Today we have the Hilton Head Realtor Tour for Central Hilton Head. We have 27 properties, 12 that are villas and 15 homes ranging from $129,000 all the way to $1,595,000. Interestingly we have four in the $1.5 million range. I find it interesting that list prices keep creeping up a little bit even though nationally we see declines.

All right. Let’s get started!

Port Royal 

1 Dahlgren Lane has three bedrooms and two and a half baths and is listed for $549,000. It’s priced properly. It has popcorn ceilings and original cabinets with new countertops. It does have a pretty view. It’s a great price for Port Royal in the marketplace area. 

Palmetto Dunes

The first stop in Palmetto Dunes is 37 Sea Lane. It has six bedrooms, five baths and two half baths. It’s listed for $1,595,000. Apparently, their rental numbers are about $162,000. It’s used as a secondary home. It has original cabinets and different floorings everywhere with new counters. It has a little cracked tile that needs to be fixed. It’s a little on the high side, but it’s in a great location. 

56 Full Sweep is a three-bedroom two bath home listed for $599,000. It’s priced a little high. You’ve got a step up into the kitchen and dining room. It has a nice pool, but it’s a closed type of flow and you have the 278 road noise. So, just keep that in mind, but again, it’s priced aggressively for Palmetto Dunes, although I think it should be more in them mid to low fives, but the market will dictate that. 

7 Slack Tide is a four bedroom three and a half bath listed at $884,900. It has a really nice front door and curb appeal. It has high ceilings. It has sticky carpet tape, like the tape that you used to keep carpets from sliding and it’s on the wooden part of the floor. So, that’s kind of funky, but it seems to be priced well. Like I said, it has great curb appeal. 

32 Starboard Tack has four bedrooms and four baths and is priced at $847,500. I don’t like the curb appeal. It has a very funky curb appeal. It has a smell. It does, however, have beautiful counter tops over white basic cabinets which is a shame. Again, it probably should be in the $700,000s in my opinion. I don’t care for it because I don’t like the funky smell.

5 Midstream is a three-bedroom three bath for $680,000. It has the 80’s brown pebble stone steps going up that have settled a little bit with wood steps going up. It has a pool in the back, but the exterior doesn’t look like it has been maintained at all. The carpet is a bit dirty. So, this home would need some upgrades. 

20 Rum Row has four bedrooms and three and a half baths and is priced at $1,249,000. This home definitely makes the cut. It has beautiful curb appeal. You can tell that people live here. There is a lot of love. The kitchen is upgraded with high-end cabinetry. The bathrooms have all been redone. The home is very tasteful. It has nice floors. It’s on the lagoon and does not have a pool, but then again, not everybody wants a pool. It has newer windows. There’s really nothing at all to point out as a downside. It has a huge space downstairs. This one gets a gold star.

3 Troon Drive is on the Inverness side of Palmetto Dunes. It has three bedrooms and three and a half baths and is listed for $659,000. It has a sort of cottage appeal. It has a pool in the back. One bedroom is downstairs and two are upstairs. It has wooden steps leading up. It has an original kitchen that needs a little updating. It’s cozy. The stairs are a bit steep and you have an asphalt driveway that needs a little work. So, the curb appeal is not what you’d expect, but it has a proximity to the beach that makes it valuable. 

2 Cottage Court is a five-bedroom four bath house listed at $875,000. It has a two-car garage. The home has the hearty plank in it with high and smooth ceilings. It has nice curb appeal and is on a corner lot. It has a newer roof. It has a bunkbed for four boys which would be nice. It would be great if it had a fifth bathroom. It has a nice open floor plan and the kitchen is open. It would be a great rental. The projections, I think, are $40,000 but that’s because they use it a lot themselves. In fact, from what I understand, they are selling it because the want to move here. So, it’s a good listing. 

Long Cove

8 Lavington Road is a three bedroom and three bath house priced at $439,000. It has a separate garage. The curb appeal is a little dated, especially when you see the newer homes. It does have a nice lawn. It’s just the home curb appeal itself that is a little dated. It looks nicer inside. It has a nice little deck outside and it’s priced very well. The kitchen is in decent shape and it is kind of a semi-open floor plan. 

2 Good Hope Court has four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms and is listed at $525,000. These folks bought it a year or so ago and they now want to upgrade and stay in the community but get a bigger house. So, they really haven’t done much to it other than paint it. So, they probably just want to get their money out of it which is probably why it is listed at what it is. It’s got a nice pool. The kitchen is kind of small. It doesn’t have the open feel, but it is a four bedroom instead of a three bedroom. 

6 Pendergrass Court is a three bedroom three and a half bath house listed for $729,000. They did redo everything kind of on the cheap side, but it is updated the way people want. It has two-toned kitchen cabinets and the white marble look, but these folks bought it in foreclosure in February of this year for $300,000. So, they are being a little on the greedy side I think but I’m sure that you could find someone who they could wow into that, but I would think one of the other two would be a better buy and you could do whatever you want to it and know that the quality is what you want and that it’s not just a flip trying to make some money. 

So, looking at everything, for Long Cove I like 8 Lavington Road and 2 Good Hope Court. In Palmetto Dunes I would have to venture for Rum Row, the four-bedroom listed at $1,249,000. It is on the million side, but if you’re going to spend $800,000, I just don’t feel like any of those houses were right. Maybe 7 Slack Tide, it has potential. So, I would say Rum Row and Slack Tide. 

Let me continue with Folly Field. In Folly Field we have two villas. 

B136 Hilton Head Beach and Tennis Villa has one bedroom and one bath for $154,000.

Island Club Villa #2102 is a two-bedroom two bath for $425,000. That is a great entry-level and they rent very well.

We also have two homes in Bradley Beach and these are older cottages. 

29 Bradley Beach Road is a three-bedroom two bath listed at $459,000 

8 Bradley Beach Road is a three-bedroom two bath listed at $540,000.

Those are two homes that would get you a beach oriented little cottage.

Hilton Head Resort has unit 4115 which is in the building that is closest to the gate and furthest from the beach. It has two bedrooms and two baths for $129,000.

Wyndmere Villa has #324 which is the Yacht Cove area. It’s a two bedroom two and a half bath priced at $179,000.

There are some condos in Palmetto Duneswhich I’ll go into.

Abbinton Villa #110 has three bedrooms and three baths for $699,000. I can help you with all of those. Just remember that when it comes to a home, location and view are things you cannot change, everything else you can. So, be careful when you buy something turn-key. Make sure that it’s in the quality that you want and make sure you understand that the price you are paying is higher than other things that are around it.

That wraps it up. I wish you all a great week. That’s it until next time which will be the North End tour. Goodbye!