The town has done a great job answering questions on New Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Sea Pines and all of Hilton Head Island! See below:

Flood Insurance Rate Maps FAQs

FEMA recently announced that the Flood Insurance Rate Maps will become effective on March 23, 2021.

What is my new flood zone?
If you do not own property in the Town of Hilton Head Island, please contact your local jurisdiction as we do not have this information available for areas outside of Town limits.

If you own property in the Town of Hilton Head Island, you can look up your new flood zone by entering your address at
What do the flood zone designations mean??
Zone X (formerly Zone C) – low-risk zone
Zone Shaded X (formerly Zone B) – moderate-risk zone (0.2% annual chance flood)
Zone AO – areas of shallow flooding
Zone AE – high-risk zone (1% annual chance Flood)
Zone VE – coastal high-hazard zone
When will my flood insurance rate change?
How much will I be paying for flood insurance after March 23, 2021?
Contact your flood insurance provider to obtain your new flood insurance rate.
What will the elevation requirements be for new homes when the new flood maps are effective?
The Town is required to adopt a new ordinance to officially accept the new Flood Insurance Rate Maps. At this time, we are working on the ordinance revision and have limited information as to how this will affect new construction on the Island.
Can I submit a building permit application now, in anticipation of constructing my home using the new base flood elevation?
No. A home must be constructed to the Building Codes and Town Ordinances in effect at the time the building permit application is received by the Town.