Hello, this is June 26th, 2019 the last Wednesday of the month. It’s hard to believe. Everything is on high gear on Hilton Head and we had our South Realtor Home Tour for Hilton Head Island today. Most of them were in Sea Pines. There really wasn’t time to go outside. 

Let’s start with 14 Evergreen Lane a three-bedroom two bath house listed for $470,000. It seems a bit high. It’s nicely done with smooth ceilings. It’s well maintained but for the area and the square footage and the 3/2, it’s a little on the high side but it’s clean and cute. 

36 Wood Duck Court is a three-bedroom three bath for $489,000. This one had a golf view and I think it is a better value and a better location and it is a 3/3. It has been updated. It has beautiful floors. It has an open kitchen concept and a carport. So, this one is priced well. 

Those were the only two in the Club Course area of Sea Pines.

From there, on the Atlantic Dunes Course we had two properties. 

15 Jessamine Place is a three-bedroom three bath priced at $765,000. This is between two large homes. It is a great lot with the greens of the 14thfairway of Atlantic Dunes. The 15this that signature hole that is right on the ocean. So, it’s at a great location. The house is very old, very tired, and very beat up. It will definitely need some updating but it’s priced to sell. Lot values have sold in there at $700,000 and $740,000 recently. You’re just surrounded by very large houses, but it’s priced properly.

275 Greenwood Drive is a four-bedroom four bath home listed at $1,175,000. It has large Mexican tile. It also has a killer long golf view, which is just stunning. It looks right into the Plantation Club. It seems a little on the high side, especially being on Greenwood Drive. You’re off the main drag where everyone goes by. It is on the end of the cul-de-sac which is nice. Again, it could be a lovely home. 

Oceanside, we had 19 West Beach Lagoon Road. It has five bedrooms and seven baths and is listed at $2,895,000. It’s a nice house. It didn’t ooh or ahh me at all but for someone who wants a rental, it could be an interesting home. 

2 Black Skimmer Road is a three-bedroom two bath priced at $847,000. This is right on the street but it’s almost lot value. It is really cutely done. I think the biggest drawback, especially for a rental market, is that it only has two baths and doesn’t even have a half bath, but it’s priced well and is really very cute with a carport. It could be a good home until somebody just wants to build their dream home on it.

154 North Sea Pines Drive is a four-bedroom four bath home listed for $1,465,000. I must have been a spaz. I was unable to get to this house. It seems a little on the higher side. One of my colleagues did go see it and said it was nice. 

17 Green Heron Road is a four-bedroom four bath house priced at $1,299,000. This is an older home but has a pool. It’s probably great for the rental market. It’s on the beach walk. It’s pretty sparse but it’s in a great location and does have a new roof. So, it could be a home with great potential for someone that wants to be ocean-oriented and closer to the beach. 

9 Seaside Sparrow Road is a six-bedroom seven bath listed at $3,699,000. You can tell that it was built for rentals. It did not do it for me. It is a second row. I guess if you’re looking for something to be a rental machine, that might be it. 

20 Snowy Egret Road is a five-bedroom four and a half bath listed at $2,950,000. This house was absolutely cool and if I’m going to have a second-row house, this one beats Seaside Sparrow hands down. It’s priced very well. The architecture is unique down to every detail. I love this house. It just has a very cool factor with a lot of charm. I just found 9 Seaside Sparrow to be cookie cutter and the finishes to be mediocre. I’m not cutting it, but I’m just saying that 20 Snowy Egret did stand out for me. 

In South Beach, we had 7 Gadwall Road. It’s a five-bedroom, four bath, two half bath home for $3,399,000. Being oceanfront, I was extremely disappointed that this one does not have an ocean view. It is pretty bizarre that you could not see one. It has a pool. From the photos, it looks really good, but it is completely blocked, and you can’t see anything. I was extremely disappointed that it has absolutely no view. I don’t know who owns the land in front or if you could even chop it down or if it’s a natural thing. I personally would not buy a house like it and I would still go and buy that second-row on Snowy Egret over this. Apparently, you can buy the adjacent lot and build a compound, but it’s a compound without any views. So, you might as well be second row in my humble opinion. Sorry about that. 

In Lawton Oaks near the Harbour Town area, we had a newer home. 34 Hearthwood Drive is a four-bedroom four and a half bath home priced at $1,150,000. It’s situated on a double lagoon view that angles out both ways. It doesn’t have a pool but it’s a beautiful, cozy home. It would make a great primary or second home for someone. I just love the setting and everything about that one. So, that one and Snowy Egret will make my short list. 

33 Spartina Court is a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $649,000. It’s an okay house. It’s priced well for the area.

30 Harleston Green is a five-bedroom five and a half bath for $1,995,000. It is being sold furnished. The guy just bought it last year and apparently is putting it back on the market. It’s on the Harbour Town Golf Course. It’s a newer home. What can I say? It’s a nice, newer house. It’s not what I would personally want on Hilton Head personally, but I know buyers like traditional homes like this one. 

That covers all the homes. So, let me go into the condosbecause I did go into a lot of these today just because time allowed it. 

2632 Calibogue Club is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $619,000. I know the last one went up in the high fives. This one has a spectacular view. It is right by the bridge. It’s in a beautiful setting and you even see beyond the lagoon and out to the marsh. So, I was very impressed with this one. It has nice finishes. I definitely will keep it on my short list.

912 Cutter Court is a one-bedroom one bath listed for $295,000. I went and showed it the other day. I remember it being a little dark but you’re on Harbour Town. 

There was also 946 Cutter Court Villa. It’s a two-bedroom two bath priced at $540,000 but this one has a view of the light house. It’s on the third floor and has a small little patio. It just has a fantastic view of the harbor. 

884 Ketch Court Villa is a one-bedroom one bath listed at $244,000. It is the best buy in Harbour Town right now. 

869 Ketch Court Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $379,000. That is in the buildings facing the parking lot, but it is also quite an attractive condo. 

1085 Lighthouse One is a three-bedroom three bath at $1,130,000. This one has been on the market before. Ho hum. Ho hum.

196 Twin Oaks Villas is a three-bedroom three bath listed for $725,000. This one has been done to the nines. It is designer decorated. It’s a little dark. What I don’t like is that you’re kind of far from the pool. It is an end unit, which is awesome, but nevertheless, you are facing the driving range. You are facing the end of the driving range and you have a tall, high net that goes up really high and there was still a golf ball in the parking lot. So, if that doesn’t bother you, this has fantastic interior finishes. It is beautifully done.

In Forest Beach there were two homes. I did not go see them because I know exactly what they are. 

32 Firethorn Lane is just outside the ocean gate of Sea Pines. It is a three-bedroom two bath listed at $535,000. It’s lot value and an old ranch. It’s a great value for the price.

503 Shorewood Villa is a two-bedroom two bath listed for $715,000. It’s oceanfront. That is what you’re paying. You might get something, obviously, with a six in front of it. 

Off Plantationwe had a few in the Broad Creek area. I did not see these but would be happy to show anyone that is interested. 

8 Quartermaster Lane is a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $299,900.

34 Quartermaster Lane is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $325,000. 

Brighton Bay Villa #821 is a one-bedroom one bath at $164,900. 

823 Brighton Bay Villa is a one-bedroom one bath priced at $189,900. 

Finally, 51 Palmetto Bay Villa is a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $220,000. 

That wraps up our Sea Pines Tour. There are some great homes and villas out there and the inventory seems to stay quite tight. I would say my value choice today would probably have to be the one-bedroom one bath, 884 Ketch Court which is listed at $244,000. My personal favorite was 20 Snowy Egret Road, the five-bedroom four and a half bath priced at $2,950,000. It’s an absolutely gorgeous home with a gorgeous view. There is an empty lot ahead of it but I think even with that, it will still have an ocean view on the second row on the walkway. 

So, anything you see on Hilton Head Island whether it’s on the South End, Central, or North, your Hilton Head Agent would be happy to help you find your dream place on Hilton Head. Thank you so much. Next week we will not have a tour because it’s the Fourth of July. Our island will be packed with lots of activities and I will be participating in all of them. Hope to see many of you on the 18th fairway of Harbor Town. However, we will see you the following week.

Thank you so much and don’t forget to call or email us if we can be of any service. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner