Today we have the Hilton Head Homes Realtor Tour for the South End. What a gorgeous day! It’s a little on the chilly side but the azaleas and the blooms throughout are spectacular and more colorful and vibrant than I have seen in a very long time. It’s really, really amazing. 

Sea Pines

13 Twin Pines Court is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed for $949,000. This home is close to the Harbour Town area and tucked away in a 'land' peninsula. Has a nice gated courtyard, a pool, a gorgeous view of the green at Atlantic Dunes course.  It’s a very nice family/party house. It has a big dining room with a fireplace to entertain, an office with a bathroom that could be used as a fourth bedroom and a somewhat newer kitchen. It’s a nice traditional home that has been really kept up nicely but does need interior paint updating.

9 Ridgewood Lane is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $829,000. This one was elevated. It also has a spectacular lagoon and a long green view. It has popcorn ceilings and a small kitchen. It’s kind of granny style. I think I expected more at $829,000 but again, the inventories are so low for that kind of house that I see why they are at that price. It also has a great view of lagoon and green that 'makes it' but needs updating and is smaller. 

2 Saint Andrew’s Place. This one has been on the market before. It’s a four-bedroom four bath for $679,000. It has a nice kitchen. It’s a corner lot. It’s right there on the Plantation Drive corner. It looks better empty than when it had a lot of stuff in it. It was really hard to see/imagine. They cleaned out the carport too. It’s a decent price now and I think that these people are ready to sell. I must admit that this one looks intriguing and makes my short list.

75 Baynard Cove Road has four bedrooms and three and a half baths and is listed for $1,995,000. I remember this house. It’s extremely contemporary. The kitchen is to die for and there are lots of different gathering space. It’s very contemporary. The garage is kind of far from the kitchen - I think of these practical things, LOL.  The curb appeal is very funky. It doesn’t have a lot of love and seems a little high considering they paid $1.5 million not that long ago. You overlook a lagoon and you have ranch houses on the other side. It's more for a unique buyer.

18 Bald Eagle Road has six bedrooms and six and a half baths and is priced at $4,999,000. It’s an old-school home that they’ve beautifully redone, with a really nice job with the trim work. I always look for attention to detail and not just a brush of the stroke to 'update' a place. It’s very tastefully done. It’s ocean front and it’s 'in the money'. I can see it more as a rental house. It has a very pretty view and a nice big space downstairs where most of the living space is. The main thing I didn’t like is, to get out to the terrace upstairs, which is really where you have the best view, you have to go through the kitchen. So, I didn’t care for that much but there’s not a lot of inventory oceanfront either.

6 Ruddy Turnstone is a four-bedroom four bath priced at $1,325,000. I remember this one being on the market not too long ago and I could not find the new listing so I have the SOLD information, which shows it sold less than a year ago at $1,149,000. It’s on the corner and has basic curb appeal. They’ve taken the two-car garage and made it into a nice great room (prior owner not this seller). I didn’t get to see that today. I take it that it’s not much different than it was on the market a year ago. They are going to redo the whole pool area because they still have that carpeting in the pool which I find funky to have sort of that outdoor carpeting. That’s so passé and that’s an easy fix. Again, I think the prices are Spring prices for sure. This house had a smell in it that didn’t really do anything for me either. Nothing so far has really spoken to me.

16 Wood Ibis Road is a brand new six-bedroom seven bath listed at $3,295,000. It’s fifth street and ocean-oriented. It’s on the walkway side. I think it’s the third or fourth row back. It’s kind of tight and doesn’t have that open feel. I found it beautiful but a little choppy on the left but had all the new features that new builds have these days. If somebody wants a new home it is a new home, but it didn’t excite me at $3,295,000. I’d rather buy less and make it the way I want to, but that’s just me because I know that then you have the quality that you want. I didn’t find that the kitchen cabinets had that quality that I was expecting. 

Club Course neighborhood in Sea Pines. 

38 Water Oak Drive is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $549,000. It has a golf view. I saw this house before and it needs work. It does have a two-car garage. I’d like to see it under $500,000 because it needs as lot of work to do it properly and it is an elevated house that originally was a spec home.

19 Wood Duck Road has three bedrooms and two and a half baths for $700,000. Again, you start seeing these houses coming back on. This one was empty. They said they have done a lot of work to it. It’s still dark. It still has lots of different flooring. I really can’t tell what they did to it. So, I’m going to ask the agent. Again, to be on Wood Duck at $700,000, that just seems extremely on the high side. 

3 Beaver Lane is a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $499,000. This one is really cute. I was pleasantly surprised. The curb appeal coming into Beaver Lane, all of the houses there were just extremely kept up. This one has a two-car garage and an open floor plan and is split going up to the living spaces. It’s cute, cute, cute. I think this one remains a favorite on the short list.

It’s hard to go to 6 Possum Lane after that. It’s a three-bedroom two bath for $389,000. It’s priced properly. So, it’s got potential. It’s just that even cleaning it up and making it cutesy, the floor plan is such that the kitchen is very closed up and you’d almost have to make structural changes to make it different. The footprint is kind of small. So, again, it’s priced well, and someone could make it really cute for one person. I think it’s a potential for that type of buyer. 

The last one was 11 Sandfiddler Road which has three bedrooms and two baths and is priced at $499,000. I think the neighborhood in Sandfiddler that surrounds it is more appealing to many lookers. This one too needs updating but I think what you get for your end result would be more and it has a 2 car detached garage. There is a buyer for every house. The curb appeal isn’t that great, but I think it beats out 6 Possum Lane for a redo. 

So, my favorite in Sea Pines was 3 Beaver Lane and 2 St. Andrews. 

I did go into some of the villas in Sea Pines which is unusual. I’m watching Briarwood closely because we have a lot of Briarwoods starting to pop up. This is the third one on the market. 376 Briarwood, it’s a two-bedroom but it has a study with it. It has three baths. This one is at $550,000. So, you could say three-bedroom three bath. The problem with this one is that you look straight into the pool. You’ve got the wall to the pool. You’re going to have everyone screaming at you. It wouldn’t be my favorite and even though the kitchen was redone, it’s still dark. It has sort of a bay sitting area/breakfast nook that was expanded out. I found the kitchen cabinets to be dark. You are better off doing another one and getting a better view because that you cannot change. You are stuck with that. 

I also went into the Greenwood Garden Villa #324. It’s one of the ones closest to the stables. It’s a three-bedroom two bath for $599,000. I remember this one was a killer option and almost a turn-key model style home. It’s now empty and the colors on the wall make it lose part of its charm. You can tell that it’s missing the décor and the love that was in it. It seems a little high, but with your imagination could be great. Greenwood Gardens, like Briarwood, are popular as they do not allow short term rent, but they’ve taken a little break going under contract quickly.

 Forest Beach 

33 Sandpiper Street is a six-bedroom six and a half bath home priced at $4,200,000. It’s a great home on the beach all the way down toward Shipyard. So, you’re kind of close to the hotel. That’s the biggest negative but I can tell its a rental machine. Again, something for every buyer. 

6 Juniper Lane is in a neighborhood that I love. It is a stately home with five bedrooms and five and a half baths and is listed at $1,600,000. It’s a great area. 

10 Myrtle Lane is back on the market again. It has four bedrooms and three baths for $566,900. It’s an old ranch with a separate bedroom on the outside. You are really buying it for the land and its proximity to the beach. I would say just buy it, rent it out or use it as your second beach home until you decide what you want to do and then, build your dream home on it. 

I am going to run through the villas quickly. We had 222 Breakers Villas with one bedroom for $285,000. 

We had Forest Beach Villas #425 also with one bedroom and one bath priced at $265,000. 

306 Forest Beach Villas is also a one-bedroom one bath for $254,900.

2 Hilton Head Beach Club Villas is close to the beach. I like these because you don’t’ have anyone up or down from you. You have a little courtyard area and your own little terrace area in the back. It’s a two-bedroom one and a half bath for $254,900. 

These have been popping up lately, 190 Seaside Villa has one bedroom and one bath for $217,500.

3053 Seascape is a two-bedroom two bath for $205,000. 

110 Springwood Villas, which are toward the back end, has three bedrooms and three and a half baths for $325,000. They can be very interesting and can do very well on the rentals because of where they are located. Keep on a short list.

3302 Seacrest Villa, these are popular as well. These condos have slowly snuck up in price. It’s a two-bedroom two bath for $885,000.

Off Plantation

22 Goldfinch Lane, a three-bedroom two bath for $355,000. It has been on the market for quite a while. 

711 Brighton Bay Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $255,000. 
Sea Pines Villas

2265 Heritage Villa is a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $389,000. It has popcorn ceilings, but it has a cute little view right over the bridge to the lagoon. It’s close to Harbour town. What’s not to love?

3373 Lake Forest Villa is a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $429,999. This is, of course, on the Greenwood side across from Club Course. These do well on the long-term rental markets or a great place for winter birds (Northerners coming South for Winter). 

251 Stoney Creek Villa has two bedrooms and two and a half baths for $419,000. It seems a little on the steep side but, again, it’s very close to Harbour Town.

Lastly, Turtle Lane Club Villa #19 has been on before too. It’s a three-bedroom three bath for $869,000. 

All in all, if you DO NOT want to be in a gated community, Goldfinch Lane is a good residential area. Juniper would be a second choice, although it is on the high-end side.

I really wanted to like a lot of these when I first looked at the list first thing in the morning, but none of them really had features or feel that 'moved me'. So, the one that surprised me the most was 3 Beaver Lane and I didn’t expect to ever like one on Otter Road. So, there you go. Even old veterans like me can be pleasantly surprised sometimes. 

There is lots of great inventory out there. It’s limited, but if you have your list of  what features you want, know what you can live with and what you cannot live without, there are some great buys out there. Just have your do and don't features list thought out.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful week. Have a great afternoon! Susan Ochsner -

Post Script: There was one home that was not on the Tour, but I got a personal invitation to go see it. 52 Club Course Drive has three bedrooms and two and a half baths and is priced at $739,000. It’s a nice re-do. I didn’t really care for the fireplace on the other side of the wet bar that they opened up, but it’s tastefully done and has a nice golf view. It just wouldn’t be one that will make my short list either.