Today is February 26th, 2020 and we have the Central Tour of Homes for sale on Hilton Head Island. As some of you already know, we do Central, South, and North tours and they are rotated on an even basis. So, this time we are going to begin with homes on the realtor tour for Central beginning with Port Royal. 

Port Royal

14 Bertram Place is two-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $565,000. This is a cute home. I like it. It’s near the gate and on the cul-de-sac. and all on one level. It has a cute lagoon view and is clean as a whistle inside. You even have a den with a fireplace that technically could become a third bedroom. It’s nice and cozy and well-priced. The siding looks like it needs a little bit of TLC, but the inside is really nice.

29 Fairway Winds Place is a three-bedroom three and a half bath for $799,000. This one kind of smells like curry. You have a two-car garage and is really close to the beach club. They put all new decking all the way up so, the decking looks new. When you come in, you’ve got a beautiful view sort of the lagoon and when you’re inside the house, you actually can almost see the beach beyond and to the beach club. So, you can’t see the ocean, but you can see how light it is towards the ocean nearby. Maybe one can even hear the waves. This house is light and bright with the master is on the first floor. It’s in really good condition. I love the high ceilings. The kitchen is sort of an open style kitchen. I love the view. I think it’s really, really nice and I guess if I had to pick one thing that was inferior, I wasn’t that keen on the master bath, but they also even had a hot tub outside. 

34 Ocean Point South is a four-bedroom five and a half bath listed at $2,595,000. It is oceanfront. They have a whole area on the bottom that is for a garage and things.  The folks built this house and they really built it well. You know, when you have sort of a standard and when it’s your personal residence, you take it up a notch and this was certainly done on this house. The master bath is a little dated. They did redo the shower. It has a nice, open kitchen and to be oceanfront on Hilton Head in a private beach community like Port Royal, I really like this price. They also own the lot next door and would sell if someone wants even more privacy. This one is great for a discerning buyer.

Palmetto Dunes

31 Saint George Road is a four-bedroom two and a half bath listed at $975,000. When I first drove up to the house, I wasn’t that keen on its curb appeal BUT I have to say that I really like the inside and the backyard. It’s one of these houses that the curb appeal might be average but you get wowed coming inside. What I also loved is that it's the last house before you get to the bridge that crosses over to Omni Hotel and the beach. You have a really cool deck on the outside, private dock and close to the beach. You’re on the lagoon of Palmetto Dunes, that 11-mile lagoon system. I was pleasantly surprised and really liked this house. The outdoor deck area is really cool and the location is excellent. Everything else inside you can change, but it’s all okay. I did enjoy this listing. It might make my short list. 

10 End Court is a five-bedroom four and a half bath home priced at $1,375,000 in Leamington. I thought it to be a little high but not sure. I got there early and the owners were there, and the tour isn’t supposed to happen until 12. So, I just went into the front area and the kitchen and put my card down and left. It has a nice view. It has rounded rocks in the entryway which did not appeal to me. I felt like I was out west in Vail. It really had nothing beachy or low country about it. Again, I didn’t see too much of the house so you call me and let's go see it in more detail.  :)

195 Mooring Buoy is a five-bedroom six bath house priced at $2,350,000. This house is a little pricey for its location, but it really is a cool house. It has southern charm to the nth degree. It sits on the 11-mile lagoon and has a really nice veranda on the back. I really enjoyed the entryway as you came up into the house.  It has as chef’s kitchen and is a newer house. It was all on the end of Mooring Buoy, so it was a very unique placement of the home and I like it. It’s really a lovely, lovely southern charm home. It seems a little on the pricey side but if it’s a newer home, then maybe not. I also love the circular driveway. When you come up, you’re greeted by a lovely fountain with birds. It’s a very unique location at the end of the cul-de-sac.

21 Starboard Tack is a five-bedroom five and a half bath listed for $1,895,000. This is a cool house. I feel like it is priced high. These folks bought it in 2005 for $1.5 million. It is really nicely decorated though; I have to say. This person has very nice and exquisite taste. The master is upstairs, though. I didn’t really care for that. It has a really cool main floor. It's a nice cozy home.

29 Sea Lane is a five-bedroom five and a half bath house listed at $1,195,000. I think it was built in the 90’s.  I love this cool house concept. You are on the main drag, but everything is on one level and it’s very well spread out. It has a good view and it’s close to the beach. I like this house. It’s cool. I think the only thing I didn’t care for is, they had black tile all over the master and that needs to be taken care of. I didn’t care for that at all. 

60 Full Sweep is a four-bedroom three bath listed at $699,000. These people bought it in 2010 for $555,000. It does have a smell. I don’t know if it was closed up. It’s kind of small. You come in and you see the kitchen. It’s okay. 

If I had to pick one on the short list for the Palmetto Dunes area, I would say 195 Mooring Buoy is a cool house, but I like the location of 29 Sea Lane better and it was $1.2 million less. So, those two would make my short list but I also liked Saint George and that was under a million and also pretty close to the beach. So, I guess those three. 

Long Cove

29 Oakman Branch is a five-bedroom five and a half bath for $950,000. I like this house in it’s setting. Even though it looked like a wooded view, if you thin the vegetation down a little bit you actually have a marsh view. I love being on the marsh. That is what the low country is all about. This is a newer home and is well-priced on a very nice street. 

38 Combahee Road is a three-bedroom, four bath, and two half bath home. This one has been on the market and was on tour about 6 months ago. It’s listed at $1,399,000. I didn’t go in it this time, but I do remember that it has gorgeous views and is a higher grade build. I do remember that. 


18 Bridgetown Road is a three-bedroom three and a half bath listed at $499,000. This house made a wow pause for me. I love the curb appeal. It has a circular driveway when you come up and it’s a two-story elevated home. I don’t care for the yellow color but nevertheless, it looks like it has a lot of charm. You went in and it had Savannah brick on the floor and a golf view. The kitchen is to the left. It’s a little on the small side but very quaint. Downstairs they actually added a bonus area. Cute house and just to put this into perspective, in 2006 these folks bought it for $732,500. The previous owner had it in 2005 for $664,500 and the previous owner to that was in 2002 and they paid $619,000 for it then. Granted it’s 18 years older now, but I think it’s a great house and under $500,000. So, it’s definitely a wow factor for me. Please do remember though, that the initiation fee of $20,000 and about $18,000 annual POA.

34 Bridgetown Road is a four-bedroom five and a half bath for $669,000. They tried to sell this in 2019. I remember going into this house. They have reduced it another $20,000. It has a three-car garage. It’s a little dark and the kitchen is very dated. Again, if you can get this other house for almost $180,000, unless you need a three-car garage, I like the other one better. 


We had some villas in Palmetto Dunes.

449 Captains Walk Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $699,000. Boy, those are certainly going up in price. My assumption is that this one has been redone.

Then on the Mariner’s side we have Dunes House 15 Beach Villa, a three-bedroom three bath for $635,000. My guess is that it needs to be redone. 

We have 573 Queens Grant Villa, a two-bedroom two bath for $345,000 and 681 Queens Grant Villa is a two-bedroom two bath for $344,900.

There was one piece of land and that is 24 Heath Drive for $349,000. I have piece of land on Sea Lane in the $700,000’s that is a pocket listing if one wants to have something a little closer to the ocean. Heath Drive is a nice residential area. 

In Yacht Cove we have a villa which is 213 Wyndemere Villa. It’s a three-bedroom three bath for $223,999. You might as well say $224,000. Again, it is a good entry-level and a lot of young families start in Yacht Cove.

In Folly Field we have 52 Stones Throw Villas. These are very rarely on the market. They are close to the beach. It’s a three-bedroom two and a half bath for $342,000. 

So, that wraps it up for our Central Tour on February 26th. That 18 Bridgetown, I think, just stays in my mind because it was just so inexpensive. I think I would pick it to be my favorite. All of the houses were great. A couple of them had the steps up and down and I’m not really a fan of that but nevertheless there are some good listings out there.

Because we have 14 different gated communities, all with their own personalities, property types, covenants and restrictions as well as annual POA fees and initiation fees, you need a seasoned veteran agent that can guide you through and help you meet your real estate goals without having it be a bumpy process. I have a BUYER' GUIDE that lists all the amenities and fees in each gated community on the island and would be happy to send any prospective buyer this 18 page booklet. Just contact me.

We’re here to make this a smooth and fun process for you. So, if you are ready to start looking, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you start your journey on becoming a Hilton Head islander. It’s one of the best places to live. We have so much nature and it is an absolutely awesome community. We’d love to have you join us.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Susan Ochsner 

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