Today we have a very short South Tour. Summer is here and that is usually not the busiest market for Hilton Head. Places are rented out. People are on vacation. So, it’s not the strongest buying season for us. 

Sea Pines and Forest Beach are where all of our houses are today. We’re starting at Baynard Cove Club. 

414 Baynard Cove Club is a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $2,695,000. It sounds like a hefty amount, but you need to know that this is a unique club right on the marsh with deep water views and this one has been done. This is a certified L.E.E.D. property which, means it meets all criteria for environmentally friendly, etc. This home is basically new from 2010. Very contemporary and modern with everything you can imagine is in this unit and it’s really for your discerning buyer that, for example, has a dog that wants to take it inside and wash it with a drain. There is a big laundry and a his and hers office. It’s just gorgeous even features a waterfall when you walk into it. It has the thickest wooden door that’s really unique. It reminds me of a safe in the bank. 

There is also another home in the complex. 403 Baynard Cove Club, a three-bedroom two bath for $875,000. It doesn’t have the same expansive view, but it does have a lagoon and then a slight marsh water view. It’s probably also at nine or ten feet elevation. Original kitchen and everything else, but it has great potential and again, it’s in a wonderful place. So, if someone is not shy about doing a renovation, this one will make the short list.

14 Baynard Park Road is a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $1,200,000. This one is on the interior side of Baynard Park. The kitchen has been redone. It seems a little high for me for what you’re getting and what needs to be redone including all the bathrooms and so on. That one will not make the short list for me at this price.

102 Baynard Cove Road is a six-bedroom, five bath, and two half bath home priced at $1,699,000. This one has had different realtors. They’ve been trying to sell it since 2016. They started at $1,875,000. It’s a newer home. I would rather buy next-door at $899,000 that is also for sale and renovate the daylights out of that one because this one just doesn’t have any love, but it is a newer home. Again, it has six-bedrooms on Baynard Cove so, you’d better be a big family. It’s on the rental market right now which is why it hasn’t had a lot of love. It won’t make my short list either. 

20 Windjammer Court is a four-bedroom three and a half bath house for $889,000. I remember when this one was on the market recently. They really didn’t update anything on it. It’s got a lagoon view. It is on the rental market. It’s got some charm, but it has a teeny tiny pool. I know spas that are bigger than that pool and it faces the house next door that almost seems like its roof is on top of your little pool. So, again, unless you’re going to use it for the rental market, it won’t make my shortlist either.

I don’t usually go to the villas. Readers of my blog know this, but a colleague did have one. So, I went into 1594 Lagoon Villa, a three-bedroom three bath listed for $799,000. At first, I thought that was kind of high for the area because I remember these being in the high fives, but this one is all the way on the end. It has a beautiful lagoon view and everything that has been done in there seems to be of high quality and is very tasteful and it is being sold furnished. It’s very cozy with good bedroom separation and it’s move in ready in my book. The only thing is, if you have allergies and you were to look at it, there is a smell of artificial something. So, it’s a bit perfumey but that would dissipate. Other than that, it’s a very cute little unit. That one might make my short list. 

Next, we have 19 Bald Eagle Road West. It’s a seven-bedroom seven and a half bath home priced at $1,495,000. You have to cross Sea Pines Drive if you wish to walk to the beach. It is on the other end of the cul-de-sac and has a killer marsh view and lots of parking because it’s green space. Older home. It’s probably a rental machine or fabulous multi-family home. Greeted by very nice double antique doors when you come in. It’s a low country house with Savannah brick in the entry foyer. It’s a little on the odd side though. There is really no real view. It does have a pool and it probably does well on the rental market. It’s a little on the dark side also. So, I don’t think this one is going to make my short list. It has too many types of flooring going on. The cabinetry is dated. It’s just old and tired. It has two separate one-car garages with a door and then, it has two more parking space in the separate guest house. I just looked at the mailbox and they call this the Eagle’s Next. It does have a guest house which is really kind of cool and I love the setting of the house. Great for a big family if you’ve got lots of children and grandchildren but it won’t make my short list. It has tremendous potential but does need some freshening up. 

I took a little detour and went outside of the Sea Pines gates to look at the things in North and South Forest Beach. South Forest Beach, which is a cute neighborhood right outside the gate, has a house on 14 Myrtle Lane, a four-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $675,000. It has a carport and a two-car garage and asphalt. The curb appeal is not that great. Inside the home has nice, colorful walls. It’s a really cool space and I think it would do well for a family home but because of its proximity to the beach, I could imagine that the draw would be a short-term rental. It’s priced well and ready to go. It does need some love in the front yard and it’s a good space though with a traditional floor plan. 

Next, in the North Forest Beach areas we had 6 Park Road. It’s a tear down. It looks like it hasn’t been taken care of. There are lots of trees. You’ve got older homes on each side. So, it would be a hard one to fix up but again, you’re getting it for lot value. So, it could be an interesting one. 

19 Dove Street is a six-bedroom five bath home priced at $1,299,000. It’s on the beach side of North Forest Beach, a newer home with stucco and is probably on the rental market. It could be an interesting house and has a lot of charm. It might not make my short list, but it could be an interesting one for someone who wants something on the rental market and wants to be close to the beach. 

So, now that I’m back to Sea Pines, my first stop was 1 Evergreen Lane. It’s a three-bedroom two bath for $439,000. It’s absolutely adorable. It has new blue shutters. It’s modern. It’s cozy. The curb appeal is great with its rod iron gate. Corner lot. I just absolutely think it’s adorable. It has a new roof as of two years ago. It was painted in 2018. It has a new refrigerator. They cleaned the duct work out. In 2006 they got new windows, seamless gutters, and nice iron work inside. This one will definitely make my short list at $439,000. Granted, not everybody wants just a three-bedroom two bath but it’s absolutely adorable and it has a two-car garage.  

This one I almost didn’t go into because it has been on the market for quite some time. It started at $639,000. It is 2 Marshview Drive, a three-bedroom three bath for $599,000. It’s on a large corner lot and has a two-car garage. It is immaculate inside and is priced well. I don’t understand why this one is still on the market. It is definitely one that should be on someone’s shortlist to buy. 

Next was 12 Sandfiddler Road. It’s a newer home with nice curb appeal. This is the second realtor for the home. Four-bedroom three and a half bath priced at $800,000. Looks like it has been painted the inside. It is kind of high for the area, but it is a newer home with a nice view which, is what buyers are looking for. 

37 Club Course Drive is a four-bedroom four bath for $695,000. It’s a newer house with a nice golf view on that main road. It’s a traditional floor plan home. You can tell it was a spec house. The dining room and the kitchen are kind of small but it’s a nice and elegant home. 

31 Governors Road is a three-bedroom three bath for $775,000. It is light and bright. You have a lagoon view which is kind of close and looks over to Wood Duck Road. It’s in okay shape but it seems kind of high for me. That one is not going to make the short list. It’s probably similar buyer to 37 Club Course Drive. I did like that 12 Sand Fiddler Road came down in price because that one is a newer home at $800,000. 

Now we’re off to 8 Water Oak Drive, a five-bedroom three bath for $569,000. It is a very funky house. It’s a patio lot. So, I’m surprised that upstairs they have windows on both sides. The problem is, they both look into other houses. It’s very dark when you come in. It used to have an atrium in that old house and at least they did something really cool. They put in like a bar with a beer tap, which is quirky, and it’s done for one person because the downstairs master has a huge walk in closet to get to the master and then, to the right is the bathroom which is nice. So, it’s a funky floorplan. It doesn’t have a garage but it’s a quirky and fun house with a very limited buying pool is my guess. I don’t think it will make my short list.

55 Lawton Road is a three-bedroom two bath for $399,000. They tried to sell in 2012 for $329,000 with another agent that I had never heard of and now they’re on the market six years later. The market is better than it was back then, but the house is also older. It does look like they cleaned it up a little bit. I am going to go in and give you some more feedback on this cute home. This one does have vinyl floors now. You walk into a wall and have no foyer. It actually needs to be blown up and this whole space needs to be one space. Original windows. They have cleaned it up and it’s a tasteful entry-level. Live in it and then decide what to do. It has single pane windows, which with small children from my experience that can be a problem. I also don’t like that the ceiling pain is two different colors. They may have tried to patch up at one point. That is kind of odd. The one-car garage is detached. Great entry-level for someone wanting to get into Sea Pines. It’s well located, and it is a patio lot pie shaped, I believe. It has a decent view in the back, and it is really in a good location. 

Lastly, we have 12 Shell Ring Road, a three-bedroom three bath for $649,000. This one is in Carolina Place and has a lagoon view. People like Carolina Place because it is its own little community and this house is across from the tennis courts and the pool. I’d rather see it in the high fives though. It’s an elevated house and has a very fresh Lysol smell. There is settling in these houses. A lot of these were spec homes when this Carolina Place was developed. I see rips and cracks on the cathedral ceilings. They are popcorn ceilings and there is carpeting throughout. Has a feel of a spec home with a floor plan to match for the time period. It is light and bright and priced okay. It won’t make my short list though.

That about wraps it up for the tour. I think 55 Lawton as a tear down is interesting and I really thought 1 Evergreen Lane was cute as a button with a two-car garage even though it’s one a three bed two bath. I really liked that one. And, of course, for the discerning buyer, nothing beats 414 Baynard Cove Club. 

That about wraps it up. Thanks so much and have a great day!

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ochsner

(843) 816-6388