Good morning blog readers. Today we are going to tour homes on Hilton Head Island for the South end of the Island. It's a beautiful day but a bit cold, 50s. :) Tracey and I were going to bike the tour but I chickened out. The Tour within Sea Pines was very spread out this week.

Club Course in Sea Pines

32 Otter Road has three bedrooms and two baths and is priced at $439,900. It’s funky. You walk in and the stair wall is right there. You really don’t have a foyer. You go down two steps and then have the living room area. The kitchen is very basic. You do have a cute screened in porch and a backyard that is pretty private. So, you could put a trampoline there and I could see a young family in the house. It’s an okay house with a one-car garage. It’s very basic and the laundry is in the kitchen.

23 Isle of Pines Drive is a five bedroom four and a half bath for $694,000. It’s very cute inside. It has a two-car garage. This family bought it last year in the fives. They did paint it and make it lighter and brighter and added fun furniture. They converted one room into a fifth bedroom. The biggest concern is that you are on a patio lot. Even though it does have a dock and it does have a golf view of the Sea Pines Country Club, your surroundings on Isle of Pines are in the threes, fours, and maybe low fives. So, that’s the biggest thing, but it’s cute as a button. Just the fronts of the kitchen cabinets were changed out and that’s what I have trouble with is when the guts aren’t really taken care of. 

8 Evergreen Lane is a three-bedroom two bath priced at $500,000. It’s a cute home and all on one level. Clean as a pin. It would be great to have a four in front of the price, but I’m sure that’s what they are expecting anyway. They are motivated. I heard they want to move to be closer to the grandkids. I bet the grandkids love to be here and create wonderful memories on the beaches of Sea Pines and biking but this area (Club Course) is not the best to create those memories. Central Sea Pines is better. It has a golf view and a nice little deck. Easy living and close to the main gate. 

2 Marshview Drive has three bedrooms and three baths and is listed for $649,000. It’s right on the corner. It says it has a golf view, but the reality is that the great room, which is a fabulous add on, really has the cart path in front of it. All of the kitchen cabinets have been made. It has a wine cooler. It’s richly appointed. There are Mexican tiles when you come in which dates the property, but it’s well-priced and probably won’t be on the market long. 

In Carolina Place, which is across the Club Course area, we have 62 Shell Ring Road. It’s a three bedroom two and a half bath priced at $599,999. It is one of the lots located sort of in the back area. So, it doesn’t matter if you go left or right. It has a wooded view. It is a higher elevation and has the high ceilings. It has a nice outside area, a Carolina room and a deck, but it is dated. It’s not old and tired but just tired. 

Then, there is 92 Shell Ring Road with three bedrooms and three baths priced at 479,000. It is priced really well if you can stand the laminate floor. The curb appeal isn’t that great. It is right at the beginning on the left when you come in. So, you are facing Greenwood Drive and all the traffic. Then, you are also facing the tennis court that is in the community. People seem to like Carolina Place because there are newer homes in there. 

I think of three small, entry-level communities in Sea Pines. You’ve got Greenwood Forest that is close to the beach and Sea Pines Center. It’s very well located, but it’s starter homes and patio lots. Then, you have the Lawton Woods area which is also well located and has lots of trees with older homes. Then, you have Carolina Place which is sort of in the main gate entry of Greenwood Drive. Carolina Place has stucco and newer homes and homes that have garages, and folks seem to like that. You’re just not in the thick of the Sea Pines resort area, but it’s one of the three entry-level neighborhoods that people seem to like. Compromises, I tell buyers. 

Continuing on, we have 10 Royal Turn Road. It’s been on the market before. It has eight bedrooms and seven baths. It has killer rentals. I think they do about $267,000. So, it’s listed at $2,500,000. It’s a second row. It’s a great old school beach cottage type of house. It has an open floor plan and you can tell that it gets rented a lot. It’s a little beat up, but he did fix up some things. It’s not bad price for a second-row investor type property and it’s looking very attractive. I would certainly consider that one. 

100 Baynard Cove Road is on the market again. It has four bedrooms and three baths and two half baths and now listed for $899,000. They started at over a million. Great lot. Back then, you had the pick of the litter of the best lots available and people built their custom homes on it. It’s got a cool kitchen and pool and it sits on a killer Harbour Town lot. The price is good at under 900. It’s just a really tough redo because of the way the house is oriented. It’s got a two-car carport. So, you are going to put some money  in it and it’s a hard renovation. I love the family in it, and I hope they get to sell it soon. It’s really attractive at this price. Good price on great address.

94 Forest Drive is a three-bedroom two bath listed at $499,000. It’s a small, cookie cutter home. It certainly makes 43 Forest Drive look very good with five bedrooms at $585,000. But again, it’s an entry-level basic home. There’s not much to say about it. Nice wall colors and some staging is nice.

11 Gunnery Lane is a four bedroom five and a half bath house priced at $869,000. It has a pool and a little lagoon. I have a hard time having a patio lot in the eight hundreds, but there are a lot of rentals that go on over there. It’s a little beat up. It’s got some charm, but again, it’s a high price for what you’re getting. 

33 Battery Road is only a three bedroom. So, it’s got one less bedroom and has two and a half baths. It’s listed at $825,000. It has really nice curb appeal though. It’s in a cul-de-sac. So, you would be on the end. It has a porch in the front with rocking chairs. You are only one house away from the Harbour Town golf course. It has a nice, pleasant pool and high ceilings. The kitchen has been beautifully redone. With being $40,000 less and only one bedroom less, it seems like a more attractive home than the previous one. I really like this one and its made the short list. :)

If you are looking for a four bedroom, then you also have to consider 11 Saint Andrews Place which is a four bedroom three and a half bath priced at $949,000. It has been on the market before. There is nothing bad to say about the house. The curb appeal isn’t that great, but it’s at a nice address in Harbour Town and does very good for rentals. So, you have a very limited selection and that happens to be one of them.

39 Heritage Road. I knew these folks, an elderly couple. The home is empty now as I can imagine its a lot of house for them. It’s a five-bedroom four bath home priced at $975,000. It has tile throughout. You come in and have a couple of steps. It has a gorgeous view, but everything needs to be redone in this house. So, it’s a big project and the worst part is that you are kind of tucked in tightly in there. You’ve got a long driveway to get to the two-car garage. So, you can’t pile cars in there. Everyone is going to have to get out, and because it’s on the side street it’s very tight. It’s got a great view. If it’s only for a couple of people you should be fine, but again, you are going to spend some money redoing it. It has potential but it isn’t an easy upgrade.

14 Spinnaker Court is a townhome in the heart of Harbour Town, near the Club. When you drive up to it, you can see deep water and also from the breakfast room. Three bedroom, 3.5 bath for $1,200,000. I was excited to see this one but was disappointed with the older kitchen, back view of the HVAC units. Additionally, there is an empty lot on the right of it that may be built on sometime in the future and then you will be sandwiched in. Lots of up/down living too. I love the location and really wanted to love the condo. 

Centrally we have 1 Loblolly Road, a three bedroom three and a half bath listed at $919,000. It’s a little bit of a newer home, but it is very low country-like. (very choppy.) You have to like that kind of look. The kitchen, too, is very dated. It really has no view but the bones are good. You look at a couple of houses right nearby. So, again, you really have to like it. It’s a newer home, but you still need to update it because it’s all original. 

9 Red Maple Road is a three/four bedroom two and a half bath listed for $828,500. This is my home where I raised my boys. I picked it because the lot was huge for them to play outside, they could walk to the school, (Hilton Head Prep) and we could ride bikes to Sea Pines Beach Club and also go hit golf balls at The Plantation Club. Of course, I think it’s a fabulous house. :-) I won't pick it though in the end, I promise.  A lot of agents don't know that Red Maple is the only street on Greenwood that cuts to Plantation Club and the beach. The house is also grandfathered in, but it has been laid too far to the right. So, you could build a whole mother-in-law suite and there is room for a pool, and furnished. So, even though it is my house, I think it is a great buy for Sea Pines. :) 

24 Oyster Catcher Road, this is the crème de la creme.  It’s ocean front with seven bedrooms and seven and a half baths priced at $8,995,000. These folks have done this house to the best. Its gorgeous. The elevation is very beautiful. It has been beautifully decorated and is being sold furnished. It has bunkbeds in the rooms. Everything about it is elegant. Completed in 2019, Neil Gordon was the architect. It has an infinity pool. What’s not to love? So, if you have someone in that price range, it’s an absolutely gorgeous home. You know, some folks are saying that it’s priced high, but Whistling Swan #14 was an ocean-front new home last year that went for $8.7 million and this one is much nicer in my opinion. So, I think the price is merited. For the discerning buyer that wants the best and the newest, this is it.  

That about covers all the homes in Sea Pines. We have two Bluff Villas. One is 1692 Bluff Villa, which is a two-bedroom two bath priced at $449,000. It’s a nice villa. It faces the street to the front, and then, we have 1650 Bluff Villa, a three-bedroom two bath priced at $499,000. Its a garden unit and in building 6 facing main road. Easy walk to sound/beach.

68 Fairway Lane Villas is a two-bedroom two bath for $406,900.

2 Racquet Club Villas, one is a two-bedroom two bath for $389,000 and is unit 2351 Racquet Club. Then, there is a one bedroom one bath for $259,000 which is unit 2366 Racquet Club. Both OK. Just know that the exterior of this condo complex is run down. I need to find out who the regime management company is for this complex. Buyers like these for price point and for being so close to  Harbour Town.

Off Plantation, we have four villas. In Broad Creek Landing we have 20 Quartermaster Lane and has three bedrooms and two and a half baths for $335,900. The Broad Creek Landing area is a fee simple. So, it’s not one of the condos. Nice entry level for South End Hilton Head. The Point Comfort area is kind of a non-gated secret that people seem to like but most agents don't even know about this area.

22 Goldfinch Lane has three bedrooms and two baths and is priced at $374,900. It’s a nice neighborhood. Some of the houses have not been kept in pristine condition, but people are updating them more. Its a true neighborhood and all folks know each other. The other side of the street has wonderful marsh views. Great entry level and comparable to a buyer looking at Quartermaster.

Also, in Broad Creek Landing, we have 49 Forest Cove which is a condo. They don’t have any terraces, but it’s a two-bedroom two bath priced at $189,900. These have almost doubled in price since the recession and that doesn’t make sense to me, but I guess it’s supply and demand. 

Then we have a Palmetto Bay, 205C which has two bedrooms and two baths for $224,000. I have to say I never sold any of these but know folks that live in them. This unit is clean and well priced.

A23 Summer House has one bedroom and one bath for $155,000. This one is on Marshland Drive. So, you are going have to use Cross Island for a lot of things. 

Forest Beach

28 Dune Lane, which has five bedrooms and four and a half baths for $1,499,000 and is second row, corner lot. 

6 Robin Street has three bedrooms and two baths for $920,000 and is third row. It’s a small cottage. 

Forest Beach Villas seem to be coming on the market quite frequently. They are going from one direction to the other when it comes to the assessment and what the board is doing. So, they’ve turned 180 degrees in there apparently. We have #203 Forest Beach, a two-bedroom two bath for $389,000 and #302 Forest Beach, a two-bedroom two bath for $380,000.

118 Island House Villa. These can be tough, but they are priced well for beach-oriented. It’s a two-bedroom two bath listed at $197,000.

222 Shorewood Villa is a three-bedroom three bath for $775,000. There are a lot of rentals in there but it’s priced okay. 

65 Springwood Villa is a two-bedroom two and a half bath for $212,000. These have some storage. They used to be more for elderly folks. A lot of them now are on the rental markets, the RBO, etc. You are close to Coligny. 

Then, on Cordillo, we’ve got 7012 Tree Top Villas, a two bedroom two and a half bath for $259,900. 

So, there are some good buys. I would have to say I really liked 33 Battery Road with three bedrooms and two and a half baths at $825,000. It has potential and price value with its location. 

So, that’s all for today. Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget that I’ve been in Hilton Head for 48 years. I know this market intimately, but more importantly, I’m here to serve my buyers and sellers. So, I will find and show whatever you as a buyer want. I listen to you and show properties that best fit your criteria, not just my own listings or friend or broker listings. I’m here to represent you if you want to buy. I do have a great selection of listings, however. I think I have something for every type of buyer, but of course, I will give a great selection of homes that meet your criteria. Call or email me today!

Have a blessed day and Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. Hilton Head Island continues to be a fabulous place to be. It has not lost its charm and appeal. I know that there are folks from Turks and Caicos that are wanting to come to this area. They are also looking Kiawah Island. However, you are so far from everything as far as life. So, it’s a different type of buyer. I think these folks, who have never been to Hilton Head, will decide on Hilton Head. It’s a great place to be.

So, if you’re in the market to buy a home on Hilton Head Island, particularly the South end, that is my playground and I can help you. Thanks for reading. I look forward to helping you!

Respectfully Yours,

Susan Ochsner