. Nearly everything is original. What makes it a tough re-do is that the kitchen is tucked away in the front by the carport. It’s got a very pretty view, but you almost need to tear the car port down. So, the home really needs to be priced in the low $500,000’s simply because you have a lot of living space but not much else. There’s also a little landscape growing off the chimney that’s pretty cute and funny. It’s also off Greenwood Drive so it’s kind of a noisy street to the front. 

68 Lawton Road has three bedrooms and two baths for $549,000. It’s a cute little home with a lagoon view. The deck looks like it’s newer. The home has cathedral ceilings in the living room and a little nook to the side of the kitchen which is sort of an open, galley kitchen. It basically has some nice lipstick on it, but it’s an older home. So, it should maybe be priced under $500,000. It has decking to the front and it’s in a cute little cul-de-sac. Obviously, it’s on the short-term rental market, but the condition is kind of basic. After a while, if it’s still not selling, I would reduce it. I think it’s a little on the pricey side. 

Harbour Town

10 Stoney Creek Road is a four bedroom three and a half bath house listed at $749,000. It’s furnished. It has a very cute kitchen and has a sort of wooden countertop that is really neat. It’s warm to the touch. The kitchen has nice appliances and a nice backsplash. The home is cute as a button. It has a nice little pool and is on the lagoon. It’s kind of tucked away. I wasn’t excited about it when I was driving up and saw the price, however, once you come inside it’s definitely adorable. So, don’t let the curb appeal fool you. It’s really a cute home and worth while to see. Considering what has sold – I think it was 23 or another number on Stoney Creek – I actually think this one is cuter and in better condition. The other had better colors and had been possibly designed by an interior designer, but don’t let that fool you. This is a very cute home. 

7 Planters Wood Court has five bedrooms and five and a half baths for $949,000. The issue that I have with this home is that the widow that was living in the house, they kind of made a low-ball offer to her for it and obviously, through desperation she took it and they are now listing it for $949,000. Yes, they put in a new bathroom. Yes, they got rid of the polybutylene pipes, although, they probably got a better price for it because of that and they are just asking way too much for what they got for it a year ago. I have a little issue with that.

Carolina Place is kind of tucked away off of Greenwood Drive near the gate [inaudible 00:10:25]all the roads and people seem to like them because you’ve got a community within a community with its own pool and so on. 

31 Shell Ring Road is a three bedroom two and a half bath listed for $625,000. It shows nicely. It’s got smooth ceilings. It looks like it’s on the rental market. It’s a little on the pricey side, however, it is on the front end of it. 

54 Shell Ring Road is also a three bedroom two and a half house and is listed for $499,000. They are paving the road on Shell Ring. It had a wooden thing in one of the windows. I’m sure that it needs TLC inside. It does not back up to Green Wood Drive. I would say the biggest thing over there is that some of the homes are not done in the best manner possible. So, one just needs to be very careful in Shell Ring and look at the quality of construction.

66 Otter Road is a three-bedroom two bath listed for $389,000. The curb appeal is average. It does back up to Palmetto Bay Road. However, when you come in the house, it’s just adorable. It has smooth ceilings and a little trek decking. It has a patio and a screened in porch, and again, the decking. It’s got new sliders. It’s got beautiful coloring and a sort of open kitchen. The home is just as cozy as can be and good quality. The cabinets in the kitchen are soft close. So, it’s been really nicely done. It even has a little lift. So, if someone is in a wheelchair, they can use the lift. So, it’s cute, cute, cute and priced beautifully. This home is one to consider, if you see backing up to road noise more as white noise. I like this one. 

28 Club Course Drive has four bedrooms and four baths and is listed at $865,000. It has a very pretty view looking out over the lagoon. It has sort of a French look to it, but the drawers are kind of basic. It does have nice countertops and an island. It does have four bedrooms, but it seems a little on the pricey side.

26 New Hall Road has three bedrooms and three baths and is priced at $699,00. This home looks like a flip. It has new sliders. It has a very pretty golf view and deck. The kitchen has been redone. So, again, if someone wants turn-key, it has the soft close cabinetry. new windows, and a garage. It has what people want. So, it’s move-in condition. Just bring your furniture and your toothbrush. 

41 Governors is a three bedroom two and a half bath listed at $799,000. They did a nice re-do. However, knowing what a re-do like this costs, this is cosmetic. The windows are still the original thin windows. The sliders are still original. So, they just put lipstick on it and want $799,00. I have an issue with that, but it is a nice re-do except it has vinyl floors. People are really starting to get a little greedy again. I hate to say it, but that’s going to kill our market. So, my viewpoint of this is, it’s way too much for what you’re getting. 

Now let’s run down some of the condos in Sea Pines

South Beach

1882 Beach Side Tennis Villa is a two-bedroom two bath listed at $885,000. It sounds a little pricey, however, this thing has been gutted and these villas rent very well. People love to go into these because of their proximity to South Beach and the price point. I did hear that this one is already under contract. So, don’t fall in love with this one.

We have three Bluff Villas

The first is #1813 which is a one bedroom one bath listed for $269,900. It’s priced well.

The next is 1799 Bluff Villa which is an efficiency. It’s listed for $217,500. It has a water view and is on the first floor. So, that’s well liked and also priced very well.

The last is 1660 Bluff Villa, a two-bedroom two bath listed for $397,500. 

I did go into 364 Briar Wood Villa. It’s a two-bedroom two bath listed at $499,000. I love the view when you come out of it because it’s got the marsh view. It’s the ones that are closest to Calabogie Cay Road. It needs updating, but it’s got a pretty lagoon view in the back. It’s on the quieter side and you can update it and do what you want with the personalization. Considering what the others are going for, this one is very interesting for someone that wants a place that you cannot short-term rent.

955 Cutter Court is a two bedroom one and a half bath priced at $589,000. It does have a very pretty view. I sold #965 which had designer furnishings. So, this seems a little pricey. 

We also have three GreenwoodGarden Villas.

The first is #345 which is a three-bedroom three bath listed for $515,000. It appears to be a flip. It did not appeal to me. You have the separation of the two bedrooms that are outside. So, if you’re a couple and you hardly ever have people visit you, this one might be okay. 

I was a little more intrigued by #347 which is a three-bedroom two bath listed at $435,000. It had a prettier view. It was the second to the last on the end. It needs some updating, but it could certainly be used the way it is now. The kitchen is even nicely done even though it’s not an open concept kitchen. 

I did not go into #331. It’s a three-bedroom two bath priced at $545,000. It’s a little on the high side. 

3327 Lake Forrest Villa has two bedrooms and two baths for $389,000. 

506 Plantation Club Villa. Nothing is on the market there. That is a new three bedroom three and a half bath listed for $449,000.

247 Stoney Creek Villa has one bedroom and one and half baths for $325,000. 

Forest Beach Villas

3D Beachwood Place has two bedrooms and two baths for $345,000. These aren’t built that well. They are basically prefab. So, I’m not really a fan of these. It’s also where the old Montessori used to be. 

108 Forest Beach Villas. Those are great, solid buildings. This is a one bedroom one bath priced at $259,000. They are having an assessment coming up, but again, these are solidly built and very well liked because of their proximity to Coligny. 

237 Shorewood Villas, these are also very popular. It’s a two-bedroom two bath listed for $550,000. 

53 Surf Court Villa is a two bedroom two and a half bath listed at $289,000. I think that’s a great price for this one for sure. 

Then, if you have an elderly parent that wants to be in a senior living home, we have 1104 The Seabrook. It is a two-bedroom two bath listed at $65,000. These in the hey day were in the six figures. So, again, that’s senior living. You do have dining plans, etcetera, and a highly monthly regime fee. So, keep that in mind.

We have three in the Off Plantation area.

The first is #118 Forest Cove, a two bedroom two bath for $157,900. These have skyrocketed in price the last 10 years. Three mast Lane in Broad Creek Landing #31 is 2/2 for $186,900 and 111 Palmetto Bay Club Villas (busy street), 1 BR and one bath $189,900.

That wraps up the South Tour for today. Thanks for reading and have a great December! 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner