Hilton Head North Tour 10-10-2018 – Realtor 

Today is the realtor tour North End Hilton Head Island. Today we had over 40 properties to look at. Some of them were cancelled due to Hurricane Michael. I will mention those at the end of this blog. 

Windmill Harbor

There was only one townhouse there at 45 Harbor Passage. It’s a three bedroom three and a half bath for $729,900. It has a spectacular water view being high tide. There was a spacious laundry and large master with a closet. There was new carpeting everywhere. It has a large oversized shower in the master. It does have funky hexagon sinks. It’s clean and ready to go. The cabinetry in the living room and kitchen are old and original, but nicely painted. The wooden decking outside, and the railings, are older. I believe this was a foreclosure snapped up in 2015 for $550K, and they just kind of cleaned it up. 

Hilton Head Plantation

48 Royal James has three bedrooms, three and a half baths, and is listed for $550,000. This is a cute house. It was at the end of the cul-de-sac toward the back gate of Hilton Head Plantation. It has nice redone concrete walkway and driveway. It has a large dining room that is open to the kitchen. It has dark wooden floors, and basic, but nice, cabinetry. It has a large laundry room, smooth ceilings, and new windows, which I always love, because that is a very big expense. It has a nice backyard space. It is a very private lot. It has an upstairs with an added sort of bonus room office, and another plus is that you have a walk-in attic instead of the dropdown. 

Next was 8 Arrow Wood Road, a three-bedroom two bath home for $385,000. It’s a patio lot with a one car garage. It does have original windows. It has a deck. It has carpet and maple floors in the kitchen with decent cabinetry. The entryway was kind of funky. It has a large mudroom/laundry/desk area and an asphalt driveway. It was okay. 

5 Florencia is a three bedroom three and a half bath house listed for $529,000. It had a newer two car garage door. That was nice. It has a gorgeous open wide golf view and outdoor space with a fire pit. It has wide plank vinyl with nice barn doors. The original bathroom was in bathroom number two, but they had an updated tub and shower and vanity in the master bathroom. 

6 Seabrook Landing Drive has four bedrooms and four and a half baths for $912,000. It has a brick walkway with a turnaround driveway. So, nice curb appeal. That is a definite A++. It has high ceilings. It has a pretty lagoon view. It has an open kitchen with a fireplace, and a nice wood deck. The grassy area and the lagoon view were really nice. It has some funky wall niches, but great curb appeal. It’s in a very high-end area. It seems a bit high at that price, but, you know, okay.

28 Bear Creek Drive has three bedrooms and three baths for $549,900. It’s a combination of stucco and wood. The paint job was okay. I could not get the lock to work. I was tired of fighting it. I did peek in. It had a killer marsh view. It needed updating, but the market can accommodate that. The gutters need to be cleaned and the roof was a little beat up, but, again, it has a beautiful, gorgeous marsh view as many in that neighborhood do.

1 Salt Wind Way has three bedrooms and two baths and is listed for $399,999. I might as well say $400,000. It has newer nice gutters. It is a small cute home. It presents very nicely. 

6 Black Rail is a three-bedroom three bath home listed for $400,000. The roof was just okay. It has nice floors and basic cabinets. It’s nice and bright with a golf view. The windows have a nook seating in the dining room, which I thought was cute. Plus, it had a breakfast nook. It is cute, light, and bright. It is well priced, especially for the Dolphin Head area. For a small family, or a single mom, it would be a great cute home. I like that one.

5 Sugar Pine Lane is a three-bedroom two bath house listed for $409,000. You’d better like brown. It’s brown, brown, brown. It has brown pebbles of the early eighties. It has a one-car garage. Pavers and certain stuff to the house are a bit worn and tired. It’s another patio lot. They painted the original cabinets a nice white. It’s not as good as Black Rail. It has a funky entry with the tile. It has a sunken living room, wooded view, and a cat smell with popcorn ceiling. It is worn out and tired, so it leaves more to be desired. There are plenty of other ones. 

29 Fernwood Court in the Spring Lake area is a three-bedroom two bath home for $329,000. It’s at the end of a cul-de-sac with no garage. It’s okay.

38 Oyster Shell is a three bedroom three and a half bath for $699,000. It’s in a very popular area. It’ s stucco house with a two-car garage. It has really nice curb appeal, and you can walk to the Bluff. I could not get in the house. I’m curious about that one. 

9 Stonegate has three bedroom and two and half baths and is listed for $510,000. It has high ceilings and is neat as a pin. It has a lagoon that is kind of a drop down. It has a nice grassy paver area in the back. It has nice wood floors and a two-car garage. It has good curb appeal with a newer roof. It’s a nice turn key. 

44 Savannah Trail has four bedrooms and three and half bath for $625,000. It has a really nice dramatic open floor plan with a long lagoon view, which is a definite plus. It has large wide plank floor. It has nice finishes and is an elegant house. I liked 44 Savannah Trail.

Crooked Pond in Hilton Head Plantation

There were two homes in the Crooked Pond area.

7 Twisted Cay is a three-bedroom two bath home listed for $469,000. At first, I thought it was a bit overpriced, but it has a very pretty long lagoon view. It is on a cul-de-sac. It is a little dated. It has a cute corner room that is a Carolina room that is very nice. It is open, light, and bright, but again, dated. I think it’s a very unique lot. It’s a little on the pricey side, but nevertheless a great opportunity because of the view and the location which you can’t change.

14 Sweetwater Lane is a four bedroom three and a half bath house that is, again, one dollar below $500,000. It is a “Lowcountry” style house, which tends to be a little darker. I didn’t like that the rusted entry was rusted paint on the window side. It has a huge green grass backspace to play, but it’s a little darker of a home. It was at the end of the cul-de-sac but a bit darker and it seems a little pricey even though, I guess, they are counting on it being a four bedroom.

Headlands Neighborhood in Hilton Head Plantation

112 Headlands Drive is a three-bedroom two bath house for $425,000. It’s priced well for the Headlands, but you have original windows, you have a two-car garage that is not connected. It does have a wooded view and, sort of, a partial golf view to the right. It has a small kitchen. It’s on a large lot. It did not make it for me, even at that lower price.

37 Cypress Marsh is a three-bedroom two bath listed for $449,000. They put new pine straw out. It has, really, no curb appeal. The sun beats right into the front of the house. It didn’t impress me. 

70 Cypress Marsh road has three bedrooms and two baths listed for $399,000. This one is $50,000 less. The front door needs to be painted. It needs new hardware. The gutters need to be cleaned, but it’s got a really nice view. It has great potential and is certainly more interesting. 70 Cypress Marsh has big potential. It is priced well.

2 Headlands is a three-bedroom two bath listed for $395,750. It has poor curb appeal. It has a funky stucco and wood combo. It’s also on the corner of the main road coming into Hilton Head Plantation and Headlands Drive. I wasn’t that impressed, but once you got in it had a nice bedroom separation. The two bedrooms to the master had wood floors. It has a nice cozy kitchen. It shows nicer and is very well maintained. So, again, for the right price point it needs little to be done. 

Indigo Run

I first went to 14 Avalon. It is a villa. Avalon villas are right outside Indigo. They are three bedroom and three bath villas. They have a two-car garage. It’s very simple living, but with a great floor plan. At $399,000 it’s the best priced one there. I think they are a plus because of their location and price. You can’t beat them. They are newer built, also. 

13 Dawson Way is a three bedroom two and a half bath for $538,000. It has high ceilings and is nice and cozy. It’s priced okay for Indigo Run.

Lastly, I went to 55 Lancaster Place. It’s a three bedroom three and a half bath listed for $539,000. It borders the outside gate of Indigo run. It seems to be a very noisy road. I don’t know if it’s marshland. The house is okay inside. If I’m spending that kind of money though, I certainly don’t want to be in the cul-de-sac where two sides have a main road. 

Forgive me, these are the homes that I did not go to. I was out five hours. I ran out of time and some of these were cancelled. So, I’m just going to run through them so that you know, and I will be happy to go look at these for you. Remember that each address has a live link to give you more details on every property, and I will be happy to look any of these up for you. 

246 Caesar Place has three bedrooms and three and a half baths for $325,000. 

21 Crosswinds drive is a three bedroom two and a bath home listed for $549,000.

32 Graham Lane has four bedrooms and four and a half baths for $625,000.

14 Gold Oak is a four bedroom three and a half bath house listed for $289,000. That’s a wooded view. The water views are a lot more. 

Last, off of Plantation is 8F Summerfield Villas. It is a two-bedroom two bath listed for $180,000.

Hilton Head Plantation 

I did not go see 53 Big Woods Drive. It is a four bedroom three and a half bath listed for $500,000. It’s vacant and easy to show. 

6 Glenmoor Place is a three-bedroom three bath house for $577,500. It’s priced well. These are newer places.

7 Charlesfort Place has six bedrooms and seven baths listed for $3,595,000. This is in Ribaut Island with a killer water view.

7 Warbler Lane is a three-bedroom two bath for $399,000. 

Palmetto Hall

There were six homes for sale in Palmetto Hall. Again, due to time constraints I was not able to see any of them. A couple of them are priced a little on the high side. Nevertheless, I will be happy to talk to you about any of these or other ones in Palmetto Hall Plantation.

8 Ellis Court is a three bedroom three and a half bath for $545,000.

314 Fort Howell Drive is a five bedroom three and a half bath for $570,000.

7 Hatteras Court has five bedroom and four and a half baths listed for $725,000.

9 McGuire Court is a four bedroom three and a half bath home listed for $529,000.

68 Sedge Fern Drive is a four bedroom three and a half bath house listed for $609,000. It seems a little high for a patio lot.

2 Tucker Ridge Court is a four bedroom three and a half bath for $419,000.

Lastly, but not least, we have a fabulous home on Spanish Wells. 61 Widewater Road is a four bedroom four and a half bath for $999,000.

That concludes the Open House Tour for October 10thin the North end of Hilton Head Island. Having 23 houses in Hilton Head Plantation alone really took up a lot of my time. So, I apologize that Palmetto Hall did not cut it and neither did the off plantations, which I don’t typically do anyway. 

This was kind of a tough one to pick a favorite. That always happens on the North Tour for me. I’m a little iffy about that 45 Harbor Passage, especially being a three bedroom three and a half in the 700’s. I wish that were lower. 5 Sugar Pine Lane had a smell. I didn’t care for that. 

I almost have to pick 6 Black Rail Lane a three-bedroom three bath at $400,000. It had a very pretty view. Of course, if I had to go to Indigo Run, I like 13 Dawson Way the best at $538,000 with three bedrooms and two and a half baths. 

That’s all for today. Thanks so much, and I hope you come back next week. J

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner