There were 50 properties today on tour. A busy busy long day! Showing property in between also! Some of the ones on tour are villas primarily in Sea Pines. There are ten villas in Sea Pines. 

South Beach

Let’s start with 1 Gadwall Road that is in the South Beach area of Sea Pines. It has five bedrooms and five baths and is well priced at $1,175,000. It has the kitchen downstairs. It is updated and does great rental numbers. It has a small little pool. The best features about the home are the price, and its location to the beach, and its location to South Beach.

Next, we have 26 Baynard Cove Road which is a three bedroom three and a half bath for $648,000. It’s a two story with two one-car garages. It’s very choppy inside. It has been on the market before. It’s choppy and dated. So, it needs a lot of updating. The plus on this one is its proximity to the beach and being on Baynard Cove. 

7 Painted Bunting Road is a four bedroom four and a half bath house listed for $2,200,000. It is very nice, elegant, and stately, but it is a little on the dark side. 

As a comparison, I also went to 6 West Beach Lagoon Road. It is a five bedroom five and a half bath for $2,350,000. It has a nice curb appeal. Beach Lagoon is known as the Gold Coast. It’s a little further from the beach than Painted Bunting, but it has more bedrooms and a sort of grandchildren area over the bonus room. It has nice little details, furnishings, and a pretty golf view. So, this one was almost more attractive. 

117 North Sea Pines Drive has four bedrooms and four baths with two half baths for $929,000. It is a bit pricey. It has a beautiful lagoon view, and it’s really close to the Plantation Club. It’s an easy walk to the beach. It has nice brick Savannah pavers when you come in. You can tell they have updated it, but it’s still kind of a choppy house. It’s a great party house I think. It would be better if it was in the 8’s instead of $929,000, but I guess they are trying to get their money out of it, which I totally understand. 

Next is 56 Deer Run Lane with three bedrooms three baths for $825,000. It has a pool and nice maple floors. It has a two-car garage and is all on one level. It has a very open feel. It’s a basic home, but it’s a nice space and is priced okay. It’s very close to the beach.

16 Deer Run Lane is a three-bedroom three bath home for $619,000. This one has been on the market before. It had a couple of other realtors. It has a big ol’ tree and kind of a funky floor plan. Again, for a quirky buyer, this could be very interesting. It does have two-car carport that needs to be enclosed. It’s partial stucco and it looks like it has even been added on to. So, it’s kind of hard to work, but, again, Deer Run Lane is well liked and at $619,000 you could do some work for it. 

18 Gunnery Lane has four bedrooms four bathrooms and is listed for $829,000. It’s got a two-car garage.It’s a split-level house. It has a good bedroom separation. It’s more like a home. You really feel enclosed in the back. There is not a lot of breathing there. It’s a lot of house. It’s kind of set back. So, you have a big front yard, but the backyard space is very limited and there is a big wall to the left of the house next door. So, you know, it has the feel. It’s priced properly, but you have to like that wooden entrance. 

12 Harleston Green has three bedrooms and three and a half baths for $1,595,000. It is in a beautiful setting. You walk in to a Savannah brick patio area. It has a nice fountain and a very good feel. You come to the right and you have a very cozy family room. To the left you’ve got beautiful heart of pine floors and little shelves underneath the stairwell – intricate carpentry. It has a beautiful golf view and a nice pool. There is a gorgeous kitchen with a butler’s pantry, and then an office with a lot of storage toward the laundry room and the garage. It has high-end finishes. I would say its biggest drawback is that it is only a three bedroom and that the kitchen sort of has a breakfast nook, but you are kind of tucked away. It’s really done for formal entertaining and not for a casual family style. It’s a gorgeous house – 12 Harleston Green. There is a house next door that is also an option for someone who would want to update it themselves.

Club Course Area

59 Wood Duck Road is a three bedroom two and half bath house for $489,000. It has a lot of Savannah brick when you come in, and then, when you come into the entryway, to your right you have your bedrooms. Then, you step down into the living room and the kitchen. Cathedral ceilings and a lot of sunlight with a nice golf view. It seems a bit high for not having garages and for the condition, but there is not a lot on the market at that price. So, if you are okay with a sunken living room and going up into it and then down into the house it would be okay. It does have a bit of a smell to it.

99 Governor’s Road has three bedrooms and two baths for $565,000. That has been on the market before. They have lowered the price. It needs a lot of updating and creativity. It’s on the curve of Governor’s Road a busy throughway, especially now that Greenwood Drive is being properly repaved. It’s kind of a funky house. So, you have to have a lot of imagination, and, ultimately, you still have a three-bedroom two bath at $565,000.

77 Governor’s Road is a four bedroom three and a half bath for $695,000. A redo. Nicely done cosmetically and not a lot of charm. Eh.

Next is 32 Oak Court with three bedrooms and two baths listed for $489,000. It’s a really, really cute house. It has a two-car garage. It’s on a corner lot. It has really nice curb appeal, especially if you love working in the kitchen. You’ve got a long, expansive view from the kitchen. It does only have a breakfast nook, and then, there’s the dining room area. You do have a little outside firepit. It’s cute as a button with good bedroom separation. It’s just not that open floor plan. It has beautiful curb appeal as you walk to the property. I’m surprised this one is still on the market.

141 Club Course Drive has four bedrooms and four and a half baths for $600,000. I thought, “Wow!” When I drove up, it’s at the tippy tip end. You couldn’t get further from the beach and further into Club Course. It actually backs up to Tide Point Road and Point Comfort Road. So, you do have a lot of noise, but it’s very private. It’s nicely updated and really cute. It’s a basic house, but really turn-key and priced very well at $600,000. It’s got a long driveway and a two-car garage with a cute backyard, but you do have road noise from Point Comfort and a little bit from Palmetto Bay. 

55 Hearthwood Drive is a four bedroom four and a half bath for $1,250,000. It is very high price for that house. 

9 South Live Oak Road has three bedrooms and two baths for $729,000. It is one of the prettiest streets in Sea Pines. It’s very close to the beach. It has nice lagoons. It’s priced at lot value. The house in itself is extremely choppy, and the bathrooms are tight. Basically, it’s a tear down. It is a very hard remodel and it is kind of dark. 

10 Willow Oak Road is a four bedroom four and a half bath for $645,000. I know that house well. It has been on the market for a couple of years. The tough part about this one is the funky floor plan. All of the bathrooms need to be redone. It has a two-car garage. It has a very long golf view, which is the prettiest part of it. You just need someone with a lot of ideas, because the one fourth bedroom and bath is added to the left. The kitchen is kind of cramped. The living room is all by itself. So, it needs to be reconfigured. The dining room is really far from the kitchen, kind of in its own little newer space. So, it’s kind of a funky plan, and there are about eight pines in the back that just bring a lot of debris down, but, again, it’s well priced to be in the Red Maple Willow Oak area.

Speaking of Red Maple, 26 Red Maple Road is back on the market. It has four bedrooms and four and a half baths. It’s listed at $759,900. This one has a pool. It has rented well. It has a metal roof, but a carport. It has a golf view and is close to the beach. It’s in the cul-de-sac of Red Maple. It has good rental numbers, but it’s beat up, and it’s an old school house with all of the windows and doors etc. So, it’s just an old school house with a funky floorplan, but a cool and different house. 

Greenwood Forest

2 Dewberry Lane is marketed as a three-bedroom two bath house and priced at $499,000. It’s priced well. It has a nice curb appeal. It’s very, very cute. It has a side entrance and is beautifully done inside. Everything has been updated and is brand spanking new. It’s very tasteful. I just couldn’t find the third bedroom. So, it’s really a two bedroom it seems to me. It’s priced ok for a 2 bedroom updated at $499,000. Could be a good alternative to a villa?

Then we have 31 Wisteria Lane with a nice open feel. It has five bedrooms and four baths and is listed for $649,000. It is a little further from the beach and all of the amenities. This one is tastefully done with nice stone floors and an open floor plan.

I also went outside of the gates of Sea Pines to 4 Jacana Street. It has three bedrooms and four baths for $924,900. It has a pool in the front and is in a nice, quiet neighborhood. It has a three-car garage. It’s an interesting house for someone that wants to live on the beach. 

Off Plantation

Cedar Woods and Point Comfort area, we had 14 Song Sparrow Lane. It’s a three-bedroom two bath home for $649,900. It’s a little high for the neighborhood, but this one has a gorgeous marsh view. It’s completely updated. The kitchen cabinets are much taller than your typical cabinets. It’s very tastefully done. It is beautifully appointed. It just, maybe, needs to be at $599,000, but you never know. Gorgeous but small. Nice outside deck overlooking the marsh.

29 Kingbird Lane is a three-bedroom two bath for $309,993. That’s kind of a wild number. Again, it’s a great entry level into a nice neighborhood. It’s really, really cute. You do see the houses next door from the back, but it’s got a nice front yard with parking spots and is very tastefully done. It’s a great price.

I think that about covers it. There were some condos. I did go see 555 Ocean Course Villa. It’s a beautifully updated two-bedroom two bath house for $622,500. It has been completely gutted. 

Then, we also have 370 Briarwood. That is a two-bedroom two bath home. There are no short-term rentals in there. It’s listed at $539,000. Those have the high ceilings. It has similar architecture to Ocean Course Villas, but just in a very different neighborhood. 

I also have some other condos. I will go through those quickly. We had 50 this time, which was a lot. 

1836 Beach Side Tennis is a two-bedroom two bath house. They are sneaking up in price. This one is $765,000. 

A very unique Clipper Court faces the front. 800 Clipper Court has been totally redone. The price reflects that. It’s a three bedroom three and a half bath listed for $1,150,000.

904 Cutter Court Villa is priced nicely for a two-bedroom two bath home at $399,000. 

346 Greenwood Garden Villa – remember those. You cannot short-term rent in there. It is a three-bedroom three bath for $520,000. It’s a great location. That is the price they are going for now. 

862 Ketch Court Villa has one bedroom for $437,500. That seems a little on the high side. It better be very beautiful. Still, that’s very high for a one bedroom. 

3369 Lake Forrest Villa is a three bedroom two and a half bath for $475,000. At first, that one seems high. It does have a garage. It has been completely updates. It’s very tasteful and turn-key.

We have 2357 Racket Club Villa with one bedroom at $249,000.

Lastly, 296 Stoney Creek Villa has two bedrooms and two and a half baths for $385,000. The issue on that one is it does have the sunken living room. 

For my favorite, I’d almost have to say that the one that sticks out is 14 Song Sparrow Lane. It’s not in a gated community, but I always have a soft spot for marsh views. I like that one and then, if money wasn’t an object, I would say 6 West Beach Lagoon Road. It’s a great place for the grandkids at $2,350,000. 

That about covers it. There are a couple great listings out there. There is good inventory and it’s a good time to buy in Hilton Head. 

See you next week. Thanks so much!

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ochsner

(843) 816-6388

  • Highlight the home’s notable features or unique aspects of the home I  have physically toured
  • Focus on the home itself, not the surrounding community, neighborhood or school district