Today we have the privilege of going on the Hilton Head Homes Tour for the South End of Hilton Head Island. So, this is the Hilton Head South Tour.

Sea Pines

First in Sea Pines we went to 9 Genoa Court a three-bedroom two and a half bath priced at $849,000. This one they have been trying to sell since September of 2017. It has an open floorplan but it’s kind of odd and there is a lot of space in the kitchen that isn’t used. It doesn’t really have a view unless you are out on the deck looking out to the far right to the deep water. They started at $879,000. They dropped it as far as $819,000 at the end of November. So, I think there is some wiggle room on this one. So, it’s a good potential because you have a two-car garage and you are in the heart of Harbour Town. 

4 Muirfield Road is a three-bedroom three bath home listed for $595,000. It needs to be updated but it is priced accordingly and would have room for a pool. They bought it nine years ago and I don’t think they have done much to it. 

36 Baynard Park Road is a four-bedroom four bath and two half bath house listed at $2,200,000. This is an extremely unique house. I think that it has redeeming qualities in that it has different 'pods' of living space. It has high-end finishes in it, but it is really for that unique buyer. You have a deep-water view to the front of the house thanks to the community center. So, it will never be built upon. The back faces the 14thor 15thgreen. It’s shore par three but because of all the bushes you can’t see it and you do have the car path in the back yard of the property. 

31 Baynard Park Road has five bedrooms, five baths, and two half baths and is priced at $5,250,000. The owners actually bought this house in 2007 for $2.1 million and had torn it down and on the same footprint added about 8,000 square feet. There is a room with bunkbeds for seven kids. It’s richly appointed. It is just a wow beautiful house. The view is not dramatic. If I’m going to spend $5,000,000 or have a buyer for that amount, I will certainly show other options on Hilton Head that might be better, but it is a gorgeous home. 

11 Marsh Wren Road is a five-bedroom three bath for $1,195,000. This is an old school house. It’s a tear down. It’s second row. It has a smell in it. It’s not really a turnaround flip. It is a cute rental were it not for the smell. I don’t know how you can tweak it much. I’d say buy it so that you can then build your dream house on it and rent it out until then. 

7 Painted Bunting Road is a four-bedroom four and a half bath house priced at $2,200,000. This is a newer home. It’s elegant but dark and it is so beach-oriented, but it doesn’t feel like you’re at the beach at all. It has been on the marked before. I’ve mentioned it before. So, you’ll have to look at one of my other blogs. It won’t make the short list either. 

6 Surf Scoter Road is a four-bedroom four and a bath home listed at $1,385,000. This one is a little newer than Marsh Wren. It is on the walkway and probably rents out pretty well. It’s nice that it is right on the beach walkway. I don’t care for the interior design of it. Again, there may be other options out there. It’s a decent house but onward and forward. 

18 Wren Drive is a five-bedroom three and a half bath for $1,295,000. This has a killer marsh view and it was remodeled in 2015. They did a really nice job. Even the kitchen cabinets are nice. I think one more bathroom would be good on this house, but it probably does quite well in rentals. It has that killer marsh view. It’s kind of a unique property and I was very intrigued by it. I was a little disappointed that the exterior maintenance is not up to snuff to this price. I think they need to spend some money painting the house. They got rid of a lot of the greens but they never painted it and that is what I’d like to see, but it’s a unique house and it has a lot of potential.

40 Canvasback Road is a five-bedroom, four bath, and two half bath oceanfront home listed at $4,600,000.  It’s on the end of the long road of Canvasback. It’s a really cool cottage home that looks like is used as a secondary home. It is very cool with a very expansive ocean view, light and bright and shows quite well for an aging home. It seems a little high for the quality of build that this home is, but it has a gorgeous view. If someone falls in love with it, they may drop the money, but it probably needs to be at about $4.2 million. 

16 Wood Ibis has six bedrooms and seven baths and is listed for $3,295,000. This is a gorgeous new home. It’s beautiful. I suspect this one was built for a rental which is a shame because it’s absolutely gorgeous. It has nice outdoor space and it’s tastefully appointed. I think it’s as turnkey as you can get. So, we have a lot of buyers looking for new homes and this is on that one of those buyers would have to look at and maybe make one of the bedrooms into a nice office. 

52 Hearthwood Drive is a five-bedroom five and a half bath house for $1,499,000. This is in the Lawton Oaks subdivision. This is a house that they built new. It has a lagoon view. You know, it’s built well enough that it can merit a price over $1.3 million, but just keep in mind that at Hearthwood Drive when you drive in, you have to go all the way around. You can’t make a U-turn. So, if you’re trying to get out of the Plantation, it’s a little tricky and if you are a person who goes in and out, that’s not the house for you. But if you drive and then are home for a long time and you hardly ever go out, it will be fine. I just like people to know that because a lot of agents don’t talk about those things. 

Next is 71 North Calibogue Cay Road, a five-bedroom, five bath, and two half bath for $5,995,000. It’s a spectacular house. There is nothing I don’t love about this house other than maybe the pebbled driveway, but that is an easy fix. It’s absolutely gorgeous with 280-degree water views. The master is exquisite. I think this would compete arguably with any oceanfront those out there. It’s exquisite and this one is going to make my short list. 

Next, we’re going to the Club Course Area.

37 Governor’s Road is a four-bedroom four bath for $829,000. It is nice and newly built. It sold, I think, two years ago for more than I thought it should. There really is no view or privacy but it is a newer home. The main negative to this is that one of the bedrooms is right there at the kitchen. You walk out and you are in the kitchen. So, I find the design is not that great. It does have nice outdoor space. Supply and demand will determine this one. 

39 Shell Ring Road is a three-bedroom three bath listed for $575,000. It’s a little on the dark side but has the one original owner. It has a two-car garage and has everything that people want. It's a three-bedroom three bath on suite and has the two-car garage with a nice lagoon view in a nice little contained community within Sea Pines. So, I think it is priced a little high but with the supply being so low we will see what happens with it. It won’t be on my short list though.

64 Club Course Drive has four bedrooms and three baths and is listed at $651,000. It has been on the market before. It has that brick wall when you come in that is in poor shape. The driveway is all catawampus. There are a lot of cracks in the walkway going up. They added the two-car garage but there isn’t a lot of love in this home, but it does have the golf view. Considering what 71 Club Course sold for, I think it’s a travesty to have it listed that high. Buyers are smarter and more educated. 

147 Otter Road is a three-bedroom two bath for $425,000. It is priced okay. It has been on the market before and it has a big backyard. They have updated it. It’s cute as a button. It’s a little small but it has pavers and a garage and is turnkey. It’s cute, cute, cute. It might make my short list actually. 

Now we are leaving Sea Pines.

Next is 7 Nautilas Road, a three-bedroom three and a half bath home priced at $1,320,000. This is in the Point Comfort neighborhood. You have to drive through some houses. They are better kept now than they have been in the past and this one has a gorgeous marsh to deep-water view. It is totally updated and is very tasteful and cozy. It’s a beauty for someone that doesn’t want to be in a gated community. 

13 Flamingo Street has six bedrooms and six baths and three half baths and is priced at $1,749,000. This is a new build and I think was built in 2007. It has an outdoor pool. The rental numbers are pretty good. You even have a peek of the ocean in the top floor master. What’s not to like? It is great for an investor property and someone that is trying to increase their real estate portfolio. It's a nice, new build in the Forest Beach area, which is kind of tight in space as the houses get larger. It was wonderful beach community when the homes were ranches and cottages but now owners are wanting to maximize the floor space and building as close and as high as they can to the setback lines.

I did go into a couple of villas that I want to tell you about. One was 463 Plantation Club Villa. It has two bedrooms and two baths and is listed for $375,000. It is on the first floor of the second building away from the beach. It’s a garden unit and there was a big smell in there. The problem is, these are older units so this one you want to be in the top unit and not the bottom unfortunately. So, it seems to be priced a little too high. It should be more in the $350,000’s. 

23 Turtle Lane Club is a three-bedroom three bath for $859,000. When you walk into the foyer, the floor seems like it is sloping. So, I have a little issue with that. It’s a basic builder grade dated townhouse. It hasn’t had a lot done to it, but it’s proximity to the beach makes it attractive. If you could get this one in the high 7’s, you’re golden.

So, that’s all I saw. It’s pretty clear which ones made my short list. Let me just run through some other villas. 

387 Briarwood Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $439,000. It is the lowest price one in there. It is priced to sell no doubt. 

331 Greenwood Garden Villa is a two-bedroom two bath listed at $499,000. You have a lot of competition in there. It’s priced okay. 

2226 Heritage Villa has a golf view, two bedrooms and two and a half baths. It’s listed for $449,000.

2289 Heritage Villa has a tennis court view, but you can put bushes or other coverage up. It has two bedrooms and two and a half baths and is listed at $419,000. 

825 Ketch Court Villa is a two-bedroom one and a half bath for $359,000. It’s priced okay. 

3359 Lake Forest Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $384,900. These are very popular and the ones that have a good view, we’re going to be probably having one on the market in August. 

130 Lawton Villas is a two-bedroom two bath for $399,900. These have been popular as of late. You cannot rent them out short-term.

667 Mariner’s Way is a two-bedroom two bath for $449,000. It seems high but those have been very popular lately since they refurbished the entryways making them more attractive. 

There are also two in the Resident’s Club. They not allow short-term rentals and they are close to the Sea Pines Country Club. One of them has a killer view which is 2832 Residents Club. It’s a three-bedroom two bath for $525,000. It has a killer marsh view. It needs updating but they have come down in the price because it has been on the market for quite some time. 

2816 Resident’s Club Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $489,000. It also seems high. It’s a corner unit. It has a golf view. It’s not as nice of a view but it’s an end unit as is the other one. 

1466 Sound Villa is a four-bedroom four and a half bath for $995,000. It’s priced okay.

243 Stoney Creek Villa is a one-bedroom one and a half bath for $310,000. There is one with a marsh view which is a better view. This one is very cute and done nicely.

Lastly in Sea Pines Resort, we have 184 Twin Oak Villas, a three-bedroom three bath for $839,000. Those have really gone up in price. 

We also have two condos in Palmetto Bay Marina. Palmetto Bay Marina will probably be refurbished as they have now settled the lawsuit since Hurricane Matthre. So, this is a good time to get into that area if one is so inclined.

1001 Brighton Bay Villa is a three-bedroom three bath for $269,000. 

402D Palmetto Bay  is on the Palmetto Bay Road. These aren’t as attractive as far as location, but they are somewhat near the Palmetto Bay area that is going to be all redeveloped. It has two bedrooms and two and a half baths for $215,000.

In the Forest Beach area we have three condos. 

42 Courtside Villa is a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $339,000. These aren’t very noise preventative. So, just keep that in mind. 

Forest Garden Villas are very popular and have also sneaked up in price. 17 Forest Garden Villa is a two-bedroom one bath for $189,000. These have a very low density and are very liked by a lot of buyers that are introduced to these. 

6101 Treetop Villas is a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $215,000. They are very special and you either like them or you don’t. 

So, that about covers it for our May 15thOpen House. Thank you for reading and don’t forget that we represent buyers from all across the world and would love to represent you. If you are reading this and need some more detailed information and are in need of an advocate to help you purchase either a house, condo, or investment on Hilton Head, please call our team at (843) 816-6388. 

Thank you and have a great day! 

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ochsner