Today we have the Hilton Head Island Realtor Tour for the South End, which is one of my favorites. This time we had 32 houses total.  Sea Pines did have two villas and one piece of land. So, technically, there were only 15 homes in Sea Pines. We had two Off Plantation - I will mention those later – and one villa. In Forest Beach we only had one home and the other ten were villas. As you know, I don’t really go into the villas. Range of homes went from $348,900 to $3,900,000.

Sea Pines

Harbour Town Neighborhood

My first stop was 30 Harleston Green which is right on the Harbor Town Golf Course. It has five bedrooms and five and a half baths and is listed at $2,075,000. That home is a turnkey home. It’s elevated and very elegant. Thishome  is elevated and has a pool with a fountain spa. It has six gas burner stove and a nice appointed kitchen. More space with higher ceilings, but it’s also over $2,000,000 instead of the $1.5 to $1.6 million-dollar range that 12/14 Harleston Green are asking.

To stay in the Harbor Town area, I did go see one villa because I know the agent. 142 Harbourwood villa is a two-bedroom two bath home. Those are the ones that look like a little square with a cap on them. They are near the driving range on Plantation Drive. They are a little out from the Harbour Town area at $479,000. It does need updating. So, at this price, just be aware you’ll have to do some updating.

The only villa in Sea Pines that I did not go to was 241 Stoney Creek Villa. It’s a three-bedroom three bath home for $495,000. The price seems a little high, but Stoney Creek Villas you know about. I’ve mentioned them many times. The good about this model is that it does not have the sunken LR.

South Beach Neighborhood

10 Wren Drive with four bedrooms and three baths listed for $850,000. It is on the rental market. It is an elevated house, but when you come in it’s very dated as you are coming up the steps. You don’t have any privacy to the back. You can see the house that’s on that corner. It needs a little love, but again, it’s on the rental market. So, what do you expect, correct?

Next, we had 7 Gadwall Road. This home is an ocean front house with five bedrooms and four baths with two half baths listed at $3,900,000. I do want to point out that the lot to the left of that is also for sale. It’s listed at $3,750,000. In this house you have to go up the steps to get to the living room and then you come around to the kitchen that needs updating and then you have to go down some steps. So, it’s a little bit of a choppy house. It’s a little more than lot value right now. I think it would almost be a teardown. I guess you could salvage it, but the curb appeal is still very dated. It’s also far from the beach, and don’t forget, the Gadwall is already on the sound area. Some people say it’s technically not beach. So, even though it is ocean front, it may not be seen that way. 

Next, we went to 6 Painted Bunting Road, a four bedroom four and a half bath home for $1,400,000. It’s the same situation. It’s on the rental market. The curb appeal is dated. It’s priced okay, but if you think about what’s across the street – a newer house for a little more money – by the time you update it etc., why go through that headache? The floor plan is not ideal either. 


Central Neighborhood in Sea Pines

I then went and saw a gorgeous house which is at 80 North Sea Pines Drive. It’s a five-bedroom six bath home listed for $2,250,000. I think about 72 N. Sea Pines Drive that is just down 5 homes to also consider. The curb appeal/architecture towards the front of this house isn’t that cool. It’s very big and the picture doesn’t do it any justice, but just the feel of it is off. You are very close to the beach. It’s a sixth row. The landscaping is very nice. It’s your basic build from that era and a newer built home. You’ve got a killer view of the Atlantic Dunes Golf Course and Heron Point. The view is really nice especially if you are a golf fan. The pool is kind of dated with a little spa, but it’s a nice clean house. It’s higher end for that era as I mentioned before. What I loved about it is when you get to the garage it’s got a little golf cart doorway to the back end of the garage that really appeals to all your bikes and things you want to take to and from the beach. So, it’s priced a little on the high end, but again, it’s a nice house.

Next is 40 Plantation Drive. It’s a four-bedroom four and a half home right on Plantation Drive. It’s priced really well at $775,000. It has newer windows. It’s got a contemporary kitchen. It’s got unique architecture, but it really takes the best views of the golf course. It’s on, I believe, Herron Point. For $775,000 I don’t like the grey siding color. That needs to be painted beige to go with the windows, because with the newer windows it just kind of screams at you, but that one is staying on my short list.

Greenwood Forest had a house which is 2 Sweet Gum Lane. It’s a three-bedroom three bath home listed for $549,000. The roof is newer. It has a one-car garage. It’s on a corner lot. I really wanted to see it since that other one went that was under $499,000. This one was priced a little higher but did have a new roof. However, I could not get into the property because there wasn’t a lock box. So, I don’t know if it went under contract. If I hear anything I will let you know.

Lawton Woods 

7 Pender Lane is a two-bedroom two bath priced at $509,000. I think 3 Pender Lane that was more updated but with the same exact floorplan sold in the mid to high fives. For this home, the owner has redone all of the windows. It has a tiny pool. So, it’s priced well and is a little more private because it’s not on the corner as you drive into Pender Lane. So, it’s an interesting entry-level into Lawton Woods. 6 Rice Lane just closed also.

69 Lawton Road is a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed for $425,000. I was intrigued by that, but it’s got Mexican tile on the floor. It does face Greenwood Drive. It really needs a lot of work. I think the work will cost more than $75,000 and you also don’t have the little pool. So, I don’t see that one going anytime soon unless you are the builder type. The smell was a bit more than I like to smell...

Club Course Neighborhood

The first home in Club Course is 14 Club Course Drive. It’s a three-bedroom two bath home for $545,000. The garage is detached. It is elevated, but it’s all wood. It didn’t really give you a great feel. It does need to be updated inside. The kitchen is toward the front. It has a wooded view and nice decking, but it needs a lot of updating. However, it is priced well. Again, you get a two-car garage and you’re in the Club Course area. Mind you, 14 Club Course is before you get to Otter Road or Isle of Pines. So, you do get a lot of traffic driving by the home compared to my listing. 

11 Wood Duck Road is a three-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $685,000. It’s been completely redone. It only has a one-car garage and it does face Greenwood Drive on the other side of the golf course. As you look outside, you have a green area and then there is a little lagoon. So, you wouldn’t want little kids playing in there, but again, you’ve got golf views and lagoon area. Greenwood is beautiful updated and very contemporary. The kitchen has been updated. The bathroom has been updated. The third bedroom is sort of the same thing. It’s seen more as an office and it’s really turnkey and ready to go. I like that one and I think someone will too. 

Next is 12 Sand Fiddler Road, a four-bedroom three and a half bath home listed for $875,000. It’s a newer house. You can tell that it was built as a spec home, but it has a great view. It’s a tight lot, but a newer home and elevated with a two-car garage and high ceilings. There are nice colors in the kitchen. It’s just that builder spec home type. I don’t have anything to say that’s wrong with it. It’s not a bad house. 

182 Club Course Drive is a six-bedroom six and half bath house. This is the third go around on this house with a third broker. It’s priced at $1,179,000. It has a nice golf view. It’s deep into Club Course. The biggest challenge is that the surrounding houses are listed under a million dollars, and unless you have a huge family and you want to be in an area that isn’t really rentable, it’s a tough sell. But, if you want to be in Club Course this has got lots of bedrooms and bathrooms. It is a very traditional floorplan. The furniture is a little dark and I think that makes it hard to show, but the price is getting better.

71 Club Course Drive is my listing. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath priced at $679,000 with a pretty golf view. It’s one of the best views. You can walk to the Sea Pines Country Club. Everything is updated including the closets. It’s got a new wine cooler. The garage floor has been redone. The kitchen has all new cabinetry and granite countertops. There’s decking outside with a firepit. The master bedroom is upstairs. The loft area and closet could be turned into a fourth bedroom and fourth bath if needed. It’s a really cute house. Every little detail has been taken care of. So, it’s in turnkey condition. I love this house, personally, and not because it’s my listing. I just love the old country homes, but, you know, if it was a marsh view it would be my favorite by a long shot. 

The last one in Club Course is 112 Otter Road. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath home priced at $499,000. It’s priced really well. It has a two-car garage. What I like about this house is that it’s off the loop of Otter Road. So, it’s a little on the quieter side. It does have a smell which I don’t care for. It does need some updating, but it is more on the private side and it’s priced pretty well. It has a traditional floorplan. When you walk in you’ve got steps on the left to the bedrooms. It’s a great entry-level. Again, for Otter Road it is a little on the high side, but I think it will probably go for somewhere in the mid fours. There’s great potential for this one. 

Now the first house when leaving the gates of Sea Pines is 17 Myrtle Lane. It’s a four-bedroom four bath house listed for $749,000. It has a two-car garage. It has a mother-in-law suite. I don’t think it’s conforming to insurance purposes. So, you have to keep that in mind, but it’s a great rental opportunity and close to the beach. It’s not in a gated community. You are a little surrounded by rentals, but there are a lot of people that live in the area. I know a lot of people on Hickory Lane. Again, that could be a rental for someone who doesn’t want to pay a resort gated community price. 

Point Comfort

The first is 6 Sea Olive Road which has three bedrooms and two baths for $349,500. It looks like it’s been cleaned up. It’s surrounded by interesting homes. It’s a great neighborhood. A little further on Sea Olive you get - on the odd side - water views. So, again, it’s a very cute neighborhood. It’s kind of open. It’s slab on grade. The oyster shell driveway has been ripped up. It looks like that will need to be taken care of because there is a lot of root damage on it. 

55 Ashton Cove Drive is in a little gated community with an automatic gate. The home has three bedrooms and two and a half baths and is listed for $348,900. It’s a very good entry-level. These houses are elevated and trick-or-treaters, if you don’t like Halloween or Trick-or-Treat don’t buy in Ashton Cove. I think they had 340 trick-or-treaters over Halloween. We always laugh and say that’s probably part of the covenants that you need to buy $300 worth of candy. It’s a great neighborhood and an entry-level home. It needs some updating, but for a young family it’s a great neighborhood because underneath the elevated house you have lots of space. What I like about this house is it’s on a corner lot and it’s on the inside part of the loop. So, you have a big yard because it’s kind of pie shaped. So, that was kind of neat for entry level. 

That about wraps it up. 

I’d have to say that my two favorites include one of my listings which is 71 Club Course Drive. It’s a turnkey home with two bedrooms and two and a half baths listed for $679,000. I think if you want a home with huge potential to renovate with killer view, 40 Plantation Drive. I could also include 7 Pender Lane. That was a well-priced entry-level home for Lawton Woods. 

I think that about covers those homes, but I do want to mention the rest of the Villas. Off Plantation we had Palmetto Bay Villa #18 with two bedrooms and one bath listed for $159,000.

Then, we had a ton of Shorewood Villas. We had four Shorewood Villas. 

There is a three-bedroom three bath villa for $1,100,000, which was #507

Then, #433 is a two-bedroom two bath listed for $525,000. 

#336 is a two-bedroom two bath for $635,000. 

Then, #503 has two bedrooms and two baths for $875,000. 

Three of them are from the same broker. So, I don’t know if it’s an investor who is just moving on or if there is something going on regime-wise. 

Then, there is 3079 Seascape Villas. It’s a little one bedroom one bath for $159,900. 

412 Forest Beach Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $405,000.

430 Forest Beach Villa is a two bedroom two and a half bath listed at $400,000.

These are solidly built. They used to be priced in the threes, and I think they have a big window and stucco assessment that is coming up. So, a lot of people are putting them on the market, meaning it might be a great time to get into those. I love Forest Beach Villas. I think that they are solid and well managed. 

525 Carolina Beach Club has two bedrooms and two baths and is priced at $359,000. Those aren’t built as well. They used to be the old Sea Pines Montessori grounds. 

103 Breaker’s Villas has one bedroom and one bath and is listed at $189,900. 

20 Beach Arbor Villa is a two bedroom two and a half bath for $229,000. Those rent pretty well. 

That covers our tour for today. Thank you so much for going on the tour with me. Please call me if you have any questions or if you’d like to see any of these condos or homes. If there’s anything else in particular that you are looking for; I would love to help you narrow it down. I wish you a great day and I look forward to seeing you again next week. Bye Bye!

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner


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